November 2007 Vendor of the Month - deviney

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November 2007 Vendor of the Month - deviney | deviney, VOM

Who is Deviney?
A lover of art,photography and creating products that other artist's can use.

How long have you been involved in Digital Art?
Well digital art came later in my life as a sign artist for 20 some yrs.I used a brush and airbrush to make signs and art,and only used a computer then as a tool for signmaking.When I discovered you could do the same digitally as opposed to hand painting I had to learn this because it was here to stay,seeing other sign shop converting to this I had to stay ahead of my competition,sure its quicker and you could change things on the fly but I am so glad that I had hand painting and airbrushing skills which some artist will never experience in this digital world now.Answer to the Question is digitally about 4yrs.

What are you currently working on?
More brushes of course and refining a few I been working on which feels like forever but they have to be good before I let go of them to the public.Also I get requests to make brushes from other artist's here at Renderosity,which I get a kick out of because I actually do better work for other people than myself.

What software do you use?
Adobe Photoshop,adobe Illustrator,Corel Painter,Corel Draw,Poser 6,and I have Zbrush3.1 but haven't explored it very much,but in generaleverything I do whinds back up in Photoshop.

Where do you find your inspiration?
In other artists work,nature, all things that surround me everyday.

Do you have any advice for aspiring digital content developers?
Be aware of what other people are creating and do something different.Feel good about what you are making,if you don't feel it ,you can bet the consumer won't either.Give your Best and when someone has a idea or problem get back to them,people really admire and respect that.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
There are some of the best artists in the world are here at Renderosity viewing there work makes me aware what it takes to become the very best,when creating a new piece of art and putting it up so everyone to comment some will give it to you straight telling you your falts which is a great way learn.Communication like this builds relationships,also product reviews gives feedback which all vendors need.

Do you have any final words?
Like to thank everyone here at Renderosity the Administrators,The Testers the fine people who support me and this great honor for being this months VOM.And a special Thanks to Debbie M., Lillian H, Stacey G, Karen 1573,Clint H, Gina H, Mizzthang ( for her wonderful idea!) ilona, bez, StaneeRae, gypsyangel, ladydawg, whoppersdesign, RandC, Brandi, -dp-, JohnDelaquiox, Krid, Calum5, phoenixwaller, amirapsp, Louly and to all my friend requests. Thank You.


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Member Opinions:
By: phoenixwaller on 10/31/07

By: amirapsp on 10/31/07
Beautiful work. Congrats!

By: powerage on 11/1/07
Congrats ! :)

By: SophiD on 11/1/07
Very well deserved!! Your products are always meticulous and detailed! Use them all the time in textures and postwork.
Thank you so much for making your creations available! :D

By: mytilus on 11/1/07
Congrats.. Very well deserved...

By: karanta on 11/1/07
Congratulations :)

By: yvonne. on 11/1/07
Congratulations! You do beautiful work.

By: calum5 on 11/1/07
The best brushes I've ever come across!Ifd you want to make your images better,get some of this guys stuff like I did!We deserved vendor of the month!

By: louly on 11/1/07
So cool! I'm glad for you :) And well deserved, I love your brushes. Congratulations! Lou

By: RubyT on 11/1/07
BRAVO!! Congratulations!!

By: calico1 on 11/2/07
I love your stuff. Congratulations on the recognition!

By: outoftouch on 11/2/07
Congrats!!! Well deserved!

By: Angelmoon on 11/3/07
congratulations..more than deserved..I love your work!

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 11/4/07
Well deserved!!

By: Brandi on 11/5/07
YAY! I'm so happy for you, Ron! This is so well-deserved! Congrats, sweetie! XOXO

By: coflek-gnorg on 11/5/07
Yeah! Way to go! I just can't stop using
Your fantastic brushes. Congratulations!
Keep 'em comin'!

By: Syyd on 11/6/07
Congratulations Ron, you're the best! Your brushes are brilliant, your advertising is like no other, I just wait for new packages to come out.

By: Shaylea on 11/7/07
Congratulations Ron! Well deserved!

By: Richabri on 11/7/07
Congrats on a well deserved distinction. Your PS brushes are a terrific asset for anyone doing graphics work :)

By: CitizenM on 11/7/07
Congratulations! Well Deserved! I either have bought or will buy everything you've put out. These great tools save me limited time and give me quick options. Start with these great tools and great work is hard to miss! Totally recommended! Please, keep up the great work!

By: bogwoppet on 11/8/07
Congratulations my friend, a very well deserved award. I have bought most of your brushes and love them all and I hope you continue creating these amazing products.

By: Amaranth on 11/8/07
Congrats Ron :)

By: -dp- on 11/8/07
CONGRATULATIONS!!!. I am so glad that a 2d artist has won this title in this, pretty much 3d world. Gives me the courage and inspiration to sustain in what I am doing myself.
And more flourishes, please! :-)

By: Lisbeth on 11/8/07
Congratulation :o) You're brushes are fantastic!!

By: RandC on 11/8/07
Congrats Ron, they could not of made a better choice as VOM!

By: Gini on 11/8/07
Well deserved to the maker of some of the best PS brushes anywhere !

By: RandC on 11/8/07
Congrats Ron, they picked a good one this month, well deserved.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 11/8/07
Ron! Can I have...? LOL!!! Thank you for helping me to gain insight and a good base of information in CS2! If ever there was a generous and talented man to be found it is you! *Gush hehehehe.... ThanX you deserve this kudo, and recognition. I honestly can say you nurtured me along quite generously! I think your next product should be a "How to" DVD! :)

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 11/8/07
Congrat really deserve it...Love your stuff to pieces :O) Huggers Tina :O)

By: SomethingStrange on 11/11/07
Yes, well deserved! congrats :)

By: ilona on 11/12/07
Ron... you can imagine how happy I am to see you here.. this is so well deserved!! Part of what makes my work look good most os the times are due to your hands!! I can onlu thank you for that and more... You are a wonderful artist in everyways... an artist in ART and an artist in life. Congratulations hon with all my heart!!

By: Dave_Cuerdon on 11/15/07
Your work has been very inspirational to me!
I am a huge fan!

Dave Cuerdon

By: patslash on 11/15/07
congrats! very well deserved, i deeply admire your work

By: Valerie-Ducom on 11/22/07
It's not a surprise for me, because he make a very impressiv work and make a lot for this art community ! And, yes, I'm happy for him !!!
Congrats my friend :)))

By: PhilW on 11/29/07
Well deserved - fantastic brushes, definitely recommended!

By: kainxxx2000 on 11/30/07
well deserved i love your brushes! Talk about a big help way to go!

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