October 2009 Vendor of the Month - outoftouch

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October 2009 Vendor of the Month - outoftouch | outoftouch, VOM

Who is outoftouch?

Actually "outoftouch" is a little team of 3 persons from Germany, although I, Timo, am the one who stand all of Vicky's good or bad moods. To say, I'm the one who does all the Poser related stuff. Beneath Poser and Vicky, if time allows a "beneath", I love playing Wii with friends, chatting, listening to music or do music on my own. Without music I could not live and work.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?

It began a long time ago, about 10 years back already, with the first tries in texturing and also modelling objects for a computer game. Working with Poser began with my purchase of Poser 5, though I already had older versions but they did not catch my interest that much. With Poser 5 it began intensivly and did not stop until yet and I guess and hope it will not stop any time. :-) It is some kind of being addicted to it.

What are you currently working on?

Currently we are working on a bunch of Halloween related products. There is a very cool project Bice and I did with Freja and Adiene, so to say the follower of "Lola Lemora". We have a gothic themed punk outfit and hair nearly finished for our "Impacts" series, as well as there are thousands of other things that lay around here and want to be finished. Beneath that we should have something new finished for Kali and Kelm very soon too.

What software do you use and why?

There is a lot of software I'm using. Photoshop CS4 for Textures, Sketches and Promos. Poser 8 for setting up Figures, Rigging, Morphing, Rendering. Cinema 4D 11 for Modelling, Morphing and Mapping. ZBrush 3.5 for Morphing. UV Mapper for Template Creation and all those little Poser Tools by Dimension3D, they help alot! Sometimes I'm using DAZ Studio for Testing.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

More and more I notice, that I'm getting most inspired by music and its music videos. But I also find inspiration in movies, TV, magazines or just with a walk through the town and shops. Shop windows from fashion stores inspire me much! Last but not least there are my partners, especially Bianca Ilona. A simple idea begins to grow into infinity when discussing about it. Inspiration just flows there.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Please really enjoy and love what you are doing! There is nothing worse than doing something you do not like or want. Always try to do the best you can! Be creative and try to experiment.
Never give up and keep it coming ;-)

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work,
relationships, and learning?

Renderosity is the first station of my day and THE community I have met people who are very great friends now! This is such a huge base of people who are very nice and helpful and work hard for this. Thank you!

Do you have any final words?

Yes I do! Thank You to all people who support us by leaving Product Reviews or writing messages with requests or just some nice words! I'm always happy to see customers enjoying the stuff we created. You made it possible to give me this huge honour again!

A big Thank You goes to all my friends and partners I have met here! My one and only Bianca, it is an honour to work with you, thanks for always being there! =)
And of course a huge Thank You to all the admins and testers here who do a hard job and do it very well!


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Member Opinions:
By: mytilus on 10/1/09
Congratulations my friend. Very well deserved.. :)

By: Belladzines on 10/1/09
Huge congrats!!!
your products are always top notch!!! greatly deserved!!!!

By: oldhippie100 on 10/2/09
outoftouch rocks!!!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 10/2/09
Congratulations :-)

By: powerage on 10/2/09
Congratulations :)

By: PACCHIONI on 10/2/09
Félicitation superbe Dominique

By: Bice on 10/2/09
Super, wohl verdient! Congratulations!

By: FairyJ on 10/2/09
Well deserved.
Congratulations :)

By: Pretty3D on 10/3/09
Congratulations! Always excellent quality and great products. ;)

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 10/4/09
Congrat...well deserved. Always Outstanding products you have in youre store!

By: Shana on 10/5/09
Congratulations :)

By: Debbie M. on 10/5/09
Congratulations my dear Timo! It is an honor to be able to work with you here at Renderosity :)

By: marforno on 10/5/09

By: Freja on 10/5/09
Congrats Timo!! You so deserve it =D

By: Danie on 10/6/09
Congratulations! Glückwunsch Timo!! :)

By: DarwinsMishap on 10/7/09
Congrats! I adore your products and appreciate all the hard work you've put into them! Thank you so much.

By: Propschick on 10/8/09

By: altmandee on 10/8/09
Congrats and well deserved!

By: Adiene on 10/12/09
Grats Timo!

By: jennblake on 10/13/09
Congratulations! Always deserved. :-)

By: SDLife on 10/17/09

By: brycek on 10/19/09

By: Drkwlf92 on 10/21/09
Congrats!!! Copngrats!!! And did I say Congrats already??!! Well deserved!!

By: matrix03 on 10/21/09
congratulations my friend! I still use your hair AND clothing products in my renders all the time!

By: sirocco on 10/29/09

By: Kazam561 on 11/1/09
Contratulations!! :)

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