In memory of chucksiebuhr
On January 29, 2005 Chuck SiebuhrThe King of Fantasy Art — Ventured to another realm,
after losing a year long battle with the most evil of villains — Cancer!

Long Live the King!

Some artists’ works are so amazing that the moment of the first viewing, their images become eternally etched into memory — Chuck Siebuhr was that kind of artist! I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes upon one of his images. As newly appointed Managing Editor of the Renderosity Magazine, I was assigned the task of voting for the magazine’s cover. Chuck’s contest entry of “the lady in the silver mask” was mesmerizing! Especially the eyes, they exuded mystery and magic.

Not only was his image chosen for the magazine’s front cover [Issue 3], it was also the inspiration for Renderosity Magazine’s first writing contest [Issue 4] — based upon his cover image. And, so it began — my three-year journey into a wonderful friendship with one of the most extraordinary artist of our time. In a magazine interview for Issue 5, Chuck allowed me into his world of creativity, his love of art, and his struggles with self-doubt — I am always astonished that the greatest artists are also the most humble.

Over the years, Chuck’s images graced nearly every issue of the Renderosity Magazine and The RIM [The Renderosity Interactive Magazine], and he was honored as one of the first Featured Artists on The RIM. His artwork was also showcased within the pages of Renderosity Digital Art for the 21st Century.

Yet, his biggest accomplishments, and I know one of his greatest joys, was the devoted following of his fellow Renderosity artists. One only has to view Chuck’s Renderosity gallery to get the full extent of the admiration the Renderosity community so appropriately bestowed upon him. Chuck was not only an extraordinary artist, he was also an extra-ordinary “gentle” man. To say he will be missed is a grave understatement. So, with great sadness of our collective artistic souls, we must bid farewell to the King of Fantasy Art – May he rest in peace knowing he shall live eternally through his artwork, and that we forever hold his memory gently within our hearts.

Award Winning Artist – [chucksiebuhr] Chuck Siebuhr

Interviewed by Dee-Marie

In loving tribute to the memory of this amazing artist and “gentle” man we would like to re-present a 2003 interview with Chuck, originally featured in the Renderosity Magazine [Issue 5].

Have you had a lifelong passion for art, or is this a recent undertaking? Lifelong passion. I enjoyed a brief couple of years as an artist in the San Diego art community years ago. Back then I worked in all the traditional media - oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen & ink, and pencil. During that time I received some very favorable reviews, was featured in one man shows, won some awards, and so on. Then, the economy took a downturn and I had a young family at the time, so I took employment in the telecommunications industry and that has been my mainstay ever since. I never lost the love for art, nor gave it up, but what I found the time to create was for my own personal pleasure. Then, a little over a year ago, a friend introduced me to Photoshop. I haven't picked up a brush or pencil since!

Are you a professional artist? Is art a second job? Or is art a mere means to unleash your creativity? At the moment I guess you could say that I am a semi-professional artist. Art is currently my second job but hopefully that will change in the near future. By semi-professional, I mean that I have been awarded several competitive commercial projects in the last year; architectural renderings, logos, photo re-composition, etc. Soon my partner and I will have a web site up offering these services and more. Is art a means to unleash my creativity? Absolutely! Basically all of my spare time is spent experimenting with art.

Do you have any formal computer graphics or art training? I have no formal art training - at all. Everything I have learned has been self-taught, both in conventional art and computer graphics. It seems to take so long doing it that way, using the "trial and error" method, but once you learn it ... you seldom forget it.

Which computer graphic software program do you use most often? Since being introduced to Adobe Photoshop by our art department, I am reputed to be a full-blown Photoshop addict. I have tried other graphics programs that some of my friends have, but quickly retreat to the comfort of Photoshop. It is such an intuitive program for me, but I suppose that makes it similar to choices that traditional artists make when they decide on their particular medium: some work well with oils while others seem to be born to watercolor; some prefer natural bristle brushes while others insist on synthetic bristles. Photoshop is an awesome creation unto itself. It amazes me almost every time I open it up. One of the things that I enjoy the most is that I can create images on the PC that are almost identical to the styles and techniques I used in more traditional works, including the background layers with their textures and often random shapes or forms. When using traditional art techniques, layers would often take days for each glazing to dry so that the next could be applied. Now, with a simple click, the next layer is ready!

What was your initial reaction upon discovering that you had won first place in Renderosity [Issue 3] Cover Contest? Were you surprised, excited, did you think you would win? At first I thought it was a prank when I got the e-mail. My partner, Steve, is a PC Wizard and we always play jokes on one another. I'm not a PC Wizard and constantly remind him that it is only a "paint-box" for me. I first thought he had faked the message. Then, when I realized that it was real, yes I was surprised and very excited. Did I think I would win? No. There are so many talented artists that I see on the Renderosity site that I hoped I might make the finals but didn't really think I had a chance at winning. By the way, some of those artists have commented on the work and that is really inspiring.

Your cover image was uniquely beautiful. What inspired her creation? Thank you very much. Frankly, I was in a state of disbelief when notified that Masque had been selected. I had created her as yet another experiment. When I started to enter the contest, I almost backed out before hitting the send button, thinking that it just wasn't good enough. As far as the inspiration for her, I have always been something of a romantic, and have always been attracted to a model's know, the old "windows to the soul" saying. But, I didn't want to start repeating things that I had done in the past. Instead, I wanted an otherworldly or futuristic or even medieval feel for the piece.

Can you give our readers a brief description of how you created the cover image? What software programs did you use? Did you start with a photograph, a drawing, or was your base image a Poser figure? What technique did you use to create the silver spider veins upon her mask, her translucent skin? It is all Photoshop and KPT5. After scanning the eyes from a photograph, I used the Levels, Dodge and Burn tools for more contrast and, then created a new layer for the bolder contour shape around the opening for the eyes. Working with KPT5, I fashioned various shapes and patterns on separate layers using KPT5 FraxFlame and FraxPlorer. When the shapes and patterns seemed right, the next step was to selectively use Color Range to select and "cut" portions from each pattern until I had the molded shapes on separate layers. Satisfied with the final shape, I merged those layers, leaving the eyes on a separate layer, and then selected the entire mask. The metallic look was applied to the merged layer using the Layer Styles and Blend modes in Photoshop, along with the Lighting Effects on a blurred Channel. There are many ways to get the chrome or metallic effects, the easiest being third party plug ins which I am slowly collecting, but I think learning first how to do things with Photoshop's native filters is important to actually learning how the program works. The translucent skin was probably the easiest operation. I created a fractal design that I liked with KPT5, placed it over the layer with the eyes and chose Blending Options in the Layer Styles until I found the one that worked best, which I think in this case was "Overlay." Then I simply created a new Layer at the bottom of the stack, filled it with black and it was done.

Not only was your image featured on the magazine cover, it was also chosen to be the inspiration for Renderosity Magazine's first writer's contest. With the entrants putting their feelings about your art into words. What did you think of the winning stories? Were you surprised at how differently people perceived your image? Had you been asked to write a story about your masked lady, how would you have approached the tale? The winning entries were outstanding. For me, it was strange, reading the different versions and how they perceived my image. That was a first. I had to really work hard at narrowing it down to two, and then finally ranking the top five for my vote. Each story was so unique and different from the other. But, that is one of the things I try to accomplish with my art - to make each viewer see something different, based on their interpretation of what they see. Or think that they see. If I had been asked to write a story, I'm afraid I would have failed miserably. My imagination works with visual imagery, and not too well with words. I'm quite certain that my story would not have been competitive with the others submitted.

Many of your images are collages with a strong "graphic's feel," is that your preferred method of approaching a new image? Yes. Very much so! Believe it or not, I used to create these types of images by hand with pencil, inks, oils or acrylics. Friends that remember those days have remarked about how very similar the new images are to the old ones. Personally, I enjoy doing art for art's sake, whether for traditional viewing, posters, or for a client's logo. Simply put, I am addicted to creating art, whether for myself or someone else. The collage is definitely my favorite approach. There are no confining restrictions such as the sky must be blue, the grass must be green, the house must be white. You can let your imagination run wild in a collage. And, I like trying different perspectives and scaling of images for composition.

What advise do you have for other aspiring artists? Advice for aspiring artists? Probably the best advice would be to just never give up, never flatten out when it comes to challenging your creativity. I have seen artists that I call "plateau people." They arrive at a level of work that is acceptable and then just stay there. They don't work at taking it the next level. Personally, when I finish a work I like to compete with myself and try to make the next one even better. Rather than compete with other artists, I prefer to seek inspiration from their work. Then I see if I can make my next image better than the last one I completed. Naturally, it doesn't always work, but it is always a challenge, and challenge is stimulating.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to share your thoughts with our readers. My thanks to you, Dee-Marie, and all those at Renderosity that gave me this wonderful opportunity to share my work with the art community at large. As I said, it really is an honor, and has been a real shot in the arm for going even further with my work. I may not be a prolific artist, but you can be sure that I will continue to post new images to the Renderosity site as soon as I complete them. Why would I want to go anywhere else?
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Click here to visit Chuck Siebuhr's entire gallery

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Member Opinions:
By: DEITRIX on 2/3/05
May you rest in peace Chuck... and may your family have the comfort that you are in a happy place. We will all miss you here.

Oh, I am so devastated. Chuck was such a wonderful friend to me and I will miss him just like a brother. Such a brave and phylosophical man. He knew his end was near, he told me so months ago. This indeed is a GREAT loss, which saddens me greatly. I will miss him. God bless you Chuck, I hope and pray that you're being well looked after. Such a waste! What a talented artist and wonderful man.

By: cynlee on 2/3/05
I am overwhelmed with sadness & grief to hear of his passing... I cannot see through my tears... he was an extrodinary artist & so very kind... long live one of the greatest artists, the king! a master! Chuck, I will miss you so much :(

By: audre on 2/3/05
Very sad news, indeed.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to not only work with Chuck, but, as Dee pointed out above, also feature his beautiful creations in both "Renderosity Magazine" and the "Digital Art for the 21st Century: Renderosity" coffee table book authored by myself and John Grant.

My deepest condolences to Chuck's family in this difficult time.

I'll remmeber him through his beautiful works, which have had a great impact on me. Through this, Chuck's memory will live on in my heart for as long as I live.

By: Vampi on 2/3/05
I am stunned... Chuck and I had only been friends for a short time. He was indeed a gentle man and I am so sorry that he is gone.

By: MOOOW on 2/3/05
Chuck was one of the best artist and master of digital art here between us,he was so clever with excellent ability for creating any digital artworks with many different and high technique,He was so polite so kind ,we really miss him so much .......

By: Jay7347 on 2/3/05
I got to know this fine man just a little thru IM's, comments and advice he gave. He was such a gentle soul. Encouragement flowed from him like his wonderful creative talents. May the big guy upstairs give you a big old hug Chuck for all the positive things you did down here. I'm gonna miss you...

By: titta on 2/3/05
So sad. I will miss you Chuck. It was such a joy for me to know you at least a little. - You and your art will live long after us all.

By: Tedz on 2/3/05
Such a loss...such a wonderful Artist.

By: dragonfly2000 on 2/3/05
He has always been extremely kind and helpful to me. I know he's been ill for such a long time, but I hoped for a miracle. Such a great friend, a wonderful and innovative artists, he lives forever in his work.

By: LillianH on 2/3/05
My deepest sympathies to Chuck's family, friends and the community. I was so stunned and sad to learn of his passing.

I have been a long time fan and admirer of his work. I am thankful for the gifts that he shared with the rest of us with his time and his talents.

He will be greatly missed.

By: SAMS3D on 2/3/05
A major loss we have suffered. His art has inspired me beyond measure. His talent was enjoyed my so many. May you rest in piece and your art always be with you and your peers. Our thoughts and prayers to you Steve and all family. He will be greatly missed.

By: Olenkamajka on 2/3/05
I do not know Chuck...I came here not long time ago...but I am so sorry for his loss, my deeppest sympathies to his family and his friends, I dediceted my poem for Chuck in his honor

{ Come to me... ]

dedication to Chuck

Come to me,
in Spring.

Be dressed in a silken,
feathery, snowy gown.
Bring with cold fingers
your ebony hair with pearls
of dew,sparkling in the gold rays
of the mornig sun.

Come to me beloved,
in Summer.

With a flower's song
and a morning birds whispering.
Lay down on the rainbow of my meadow
full of wind whisper.

Come to me my darling,
in Autumn.

With a richness of passion,
wrapped with the doleful cry of cranes,
flying to grey depths of the sky...
smelling of flowers, which the frost

Come to me, dear,
in Winter

When this sleepy time,
will hold me in its arms.
Then put your palms
with the musky smell on me.
My Ghostly Death.

Copyright by Olenka

By: Blitzz-Licht on 2/3/05
He was one of my favorite Artists here. It´s really sad and i will miss his wonderful Artworks.

By: Tamela.J. on 2/3/05
May you rest in piece my sweet friend!!!

With Love & Blessings

By: Odious on 2/3/05
sad.. sad day... i have always been a fan of his work.. i wish only the best to his surviving family during this tough time...

By: BlueLotus7 on 2/3/05
I'm in shock. I had been emailing with Chuck only a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful talk about how he was anxious to begin rendering again. He was surrounded by loving family and friends and was touched over my concern. I was unaware of his medical condition and when he told me I was so sad for him--however, he was so understanding of my emotions and instead of me consoling him, he consoled me with his charming personality! His work was the work of a brilliant and imaginative mind. I will miss him most grieviously.

By: vlaaitje on 2/3/05
I know he was sick, but it touch me deeply to hear that Chuck is past away. I used a lot of his wonderful art for my poetry. He gave me permission, and he was so happy that I write my words on his art. He will be missed, he was an outstanding artist. My deepest condolences to Chuck's family in this difficult time.

By: sossy on 2/3/05
I admire Chucks work from the first moment I visited his gallery. His images were full of secrets, emotions, power, joy, fear, fantasy and life. He is a Master of art I never met before!

And now I cannot express how sad I am and it is a great lost of a fantastic artist and wonderful person! My heart is full of pain. I will miss him and his work.
But I hope he found his deserved peace after a long suffering and fight.

All my deepest sympathies to his family and friends in this difficult time!

By: curly-locks on 2/3/05
My sympathies to chuck's family..My prayers to give them strength..

He gave us many beautiful works of art,and was an amazing artist.. he will be missed..

The next rainbow i see.. i will think of "out of reach" and know that chuck has the paint brushes and is touchin up the colors in the rainbows....

By: hawkstheman on 2/3/05
My deepest sympathy to his family such a great loss.
God Bless

By: tony_br22 on 2/3/05
I know this one picture from the cover contest very well .. it impressed me deeply first time I saw it, as I can understand it did many others here. I never got to know Chuck himself, but I admire his work so much. He will be sadly missed. My condolences to Chucks family and friends!

By: Bigt on 2/3/05
A time of great sadness and a moment to reflect, we will miss you greatly Chuck,

Find peace my friend!

By: hauksdottir on 2/3/05
He was a true artist, and we'll all be poorer for his passing. :(

By: retrocity on 2/3/05
My prayers go out to his family and loved ones as they deal with this great loss. Chuck has always been helpful and willing to share his immense talent a the drop of a hat. i shall miss him greatly indeed.


By: duncanlong on 2/3/05
The world is a smaller place without Chuck. He will be sorely missed by his friends and fellow artists.

By: Ardiva on 2/4/05
Chuck and I shared things "Egyptian" and when I uploaded my fractals containing Egyptian artifacts, he came in my gallery and commented how nice it was. I was stunned that a man of that caliber would take the time to do that unsolicited. We IM'd alot and I learned of his cancer. I am in deep sorrow now and in tears for I will surely miss him and his art alot.

By: TheVelvetFoxx on 2/4/05
Like Vampi, I had only known Chuck for a short time. I am completely stunned that he has passed so quickly through the grasp of life. He was an excellent artist to be sure but more importantly, he was a true friend. His kind words always encouraged me and his work inspired me. I am unbelievably sad.

By: gallimel on 2/4/05
I returned two days ago, and tried to communicate with him, with no luck... the fear and the pain about what could have happened took me straight after having no response from mails nor Ims.
I am in so huge state of sadness, cos thanx to his awesome art I used to find answers for the question my soul was searching solutions for.
We lost a fabulous artist... but today I am mainly missing the awesome person he was.
My heart goes to his family.
My heart will be forever a house for you, sweet Chuck.See you one day, where clouds and stars get coloured in orange and pink.

By: gunsan on 2/4/05
Oh Chuck, I am so overwhelmed by sadness when I hear you have left us, loosing your long fight with cancer. I will miss you as a masterful artist, one of the best ever, always so humble and gentle when talking of your talent. You were such a good and caring friend, always sweet and supportive. You gave me so much both with your wonderful art, so full of mystery and beauty, and your words, always positive even when you had a difficult time. I miss you so much!

My thoughts go to your family, I send them my codoleances in this time of grief.

I send you my love Chuck, I know you can feel it!

By: cbender on 2/4/05
i will miss you - you always had an open mind an time for a little "talk" via IM
thank you for all the inspiration you gave us!

By: kenwas on 2/4/05
Quite a shock to find this news. I am saddened in many ways. Wishing the best for those he left behind.

By: Cada on 2/4/05
Human beings who leave behind them no great achievements, but only a sequence of small kindnesses, have not had wasted lives.

Charlotte Gray, 1937

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with us, may you find eternal peace & happiness wherever you are.

By: Isle_Witch on 2/4/05
I don't know what, or how to say anything.
I'll miss viewing his new work and being in awe of such talent and imagination.....

By: Doodles on 2/4/05
My deepest condolences to Chuck's family in this difficult time. I never knew Chuck but his art was an immeasureable source of inspiration to me. There is no other talent like his, his passing will leave a hole in the art world.

By: RnRWoman on 2/4/05
Sorry to hear of what happened to him :( May God watch over him in Heaven and may God bring peace and healing to his family and friends. God Bless you all

By: sargebear on 2/4/05
Rest in peace Chuck. your art and you will be forever remember.

By: NataLibera70 on 2/4/05
... Hi Chuck ...
... always in my memories!!!

By: L.W. Perkins on 2/4/05
I knew he was ill, but he never complained--he was always looking towards the next image, and sharing his love of techniques and all things Egypt. I will miss him so much!

By: gsb on 2/4/05
I realy had a bad day at work, but it is nothing in contrast to read about the death of Chuck Siebuhr. He was one of the artists, who always made me think, how he is doing this fantastic art with a uniqueness for colours and compositions!!! You`ve always put a smile on my face! Now, there are just tears! Rest in peace!

By: abmlober on 2/4/05
I did not know you for long, but was always happy about the friendlyness, friendship that came out of your comments, IM's. When you told me about your cancer I hoped that you could win this battle. So much beauty in your pictures, so much beauty in your soul. What a bad thing to see that cancer was without mercy. My tears for you...

By: Helen on 2/4/05
Another light dims and the world becomes a darker place. I am saddened by this news.

The beauty of Chuck Siebuhr and his work will live on in the hearts of many.

Rest im peace.


By: SK2Design on 2/4/05
Whether I know the artist personally or not, it never has any bearing on the profound sadness and void I feel when we lose someone in our 'artist family.' My thoughts and prayers go out to Chucks family at this time and may they find strength in the sweet memories Chuck has left them with.

By: TwoPynts on 2/4/05
My deepest condolences to Chuck's family and close friends. I came late to Chucks work and only exchanged a few IMs with him, but he was very nice and insightful in his comments. I am a fan of his images and creativity, and remeber when he posted his final image, In The Tower. How prophet his final images were. Always and Never There will stand out in my mind as the image that best summed up his passing. He may not be here in body, but he will always be here in spirit. May you have a fantastic journey Chuck!

By: kenmo on 2/4/05
I am truly saddened. Not only will I miss his outstanding art, but I will miss more his friendship. His comments on my work and IMs were a constant source of inspiration to me. I wondered why he had not posted anything in an while. No I know the reason.

Rest easy Chuck... God Bless....

By: Lledeline on 2/4/05
Nous venons de perdre un immense artiste qui était également un homme courtois et humble.Il nous laisse des oeuvres étonnantes de beauté et de poésie qui ne ressemblent à aucunes il est triste de savoir qu'il n'y en aura pas de nouvelles.
Toute mes condoléances à sa famille. La disparition de l'artiste et de l'homme est terrible.

By: Akinom on 2/4/05
What an awful loss! My deepest sympathies to his family and closer friends.

By: Lion on 2/4/05
My deepest condolences to Chuck's family and close friends. The World has lost a Wounderful and Excellent Artist.

Guido Leber

By: Anjour on 2/4/05
My condolences to Chuck Siebuhrs family.

By: logiloglu on 2/4/05
we had some wonderful IM contacts , i will miss you Chuck. my condolence and sorrow to his family and friends.

By: SndCastie on 2/4/05
This is a sad day indeed he will be surely missed. His work inspired many. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


By: sandoppe on 2/4/05
So many wonderful artists have gone too soon.....the heavens must be brilliant to behold! My condolences to Chuck's family and friends. He was an artistic genius to be sure.

By: jocko500 on 2/4/05
will miss this great artist. so sorry to see him go

By: Ensomniac on 2/5/05
Goodbye Chuck...we will miss you and visit your beautiful gallery often.

By: melevos on 2/5/05
My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

By: idiot_sphinx on 2/5/05
I am so sorry to hear this. I admired his work and we had talked of our designs . This floors me. He was such a wonderful creative part of this community and will be sorely missed. I will miss his inspiring designs and hints that he offered to me in the past. I wish his family my sympathies . May he go on to find a greater glory !!!

By: KingPtolemy on 2/5/05
Farewell friend…

By: colas on 2/5/05
rest in pace!!!see you later.

By: oooZENOooo on 2/5/05
I am saddened to hear of this news, i am sure chucksiebuhr art will be respected like the artist he was. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Deepest Regards


By: LadyLisa on 2/6/05
My sympathy to all his friends and family. This is a great loss.

By: eyeland on 2/6/05
A sad loss. He was certainly one of the finest artists here at Renderosity. From the several exchanges I had with him, I was struck by his humility & generosity of spirit. Hard to believe that we won't see any more Chuck Siebuhr masterpieces.

By: RedundantlyAbundant on 2/6/05
I am very shocked to hear this sad news. Chuck was one of my faves...he had such a sleek and excellent style. It frustrating to realize that I will never again get an ebot to inform me of a new creation from his extraodinary mind. I was just reading some of the kind instant messages he had sent me a few months hard to believe he's gone. He lives on in his art and we can at least enjoy what he left us here on Renderosity.

By: Porthos on 2/6/05
May he Rest In Peace!

By: saldegal on 2/6/05
A fantastic artist and wonderful warm person, he will always be an inspiration,

Heart felt sympathies to his family and friends

By: i-popba on 2/6/05
Chuck you are powerful artist in my mind..I am saddened by this news .I will miss you greatly Chuck You are best friend.

By: Snow_Angel on 2/6/05
Goodbye Chuck, Love Patt

By: vshane on 2/6/05
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, he will be sadly missed by so many.

By: butterfly_fish on 2/6/05
I didn't know him, but I obviously recognize his work. Very sad to hear this. Peace be with all who loved him.

By: Cylithera on 2/7/05
.. Oh.. my.. gosh.

By: borsy on 2/7/05
I'm shocked to hear of the passing of this fantastic artist and friend. Chuck was a great inspiration to me and his artwork will continue to inspire all who view it. My heartfelt sympathy to his family.
Goodbye dear friend.

By: SoulSearcherr on 2/7/05
he was an ispiration to many..he was friend to many..he will be missed by many..

By: SNAKEY on 2/7/05
A true artist.... I just checked out his work and feel sorry that I had done so earlier. My thought go out to his family. May they find peace.

By: EngleWolf on 2/8/05
Rest in peace my friend!!! Thankyou for the wonderful art you shared to all of us here!!

By: kokuryu on 2/9/05
I did not know Chuck, but have seen his artwork many times before and always wondered, who is this wonderfully creative person. I mourn the loss of such a talented artist, and my heart goes out to all that knew him.

By: emorin on 2/9/05
Thank you for the contributions of your beautiful art. It has touched many. You will be missed.

By: wldflwr on 2/10/05
Chuck is my father...and this is such a difficult time. It truly is a great loss, I miss him deeply. It is so incredibly touching to read all of your responses, I am moved to tears. Thank You.

By: LadyCelesteBlackWolf on 2/10/05
May You rest in peace Chuck. You will be missed.

By: Dotthy on 2/10/05
we had also some wonderful IM contacts. I'll miss him. My condolence and sorrow to his family and friends. He was a marvelous personage and artist.

By: MsJ777 on 2/10/05
I am so sorry to hear of Chuck's passing--his heartfelt and inspiring comments meant the world to me. (I'm crying as I type this...)He always took the time to encourage me and give words of support, telling me to stay true to my path as an artist. I never met him in person, but considered him a friend and mourn his loss. His work shows us how precious this life truly is--never waste a moment of it...

By: juliowassaf on 2/10/05
Adios Chuck, buen viaje.
My condolence to his family and friends

By: MSiebuhr on 2/10/05
I just want to thank everyone for their support. It is wonderful to know dad touched so many people's lives. Dad will be greatly missed.
Thank you all!

By: DaddysLittleGirl on 2/10/05
Rest in Peace Daddy..........
Thank you to everyone who had my dad in his thoughts! He will always be remembered, not only for his artwork but also for the person he was! I know hes in a better place. But I just wanted to thank you for the tribute to my dad its beautiful and greatly appreciated!!

By: Chas on 2/10/05
I'm seeing this artwork for the first time, and it is very humbling. Clearly, this is someone extremely gifted and (as evidenced by what I've read here) with a talent matched by a warm and generous personality. The world is clearly poorer today. My condolences to those who were close to him.

By: bonepile on 2/11/05
If the key to immortality is to live a life worth remembering He will be with us for many generations to come. Sadly missed!

By: silx on 2/11/05
May he rest in peace.

By: Rockatansky on 2/12/05
Very sad news. He will live on through his art and from the inspiration he has given to so many of us here at Renderosity.

By: killer3d on 2/12/05
It is simply way too bad that we all are forced to realize the loss... This is truly a platinum mine and always will be. Inner visions are never lost... I feel that he has returned to what they are made of.

By: brylaz on 2/15/05
So sad to hear that! He will be missed!!! My condolence to his family and friends!

By: wdiniz on 2/21/05
Last but not least. You are now beyond space and time, anyway. I've learned a lot from you, who was many times kind enough to answer my messages and comment on my works. Be at peace, and may we all remember the smoothness and delicacies of your creation. Sure you've left a mark of your way down here. After a long suffering, now you can rest in peace.

By: escafeld on 2/25/05
I only just found you Chuck and now I have to say goodbye. Your artwork will live on forever. Rest in peace. My sincerest condolences to your family and friends.

By: andreleonard on 3/2/05
As they say the good die young. And you were good Chuck very good. It was viewing the progress in your work that brought me back to this community when time was in short supply. I'll miss seeing your work and the thoughts we shared. With profound sadness and respect to a fellow artist, and sincerest condolence to his family and friends.

By: A_Joker_B on 8/28/05
I can't believe this, It had come to my attention that Chucks posts seemed to have stopped but I assumed maybe he had gone onto bigger and better things, stumbling across this memorial page has stunned me. Not only was Chucks artworks a joy to behold- this is shown by his acheivements as well as numerous peoples comments on his works, but also the his character. To me Chuck was someone who was very generous and good natured- someone who not only took the time to peruse ones gallery but also to converse with fellow members and get to know them. A true member of the Renderosity community who will be truly missed. My condolences to his friends and family, you rest in peace man.

By: Cyanidedreamer on 9/15/05
Fare thee well Chuck

By: attileus on 3/23/06
Chuck, dear friend, you'll be missed for ever; with love: Attila

By: andreleonard on 4/19/06
We only knew each other for a brief time, but exchanged views and messages now and again. It was his work that first drew me to Renderocity, and his friendship one of the things that kept me coming back. I miss him as a friend and fellow artist.

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