November 2012 Vendor of the Month - meipe

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Congratulations to meipe for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for November!

What can you tell us about yourself?

In my country (Italy), I work as a professional sculptor and architect. My sculptures can be found in various European private collections and in Saudi Arabia.

How long have you been involved in digital art?

For fifteen years, considering digital renderings are common in architectural work. Some years ago, I wanted to know if Poser could be used to preview figurative sculptures. I was very decieved by the anatomical inaccuracy of the commonly available figures. This is why I began to morph Victoria 4.

Can you give us any hints on what you may be currently working on?

Mainly new products in the Curves+ series. And something on my wild side...

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?

Inventing and building up...

Do you have any particular favorite among the products you've created?

The 'Perfect Complete'! But, this is the sum of many products.

What is currently in your digital toolset and why?

Mainly Poser, Daz Studio, ZBrush, Blender... and most of all Notepad++! I like the raw 'Matrix' approach.

Who is your favorite artist - digital or otherwise?

A. Durer. Shame he hadn't a computer. Or, maybe it was fortunate, I don't know.

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

Swimming in apnea in the blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Sailing, going by bicycle, playing adventure games with my sons.

As you have previously received the 2011 Renderosity Rookie of the Year Award, to what do you owe your continued success?

I really tried to do my very best, both with accurate morphing, complex ERC, etc. Sounds like painful work told like that, but I enjoy myself this way!

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Give us outstanding products! Think that the digital artists deserve the very best.

Do you have any final words (any info you want to share with the community)?

Thanks to all of the community and to the staff, digital art is possible because of you!

Be sure to also read meipe's 2011 Rookie of the Year interview!


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Member Opinions:
By: fabiana on 11/2/12
Absolutely deserved, the same goes for the partner Xameva. They did the most usefull and must-have set of SO needed fixes for V4.
Easy to use untill incredible limits, versatile, usefull, perfect looking... I cannot find more words to define the work of this pair!
Meipe, Chapeau monsier!

By: MagicWeaver on 11/2/12
fabulous for you and thank your mother for growing such a smart baby! love your stuff

By: Kazam561 on 11/2/12

By: josue_light on 11/2/12
Congrats! and thanks for giving us these fantastic fixes over the past year!

By: pixeluna on 11/3/12
Congratulations, meipe (and also Xameva)! Your fixes are top-notch, just can't go without them anymore. It is a must to use them in every render. Such a well-deserved recognition!

By: meipe on 11/3/12
Thank you! :) It was hard work, and it is fair to remember Xameva too! I hope he will be the next rewarded.

To MagicWeaver: I will tell her, haha.

By: Zev0 on 11/3/12
Congrats Dude!!! Well Deserved.

By: twingo on 11/4/12
Congrats and well deserved, your products make creating images so much more fun.

By: Pygmee on 11/4/12
Congratulations. All the XandM team morphing tools ready in my toolbelt, I'm never going somewhere in the galaxy without them. A fabulous révolution in character morphs posing. Thank you again.

By: Xameva on 11/4/12
That's awesome! I've been very lucky and honored to be able to work with meipe. Well deserved and congrats my friend. I look forward to seeing the interview!

By: sandman_max on 11/4/12
Can't agree more!! The only V4 I ever load now is my Perfect V4, since I have all the fixes.

By: Navi on 11/4/12
Félicitations meipe, and congrats to your parter Xameva as well ;) - Your work unveiled a new level of realism in Poser/Daz figures :)

By: flavia49 on 11/4/12
Well deserved!! Congrats!

By: Saruna-Original on 11/5/12

By: on 11/6/12
Probably one of the best sets of morphs for V4.
Congratulation for Meipe and also Xameva.

By: meipe on 11/7/12
Thank you Xameva, I would never have build up those fixes without your help! Your work is always outstanding and stimulating.

Thank you ZevO, and Navi-Bass, you know you helped! And I don't forget the contribution of our script creator and of Fenric, who created the tools allowing to port the fixes into Carrara.

By: Savage_dragon on 11/12/12

By: josue_light on 11/22/12
Thanks so much for the morph fixes you and Xameva released over the past year--especially for the shoulders, arms, and legs! c: Now I cringe when I see the default Vicky shoulders. xD

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