Turtle - December 2004 AOM!

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Turtle - December 2004 AOM!
Who is 'Turtle'?

Iím 61 years old. Iíve been married to the same wonderful man for 41 years. I have 3 Children. Oldest is a Son lives in Boston. Next a Daughter KatLisa, who died 6 years ago. The Youngest Daughter who lives close with her Husband, Daughter and Son.

I started drawing pictures since I was old enough to hold a pencil. A good book to me at age 4 was one that had a lot of white pages that I could draw on at the start and finish of the book. Then I got caught, and my Father brought home old used paper from work, the backs were white with no writing. My Parents gave us, my 3 Sisters and me a wonderful childhood. I was always the class artist all through school. My other love then was Ballet.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

May 2000, my husband bought me my first computer, so I would have something to do while I recovered from Cancer surgery. I started with PSP. Then I won a contest and Bryce and Painter were the prizes. I bought Poser and was hooked. I started beta testing for Noel (Styxx) and this how I learned. I never posted a promo for him, and he still thought I was one of the best testers he had. It was Pam (chromafolio) who got me started posting at Renderosity.

Do you have traditional art experience?

I have an Associates degree in commercial Art. I took a lot of fine art painting too. I had an offer to work for Hallmark, but couldnít move there. I had art shows and entered the wildlife art contests. I received a grant from the grade school here to teach art for a 10 week course.

What are you currently working on?

I do some promo work, but mainly I work from my heart. I love fairies, fantasy and mood pictures. I also do what I consider public messages about child abuse, social issues, death and depression.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I still use PSP 7, even thought I have 8. Photoshop CS., Poser Pro 4, I have 5 but my Cat thinks itís her toy. I use Bryce5 once in a while. Then I have bought others that I just donít use.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I have several I like, the reason is I achieved something new in those.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

After my Daughters death, I painted 3 20x30 pictures of her. Iíve never been able to paint since. So Poser has given me a creative outlet.

Who/what inspires you?

Firebirdz, linwhite, Stormi , Mint , TamelaJ , sirocco , Danie, BJ, Richabri, and marforno are the people who have inspire and helped me with my Artwork.

What inspires me, it can be almost anything, from a song, real life, books, nature, products that are so great I can see a picture just from looking at them.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity is my home on the network. I only post here, because this is where my friends are and My huge Gallery. We all help each other, Personal at times, and with art work. We have the forums and a lot of support from most all the members, and the staff.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I want to thank Renderosity for nominating me, and the entire Talented great artists who were in the AOM.

Donít give up, I almost threw Poser in Lake Michigan a week after I bought it. When you need to know something about a program go to the forums and ask for help. Before you post make sure it will pass TOS, and youíre proud of the picture. If later you change your mind, you can always delete it.

I learn something new every time I look at these Artistís pictures, linwhite, sirocco , Danie, marforno , rjghise, prog, rockets antje, luciferino, and many more.

Thank you and Hugs to you all.

Be sure to check out Turtle's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: Doublecrash on 11/30/04
Well deserved! Congrats! :) ___ Stefano

By: Stormi on 11/30/04
Congratulations Leah, you are so very deserving of this honor and I'm so happy for you. You're a great lady and a darn fine artist, someone to be admired and respected. We all love ya woman..*Hugz*

By: bigsister on 11/30/04
This is a wonderfull honor you have given my sister, I know no other as talented and draws from her heart. Lots of Love Big sister

By: chromafolio on 11/30/04
I'm so happy for you Leah! Who'd have know all those years ago that when we met and i invited you to Renderosity you'd become AOM? I am so very, very happy for you and my heart is filled with joy for you my dear friend. You much deserve this great honor. --Pam (chromafolio aka Exotica)

By: dreampaint on 11/30/04
Congratulation, you are a great artist and the first place is certainly a due for you :) Continued to make me dream.

By: derrys1969 on 11/30/04
This was a very good interview and her gallery is simply one of the best I have seen ever.

By: antje on 11/30/04
Congratulations!!!! You absolutely deserve this!!!! [[hugs]] :o)

By: akahastur on 11/30/04
Congrats, it's well deserved!
Pati :)

By: MOOOW on 11/30/04
Congratulations!!!You absolutely deserve this!!!you are one of the best poser artist,I wish you best in your life.

By: cagewench on 11/30/04
Congratulations :>:>:>

By: Richabri on 11/30/04
Oh this is such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you Leah! A big congrats on this achievement. Your wonderful art comes straight from the heart and brings such happiness and joy to everyone who sees it :) Big Hugz :)

By: Arvanor on 11/30/04
Congratulations for becoming AOM.

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 11/30/04
My but you are honest congratulations for a great and talented artist like Leah. I believe that their history leaves us a great teaching to all.
For my it is something very traditional to comment the works that every day presents, with its very creative and personal point of view, certain time I told him in an IM that if she had not thought at some time of illustrating stories for children, some of its illustrations is very appropriate for this for that they are carried out with a sweetness that they come from the heart.
Congratulations Leah.!!!
A big hug!! =)

By: rockets on 11/30/04
This is such a long overdue and well deserved honor for you! Congratulations my sweet little friend and thanks for sharing this small piece of yourself!

By: karanta on 11/30/04
Congratulations Turtle :) Well deserved :)

By: danae on 11/30/04
Congratulations Leah! Your art and your warm personality is an inspiration to us all! You deserve this honour and so much more!! - Danae

By: 3Dream on 11/30/04
Congratulations. In my opinion, your artwork is the best in Renderosity. Very well deserved!!!

By: luciferino on 11/30/04
My sweety you deserve this honor because you are beauty like your art is and your art belive me speak at the soul, compliments... your forever friend Orietta smack HG :-) ^_^

By: Corinne on 11/30/04
Congrats ! Very well deserved !

By: gg77 on 11/30/04
Congratulations. Well-deserved!

By: brycek on 11/30/04
Congratulations Leah..Well deserved!!

By: Seven Wolves on 11/30/04
Woo Hoo! Way to go Leah! Very well deserved indeed. Congratulations buddy :)

By: linwhite on 11/30/04
Yeah!!!! Now that's what I call a cool interview. I thought I knew you well, but I didn't...LOL Just want to say thanks for inspiring us all especially with the heart and soul you put into your art. It has made me laugh and cry and yes, even blush, but it's always wonderful. Big pat on the back and keep 'em coming!!!!

By: visualgirl on 11/30/04
Congratulations, hon! You so deserve it! Nice to put a face with the name and to learn more about you. Hugz, Meli

By: vshane on 11/30/04
It's a pleasure to meet you through the interview Leah, congratulations to you!

By: SophiaDeer on 11/30/04
Congratulations Leah!! Well done!!

By: redbeard on 11/30/04
Wow, a great honor for a great artist! Thanks for speaking for those of us who don't have your skill, for being open and honest about life and death, and for your never ending sense of humor. You really deserve this!

By: LadyStarDancer on 11/30/04
This is so Great Leah, Congratulations you deserve it, Keep those Wonderful Renders coming...

By: sirocco on 11/30/04
Congratulations Leah! You're such a nice person and a wonderful Artist that you certainly deserve this honor. I'm so happy for you :-)

By: Helen on 11/30/04
Oh Leah... way to go girl. This is most deserved. Congratulations.


By: lluque on 11/30/04
Well, what to say?. Leah, you know you are one of my favs. I really love your creations. A more than deserved honor. Congratulations!! H&K.. Luis

By: Giana on 11/30/04
what a great interview!! it is so nice to read about folks you've seen posting in the galleries over a few years... congrats on being recognised for your artwork, and keep smiling!! :))

By: deerpath on 11/30/04
All right Leah!! How great is this!!!
Wow, I first met you in 2000, when we both got our first computers and learning PSP. But your art never looked like you were just learning a program (unlike mine) LOL
I've been in love with your fae since then.
Congratulations hon, I am very happy for you. :)

By: sandoppe on 11/30/04
Congrats Turtle! I really enjoyed the interview....especially the part about your being 61! :) It's good to get to know some of the folks here better and always nice to see people closer to my age still going strong!

By: marforno on 11/30/04
Congratulations my dear friend :-), It is Wonderful to see you here..., this is soooo well deserved... A big HUG and KISS to you...!!!

By: romanceworks on 11/30/04
Enjoyed your interview so much, just as I enjoy your art that is always so expressive. Congrats, Leah. You really do create the most beautiful artwork and I'm very happy you received this award.:o) CC

By: Cris_Palomino on 12/1/04
Congratulations! You've come such a long way in your work and in your life. Bravo!

By: LENK911 on 12/1/04

By: rjghise on 12/1/04
You really deserve this Leah, I'm so pleased for you. Your work is wonderful, keep those wonderful renders coming :) Congratulations :)

By: Litehouse901 on 12/1/04
Awesome for you! You are very deserving of this! I LOVE your work. Congratulations! I appreciate all the help you've given me! The interview was great too -- know even a bit more about you now!

By: Styxx on 12/1/04
Lrah, Through hardship and trial, you have always stood tall. Your strength is forever an inspiration. I can think of no-one more deserving of AOM! It does my heart good to see you here! Your art is beautiful! You are still the best beta tester around! Luv ya! Noel... LilDreamer is still my fav!

By: sabbathian on 12/1/04
Hey Leah,

I have never seen your work on renderosity until now (I`m in different part of renderosity), and I am sorry I haven`t, couse it is really something beautifull .... I personaly don`t like poser, couse most of the things that people do with it is very alike .... but your work is something special .... now I`ll check your work more often :-)

Congratulations !

By: ToniDunlap on 12/1/04
Congratulations Turtle, You certainly deserve this wonderful recognition.

I've adored your work from the moment I first viewed it. The story of you and your Art development is also wonderful.

By: Firebirdz on 12/1/04
Congratulations Leah! I just love how you approach those public message images. Many of your emotion images really have brought more than a tear to my eye. This is where you take art a step further and use it as a vehicle - and you use it well! I am so proud of you!

By: ann0314 on 12/1/04
CONGRATULATIONS...I really can't think of anyone more deserving of this...mostly because of the amount of heart and soul you put into your work...it always shows :O) And you are one of the very few who has the ability to touch a person through art when they are in need without even knowing it...your "social issue" images have always been incredible and touching..so a HUGE CONGRATS SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!! :O) HUGS!!!!

By: sarsa on 12/1/04
Congrats Leah! It's always a pleasure to see your work. I'm very happy for you...and glad to see you here! Congrats again and hugs!

By: MistDragon on 12/1/04

By: Morris on 12/1/04
Congratualtion! I have always found your work touching on so many levels, you bring a very human quailty to the computer screen and reach into all the hearts of those that view your work!

By: Danie on 12/1/04
Congratulations Leah !! :) You do such wonderful and touching artwork ... a very well deserved honor!! Big hugs, Danie !! :)

By: Kinouk on 12/1/04
So happy for ya Leah :) What great month to get the AOM! The month of giving!! Congratulations!! You so deserved this honor. Big hugz

By: BluesPadawan on 12/1/04
Quite recently, the daughter-in-law of a dear friend lost a baby in-vitro nine months after delivering an absolutely perfect stillborn baby. Her heart was full of dispair and pain. That day Leah you had posted one of your beautiful angelic renders. I saw it and knew that it would bring my friend solace and comfort. Within your galleries you share your heart, love, pain, hurt and humor with us - a true roller-coaster ride of emotions. I'm proud to be your friend, and am so pleased that you have been honored in this way. Well deserved recognition!!

By: Mint3D on 12/1/04
Gongratulation Leah and HUGE HUGS:) This is wonderful news and warms my heart to see your name in here :) Your art has always been one of those what inspires me most and i have enjoyed every single piece you have made they are so alive and full of emotions. No one has a treasure chest like you have and heart of pure gold as you do:) HUGS to you all from all of us !

By: ilona on 12/1/04
Sweetie.. you have no idea of how happy I am to see you here... you are an imspiration to us all in each and every image you make, cause you make magic.. and you bring this magic each day to our lives! As a matter of fact, you are an imspiration in life as well and I wish there was an award for this as well! (There is...). Congratulations my dear friend ( and this is something I am proud to say).. you deserve this so very much!

By: MoonGraphics11 on 12/1/04
Amazing artwork, and very well deserved, Congratulations!

By: Lyne on 12/1/04
Everyone has said it so well, I can only add my heart felt congratulations and THANKS for being on this earth, and sharing yourself as you do! Hugs!

By: moo1955 on 12/1/04
Congratulations, well deserved your art work comes from your heart of gold, I'm very happy you got this. I can't wait to see more of your art in the coming year, BIG (HUGS TO YOU Leah.

By: msebonyluv on 12/1/04
Congratulations Leah!! I'm so proud of you for being Artist of the Month!! Your work is gorgeous and inspiring!! You deserve this!! Thanks!!

By: 1010 on 12/1/04
A fitting tribute to a beautiful lady, congratulations Leah!

By: Kspada on 12/1/04
Congratulations Leah!! You are very deserving of this award!!! Beautiful work!!!

By: tanhan on 12/1/04
Congratulations,I LOVE your work!!!I wish you best in your life.

By: ysvry on 12/1/04
agrees with antje, well deserved, I hope we can enjoy lost more from u

By: laetia on 12/1/04
Yay! :-) Congrats Leah!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful, magical images with us! :-)

By: classyladytwo on 12/1/04
Congrats well deserved your work is amazing you make every post an exciting new venture for others and you share so gracefully many hugs

By: Magix-101 on 12/1/04
Hey Leah!!!
You are a great lady!!!
Plus you are one of the BEST artists in the community...you work is really really nice and creates such interesting moods and very inspirational!!!
PLUS you are a really cool person.
Some people have got it all...BTW you dont look anywhere near 61 either.
You deserve this AOM !!!!

By: kainxxx2000 on 12/1/04
hello and congrats on aom i just saw your work after reading these and i love alot of them. keep rendering

By: luckyred on 12/2/04
Congratulations Leah!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that was so very nice getting to know you. You are so different than what I pictured in my mind, better!!!! I am sorry to hear about your daughter that's a hard thing, I lost my eldest 5 years ago. Losing a child is a hard thing.

By: BJsHaven on 12/2/04
Oh Leah I am so happy for you. Your art work is so creative and impressive. Love the softness and beautiful of them. Keep on doing what you do and don't change. You are a very special person.

By: frodo on 12/2/04
Great to see you get the recognition you deserve my friend! And nice to finally put a face to the artist behind all of those beautiful faes!

By: Sprinter on 12/2/04
Hugs, Congrats Leah! Well deserved, your work has allways been fantastic!

By: LadyMorgana on 12/2/04
Pretty and delicate, simply wonderful art.

By: Sinamin on 12/2/04
Congratulations, Leah! This is so very, very well deserved!

By: kathymoon on 12/2/04

By: Lisbeth on 12/2/04
Congratulations!!!!! Truly well deserved :o)

By: katje on 12/3/04
Congratulations Leah, You deserve it to be in the spotlight with your wonderfull work

By: LadyLisa on 12/3/04
Congratulations to you turtle. Your artwork is wonderful and inspiring.:)

By: calum5 on 12/3/04
Congratulations Leah!!Your work has always been magical and of such high quality!!You truel;y deserve this:-))Hugs calum

By: mksjuliana on 12/3/04
I just wanted to tell you that I love your work, and voted for you here because you always seem to pot images that inspire me and capture feelings that I myself have felt so deeply. I too lost a son (1997) and there is no other pain like the pain a mother feels when a child is so quickly taken. I admire your ability to transfer some of that pain into these beautiful images that have so much emotion in them. Not only do they hold so much tenderness, but they are so professional. Thank you for the feelings you have given us with your artwork, truly an inspiration.

By: SK2Design on 12/3/04
CONGRATULATIONS! You so deeply deserve this fine recognition and it's now so great to see the person behind the art. (((HUGS))) Tamara

By: selkins16 on 12/3/04
Congratulations Turtle!! :)

By: BlueLotus7 on 12/3/04
You are truly an inspiration in art and it's nice to see you recognized for all you've accomplished!

By: TallPockets on 12/3/04
Congratulations. Good things DO happen to good people. Jim Valvano, one time coach of North Carolina State men's basketball, who was dying of cancer said, "If you can laugh, think and cry each day, you've had a helluva day". Your renders touch all the above. I 'see' alot of excellent renders here. I 'feel' your works. Carry on, kind soul, carry on. Brian.

By: judith on 12/4/04
Oh Leah, congratulations!! I think you're an inspiration, and it was so nice to read this interview!

By: Stephen Ray on 12/4/04
Hi Turtle, wow seems like forever since we last spoke. Hope this day fines you well. Congraduation on the AOM for Dec. You are very well deserving of it.
Go with Grace

By: Tamela.J. on 12/6/04
CONGRATULATIONS Leah!! Im very happy for you. :O)

Happy Holidays!

By: Mahna on 12/7/04
Your art says so much. Congratulations Leah!

By: Blazerwiccan on 12/7/04
Congrats!!! Leah you are such a very wonderful Lady and your art work always touches my heart. Not just beautiful picutres but art with real meaning behind it and that is a true inspiration. ((hugs my dear friend))

By: Avengia on 12/7/04
Gratz Leah!! It's wonderful to see a talented artist like yourself up here! HUGS ~Heather~

By: RMaverick on 12/8/04
Triple Kudos and mutiple blessings! Congratulations and many heartfelt thanks. Your work is insprirationala and to all newbies I introduce to Renderosity, your work is always among the the ones I show (and I only show 3). Appreciate you!!!

By: skullmonkey2078 on 12/8/04
Congratulations Turtle! Excellent work!

By: mlevans on 12/9/04
Congratulations, friend. I haven't been hanging out on this site all that much of late, and what a pleasant surprise to see your picture in the Winners' Circle on the front page...so very well deserved too. You'll always be one of my favorites. Peace, Morgan

By: Thorne on 12/9/04
Congratulations Leah! I know this is a very special honor for you, and well deserved! Love your work.

By: DTigerWoman on 12/10/04
Congrats! Well Deserved! *grins* Love your artwork!

By: BonBonish on 12/11/04
I was so happy to learn more about you as a person by reading your great interview... I always enjoy your art and it is a great pleasure to visity your gallery. Congrats for this award! -- B.B.

By: brycetech on 12/11/04
you go girl!!!!

By: SWAM on 12/13/04
Congratulations Leah :-D I almost missed this interview. You dont look (or come close)like a 61 woman *hugs*

By: kennyliu on 12/15/04
Congratulationg! Well deserved!

By: borsy on 12/16/04
Congratulations!!!! A well deserved honor!!!!

By: SamTherapy on 12/17/04
Congratulations, Leah. You have a remarkable talent; you're a true artist.

By: FantastArt on 12/17/04
Congratulations! One of my favorite artists!

By: SoulSearcherr on 12/17/04
congratulations..beautiful work you have done

By: Debs on 12/18/04
Congratulations!!,your work inspires.
Very well deserved!.
P.S. i have also got to thank you for introducing me to the "famous pig"!!

By: topcatgillywilly on 12/19/04
Conratulations Turtle - so well deserved. Im even more so proad to have Lelani on my home page



By: giovanino on 12/21/04
well deserved , as your art is beautiful.

By: Orionboy on 12/21/04
Congratulations !!!!! ^_^

By: Turtle on 12/21/04
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This honor is so appreciated and has been a joy to experience.

By: Vampir3Princess on 12/29/04
Congratulations Leah!! You're a true inspiration for lots of people! I enjoy your art very much and I feel very proud to be a member here at Renderosity because I can share the love for art with awesome artists like you! *HugZ!*

By: jwdell on 12/30/04
Your Artwork has been an inspiration to me since I started here!! Huge Concrats!! They couldn't have picked a more deserving person for this honor!! I'm sure you'll continue to be an inspiration to us all into 2005 and beyomd!!!

By: AlteredKitty on 1/2/05
Your images are all so wonderfully magical :)

By: Shardz on 1/3/05
Congratulations on this honor! I am fairly new to Renderosity, but have been keeping track of your released works and always find it a pleasure to view your creativity. It's great to be a part of this community with you, and I look forward to many more years of sharing and experiencing your artistic endeavors.

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