October 2011 Vendor of the Month - coflek-gnorg

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Congratulations to coflek-gnorg for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for October!

Who is 'coflek-gnorg' and how did you come to use that member name?

My real name is Dominik Lenardo. I'm 39 years old and I live with my wife and 4-year old son in Croatia, Europe.

In the beginning, I published some pictures in RR galleries, and for a joke named myself coflek-gnorg (both were my IRC nicks). When I started selling products, I was thinking about changing the nickname. But, meanwhile, that nickname became a 'brand' name for my products. So, it's still here even though it's hard to pronounce (now my friends addressed me simply as Coflek or CG).

How long have you been involved in digital art?

I started exploring digital art when I was a teenager, with little options that the Commodore 64 had to offer. I expanded my horizons with the Amiga 500, even made some animations. But, the real deal started at the end of last century, with 3D graphics in 3D Studio.

Have you had any traditional art experience or training?

Of course! As a child I drew bad comics :). Seriously, no, I'm generally self-educated.

What are you currently working on?

Tough question, haha. I'm skipping from one project to another in a matter of days. My creations vary from outdoor toilet to complex Sci-Fi environments. But, right now, I'm planning to do some robotic creatures, or fantasy dioramas (see what I'm talking about?).

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

My main programs are 3ds Max and Photoshop. I use Poser only for assembling product for the MarketPlace. But, my newest investment was ZBrush. I was aware of the possibilities this program offers, but also terrified with the look of the ZBrush interface. Now, I'm glad that I decided to work with ZBrush: there's many new possibilities for my creating process.

How would you describe your creative process?

I'm waiting for a good idea to strike. I stopped chasing ideas a long time ago, now I wait that they come to me. After that, I put some sketches on paper and start modeling in Max. Sometimes I do texturing along with modeling, and sometimes I finish a whole model and then begin the texturing process. Hardest part for me is creating promotional pictures for the MarketPlace. That's the real pain in the neck for me.

Are there perhaps any tips or tricks you have found in your own work that might be of help to others learning the software you use?

Video tutorials are very useful. No matter which program, no matter what effect or creation process, everything can be found in video tutorials. That's how I learned to work with ZBrush.

Where do you find inspiration for your products, and do you have any particular favorite among the products you've created?

Usually I put ordinary, everyday scenes into my own world, filtering them through my Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and Fantasy filters, or mixing them all together into something new. Favourites? Lapcoder, Steampunk Jets and Patrolboat.

Have you ever created product in response to customer feedback?

Yes, I expanded my spaceship segments vol 3 and 4 on demand. There was some other good ideas, but I'm still keeping them in reserve.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Try to find your unique style. Experiment with everything: styles, themes, presentations... Take your time, nothing is lost during the creation process, you can only learn new and exciting stuff.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Huh, in the beginning it was only a casual hobby. Now it's a really serious job, but luckily, fun remains the same all the time. I'm still learning, still trying to improve my models, my textures... that's a continuous process I enjoy so much. I only regret that I can't find more time to correspond with more members on RR.

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

Here's final words for all... Carter USM: "The impossible dream" - my anthem

"To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are to weary
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest, to follow the star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far To fight for the right, without question or pause And to dream the impossible dream"

Be creative, be free!

Sincerely Yours,
Dominik Lenardo


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Member Opinions:
By: renecyberdoc on 10/2/11
well deserved brother-one of the main architects on my Spackoworld.keep it up.

By: sazzyazzca on 10/2/11
Congratulations! I have tons of your stuff and I love it all!

By: powerage on 10/3/11
Very well deserved! best SF & Steampunk stuff, always great original design. Congrats Dominik!!

By: SydneyKeys on 10/3/11
A well and rightly deserved honor. Renderosity has a wealth of fantastic 3D artists, but coflek-gnorg is, and always has been my personal favorite.
Dominik's Cyberpunk and Steampunk models have no rival to my mind. I look forward to seeing what he has planned for the future.......thought I have
to admit I would have preferred a new coflek-gnorg rifle or handgun...or even a sword ...........to an outhouse =^o but that's just me. I guess you can
safely say that there is always a need. I won't ask what inspired that creative decision.
I appreciate the opportunity to give you your proper dues. I am a veteran of many a 3D purchase from many a store and I've yet to see your equal for props and stages in Poser.

By: LBAMagic on 10/5/11
Ditto on sazzyazzca. Looking forward to your future products.
BTW is it possible you can place your content within a folder with your name "coflek-gnorg". This will help me find your content in my poser libraries that are already flooded by other peoples content. Also would help me remember who to credit in my galleries (as if your unique work really needs remembering. LOL).

By: Wornfang1 on 10/6/11
My first models I purchased were coflek's 'spaceship' packs, and after that, when buying other peoples bits, I coulod never figure out why they were not as good or detailed as the first I had got. Thank you, coflek, for your detail and your care.

By: Pygmee on 10/6/11
I remember ED 1410 (10/2004), Piranha, Rocket chair...
How many amazing features since the early days ?
Congratulations !
And thank you again.

By: TK0920 on 10/8/11
Congratulations!! Well deserved! I'm an avid fan and will remind so as long as you created.

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 10/8/11
Congrats, well deserved! :D

By: DreamlandModels on 10/9/11
Congratulations! You do great work on your products!

By: Magix-101 on 10/10/11
Great work!!

By: grylin on 10/10/11
i think your products in the mp are Great :D congrats of being vendor of the month :D

By: 3-d-c on 10/10/11
well deserved!!!

By: tsarist on 10/11/11
Congrats Coflek

You're a consistently great artist. Always looking forward to your next product.

By: Scrib on 10/15/11
Congratulations, you really deserved this honor! One of the best artistic vendors here at Renderosity!

By: Stunch on 10/17/11
This guy has an unbelievable feel for visual drama in three dimensions. You see it in every piece he produces. Never an extraneous detail, everything with that same solid, finished look.

By: SydneyKeys on 10/20/11
....the true sign of an addict......I bought the out house =^0

By: deviney on 10/20/11
Well I looked on the front page and WOW! there you are, how ya doing man? Congats to a well respected artist,enjoying your new lifestyle? Still doing great things as always looks like.
Just want to say how proud I am of you,everything 50% off,good; now I can see what I don't have and pick it up.
You are the man!

By: BudmanExtreme on 10/24/11
Congrats on your achievement...I'm glad for you, keep up the good work.

By: Kassie on 10/25/11

By: isle_jumper on 10/26/11
Congratulations! Very well deserved! I have never been disappointed in any of your products. Quite the contrary. Cheers to you!

By: SeanMartin on 10/30/11
Well deserved! I alway look forward to your latest release.

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