November 2011 Artist of the Month - SIGMAWORLD

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on the Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... November's AOM is SIGMAWORLD!

We congratulate SIGMAWORLD for an outstanding collection of works in the Vue Gallery!


First of all, I want to thank everyone who had voted for me, and the Renderosity crew for having nominated me. My real name is Heinz Grybowski. I am 52 years old and my profession is industrial clerk. I have been living in Gelsenkirchen, Germany for a year now. I was born in Dortmund, Germany and lived there for 51 years. SIGMAWORLD is my nickname and it is also the title of an SF book I wrote in 2001-2004 (more than 700 pages). Unfortunately, the book is for private use only and only two copies of it exist.

How long have you been working in digital art?

I made my first attempts with Bryce in 2006. Since March 2008, I have been working with Vue.

AVADEHL / bewohntes Gebäude?

Do you have any traditional art experience?

Not really, no. I had art classes at school for two years. My ability to draw is mediocre at best. I admire those who can produce breathtaking pieces of art with a graphic tablet.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on two pictures called "Music box (1)" and "Music box (2)." I will publish "Music box (1)" here on Renderosity next week. There are 20 more projects I am working on. I skip between them, working on one project for a time, then turning to another again. Some of these projects are still in their early stages, others are almost finished. Among others, I will continue the S.E.T.I. and the Priest of Doom series.

What all is in your digital toolset and why?

I mainly work with Vue 9 Complete and Poser 8 (I rarely do full scenes with Poser 8. I use Poser 8 almost exclusively to export characters and objects to Vue). I have always been fascinated by pictures created with Vue. The best parts of Vue are, in my opinion, the atmosphere editor, the material editor and the eco painter.

The numerous possible settings in the atmosphere editor enable me to use one picture and evoke totally different moods/visualisations by simply changing atmosphere settings. The material editor has many options for creating partly new/changed materials, in order to use them in scenes, for example, as new textures for objects. The eco painter speaks for itself. Instead of creating single trees, objects, etc, I can "paint" everything on the terrain, so to speak. A great possibility in my opinion. Last, but not least, Vue is easier to master than comparable pieces of software; even beginners can produce quite respectable pictures after a short time.

My hardware consists of a computer with a quadcore processor, 8 GB of RAM, running Windows 7.


What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

That's a tough decision, but there are two pictures I like to look at again and again. I love the picture "AVADEHL," because it is quite different from my normal style of work. It looks more like a painting to me. I think, I did quite well trying to picture an abandoned building in a city of Elves, and I sucessfully created a gloomy mood with the color mix I used.


My second favorite picture is "SIGMAWORLD II / The search for survivor / Part 5." Looking at the picture, I really feel drawn into the scene myself. I think the long hours of work on fog/light effects were really worthwhile at the end of the day. These effects make the picture look real to me. That's why it is my second favorite picture.

SIGMAWORLD II / The search for survivor / Part 5

Who, or what, inspires you?

There are different sources of inspiration for me, scenes of everyday life, as well as SF or fantasy movies, or even documentary movies. For example, I once watched a programm called "XXXX Jahre nach dem Menschen" (Life After People). It was about the question what our world would look like if we suddently ceased to exist on this planet... 100 years after...200, 500, 1000 years...

At the same time, I developed the idea of the S.E.T.I. project and what the world would look like to aliens when they reach this planet 700 years after having received our message. What kind of world will they find then? Are there still signs of human life on this planet? Are there still survivors, few and far between? What has happened during the past 700 years? These questions were the beginning of the S.E.T.I. series, which I still continue from time to time.

Pictures of other users here on Renderosity do inspire me as well, of course. When I look at their pictures, scenes form in my mind, waiting to become pictures of my own later.

SECRET S.E.T.I. / JANUARY 24, 2017 2:41 pm

What do you enjoy most about Vue?

As I already stated above, the really strong tools of Vue are the atmosphere editor, the material editor and the eco painter. I also like Vue's possibilities to illuminate a scene with the light editor. I think this function is much better and easier to handle than similar functions in Poser or DAZ Studio. Vue offers me tools to create worlds, for example, SF worlds, fantasy worlds or any other kind of world, which would only exist in my mind otherwise. In my eyes, Vue is an ingenious piece of software, because of these options.

Do you have any tips you would be willing to share on the software?

The most important part to me are the settings in cloudy scenes. In these cases I use the TAB sky/fog and mist in the global settings of the atmosphere editor and give it a value of at least 4.0, in order to create clouds which look realistic. Lower values produce clouds which look noisy and ruin the overall impression of the picture most of the time.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Well, I am a member of various graphic communities, but I get more feedback for my pictures here on Renderosity than elsewhere. The most valuable comments for me are, of course, those criticizing my pictures, making suggestions on what can be improved in my pictures and how it could be done. They help me to work on myself and improve my abilities in these areas.

Planet Anga-Kesh

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

Do not give up quickly. Persist working on it. There is a solution for most problems. Have an open mind, keep on learning. Allow pictures of other artists to be an inspiration for you. Analyze pictures of other users, their construction, camera settings, picture format and so on.

Regards, Heinz Grzybowski

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Member Opinions:
By: KnightWolverine on 11/1/11
Well Deserved!...Congratulations !!!

By: nobodyinparticular on 11/1/11
Excellent choice. Evocative images. Congratulations.

By: Crudelitas on 11/1/11
Ich wünsche dir alles Gute!
Du hast dir diesen Titel redlich verdient!

By: reine_de_style on 11/2/11
congratulations! :)

By: YorkBerlin on 11/2/11
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Artist Of The Month, dass war ja schon überfällig!
Ich hoffe weiterhin wunderbare Arbeiten von dir bewundern zu können.

By: vapo on 11/2/11
A clever choice of the winner - congratulations!

By: mountmous on 11/2/11
Congratulations! Wonderful work!

By: BIPOLARTWO on 11/2/11
Fantastic choice of this month's winner-well deserved

By: flavia49 on 11/2/11
well deserved!! Congratulations!



By: himmelstuer on 11/2/11
auch hier, suuuuuuuuuuuuper, gratuliere dir.

By: mavea on 11/2/11
Huuchh ... das freut mich sehr, dass du diesen Titel gewonnen hast! Ich gratuliere dir herzlich und danke für deine schönen Bilder!

By: Dreamingbee on 11/2/11
congratulations !!! so great work - you know , i like ,)

By: spacebones on 11/2/11
Congratulations, SIG! Keep on creating those outstanding worlds.
Und: ja, das war ueberfaellig! Freut mich echt, das hier zu sehen...

By: mermaid on 11/2/11
Herzlichen Glückwunsch SIG auch hier am Ort des Geschehens :)

By: legolie on 11/2/11
Congratulations !!! :-)

By: mickeyrony on 11/2/11
It is a great Artist whit a lot of power to impressed all lol.....I realy appreciate to look at his work .Realy great moment for him and he merit it for sure MICKEYRONY

By: Eganko on 11/2/11
Das ist ja klasse! Ich freu mich total für dich!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch !!!!

By: mariogiannecchini on 11/3/11
Fantastic choice of this month's winner-well deserved ! Congratulation !!!!1

By: cfulton on 11/3/11
Congratulations - well deserved,

By: DigitalDream666 on 11/3/11
Mein Glückwunsch SIG klasse Bilder eine gute Wahl....



By: Ghostpanther on 11/3/11
Hi, SIG !
Toll, Deine Bilder sind wirklich allererste Sahne ! Diese Auszeichnung war wirklich lange mal überfällig. Also, ganz herzlichen Glühstrumpf zum Schlüp- .... äh, sorry :-D zum Künstler des Monats
Lieben Gruß, Ghostpanther ;-)

By: Feliciti on 11/3/11
Glückwunsch auch von mir !! Respekt !!

By: peedy on 11/3/11
Well deserved!


By: soffy on 11/3/11
Well deserved, congratulations*******

By: RodS on 11/3/11
Congratulations - well deserved!

By: arlivre on 11/4/11
Amazing creative and beautiful work, congratulations !

By: 1358 on 11/4/11
nicely done... and about time!

By: Meisiekind on 11/4/11
What a deserving artist with a great gallery!
Well done and congratulations!

By: JaysonT on 11/5/11
Sehr gesund gemacht.
Ihre Kunst überrascht

By: wilhelm2 on 11/6/11
Herzlichen Glückwunsch - weiter so!!!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 11/6/11
congrat well deserved :) xoxo

By: Wolf-999 on 11/7/11
Auh hier nochmal herzlihen Glükwunsch!

By: DRAKELOT on 11/7/11
Most impressive images and works, congrats Heinz ... !

By: carlx on 11/7/11

By: KimberlyC on 11/7/11
Congrats! Well deserved.

By: Roxam on 11/7/11
Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and unique visions.

By: cece7894 on 11/8/11

By: Mugie on 11/9/11
Congratulations Sig. :-)
Ich mag deine Bilder, und du bist einer meiner Vorbilder...


By: mininessie on 11/9/11
glad to know more about you..and congrats! :D

By: davidabailey on 11/9/11
Congratulations.Great work from a really nice guy.

By: psyoshida on 11/9/11
Contratulations!! What a superb body of work you have created. Wonderful.

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 11/11/11
Love your images and style! Congrats!

By: 2121 on 11/12/11 pleased for you :-).and very well deserved

By: tigertim on 11/13/11
Congratulations, so well deserved. Your art is wonderful, always enjoyable, and a pleasure to view. My 'Sigmaworld'ebot notifications are always eagerly anticipated :o)

By: Danny_Gordon on 11/13/11
Well deserved ! Congratulations

By: castro2007 on 11/15/11
Congrats Sigma, U the Man!

By: ApolloKinobi on 11/16/11
Auch ich möchte dir von ganzem Herzen zu dieser Ehrung gratulieren. Du hast es verdient!!!

By: wotan on 11/19/11
Well deserved... congrats!

By: lonely_wolf on 11/22/11
Bilder einer anderen Welt von einem wahren Ausnahmekünstler! Meinen Glückwunsch zum wirklich verdienten Titel.

Der Wolf ;)

Weiter so!!!!!!!!!

By: namrettek on 11/23/11
Congratulations! Your images are an inspiration.

By: doarte on 11/24/11
congratulations, You indeed deserve it

By: kanaa on 11/25/11
Congrats, amigo!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 11/25/11
Congrats! You work and creativity are awesome! :D

By: bkhook on 11/27/11
Congratulations Sig! I am sorry I have missed so many of your beautiful creations of late. This is a well deserved tribute.

By: arwenone on 11/28/11
Auch von mir Herlichen Glückwunsch!!!!!Deine Arbeiten sind einfach klasse!!!

By: SIGMAWORLD on 12/3/11
Thanks very much everyone!

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