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Congratulations to fabiana for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for November!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you've been up to. How is fabiana doing these days?

Hello people... I have been here 4 times before and it really makes me feel super happy and super proud. The honor of being VOM is something absolutely important to me, somewhat like a compilation of all the efforts made and the people's choice on me, the results of all that hard work. Such a wonderful feeling, I would love to keep feeling it once by the year forever :)

I know I have said this before... I am a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a daughter and then, I am an artist. That is all that I think is important about me :)

Right now, I am ready to leave home to see Renderosity's people in Tennessee, so maybe when this is up I would be there, hugging old friends and smiling like a child. As maybe you know I live pretty far from the USA. It's a long trip, Argentina is really distant!!! But, my husband and me decided to go there and get to know Tennessee for our vacations. We are looking for nice adventures, pretty places to see, great food and drinks, and for sure, the infinite joy of seeing those friends directly eye to eye with no screens in between. Except that, I must say this has been a hard working year and I am really happy to have this break.

Can you give us some hints on what you may be currently working on?

I just finished a BIG project, the Rapsody Hair: A classy, neat, delicate, super morphable, versatile and multiple hair style. It really means a lot to me, maybe the most special project I have ever worked on... I will explain.

For a long time I made things for Poser, even in my start the Poser products were also very suitable for DazStudio so I had loads of customers using both programs with no trouble, or just needing a slight tweaking on materials and such. Since both programs took completely different roads and the development of the newer versions made some portability really difficult, I had to choose where to stay. I decided to do Poser things because it is my "native" ground.

I have been asked many times why, and I explained the above concepts. But, I never lost the will to make something that could please the people on both sides of the street. So, once I knew from the staff the results of the latest Customer Polls, I decided that was time to start and give it a try, doing the best I can.

So, a hair model from my past that was still unreleased here appeared in my mind as the best thing for testing this venture. I installed the latest DS files and my journey started... I cannot say how hard it was for me, and how much help I got from vendors and friends.

This has been probably the most relevant thing in my 3D life, because further making a great product, it made me see how wonderful the people you can meet in the communities are, and how much respect and love they had for me... with non-stop help and giving me all the data and directions and testing time... priceless help that I never will forget.

I will take this opportunity to send again my deepest thanks to a group of fantastic artists that really encouraged me to keep on the project and helped me to fix the errors and get used to DazStudio: Fisty, WildDesigns, Silver, Gypsyangel and Swam.

So, this hair was something BIG to me, and I closed the expansion lines by now with the latest Add-ons. Yes, I said by now... I will leave the mystery floating there...

When I come back from my trip, I have other things people have been asking me for ages for: The re-work of Magic sense and Dryads. Both sets are not available now, but will be around the New year. Of course, I have lot of NEW things in the kitchen, and loads of fabulous pretty and delicate things from partnering with my daugther, Lucila, who is getting better and better and becoming a great modeller.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

I keep using my old tools... Anim8or, Quidam, Poser morph tools, Corel Photo Paint, Photoshop CS5, UVMapper, Cr2 Editor, and now, DazStudio 4.6. I also draw a lot on my tablets and then send the drawings and paintings to the graphic software, or even editing them in the tablets too... I got very used to them and draw a lot when travelling or at bed when I have the glory to find a while to lay down :)

For texturing, I take photos, even though I am not so good yet... trying to improve and make it better, but for now they are enough... I use them to re-create features when doing procedural Poser materials, like I did with the Artissane gemstones.

For skin, eyes, makeup: I have the best references at home, 2 girls with perfect skin, beautiful eyes and great skills on makeup and coloring, so I think I am really well off with models to follow.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

Yes, as I said, Rapsody Hair is one of my favorites. But, I MUST include Exibarah for V4, my first attempt at sci-fi with cyber eyes and glowing pupils.

ORIANA, my Dawn's character.

NOCTIA, the most precious dress I ever did and would love to wear in real life.

ALANIS hair, a winner, it was honored with the Most Valuable Product for 2011.

ETERNAL KYRA, the super straight hair... I love that one, it was my first hair really selling fabulously back in 2003 and reworked this year, it broke all my expectations and did SUPER...

BIJOUX HANTEE, my first try with horror styled, gore, bloody dark things...

and many others... I couldn't say there is ONE that I don't love with my blood and flesh... all them are like my babies and were developed with a mother's love.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

The lack of time... I said it before, I need 50 hour days. Sometimes, the amount of noise around... this is a full house, if you understand what I mean :) And lately, the need to learn faster... I must learn new software and practice them without losing my Poser connection. I think I did good with DazStudio, but I KNOW I have to keep improving.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, and are there any workflow tips you might wish to provide?

Well... I draw things, and imagine things all the time... surf the web, look inside old magazines, and re-check my old folders. I have about 1 TB of archived images of all kind of elements... there is always an old idea that can be made now with new knowledge and skills...

My workflow is simple: I have an idea, then go to Anim8or and start putting down primitives to make something. Once the object is half done, I send it to Poser, seeing it over a figure or around always completes my idea of what I will finally do with it. So, finish modelling, mapping, adding details... and start the materials magic. Morphs come in there, and once all is done, I start my INFINITE tests... I can pose the figure 300 times with the objects to see any possible poke, or checking if it needs another corrective morph...

If sometimes people wonder why my things almost never show a break or a poke... that is the secret: INFINITE tests.

Most everyone I know would love to work from home, but it does take a bit of self-motivation. What do you consider "best practices" in working from home in this particular field?

First, think each morning as just that: you could be going out under the rain or in the cold to do your job... instead of that you are warm at home or fresh with your AC... and if you feel sick, you can lay down when you need it. The bad part is that all of us end being some kind of addicts to 3D and the work involved, and work much more than if we had outside work :)

But, it is how we are... I never would change my job for anything in the world.

Do you have any other advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

My advice is the same that I give to my daughters all the time...

The Don'ts: Don't speculate, don't cheat, don't do tricks, don't take shortcuts, don't copy, and don't give up.

The Dos: Work hard, dream crazy, be inspired, be happy with your reality, enhance your projects, develop the strength day by day, love who you are, love your way to show who you are, look for ideas in your own inner world... and stay healthy, because nothing can be done if you are not.

Digital only... if I was a young designer right now, just starting... I would learn all the available software, techniques and systems NOW. Procedurals are wonderful, and in my opinion, are the real future of texturing.
The geometry is your best friend, so take a look at all that you learned in school...

And don't give up... no matter what.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has been wonderful to me. I am an experienced vendor, I've been here around the communities since 2001, and as a vendor since 2002. I worked in another place before and I have good memories from it. But, Renderosity is the place where I really feel I reached my goals. This is a great place, with fabulous people as colleagues and the most fantastic staff. Real people taking care of a real business, but also taking care of the ones that make it successful too.

About the growing and learning, I said it all above... still grateful to everyone here :)

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

Same words, as all mothers on earth, repeating it many times :) Work hard, try to sleep well, don't give up, and keep dreaming.

See you around,



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Member Opinions:
By: RubyT on 11/2/13
Congratulations Fabi! Your creations are always perfection!

A very well deserved accolade to a very talented artist, whose beautiful products excel in so many ways and are guaranteed to always add that touch of quality to a piece of art.
Congratulations Fabi!
You deserve it!

By: Raindroptheelf on 11/2/13
Congratulations dear fabi, well deserved, your products are of highest Quality and you are such a wonderful Lady to know:)

By: StaceyG on 11/2/13
Congrats to a most deserving lady!! Your work is amazing and you as a person also amazing:)

By: LaurieA on 11/2/13
Well deserved Fabi dear :)

By: DreamlandModels on 11/2/13
Way to go Fabi! No need to say why you are VOM Just look at your work! Always top quality and never have you cut a corner on your products!
Hope all is well with you and your family!

By: Silverwind on 11/2/13
Congratulations Fabi! Well deserved! :-D

By: Hana-Hanabi on 11/2/13
Congratulations, Fabi! You've been an inspiration to me since I started out. I love your products so much and I can't wait to see what else that beautiful mind of yours comes up with!

By: arlivre on 11/3/13
Congratulations !

By: GrayCloudDesign on 11/3/13
Congratulations Fabiana, your work is amazing! :-)

By: julesart on 11/3/13
Congratulations Fabiana!!! You certainly deserve this and so much more!
Hugz! Besitos Hermana querida!

By: mixart on 11/3/13
! ! ! Congrats ! ! !

By: XENOPHONZ on 11/3/13
Congratulations, Fabi! :)

By: echokimono on 11/4/13
WELL DONE!!! You are so good at making things pretty!!!

By: TK0920 on 11/4/13
Congratulations!!Your products are not just stunning but are of really high quality. Pls keep 'em coming!!

By: MagicWeaver on 11/4/13
well no wonder youi charge so much not only do you have the most amazing products just look at what you have to spend all that wonderful money on! well deserved dear congradulations

By: Anagord on 11/4/13

By: luciferino on 11/4/13
Congratulation Fabiana you really deserve this awards !!!!! Compliments smack Orietta

By: MarciaGomes on 11/4/13
Congratulations Fabiana!!!

By: Godin on 11/4/13
Big Huge Congratz Fabiana! I am so happy for you and you deserve this so much! Thank you for all your Outstanding Products, Please keep creating those stunning products, keep them coming and I keep buying them. :)

By: adrie on 11/6/13
Congratulations dear Fabi, you deserve this. Keep creating your beautiful artwork Fabi.....hugs Adrie.

By: disneyfabfive on 11/6/13
Congrats Fabi you deserve this!

By: Silver on 11/6/13
Congratulations dear! You are the most deserving person of this as your products are the top of quality and shine with the love you put into them!

By: Sveva on 11/6/13
Congrats Fabi! So true those words, oh so true. =)

By: LadyElf on 11/6/13
Congrats Fabi!!!! Well deserved, my beautiful and talented friend :)

By: addy on 11/6/13
Congrats Fabi!! Your work is always so very beautiful :) *hugs*

By: CaperGirl42 on 11/6/13
congratulations Fabi!!! So happy for you hun- xo

By: fractalartist01 on 11/7/13
Congratulations, Fabiana! Never stop creating! :D

By: StudioArtVartanian on 11/7/13
Huge congrats Fabi, very well deserved!!!!!
take me with you to Tennessee,im so Jealous:))
Kisses and hugs:)

By: nirvy on 11/7/13
If I could give you a title it would be "The Lady". Your products and presentation have so much class and elegance and each time you release something I am in aw,,,you are definitely the best all around! Congrats!

By: Freja on 11/8/13
Congrats Fabi, you do beautiful things! Have a wonderful holiday =)

By: P3Design on 11/8/13
Congrats Fabiana, very well deserved! Love your products :)

By: ArtistKimberly on 11/12/13
Congratulation Fabiana, you definitely deserve this 10,000 more times...



By: savanna on 11/14/13
Congrats Fabiana :)

By: Turtle on 11/14/13
Beautiful art work and products. Hugs and have a good time.

By: Lyne on 11/15/13
I had to sign in to add my words of CONGRATULATIONS- WELL DESERVED!! and, Fabi, your WORDS here inspire me! You express so well a good way to live and think! Thank you for this interview so much! :)

By: robinsk1 on 11/17/13
Congratulations and so well deserved. THANK YOU for all of your efforts and all of your amazing products!

By: Tempesta3d on 11/30/13
Congratulations Fabiana!!!! Well done!

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