2004 Artist Of The Year!

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2004 Artist Of The Year!
Congratulations to Rochr for winning 2004's Artist of the Year title! Rochr was voted Artist of the Month in August. You can read his interview here. If you're unfamiliar with Rochr's work, click here to view his gallery. A few words from Rochr: First of all, let me send a huge thanx to the Renderosity crew, who voted me for AOY. It�s a true honour to be selected among all the fantastic artists here. I would also like to thank all my friends here, for all the great and invaluable support. As always, it�s been a blast spending time here along with you guys, and I hope to see you around in 2005 as well. I would like to wish you all a Happy New 2005. Last, I would also like to ask you all to pay a thought for all the people who can�t celebrate with us. The victims of the terrible Tsunami disaster. Those who have died, their family and loved ones, and those who have lost everything. Hundreds of thousands of people have suffered an indescribable loss, and right now, they need our help. If you can help, please help them out. Even the smallest donation can help save lives. Thanx Rudy
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Member Opinions:
By: FirstBlueMoon on 1/1/05
Congratulations on being voted AOY, Rochr! Your work is OUTSTANDING and you totally deserve it. And thank you for remembering the tsunami victims - the help they need right now is immeasureable.

My best to you and all in the new year of 2005!


By: drawbridgep on 1/1/05
Well deserved. An inspriation to Brycers and non Brycers alike. Congratulations. Happy New Year.

By: ysvry on 1/1/05
congrats roch well deserved i think .

By: dvlcat on 1/1/05
Congratulations! Your work is incredible and the honor of Artist of the Year well deserved.

By: Atomic_Anvil on 1/1/05
Well deserved indeed. You're work is quite spectacular and thought provoking. Thanks for inspiring us all.

By: GROINGRINDER on 1/1/05
Congratulations and have a Bryce day!

By: Erlik on 1/1/05
Congratulations? Do you need any more? :-)

May 2005 be even better for you than 2004 was. And may you create even better pics than you already have. Every award you've got is really deserved.

By: MoonGoat on 1/1/05
Woohoo, can't think of any better choice! His art is truly mind-blowing!

By: Mrdodobird on 1/1/05
It's about time! ;)
Have a great new year.

By: ratracer on 1/1/05
Truly well deserved, which I think means something, as there are quite a lot of outstanding artists in Renderosity!

By: TheBryster on 1/1/05
May you get your own style button on the new version of Bryce.....Congratulations!

By: draculaz on 1/1/05
congrats, dude! you're the undisputed master :)

By: Esclece on 1/1/05
An inspirational artist who definately deserves this. Excellent choice!

By: Ardiva on 1/1/05
Way to go, Rudy! Brava!!

By: Ardiva on 1/1/05
Way to go, Rudy! Brava!!

By: ellocolobo on 1/1/05
Your art and your words speak for your kindness.

By: electroglyph on 1/1/05
You mean someone I voted for won?
Double congratulations for winning and for beating such worthy opponents.

By: herbstliebe on 1/1/05
congrats! and a happy new year!

By: Predatron on 1/1/05
Thoroughly well deserved and your work is such an inspiration. Very well done and all the best for for 2005! Steve:)

By: darkus on 1/1/05
Great job Roch! I am pleased that you are being recognized for your incredible art! I am looking forward seeing your work in 05. A note to let you know that you have made a positive impact on my own work and on my students work. You are a source of inspiration and you continue to raise the bar of "excellence".
Best wishes!

By: jagill on 1/1/05
Well done! Here's hoping 2005 is an even better year. I'm looking forward to what you do next.

By: Ang25 on 1/1/05
Congratulations!!! I hope you have a spectacular new year as well! I'm always amazed at your renders.

By: Flak on 1/1/05
Congrats Rudy. Very well deserved award. You are a massive inspiration to all. :)

By: dberryart on 1/1/05
Your work is outstanding!Congratulations

By: Quest on 1/1/05
Congratulations on the well deserved honor of being voted Artist Of the Year Rudy. Continue to amaze us.

By: Yoro on 1/1/05
My congratulations! Really well deserved, for me your pictures are always an inspiration, too.
And I highly appreciate that you mentioned the tsunami victims - it's so importent that we, who got nearly everything, don't forget the countless people who've lost everything.
Have a wonderful new year!

By: PhotoImpactPixels on 1/1/05
Congratulations, your work is ouststanding. Thank you for posting your creations, best wishes to you always. Bravo!!!

By: eryt on 1/1/05
Congrats to you! your work is superb! Happy and prosperous new year to you and your family!!

By: Malstorm on 1/1/05
hello rochr, well done pal!!!

By: karanta on 1/2/05
Congratulations :)

By: pogmahone on 1/2/05
So well-deserved!! Here's hoping that great things come from this.

By: pogmahone on 1/2/05
So well-deserved!! Here's hoping that great things come from this.

By: roobol on 1/2/05
Congrats Rudy, a well deserved honour. And all the best for 2005.

By: Turtle on 1/2/05
Congratulations on being Artist of the year. You do wonderful, original, creative art work.

By: Doublecrash on 1/2/05
Man, you deserve it! Congrats!!!

By: wespose on 1/2/05
I can't count how many times I've viewed an image from you and thought D**n, I hope one day I hope I'll be able to use this software half as good as "ROCHER". "Standing ovation", 2005 Man of the Year!!

By: HeikoWagner on 1/3/05
Congratulations and happy rendering 2005

By: Stoner on 1/3/05
You truly deserve this. Youre a source of inspiration for us all.

By: RodsArt on 1/3/05
Well desevered Rudy! Your passion for art is an influence to all. Thanks Pal and Bravo!

By: brylaz on 1/3/05
Congratulations! You are really a source of inspiration, happy New Year and all the best for 2005!!! ;-)

By: experimental on 1/3/05
I was waiting for this.

By: masterst on 1/3/05
Congratulation Rudi!
You are the best one in the SiFi world!

By: Anjour on 1/3/05
Congrats and a happy new year!!! :o)

By: Pancho1985 on 1/3/05
very well deserved, I first started seeing your work at bryce5.net(a while ago) and you've never ceased to amaze me, keep it up!

By: alvinylaya on 1/3/05
Rudi, so that's how you look! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more! Thanks for the inspiration. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

By: d_hood on 1/3/05
Congrats on being Artist of the Year.

By: faveral on 1/4/05
Well deserved award !
Congratulations !

By: Gog on 1/4/05
Congratulations Rudy, your work has inspired many of us, and your input to the bryce forum has been invluable.

By: readymax on 1/4/05
Your structural and pictorial images are fantastic! You should be in cinema!

By: Rochr on 1/4/05
Thanx a lot for the kind words everyone! :)

By: MoonGraphics11 on 1/5/05
Amazing work! You deserve this! Congratulations!

By: ISSE on 1/5/05
You are really SuperMaster,I also congratulate you.

By: cartesius on 1/5/05
Gratulerar! Mycket vlfrtjnt utmrkelse :)


Translation from Swedish: Congratulations! A very well deserved award :)

By: arjanjacques on 1/6/05
Rudy congratulations! You are a true Artist! Thanks for your inspiring work!

By: Dash101 on 1/6/05
Well Rudy, I can't say I'm suprised at all!
If they were going to give this award out this year, I can't of any other to give it to.

Your work is so good it makes the engineers of Bryce say "wow, I didn't know it could do that!"


Ps: Incase no one else mentioned it, I appriciate you taking the time to think about the victimes overseas!


By: Incarnadine on 1/6/05
How the hell did I miss this! My apologies Rudy. Kudos in a major way!

By: wildfire2003 on 1/7/05
Congerts to you! You have a beautiful talent and we are all lucky you share it with us!!

By: rohi on 1/8/05
Congerts to You - Im glad it`s YOU !!! I always liked your work - keep on the good job !!!!!

By: romanceworks on 1/9/05
Your artwork is very original and inspiring. Congratulations on this award. :o) Carol

By: rofocale on 1/9/05
Congratulations, you certainly deserved to win!
Looking forward to se more of your art.

By: sirocco on 1/9/05
Congratulations and thanks for your wonderful and inspiring work :-)

By: MOOOW on 1/9/05
I love you artworks and your imagination ,Congratulations! You are really a source of inspiration with high technique for creating such superb artworks ,I wish you best in 2005...

By: avidflame on 1/10/05
Congratulation. Well-deserved award. Inspirational artwork.

By: dorkati on 1/10/05
You have gigantic works!
My favorite are Atlantis, Spirit World and My Kingdom.

By: Tammy on 1/13/05
Congratulations your work is very inspirational and I have always admired it from afar. A great choice for Artist of the year here.

By: AGOR on 1/13/05
Congratulation!All the best to you in 2005!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 1/14/05
Congrats and the best year 2005 to you and your beloved ones. :D

By: multigraph on 1/14/05
you ROCK!!!

By: Vile on 1/15/05
Congrats your work inspires me like no other artist here!

By: Swade on 1/15/05
Way to go Rudy.... You have definitely earned this honorable recognition.

By: omac2 on 1/16/05
HOPE to see your art featured in the next star wars film or Riddle Scott Production !!!

ITs trully up there,


By: dlb on 1/17/05
Congratulations are in order here.

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