sabaman - November 2004 AOM!

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sabaman - November 2004 AOM!
Who is 'sabaman'?

sabaman is a 22 year old carfreak living in the netherlands, who loves to spend his time being creative in any manner.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I've been in contact with 3d for about 8 years orso but I've been seriously doing it since 4 years ago, and before that ive tried some occasional 2d art on the computer, but I've really found I'm more into 3d since when it is done you can pretty much do whatever you want with it which comes pretty close to real life.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Well, I've pretty much sketched/drew/painted all my life,
went to art school in 1999 but found out that wasn't really what i was looking for............ok ok, i got kicked out.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I'm doing what I've always been doing, designing cars, hopefully to make a move pretty soon with my friend to start building a car and see what we can do from there.

I'm also doing some freelance work here and there for small studios and such.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I use rhino3d v2.0 cause it's fast, very very precise since its nurbs based and the models made in it, if its a good model it is ready for production or concept stage, of course after a whole lot of engineering.

Several cars have been made in it too, the most familiar one probably is the saleen s7.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

My best piece, well, to be honest, I'm pretty much never satisfied with my work, I'm always thinking I can change this or this, I've got 2 models I really like.

The kater, cause its a good design, and the nxl cause its a good model, so I still need to combine good design with a good solid model.

Who/what inspires you?

Pretty much every shape or whatsoever, i also get inspired by music or after seeing a good movie.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Well, I've found some great artists that really show you that you're not even close to being there, so there is always somebody upping the bar, and that keeps me inspired to keep going.

Also, the rhino forum is a great community for fellow rhino people. Everything that I have learned, I've pretty much learned in there, thanks guys :)

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I've heard alot of people saying that they try to be half as good as this guy or that guy, but with that motivation you won't get anywhere, just try to be the best.


Be sure to check out sabaman's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: maxxxmodelz on 11/1/04
Why is there a link to Rochr's gallery instead of sabaman's under this interview?

By: cpl_hayes on 11/1/04
This guy definatly deserves the nomination, my only gripe, is I have to wait sooooo long for new stuff.

By: herbstliebe on 11/1/04
congrats! awesome works!

By: kaom on 11/1/04
Sabaman, you are one of my inspirations when designing cars in Rhino.. I'm happy to see you get this honor. You do some amazing work and you deserve it.. Congratulations!

By: LillianH on 11/1/04
Thanks maxxxmodelz. The link has been updated.

By: Corinne on 11/1/04
Gawd - those cars are amazing !! Congratulations, very well deserved Sabaman !

By: juan_carlos on 11/1/04
Congrats, sabaman, you really deserve it. Your cars are always amazing, especially for all of us who have no idea about modeling cars :-P You deserve to be here, keep it up, man.

By: Doublecrash on 11/1/04
Very well deserved! I was really flabbergasted at your gallery. I'm glad you won.

By: 3Dream on 11/1/04
WOW!!! Fantatic cars. Excellent work. Congrats!!! Jose Silva (3Dream)

By: SeanE on 11/1/04
*hands over the AOM award* - here ya go. I kept it nice and shiney for you :+P

By: Teyon on 11/1/04
Congrats Saba. :)

By: Wadus on 11/1/04
Congrats sabaman, your car designs are always excellent.

By: Malstorm on 11/1/04
Well Done Man You deserved It

By: Moebius87 on 11/2/04
Finally! At long last, my man. :o) I have been a long time supporter, ardent fan and rabid advocate of your amazing concept cars (and the rest of everything you do). And I for one am extremely happy that you are getting well deserved recognition from your fellow artists here. Way to go, Sabino!

Cheers! — Möe

By: Dutch_Wally on 11/2/04
Van Harte Saba, je hebt het verdiend!!!

By: deerpath on 11/2/04
It was great to ooo and ahh my way through your gallery. Wonderful work!

By: TKraccoon on 11/2/04
Congrats Saba! You have designed the best cars I've ever seen. When are you going to market them so I can start buying? :P

By: carlosnr1 on 11/3/04
gefeliciteerd landgenoot!!

By: el_shadow on 11/3/04
Sabaman, who is the guy? everyone knows that saba is one of top 3 modelers in here. in what we can see in his models is that he models everything as he imagined them. it's like if he links his brain with the pc and exports the models from the brain to rhino... i could even bet that he knows rhino better than the developers of it. he not only got inpiration but he inspires people too.
who else does this like him?!
he deserves the nomination, there was time to.
congrats, saba!!

By: sabbathian on 11/3/04
Sabaman truly deserves a place in AOM ! Been watching his stuff in Rhino galleries for years !!!

Saba rulez ;-)

By: Eugenius on 11/3/04

By: dolfijntjes on 11/3/04
Gefeliciteerd leuk een Nederlander op deze ereplek te zien. (Congratulations great to see a Dutchman on this place)

By: skullmonkey2078 on 11/3/04
Congratulations for winning the AOM title Sabaman!

By: icandigit on 11/3/04
me, im seeing this stuff for the 1st time admittedly, but it IS awesome. i say, start a toy company and give hotwheels a run for their money :) your concepts are truly off the hook!

By: dt00swc on 11/4/04
excellent modeller, inspirational designer. How it should be. Nice one Saba.

By: Phlegm_Thrower on 11/4/04
yo homeboy!! when u're makin the next generation supercars, remember your pal who loves to argue witchoo aight?!? congrats for being artist of the month!!

By: Fishbiproduct on 11/5/04

Congrats, Sabino.
I've always been a "fan" of your work
and this award is highly deserved.
Looking forward to seeing your next

By: Ra Graphics on 11/5/04
Great artist and welled deserved.

By: Longrider on 11/6/04
Van harte,de auto's zijn echt tranga,cool.

By: KidAmnesiac on 11/6/04
haha. You know you had this one coming. congrats man you deserve it!

By: RedundantlyAbundant on 11/7/04
I checked out his gallery and although I am not familiar with rhino I must say I was very impressed. Cool stuff!

By: DeadbutDreaming on 11/8/04
congatulations man!. it is good to see a rhinoman here hehehe.

By: Malstorm on 11/9/04
ok i know this might sound silly...but is sabaman aka Rochr ? if so when are you going to post your next bryce image ?

By: MOOOW on 11/12/04
Well,your style in modeling's car is best,high technique in reflection,rendering ....,congatutation and I wish you best in your life ,You are so talented artist.

By: kennyliu on 11/13/04
Congratulation, Saba! Well deserve it! And keep up the good work!!

By: Modulok on 11/18/04
Rawk on, man! This has been long in coming...too long in fact. Glad to see you sitting up there on the AOM pedestal for a while, well deserved.

By: lygher_xero on 11/19/04
you PUNK!!! LOLOL you didn't even tell me you were up for it you spaz!!! Bout freakin time this place woke up to your stuff. geezus man. LOL CONGRATS!!!

By: Lion on 11/20/04
Fantastic Works ,Amazing,Brilliant.

By: jgeorge on 11/21/04
Heyla! Saba! Glad to see you here!

By: pashiel on 11/23/04
Time well spent my man! I concur, this is over due and well deserved. Thanks for everything, tutorials, comments and notes over the year.

By: 1eo on 11/24/04
I had rhino for 2 days when I first saw Saba's tutorials...
They are one of the best tuturals that I have ever seen... In few hows I was modeling car "almost" like a pro (:P) leo

By: RTVprodux on 11/25/04
Kick ass, i knew this was supposed to happen some day. Another step forward.
And off course, jack....i will be there when you make the first you spend it -_-
Good luck.

By: avalonfaayre on 11/27/04
Man, Your gallery is awesome! It's a good thing that you are here! You deserve it.

By: sabaman on 11/30/04
thanks alot everybody for the kind words and comments, really apreciate it,...

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