November 2006 VOM marforno

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November 2006 VOM marforno | marforno, VOM
Who is marforno?

Marforno is a 53 year old grandfather, who lives in Montreal, Canada. He loves learning about new things, is very curious about 3D, and he loves creating little worlds.

Describe one of marforno's typical workdays.

Well, usually my day begins with a big stretch and a strong cup of coffee as I shuffle over to my computer to begin the day. :-) I check my emails and take care of any customer requests or correspondence. I visit the marketplace and vendor forums to see how business is going. Then the first DM meeting of the day starts, and Danie and I discuss current projects, etc. After all this, I settle down for some time to think and plan, and then I start working. There are usually several more DM meetings throughout the day.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Free time? What is free time? :-) Seriously, I enjoy spending time with my family and most recently, with my new granddaughter, Mia, who has stolen my heart. I like watching movies and documentaries, and once or twice a year I like to travel a bit.

Which part of the development process do you enjoy the most?

Without a doubt it is the stage just after the initial models have been created and get to Danie�s hands. This is when the vision begins taking shape and coming into focus. It is, at the same time, the most conflictive part, because this is the stage when Danie and I begin the process of exploring the final meshes and textures, and the potentiality of creating useful scenes with them. Initially, we may or may not agree on the final direction we want to go. In the end, however, we always reach a point of compromise that makes us both happy and results in a product that we are both very proud of.

What motivates you to create?

My motivation comes from all directions of life ... art, music, people. I like to take my love for architecture, throw in some fantasy and a vision of something new and exciting will begin to form. This is usually just a starting point on the path to the end product, but this is all it takes to motivate my imagination and then it just all flows from there.

Why do you think DM Productions has been so successful?

I have to credit our success to our loyal customers. I can only speculate that they have come to enjoy the versatility, originality and quality that DM has come to achieve through the years, and I thank them very much for that.

In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

First and foremost, I want to thank all our customers for their continued support through the years. You are all fantastic and this would never be possible without you. I thank you over and over, and I hope that in the future we can continue to create all that you need and want.

A huge thank you to the other half of DM Productions, my partner, Danie. Thank you so much Danie, for your never-ending gifts and talent. Without you I would not be here. You are an amazing person and a wonderful artist.

A very special thanks to Rhiannon. Thank you for your support, you are a great talent and a great source of inspiration.

I would also like to thank Joan (Kinouk), Jean Luc (Abraham), Didi (didi_mc), Alejandra (Vampir3Princess), Jorge (Lesthat), Bez, Luis (lluque), Orietta (Luciferino), Karen (Avalonne), Martina (arwenone), Rose (rjghise), Leah (Turtle), and Jill (DTigerWoman).

And last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to the staff of Renderosity � Clint, Debbie, Jenifer, Stacey, and Mendy � you are all so wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Renderosity such a fantastic home and community. Thanks for your time

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Member Opinions:
By: msebonyluv on 11/1/06
Congrats yet again Martin!! Danie last month, you this month!! DM Production rocks!!
Thanx for your talent and your products!!

By: Turtle on 11/1/06
I'm so excited for you Martin, a wonderful honor. :O)

By: karanta on 11/1/06
Congratulations Martin :) Very well deserved!

By: Kinouk on 11/1/06
You go sweetness!!! This is to darn cool!! You earned this many times over!! ((BIS)) tonz and tonz of hugz

By: luciferino on 11/1/06
Ta ta taaaaaa ta dan.. the CHAMPION!!!!!Hurra for Martin compliments mine Big brother you are a great artist, friend, and designer and you deserve it.... bravo bravo ciaaao smack Orietta

By: arwenone on 11/1/06
Congratulations, Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: outoftouch on 11/1/06
Congrats! :) Veeery well deserved ^^

By: RoseMoxon on 11/1/06
congrats. love your products!

By: efron_241 on 11/1/06
What I said last month, could go for you too.

DM products are a VERY VERY good help when creating my stories. I could not make them as realistic if your products where not for sale.

I LOVE them all.. Gravity, Rituals, Grobland.

It is all amazing.

By: CaperGirl42 on 11/1/06
Congrats Martin- gotta say I love ALL your work!!!Awesome Job- you deserve this many more times as well-


By: graphixdezine on 11/1/06
congrats!!! deserve it!!
HUGS Neesa

By: Amaranth on 11/1/06
Congrats !!

By: Rainfeather on 11/1/06
the dynamic duo...Danie last month and Marforno this month - how wonderful is that!!! Congratulations to a well deserved honor!!!

By: Avalonne on 11/1/06
Congratulations Martin...a well deserved honor.

By: ephotosaver on 11/1/06

By: MimiCat on 11/1/06

By: Leeloo2 on 11/1/06
This is wonderful for the both of you to receive this honour. You deserve it so much. Your creations are masterpieces! :O) Diana

By: newangels on 11/1/06
Congratulations a well deserved win.

By: Ladonna on 11/2/06
Congratulation!!!!! Very well deserved honor.
Love all your creations. You and Danie , best team.!!!

By: Bez on 11/2/06
Congratulations Martin, very well deserved :)

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 11/2/06
Congratulations :-)

By: martelo on 11/2/06
I'm happy for you Martin! Congratulations!!!

By: rockets on 11/2/06
You go guy...I'm proud of you and all your accomplishments!

By: SK2Design on 11/2/06
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Sweetie! This honour is so well deserved for all the incredible work you do and products you create. HUGE (((HUGS))), and remember to stay warm. ;)

By: mlevans on 11/2/06
I cannot think of a soul who deserves this more. Way to go, sir!

By: HHDrache on 11/2/06
Congratulation. Well deserved :)

By: calico1 on 11/2/06
Congratulations. Enjoy it.

By: Fyrene on 11/2/06
This does not surprise me, my dear friend. Your products are top of the line. The best there is. Congratulations!!! You and Danie are the best!!!

By: aneirin on 11/3/06
Congratulations to you.

By: TinasDesign on 11/3/06
Congratulations :-)

By: NocturnalRamble on 11/3/06
Congrats to you Martin.!!!!

By: didi_mc on 11/3/06
Congratulations my friend, very well deserved. MS

By: Maveris on 11/3/06
CONGRATS Martin!!! ...A well deserved honor.

By: Sinamin on 11/3/06
Congratulations Martin on this very well deserved honor!!!!

By: TalonGE on 11/3/06
Way to go,... love everything from DM Productions,...

By: Angelmoon on 11/4/06
Big big congratulations from me to you with a big kiss!! ;o)

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 11/4/06
Congrats! And Kudos! Imagination and talent combined in two very nice people! Mia is a beauty! Best to you, and Danie...

By: Danie on 11/4/06
There you go again ... and you really deserve it! :)
You are great in everything you do (even in cooking, i can tell :P ) and your talent and imagination are priceless.
Congratualtions my dear and i hope to see you here again for many more times in the upcoming years. :)
Te quiero mucho socio. :) *HHK*

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 11/4/06
My congratulations Martin for all the gotten success and that you continue in the one on the way to the great creation....!!! #:O)

By: antje on 11/4/06
Congratulations! :o)

By: Daedalus692002 on 11/4/06
My congratulations go to Martin for being the VOM and it is befitting that the other half of DM productions be honoured as well.
I love DM's works and will continue to support their products.

By: Lillaanya on 11/4/06
Congrats! Very well deserved my friend :D

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 11/4/06
Congrat Martin :)))

By: lluque on 11/4/06
Felicidades awelita, desde aqui puedo vislumbrar la baba goteando ante esa preciosidad. Besazo gordo para ella, y para ti un buen coscorrn.
Congrats again...
Un abrazo :O)

By: RubyT on 11/4/06
Congrats! It's always a pleasure to have your creations!

By: sireneidae on 11/5/06
Congratulations for AOM and keep on creating such sunning things.

By: Debbie M. on 11/5/06
An honor very well deserved to my favorite fantasy architecture creator! Your work continues to inspire me, and set me in awe! I'm so proud of you! It's been a sheer joy watching the fantastic artist in you evolve over the years!! I hope for many more years to have the honor of watching your imagination come to life through your wonderful works!! Congratulations my dear friend!!

By: Rhiannon on 11/5/06
Congratulations sweetie, it goes without saying that this is a very well deserved honor and recognition. Your work is absolutely the best and inspires so many. Your artistic talent knows no bounds, and it shows, because you love what you do. Bravo my dear, over and over!!

By: brycek on 11/5/06

By: chimera46 on 11/5/06
Congrats on this, even your freestuff is of a quality that is difficult to surpass, you've got a good thing going.

By: leehilliard on 11/6/06
congrats. i've got quite a few of your items. they are very well made and easy to work're recognition is well deserved.

By: Adiene on 11/6/06
Grats Martin!! Well deserved :D

By: rjghise on 11/7/06
Well done Martin :) You make such wonderful creations, you really deserve this :) Congratulations!

By: Swantje on 11/7/06
Congratulations Martin! Im very happy for you about this well deserved reconition.*HK*

By: mendyh on 11/7/06
Good to see a new comer, oh wait....good to see an ol' timer...wait...Well, congratulations, anyway! It is well-deserved by a talented artist. (you know I have to pick on you, Martin!)

By: fft2 on 11/7/06
Congratulations, very well deserved

By: c-design on 11/8/06

By: newangels on 11/8/06
You and Danie's Creations are wonderul, I am having a fabulous time with them, as I am new to 3D I cannot thank you enought, its a bonus to have models and props and poses that actual work the way you want them too, fantastic work, keep it up.


By: drifterlee on 11/8/06
Congrats!! I think I have all your stuff!!!! Since you are in Montreal, how about making a Poser model of the old town in Quebec city. It would be the most romantic place for Mike and Vicky!!

By: eres on 11/9/06
Toutes mes flicitation...C'est largement mrit!!!

By: hmatienzo on 11/11/06
Congrats, dear friend!

By: B_PEACOCK on 11/11/06
Congradulations Martin. I am so happy for you . You know I dont think there are many scenes that I create using at least one of your props. Thanks Buddy

By: jenay on 11/12/06
congratulations, Martin :)
Your stuff is one of the best, I love those
architectonic visions, the fantasy ornamentation, a bit of scifi sometimes,
and all is very elaborated.
strange - I always thought you were a young guy around the fourties, that was
the impression I got from your avatar pics - hehe - and now I am reading
that you are grandfather: congratulations :)

By: Claywoman on 11/12/06
Thanks Marforno for your great interview and awesome products!

By: Vampir3Princess on 11/15/06
YAY!! My favorite grandpa is VOM? *Proud Smile* I was so happy to see u on the front page Martin!! Your products, your team and everything around you is so amazing!! Way to go Viejo!! *Love Youu!!*

By: Monuli on 11/16/06
Congratulations...wonderful artwork and stuff !!!

By: Angeldust on 11/17/06
Congrats old Friend :)

By: Shaylea on 11/18/06
Congratulations to you Marforno! Well deserved!

By: Thorne on 11/20/06
Congratulations Martin! There's certainly a reason you're a top merchant, your work is top notch and I know I can always expect the best quality. Well deserved!

By: stoffel on 11/20/06
You really deserve it Martin ... Congrats *HK*

By: Richabri on 11/21/06
Way to go Martin :) A well deserved distinction for a very talented modeler and artist :)

By: RedSonja on 11/22/06
Felicidades Martin! Adoro todo lo que creas, eres grande corazn! Un gran abrazo

By: emorin on 11/22/06
Great talent and artist! Now from the looks of all this, I would say you are very loved, What! You didn't already know that? Be Blessed, Ellie

By: Arturzinho on 11/24/06
Well done Martin. A well deserved award. :o)

By: Tyke on 11/24/06
Good to see, love your creations and use DM products a lot in my RDNA Aldara project work, superb stuff always a joy to work with.

By: Greybro on 11/25/06
I just want to add my congrats to the chorus. Your products are among my favorites. Way to set the bar high!


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