October 2005 MOM - billy-t

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October 2005 MOM - billy-t | billy t, VOM
Who is billy-t? I am a Japanese and English is not so its favorite. Writing the purport of a letter of this interview took much time. I feel the necessity which goes to an English-conversation school. How long have you have you been rendering? Modeling became my lifework after I began 3D graphics from 1999. I am manufacturing the graphics for the promotions of TVCM or a company now. What are you currently working on? The work which updates the character of a certain site was started. What software do you use and why? The program which I am mainly using for modeling is doing work using Shade4, Metasequoia, other UV Mapper, or a free program. Do you have any advice for getting started selling 3D work? If the item which you made is thought that you yourself are wonderful, you should upload to Renderosity. Where do you find inspiration for your products? Although I get the hint of manufacture from a movie, TV drama, etc. in many cases, since an idea is obtained from old pictures, a fiture, etc. recently, I am also observing art works other than CG. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? Renderosity such as a Product Reviews& request, are the important sites which provide me with many information and ideas. However, my e-mail system tends to be destroyed by the spam mail which had increased in the past several years. I apologize for having made some buyers trouble. Do you have any final words? I am happy that the honor of Merchant of the Month was given to me. Thank you, everyone
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Member Opinions:
By: 3Dream on 10/1/05
Many congrats!!! Very well deserved. Excellent store!!!

By: vshane on 10/2/05

By: The3dZone on 10/2/05
very well deserved,congrats!

By: Turtle on 10/2/05
Congratulations, Your work is outstanding!

By: orion1167 on 10/2/05
Congratulations Billy, well deserved and excellent products.

By: maniano on 10/2/05
Billy The Best !!!!!!

By: jjean21 on 10/2/05
Congratulations on being voted MOM, you're designs are wonderful.

By: deemarie on 10/2/05
Love your creations Billy :]

By: DaveF on 10/2/05
Nicely done! Congratulations, Billy!

By: Klutz on 10/2/05
Overdue recognition of excellent work! Keep it up!

By: ebrochure on 10/2/05
Billy-T is the BOMB, babee!


By: odditorium on 10/2/05
Hey Man you Rock!!!!

Your stuff makes my girls look soooo good!!!
Congrads to you Billy!!

-- odd --

By: KHC_inc on 10/2/05
Congratulations Billy, your art is excellent. I have already purchased:

-LAPD S.W.A.T. for Michael 2
-US RANGER for Michael 2
-Leather Gloves for Michael 2

I wish that you can make the following for Michael 3 or David 3.

1. Motorcycle Police Officer.
2. Chicago or NYFD Firefighter.
3. Mercury 7 Astronaut.

Domo Arigato!



By: Marty_Mcfly84 on 10/2/05
you rock man, thanks for all the great stuff, congrats.

By: rasputina on 10/2/05
a well deserved honour Billy-T ^^

By: dreamsosweet on 10/2/05
Love your stuff, Billy - congratulations!

By: Foxseelady on 10/2/05
Congradulations to you, I am happy to see you have earned your place here as it seems rightly deserved! ;)

By: DJBlueprint on 10/3/05
Congrats! You are a great merchant and your prods are wonderful! Keep on good work.

By: infinity10 on 10/3/05
I LOVE his work !

By: SndCastie on 10/3/05
Much desereved Billy T you do excellent work.


By: Posermatic on 10/3/05
Your work is always excellent!

By: Shardz on 10/3/05
Congratulations on this great award! Your talent, skill, and generosity have inspired so many artists on this site!! Thank you so much!!

By: TANZA on 10/3/05
Congratulations. Your products are excellent!!especially the Bikes.

By: theuberdude on 10/3/05
You are the MAinstay modeler of this site..period.

By: Placebo on 10/5/05
Congrats Billy! Im a big fan of all your stuff!

By: Robotmonster on 10/5/05
A very well deserved MOM. Congrats to you Billy!

By: Hawke on 10/5/05
V well deserved - your products are fantastic

By: KymJ on 10/5/05

Well deserved Billy...congrats!!!

By: SK2Design on 10/6/05
A huge congrats to you! You create awesome stuff and the honour is well deserved. :)

By: crowbar on 10/6/05
its a bit humbling to read what software you use for creating your 3d work -

a case of the maker not the tools being important if ever there was one

By: FireBlade on 10/6/05
Well Done Billy, very well deserved recognition of your great work.

By: nirvy on 10/7/05
Totally deserved! Bravo!

By: JurgenDoe on 10/7/05
Congrats Billy from a big fan of your stuff. You well deserve it.

By: Angelmoon on 10/8/05
Outstanding and quality Clothes!!! Congrats ;o)

By: orion1167 on 10/24/05
Aboslutely fantastik reward and very well deserved Billy-T. Congratulations and Bravo!!


By: lululee on 10/30/05
Congratulstions. Aregato. Your products are Quality. Much respect to you.
cheerio lululee

By: MoonDanzer on 10/30/05
Awesome and absolutely deserved.....Congratulations!

By: Mahna on 10/31/05
Congratulations Billy! Your clothes are a very high quality, among my favorites!

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