In Memory of ironhart

On June 18th, Billy Mercer, better known on Renderosity as ironhart, passed away from complications of pneumonia. Billy was only 54.

Over the years, Billy shared his talent and imagination with us through his Renderosity MarketPlace products, which showcased his wonderful eye for creative detail. He was best known for his (Poser based) fantasy medieval cottages, with their thatched roofs and quaint charm. Billy was an innovator in his field, paying careful attention to details � windows opened, doors left ajar, fireplaces patiently waited to be lit.

Billy�s premature departure leaves an enormous hole in the Renderosity community�s heart. Through his creative products, may we continue to keep his memory alive for all eternally. The Renderosity community sends out our prayers and best wishes to Billy�s family, may they find some peace in knowing how much he was respected and loved by all.I can envision Billy walking down the path through the magical forest to find a peaceful resting place � at the Woods End!

Billy, you will be missed!

ironhart�s Renderosity Gallery

We welcome the Renderosity community to post their farewell wishes and/or links to images that they have created using Billy's [ironhart's] products

The Renderosity Staff

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Member Opinions:
By: Firebirdz on 6/19/04
Billy, you will be greatly missed. I truly treasure the moments and the conversations we had. You are such a wonderful person.

By: deemarie on 6/19/04
Ironhart was a wonderful artist, an amazing craftsman, and a wonderful artist. He shall be missed greatly - Here is a tribute link to one of my ironhart product images Once Bitten

I look forward to viewing other member's tributes to this great man.


By: dialyn on 6/19/04
I remember when I was feeling pretty low that Ironhart gave me a spinning wheel I had admired, just because he thought it would make me feel better. He never failed to notice when someone used one of his marvelous creations ... it meant so much to him that they were used and enjoyed. He was a honest man, a kind man, a gentle man, a creative artist, and I don't what else to say except to agree with those who have written that he will be greatly missed. I'd like to think he has been put to work, doing what he loved most, building beautiful cottages in the clouds.

By: BlueBeard on 6/19/04
Thank you Billy for teaching me so much. You will be missed very much. If there was one person who could help anyone out, it was Billy! There is a huge hole left in the Poser world. :(

By: DTigerWoman on 6/19/04
This is sooooo sad! My heart goes out to all his family and friends :o(

By: Valandar on 6/19/04
Billy... I never really talked to you more than once or twice. But what I saw of you, I respected. Your craftmanship was beyond reproach, and your integrity beyond question. Fare thee well.

By: Irish on 6/19/04
I always admired his exceptional artist and one of a kind individual.

I think the image here pretty much conveys my thoughts ~ he is in his lovely cottage at the end of the woods.

I agree, his sudden departure has left a huge void in the Poser world.

To his family and friends, my heartfelt sympathy.

By: Hyria on 6/19/04
Yes...Farewell Billy. A kind and talented craftsman. You will be missed in these folds but you're spirit will remain felt.

By: melanie on 6/19/04
I never knew Billy personally and never had any communication with him, but I bought several of his cottages and just love their Thomas Kinkade quality. My prayers for Billy and his family. What a great loss to our community. This is a sad day.

By: SophiaDeer on 6/19/04
Please know you will be missed. I always have so much respect for your work.

By: gildedgecko on 6/19/04
This is a great loss to the Renderosity community. Billy will certainly be missed.

By: drsofaking on 6/19/04
My deepest sympathy to his family and friends...

Sweet journey, my friend... you'll be missed...

By: geep on 6/19/04
The world and Renderosity are diminished by his leaving.

By: SndCastie on 6/19/04
Fairwell Billy may you find peace and serenity and to his family go my prayers and sympathy.

By: Helen on 6/19/04

That was what Billy brought to us.
His Poser models were exceptional in design and workmanship.
We have lost one of our treasures.

I only talked to Billy once or twice. He seemed a nice man. I will miss him.

By: ShadowWind on 6/19/04
I didn't know Ironhart well, though I've bought his products and certainly respected him greatly as an artist. He will be missed indeed and my deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. It is a sad day in the community.

By: Kendra on 6/19/04
Billy was a sweetheart. He never hesitated to IM out of concern or post a render of the inside of one of his houses (something I'd asked of him more than once I believe). His vision and what he created out of it was unique. Artists like Billy don't come alone every day and our 3D world will not be the same without him.
God bless Ironhart

By: SamTherapy on 6/19/04
Big up and big respec' to the gent with an Iron Heart. Love and Peace to all thee and thine. You will surely be missed.

By: Lyrra on 6/19/04
A generous and good man, a good artist and modeler. He will be missed

By: Richabri on 6/19/04
I didn't Billy very well either but I always admired his creations and his premature passing has saddened me deeply. What a loss to the community :(

By: romanceworks on 6/19/04
Billy. you brought a lot of joy and magic to so many through your amazing talent and contributions to this community. Your spirit will live on through your wonderful creations. You will be remembered and you will be greatly missed. Carol & LJ

By: Shoshanna on 6/19/04
Ironheart was not only a kind, thoughtful man, but a truly wonderful model maker.
His little cottages in particular inspired some amazing artwork and I am sure they will continue to do so.
I'll be thinking of him everytime I use one of his beautiful models.
He will be truly missed.

By: dv8_fx on 6/19/04
When I first started surfing for anything Poser, Ironhart was one of the first famous names I came across.

A great artist, craftsman, teacher and friend to all. He will be greatly missed.

By: kbennett on 6/19/04
Goodbye Billy. I'll miss you :(

By: TheWingedOne on 6/19/04
What a loss! Renderosity made me smile so many times, but that message made very, very sad. Anyway I'm shure he's in a better place now that anyone of us will find sooner or later. Billy, we'll miss you though.

By: musicat on 6/19/04
Thanx to a one of a kind artist! You will be missed.

By: gillbrooks on 6/19/04
Goodbye to a very kind, talented and respected man.

By: cecemckenzie on 6/19/04
So Very Sad.

By: dfsmetsfan on 6/19/04
You will be missed by us all!!

By: tdalka on 6/19/04
A great talent, and he will be missed.

By: coa on 6/19/04
Billy; we will all miss you tremendously, not only because of your wonderful models, but as a person! Here you go with the picture you said was #200 in cottage renders.

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 6/19/04
I remember the first time he came to R'osity and will miss his friendship greatly. My condolences to his family and friends, he will be missed.

By: sirkrite on 6/19/04
Ironhart made a big mark here and will be missed by many. Our hearts go out to him and his family.

By: weezy136 on 6/19/04
I didn't know him, but it is always a loss to the world when talent passes. We never have so much that we can afford to lose any. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thanks to R'osity for doing this.

By: hazelfaye on 6/19/04
You will missed, you made a big mark here,farewell

By: Lyne on 6/19/04
I had just a little interaction with Billy and I have some of his dear heart goes out to him in his trouble before his passing over, but I personally believe he is healthy, and free now. *sending loving thoughts to Billy*

By: EugeniaAnn on 6/19/04
My heart goes out to his family and friends.

By: pendarian on 6/19/04
Billy, you will be missed. Your talent and kindness to others is apparent. I hope wherever you may be you are now creating as you wish, without worries, pain or illness.

My thoughts and prayers, to his friends and family.

By: ChuckEvans on 6/19/04
It's amazing that a loss like this could affect me this way--I attribute it to his personality.

I tend to categorize people in various ways (depending on how I felt about them) and his category was "neighbor". He's the kind of guy I'd like for a neighbor.

Everytime I use a model of his, I'll remember him. I'll remember how he let us compete to name his cottages (smile). But I'll still miss him.

By: BonBonish on 6/19/04
It is so sad... my prayers go out to his family.

By: ronstuff on 6/19/04
A pillar of our community - a great person - a great artist - a great heart - a great loss to us all.

Now in a better place where polygons have two sides, dimensions are infinite and point lights are in abundance.

By: Porthos on 6/19/04
He will be greatly missed! Condolences to his family! God Bless!

By: Lorraine on 6/19/04
I am truely sorry to hear this and feel a real sense of loss to the community...I loved his cottages and I will miss his artistic contributions to this community...I feel like we have lost a family member....

By: Elsina on 6/19/04
May his memory be blessed. Simpathies with his friends and family.

By: cedarwolf on 6/19/04
From one William to Another: Shade and Sweet Water, Brother.

By: FlyByNight on 6/19/04
My sincerest and hearfelt condolences to IronHart's family. This is indeed a great loss to all. He will be missed!

By: PilotHigh on 6/19/04
Blessings to Ironhart and all his family.


By: Ona on 6/19/04
He was a unique personality and his creations are unique too. I miss him, my heart goes with him.

By: Petunia on 6/19/04
Billy filled his cottages with serenity and love. The magic of his lovely cottages will last as long as we use them in our artwork.


By: neftis on 6/19/04
I find this so unfair, because he was so young and most of all he was a true gentleman and a wonderful artist!
This is still a shock for all of us.I hope he can now see how many friends and love he had.

Aurevoir mon ami...:(

All my prayers for him and all his family and all the friends he had (and it's a lot from what you can see here)

I feel the sadness.

Billy, ce n'est qu'un aurevoir.

By: Dave-So on 6/19/04
condelences to all....
his cottages will keep his spirit in us always.

By: Ardiva on 6/19/04
His memory will live on in many works of others who have his products. He was indeed a great artist.

By: drgnmztr on 6/19/04
I pray he rests well and has found peace. But he won't be forgotten if we keep him in our "harts" ;-) ...

And to the staff of Renderosity: What a beautiful warm and loving tribute/memorial to a fine artist. Thank you..

By: karanta on 6/19/04
Very, very sad news :( He will be missed.
My hearfelt condolences to his family and friends.

By: DelicateCrystalRose on 6/19/04
His work was beautiful and inspirational. He will be greatly missed. :( My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

By: genny on 6/19/04
I was truly taken aback by the news of Ironhart's death. I really and truly loved all his works and concidered him a friend and can not express how much I am, and have been affected by his death. God bless you, Ironhart...I will never forget you,and "hopefully" with all the images that people make using your cottages.......your name and your talents...Will "Never" be forgotten.
Rest in peace my friend.

By: jaybutton on 6/19/04
I emailed back and forth with Billy several times. I always enjoyed hearing from him and consider him to be a great guy. He and his family will be in my prayers.


By: slinger on 6/19/04
My sympathies and condolences to all who were close to him. He will be missed by many people spread across many continents.


By: slinger on 6/19/04
My sympathies and condolences to those close to him. He will be missed by many people across many continents.


By: Larry F on 6/19/04
My thoughts and condolences go to his family, friends, and colleagues, not to mention admirers, of which there are many, yours truly included. His work was quite unique, no doubt a true reflection of himself. His memory will live on, something we all aspire to, not least in the galleries at Renderosity and elsewhere. Godspeed, Ironhart.

By: genny on 6/19/04
My dedication to "Ironhart".....God bless you will never be forgotten. As long as there is someone who is using your "models" to create an image.....Your legacy will live one.
Rest in peace, Billy...We love you. (:
PS. My picture to "Ironhart" is here if you all care to see

By: Aaronheart on 6/19/04
He will be greatly missed.My heartfelt condolences to Ironhart`s family and friends.

By: Victoria_Lee on 6/19/04
My condolences to his friends and family. He was truly a gentle soul and will be missed by all of us whose lives he touched, directly or indirectly.

Billy, c-ya on the other side.

By: Tammy on 6/19/04
Im very sorry to hear this. I didnt know him but I admired his work. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

By: Mercytoo on 6/19/04
This is terribly sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.

By: hmatienzo on 6/19/04
Billy created a magical world with his houses... a fairy tale come to life.
You won't be forgotten, friend.

By: Richard T on 6/19/04
His works are his memorial. Always.....

By: Orio on 6/19/04
I repeat here my very deep condoleances to the family and friends. He was a respected and talented artist and person.

By: Ravnheart on 6/19/04
My deepest sympathies to his loved ones. He will be greatly missed.

Farewell Billy... You will never be forgotten.

By: sandoppe on 6/19/04
A gentle spirit has gone to a better doubt about it. I don't recall Billy ever saying a mean thing about anyone or anything...ever. He was just kind and thoughtful and so willing to help. I suspect many who have said so are right....he is building little cottages....the other side of the rainbow bridge :)

By: lalverson on 6/19/04
Godspeed my freind. Rest now a while.

By: deerpath on 6/19/04
Billy, I will miss you.
Through my tears, I can only say that I hope to see you one day on the other side.
Be free my friend.

By: keihan on 6/20/04
Thanks Billy for all your kindness, you will be so sorely missed. I hope you are at peace in a fantastical setting like those you enjoyed in your imagination during life. Be at rest friend and see you there one day.

By: DreamersWish on 6/20/04
I am fairly new to this community and I have not seen his work, but it seems that he was loved by many. So I would like to send my sympathy IronHeart's family and his family here at Renderosity. He looked like the gentle sort. I know he will be missed and I pray that he is in a better place now.

By: dolfijntjes on 6/20/04
My condolences to his family and friends. It's so sad to hear we lost a member of our community

By: SnowSultan on 6/20/04
I did not have the pleasure of knowing Billy, but it's always a tragedy when we lose anyone who makes such an effort to share his talents and friendship with others. My best wishes for his family during this hard time.

By: ExtremeThemes on 6/20/04
So young and such a sad passing... I felt compelled to do this simple little image when I heard. Here is the link for those who care to look... my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family...

By: Angelwave on 6/20/04
Happy trails to you, till me meet again...

By: Rynn on 6/20/04
My condolences to all his family and friends. Ironhart was one of those people who always left a comment if one used one of his houses in a picture. He always seemed like such a nice person, although I never knew him personaly.

I hope that where ever you are now, you will find peace and happiness.

By: butterfly_fish on 6/20/04
No one ever realizes how many lives they touch. I hope Ironhart's family now knows how big that number was for him.

By: The_Sandman on 6/20/04
Billy had a wonderful talent, and will be missed by so many at Renderosity.
My deepest sympathies to his friends and family at this time.

By: SeaCrystal on 6/20/04
It says 'In my Fathers house are many mansions' Perhaps Billy is enjoying a different kind of cottage just beyond a pearly gate! Be happy Billy, we'll meet you again one day! My deepest sympathy to family and friends!

By: thip on 6/20/04
Ironhart brought his creativity out of his head and into the world; what's more, he stimulated creativity in other people, too. That's a pretty good track record for anyone! I'm sure he's smiling from the other side.

By: Deviant1 on 6/20/04
I have never talked to Billy and although i dont know him, by reading everyones condolences here and viewing his amazing artwork, i can tell he was a great man with many skills. it is always sad when a good person passes. my prayers to his family.

By: A_ on 6/20/04
This is so sad. :( I didn't know him very well, and I wish I had... my heart goes out to him and his family. Such a great loss.

By: Sprinter on 6/20/04
My condolences to the family and friends.
Billy you will be missed and will be in our thoughts.

By: kenwas on 6/20/04
Fly high where ever you are now. Much sadness here, but best wishes and prayers for your new journey.

By: arata on 6/20/04
My condolences to the family and friends.

By: Atila-Han on 6/20/04
Fairwell friend

By: rygar on 6/20/04
I never knew Ironhart, I only knew his work. My heart goes out to all his friends and family at this sad sad time. Wherever you are right now Ironhart, know that our love goes with you.

By: brylaz on 6/20/04
This is really sad!!! Best wishes for him and his family.

By: Corinne on 6/20/04
Condoleances to the people that were next to him. It's sad loss for the community.

By: ookami on 6/20/04
Oh my god! I just saw that he passed away! He gave so many people wings to take their art to new heights... now he has wings of his own, and can look down on us and smile.

By: Djeser on 6/20/04
David (madasatadpole) and I are both so saddened by this loss. True kindness is rare these days, and he exemplified kindness and generosity. We will both miss him.

~ Farewell ~

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends.

By: Erik971 on 6/20/04
Goodbye ironhart, you will be forever in our thoughts
My condolences to his family

By: CandeeKis on 6/20/04
I always admired Billy's work. What a huge loss for not only the art community but for the world. My heartfelt condolences go out to Billy's family and friends. What a terrible loss. He WILL be missed.

By: Tiny on 6/20/04
My condolences to his family.
John 5:28,29

By: ShadowDaleCreations on 6/20/04
I only ever saw the lovely creations that ironhart created and they always struck me as magical, beautifully crafted, and very touching.
I can see by other's comments who knew him that he was just as beautiful as his work.
I thank him for the legacy of artistic wonder he has left us and our hearts go out to his family and loved ones at this time.
Farewell to a wonderful artist.

By: shazz501 on 6/20/04
i didn't know Ironhart very well,but he seemed like a nice guy and very well loved by many judging by the posts here,my sympathies to his family and friends in this time of loss :(

By: fiction2002 on 6/20/04
Farewell, Ironhart.

Thank you for gracing this community with your wonderful talent.

Here are two of my images using your buildings. I hope they have 'net access in the Summerland.

Good Boy

Elven Visitor (nudity)

With Fondest Farewells,

fiction2002 / Jonathan

By: Bobbie25 on 6/20/04
kindness and generosity
A sweet and well put man talent that will live on for years in all the lovely art he helped make with the smallest of things and the kindenns of words he will be missed .
With ever piece of art made with his sweet cottages
will be from missing and from love
me deepest

By: Chas on 6/20/04
My heartfelt condolonces to Billy's family and friends.

However great or small the contact may have been, you leave a wealth of folks who remember you fondly as you stroll down the path....

By: steeloavenger on 6/20/04
Goodbye Ironhart, though you have left the realm of mortal men, you now create with the Creator. My respects to you and your family, you will be greatly missed.

By: elgyfu on 6/20/04
Ironhart sent me some truly wonderful messages when I was down. He was both understanding and generous. I am so sorry to hear that he is no longer with us.
My thoughts are with his families and friends.

Sleep well, Ironhart.

By: RDL on 6/20/04
Your talent remains with us while your spirit resides in eternity. You are missed but I share in the joy of your eternal peace.

By: bob4artist on 6/20/04
A true loss. I have really admired his work since joining Renderosity. But a persons true stature is mesured by how he treats others. From what I have read he was as high a quality person as the works that he created. - Bob

By: kromekat on 6/20/04
terrible to lose a life so young. I admired your wonderful cottages, you were a true craftsman, and I am sure that your creations will continue to be the centre piece of many great pictures for many years to come. rest in peace billy.

By: catlin_mc on 6/20/04
I am greatly saddened to hear of this tragedy and I send my condolences to his family. He will always be with us with the beautiful creations he gave to us.

By: racin-jason on 6/20/04
I too did not have the privileged opportunity to converse with ironheart (Billy) and knew him only through admiration of his skills at art and product creation. I often admired his truly magnificent creations of a near bygone era such as his cottages, historical buildings, and I was pleased that he had found a mutual relationship with two friends of mine, LJ Heart and Carol Cavalaris of RommanceWorks. Billy's artistic aptitude at both art and the creation of products that were aimed at the needs of others was second to none, and I never once heard a disconcerted or derogatory comment aimed at this gracious man. I extend my sincerest condolences to his immediate family, his loved ones, his friends, and those who knew him through the acquisition of his excellent creations.

By: sirocco on 6/20/04
Good bye ironhart... you will be missed.

By: BTenBrink on 6/20/04
I am rather new to here, but knew of him and his work. I am sorry for his passing and the loss of a friend.

By: Magix-101 on 6/20/04
Very sorry to hear of InronHearts passing.
He seemed such a nice guy and did such amazing Poser work.
This is very sad.

By: luciferino on 6/20/04
Condoleances to his family and all the people that loved and were near Him, is a very sad destiny lost a so young man and artis,

By: luckyred on 6/20/04
I will truly miss Bill Mercer and extend my condolences to his family. His wonderful models inspired me to create my first commercial texture thus beginning my love of creating. Thank you Bill for all you have
given me, I will miss you.

By: chromafolio on 6/20/04
I remember a time when I was trying desperately to learn how something was done and no one lended a helping hand. Ironhart came to the rescue and described in great detail how to do what I was asking. Billy was a very kind, generous and caring person and will surely be missed by all. --Pam

By: umutov on 6/20/04
Dear Billy,
Never getting to know you is a very big loss but loosing you in this way is the biggest loss. I never got to know you in this world but now I know you with your amazing art. I hope I will meet with you, when the time comes for me to be where you are.

Best regards,
Umut B. Aydin (umutov)

By: killer3d on 6/20/04
I had not seen his work or known him until now but I see that he is a prime example that nothing is "un-important", and sure hope that he is again rendering in a higher place at peace with himself.

By: jeweldragon on 6/20/04
i have always admired billys beautiful cottages and art, i didnt know him very well but i wished i had taken the time to get to know him. im sure he was as beautiful as his work, keeping his family and loved ones in my prayers

By: orion1167 on 6/20/04
God Bless you Billy Mercer and may you Rest In Peace. I extend my condolences to his family and friends, whom should know that Billy will be terribly missed...:(


By: HauSiyoka on 6/20/04
We know now that there will be Poser props in Heaven!! And someone there to help us pick up where we left off...He will be missed here deeply...With love and appreciation...Birdie

By: BDC on 6/20/04
Ironhart you'll be missed man. Not for your awesome products, not for your art, but simply because of who you were.

By: hauksdottir on 6/20/04
This is shockingly sudden... too soon, too young.

Billy was a gentle-hearted man and a fine craftsman. It is a sorrow that I couldn't have afforded more of his wonderful buildings, but the ones I have were made with great care and charming unique details. He will be sorely missed.

By: Moebius87 on 6/21/04
My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Billy. A man who has touched so many in this community with his art, his creations and his kindness.

You will truly be missed by us all, ironheart. :o)


By: Thorne on 6/21/04
A great artist, as many have said; I certainly love all the works of his I have collected over the years. I am truly sorry to hear this news. Ironheart will be greatly missed by many in this community.

By: artEmotions on 6/21/04
Good bye - I will miss You...

By: bogwoppet on 6/21/04
I didn't know you and that has been my loss. I do believe that you are now in a better place and my thoughts are with you and your family.

By: SK2Design on 6/21/04
What a deeply sad loss to the community and all whom he touched. My heart felt condolences go out to Billy's family. May the fond memories they have of him help ease their grief even a little.

By: Alfons on 6/21/04
You will be missed at Renderosity, always admired your artwork.


By: craigbickford on 6/21/04
I never had the honor of conversing with him but I love his work! He truly will live on forever in the hearts and imaginations of the artists of this community, who through his masterful designs will continue creating the rich, vibrant fantasy world he loved so much. My deepest sympathies to his family.

By: Conall on 6/21/04
The passing of an artist is always a loss for all humankind. Farewell, my friend.

By: kenmo on 6/21/04
I am seeply saddened to hear about the passing of such a fine talent...He's will be a big void to fill...

May you rest gentle...

By: barb on 6/21/04
So sorry to hear this. His work was unique. Full of heart. As he was.

By: juliowassaf on 6/21/04
Adios Billy, nunca te olvidaremos...

By: StaceyG on 6/21/04
This is such sad news. Billy will definitely be missed at Renderosity.

By: tammymc on 6/21/04
Our thoughts are with Billy's family and friends. This is sad news and he will be missed.

By: CaptCrazy on 6/21/04
As a fellow artist, I wish to say that his artwork has been an inspiration to me, which saddens me to know that he is no longer with us here.
Ironheart will always continue to be my inspiration. God Speed Billy (Ironheart)...

By: mondoxjake on 6/21/04
Always the gentleman, forever the artist...We miss you already, Billy.

By: MBonnett on 6/21/04
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

By: B-Man on 6/21/04
You will truly be missed by us all.

By: Blur014 on 6/21/04
Saddening news to hear... my condolences to his family and all that knew him

By: ben_martin on 6/21/04
Life is this small flame that shines for a second in the universe time-line!
Your star-flame is now burning high in the night sky!
Have a sweet return to the origin Billy!
We'll meet you soon.
Like you, we all are stardust!

By: trahern on 6/21/04
Hi everyone, My name is Steve Morgan and I had the pleasure to be one of Billy's best friends. I just wanted to thank you all for this tribute. I was moved to tears by linwhite and genny's tribute images. He died too young and left a great big hole in my heart that will be hard to fill. Friend, brother, constant source of amusement and irritation. Farewell Bill.

By: twisted_angel_9 on 6/21/04
Though I didn't know him, it's a huge loss. Heaven has more telent now :)

By: Labrat7718 on 6/21/04
I have only been here shortly, and I, too, have not met Billy, but I share his name, and the support I see here is touching. I wish the best for his family, and hope that he continues his art somewhere, perhaps in a glorious sunset for us somewhre, or twinkling stars in sky. Goodbye Billy.

By: BlueLotus7 on 6/21/04
I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to know this great artist. He has achieved what all artists pray for-- recognition by his peers. May the Otherworld receive you in the manner befitting a Creator of Worlds...

By: Greybro on 6/21/04
Id like to echo everyone here in offering my condolences to Billys family and friends. Truly, the measure of a man is the number of friends he leaves behind. Judging by this post, weve indeed lost a great man.

Personally, I corresponded with him on a few occasions regarding his products I purchased and enjoyed. I never got into the woodsy renders that his wonderful models lent themselves so well too, but remember buying nearly everyone due to their great detail and organic style.

54s far too young to leave this plane behind me thinks. But like most here, I believe in an afterlife and am sure he is with his maker at this moment. Happy trails Billy.


By: PaganArtist on 6/21/04
Thug mo shil aire dhuit,
Thug mo chro taithneamh duit.
Beannacht D leat Liam!

My eyes gave you attention,
My heart gave you appreciation.
Bless you William!

By: redawg2 on 6/21/04
I did not know Ironhart personally, but I knew his work & it never ceased to amaze me. His spirit will live on through his images.May he find peace in a land as beautiful as those he created.

By: genny on 6/21/04
Trahern.....I got your IM but I am unable to reach you. Please contact me at:
Thank you.

By: rockets on 6/21/04
Goodbye Billy and may you find peace in your beautiful cottage in the sky. Your passing is a great loss to this community and you'll be greatly missed.

By: TSHamby on 6/21/04
Farewell friend...May you find the peace and serenity that you so richly deserve.

By: aussie-3d on 6/22/04
Sincere wishes to his family for a tragic loss, and a wonderful, generous man, tis sad that such an illness in this time can robe his family, friends and world of an artist. sadly missed.

By: sparrowheart on 6/22/04
Billy was from my hometown in the United States. That was always the link that I felt with this tremendous man. This news literally breaks my heart. Godspeed, dear Billy! Thank you for being a voice from home when most I needed one!!


By: Charmz on 6/22/04
I never knew the man, only his work, which was exceptional. My heartfelt sympathy for his family.

By: kamilche on 6/22/04
Though I only knew him through his work, I shed a tear today in his memory. That pneumonia that is going around is a killer! It's resistant to antibiotics, and killed an elderly uncle of mine, and ALMOST got my mother.

It's terribly sad when people pass away before their time, like this. :-( My condolences to his family, and whole Poser community. His work will be sorely missed.

By: Terrielee on 6/22/04
I am so saddened with this news. Ironhart's cottages are magical... My heart reaches out to his friends and family for I am sure they will sorely miss this creative and talented man. Farewell Ironhart. We shall all miss you dearly...

By: WyndWalker on 6/22/04
This is just terrible news. It is hard to lose someone so young, and also hard to lose someone so well respected. I did not know Bill personally, but I own so many of his models and I do believe a part of him he put into those. They were always so well crafted and so original & you knew when you bought them you were getting a quality item. Thank you Bill for the wonderful works you made in your lifetime, they will always be treasured.

My prayers go out to his friends and family.

By: Pliadian on 6/22/04
Such an incredible artist with so much creativity and talent. My deep condolences to his family and close friends. He will be missed here in this art community as well.

By: Avalonne on 6/22/04
I didn't know this man, nor did I know his work. This saddens me. But that the Poser community has lost one of it's own, and one who inspired such love and respect...this saddens me even more. Too soon gone....

By: herne on 6/22/04
I've lit a candle for your family and for you. Rest a while whith Our Lord and Lady then come back to us when you are ready.
Beannacht Slante',


By: Deimos on 6/23/04
I just wanted to say that this news saddened me as well.

Ironhart's works were very impressive and his contribution to the community great. My fondest memories of Ironhart was a few message sent back and forth during what I think was the first Renderosity Christmas give away project.

I will miss his presence.

By: vjerana on 6/23/04
God be with You!

By: Fusselchen2001 on 6/23/04
Very sad to hear this. He will be missed.
My condolonces to his family and friends.

By: davidm on 6/23/04
We will miss you, Billy. This special place on the 'net won't be the same without you. Your skills and talents were only exceeded by the kindness of your heart. Dave.

By: Tartan on 6/23/04
I just havent been involved in the community like I used to be and have almost totally withdrawn. Its sad to me that it takes something like this to dig me out of hiding. You will be missed Billy. I have kept up enough with renderosity and other spots on the net to know that. Wait up a little bit for Don, he is not far behind :(

By: kodesign on 6/23/04
Good bye ironhart!...All ours prayers for him and all his family.

By: Black Rain on 6/23/04
althought i talked with him only a couple of time many time ago i feel very sad - hope he may find an enchanting new world.

By: BobDeegan on 6/23/04
A man with a distinctive talent has left us, but a part of him will live on each time we include his beautiful works in ours.

All of our best to you and yours, Billy.

By: Daworth on 6/24/04
A sad loss of a fine artist at such an early age. Condolences to his family.

By: repelstilskinsk on 6/24/04
It's just too bad this wonderfull man had to leave so soon ... his drive, his creativity and above all, his kindness will something I won't forget. My condoleances to his family and his friends. All the best and take care, Wouter

By: DennisReed on 6/24/04
My howl at the loss of Billy. May your spirit endow us all, just as your inspiration did while you were phyically with us!
Billy's models have helped me create some fantastic artwork and I am sure they will continue to do so well into the future.
My deepest condolences to Billy's family. He will be missed!

By: Nightstar on 6/24/04
May your new life be a beautiful one. Peace, love and happiness.

By: sadartek on 6/24/04
Billy...god bless you.

By: Vadlor on 6/24/04
My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

By: MindsEyes on 6/24/04
"to love is to live, but to live is to be loved." And billy was loved by just about everyone here. Though i did not know him personally, i have amired his work and talents.

May his family find peace, and may his sould rest, knowing he will be greatly missed.

By: beelzebulb on 6/24/04
Damn but I liked that guy a lot and loved his cottages. My deepest sympathy to his family and I am sure if they read the messages here they will know how many people he touched either personally or with his talents as one of the premiere architectural model makers here at Renderosity. His talent and his kindness will be greatly missed.

By: cadmar on 6/24/04
Billy will be sadly missed. A true artist. I have had a number of talks with Billy. I found him to be a warm, caring guy with a keen sense of humour. I have all of his beautifully modelled cottages. Wonderful work with such detail. I will think of him each time I use them.
My sincere condolences go out to his family.
He will be missed!


By: vggarcia on 6/25/04
I am again so moved by all the wonderful tributes to Bill. I've never known a man of such incredible talent. He was: a talented musician...a skilled metal worker and armorer...a skilled artist...a skilled architect...and he was a brilliant and creative designer (he ran the best DUNGEONS & DRAGONS games anyone's ever run, and he helped me write more than one article for DRAGON magazine and TSR, he also did some outstanding work for the online game NEVERWINTER NIGHTS over the past year). In many ways, he was only a few steps removed from a modern Leonardo DaVinci. I was privileged to know him.

By: Llexis on 6/27/04
Oh My Lord and Lady There is great sadness
A cherished one has gone Emptyness engulfs us
Loss languishes within Help us bear this grief
Accompany his spirit Comfort we who grieve
Let us rejoice in his life
May his essence be recorded
In the Great Book of Shadows
Renew our rememberance with joy.

Thou who are mourned, see now the nature of this mourning: As thou knowest now our sorrow, so with these lines we affirm it. We write thee our heart here, for thy sight and that we may be bound by such silent words even better than when our words were spoken. Receive these letters, a sign of or commitment not to forget thee nor to cease mourning for thee until our own lives shall be ended.

I never had the opportunity to meet this man who in his passing as become legend.
Mr. Mercer you will be missed! May your spirit now soar with the eagals.

By: mushypea on 6/28/04
You will be greatly missed.

Since time began
the dead alone know peace.
Life is but melting snow.

By: Anjour on 6/28/04
God took you too early, we will never understand...RIP

By: victorus on 7/1/04
Thank you Ironhart for your creativity and works. Sincere condolences to his family.

By: Aaron_of_Minneapolis on 7/5/04
Ironhart made some of the best-looking buildings on Renderosity. He shall be missed...

By: dorkati on 10/17/04
My father was 59 when he was gone. So I know...he was so young! I'm very sad :(
I hope his family's pain will be ease up by and by.

By: JoeBlack on 11/1/04
I didn't know Ironhart well, but I know the nick, and it's always sad when a life is cut short like this. Let's just hope and pray he's gone to the big ol' art studio in the sky :)

By: ywaters on 4/20/05
I didn't know him well, but I loved his work. My condolescences to his family from mine.

By: xpersona on 11/12/09

So for me very unpleasantly.
I am uniting with the family in pain.
I know as large it is pain recently
my Mum walked away .....
I am lighting lights of the memory.


I apologise for English...
I am coming from Poland
and poorly I am writing in English.


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