Nirvy's 7th Anniversary Sale Going On Now!


It's been 7 years and Nirvy is ready to scratch that itch!

Renderosity vendor, Nirvy, has put together a sale to help celebrate 7 years of selling in the Renderosity MarketPlace. You'll have a full week to satisy that itch of getting your favorite product from Nirvy at up to 88% off. If you haven't visited their store in a while, now's the time to reacquaint yourself to some of the great products you'll find here!

Models from Nirvy up to 88% off!

Beginning October 1st and running through October 7th at 11:45pm, product's can be found in Nirvy's store with savings up to 88% off. Make sure to visit their store today and checkout with great savings!

Sale ends at 11:45pm, Renderosity System Time (CST), on October 7th.

Here is a selection of products you can find right now from Nirvy:

The Law - Gunslinger by nirvy
The Law - Gunslinger
Snazzy Summer 2007 by nirvy
Snazzy Summer 2007
Beyond the Wall - Night Watcher by nirvy
Beyond the Wall - Night Watcher
All Wrapped Up  V4/A4/Elite by nirvy
All Wrapped Up V4/A4/Elite
Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV by nirvy
Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV

Questions? Please contact Nirvy via Site Mail.