2003 Holiday Giveaway

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The MarketPlace Merchants would like to wish the Renderosity community a very happy Holiday Season!!
To spread the holiday cheer many merchants have created wonderful gifts for you to enjoy.
Renderosity is very excited to sponsor the 3rd annual MarketPlace Merchant Holiday Giveaway.

Promo ImageMerchant(s)Gift
Aaronheart and karantaChristmas Room
antjeMunshkin for the DAZ Millennium Baby
BlueBeardSlip Setup for V1, V2 and V3 Skirts
cwshorty and ilonaKryngle for V3
derjimiThe Old Pharmacy
(3DS format)
dolfijntjesChristmas Elves for the DAZ Millennium Girls
ernyoka1Birdy Figure
gildedgecko and Stacey_73Flake for the DAZ Freak
Helen and pizazzGinger Bread House
katje and SprinterSanta's Little Helper
Santa's Little Helper Extra Outfit
KendraKendra's Garden
LadyBea32 and chriscoxXMas Dress for the DAZ Preschool Millennium Girl
laetiaChristmas pajamas for the V3 Catsuit
LalitaFaerie Christmas Maps
lastexplorer and LordfoxL2 Corset for V2
LisbethPeik for the DAZ Millennium Baby
lwanmtrSnowman Figure
MeloryXMas Textures for the DAZ Portrait Studio Props
nirvyTextures for the DAZ V3 Hi-Heels and V3 MSD
pizazzTextures for the Millennium Girl or V2 Body Suit
Texture for LadyBea's XMas Dress
TheMadPainter20 Background Images
(.jpg format)
Tony_Textures for the DAZ Morphing Cocktail Dress
TTWinter Fairy for V3
ValandarLace up Shirt for V3
wenke and 3DreamFemale Hair 2 for V3

Special thanks to Deimos for coordinating this project and the participating merchants for their generous offerings.

The entire team at Renderosity would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.
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Member Opinions:
By: DTigerWoman on 12/1/03
Excellent freebies! Thanks very much! I'll be having lots of fun with these ;o)

By: ladynimue on 12/1/03
A special "thank you" to all the Merchants for sharing their time and talent with us. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!

By: dialyn on 12/1/03
This is so much fun!!! I love celebrating the holidays early. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By: AlteredKitty on 12/1/03
These are all wonderful - thank you :)

Have a safe, peaceful and happy Holiday Season everyone :)

ali x

By: islandgirdesigns on 12/1/03
WOW!!! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to these freebies. :)

By: dlfurman on 12/1/03

By: BrokenAngel9 on 12/1/03
Agen, thank you all so much for your generousity and for those wonderful freebies. I wish all of you,near and far, Happy Holidays!

By: alvinylaya on 12/1/03
Thanks for these! Happy Holidays!

By: Shari123 on 12/1/03
My warmest thanks to each and everyone who contributed these fabulous items! I'm like a kid in a candy store. I don't know which to use first!!

By: derjimi on 12/1/03

Thanks to the commune and all customers. I hope you enjoy my "Old Pharmacy" model.

By: Jaesha on 12/1/03
Thank you very much for the free gifts! All are of very high quality. Your generosity is much appreciated!

By: Feliciti on 12/1/03
Thank you very much !!! :-)
it's simply great of All!!!

By: DelicateCrystalRose on 12/1/03
great stuff! Thanks so much and happy holidays! :)

By: Sentinal on 12/1/03
Many, many thanks to all who contributed, I'm sure these will come in very useful in the coming seasons renders. Many happy returns.

By: Cookienose on 12/1/03
Thank you very much!

By: Blazerwiccan on 12/1/03
Ohh many thanks to all of you. Beautiful holiday gifts :) All my thanks and wishes for the best of holidays to you and yours. :)

By: slinger on 12/1/03
Thank you all very much. Merry Christmans, and a happy new year to you :¬)

By: sacada on 12/1/03
Wow. Early Xmas. Thanks to all for your lovely gifts.

By: stephaniebt on 12/1/03
Great gifts, thank you all so much :)

By: Luthoricas on 12/1/03
Thank you all, very much!
Merry X-Mas!!

By: Swade on 12/1/03
Man.... thanks a million to all of you for the wonderful holiday gifts. May the holiday season be just as rewarding to you as your generosity to the community is.

By: Fusselchen2001 on 12/1/03
Thank you very much... great stuff. Wish everyone happy holidays... :-)

By: keweljewels on 12/1/03
Thankyou so much to each and one of the merchants for their wonderful gifts. I love all your gifts :). Thankyou to everyone at renderosity. This is my first year at Poser, and you have all made this year special for me. Merry Christmas :)

By: ellemat on 12/1/03
Many thanks for your generous gifts.

By: ellemat on 12/1/03
Many thanks for your generous gifts.

By: sandoppe on 12/1/03
Thanks so much to all the merchants and to Rendo!:) These are some great gifts :) Merry Christmas to all!

By: Lucie on 12/1/03
Oh my!!!! These gifts are all so wonderful! Many many thanks to all the contributors and to all who have helped setting this up! You're all so generous!

Happy and safe Holidays to all of you!

By: moody on 12/1/03
Thank you very much. Merry Christmas :)

By: JVRenderer on 12/1/03
wow, thank you all for your generosity. Happy Holidays!

By: brynna on 12/1/03
Thanks so much for these wonderful gifts!

Blessed Be!

By: Turtle on 12/1/03
OH Wow, Thank you sooooooo Much.
Big hugs for you all.
Happy Holidays, and a Great New Year.
Be Safe everyone and don't drink and Drive.

By: jonbg1 on 12/1/03
I feel like I'm six years old again looking at all these great gifts! Thank you very much contributing Merchants!!!

By: hauksdottir on 12/1/03
After a week and a half offline fighting dead and dying computers, it is so nice to come back and see this on the front page. Many many thanks for reminding me what a talented and generous community we have. {hugs} to all who have contributed to make the season special!

By: nish on 12/1/03
wow!!! Thanks so much for all of your generosity! Happy holidays to you all!

By: RnRWoman on 12/1/03
Wow, thanks for sharing these great gifts! Merry Christmas everyone! :) And God Bless!

By: Ben_Dover on 12/1/03
Thanks for all of your hard work and beautiful gifts. =) Happy Holidays !

By: catlin_mc on 12/1/03
This is the best christmas ever. All your gifts are gratefully recieved and thank you all for the wonderful work you've put into creating these beautiful presents.
Thank you all so very much. 8)


By: Foxseelady on 12/2/03
This is my first year with Renderosity and my first Christmas. I am so surprised and thankful to everyone for these wonderful Christmas gifts!! May your holidays be bright and filled with good friends and family. Thank you so sincerely...

By: Kate on 12/2/03
Thank you to all the contributors

By: Sorceress on 12/2/03
I like to thank the merchandisers for these beautiful gifts they share with us.
Happy Holidays and may the PoserGod be with you.

By: Richard T on 12/2/03
Thanks very much, it is appreciated. May every body have a merry chrismass and a hapy, and safe, new year.

By: posernetty on 12/2/03
danke für die tollen sachen!
netty wünscht allen frohe weihnachten.

By: Corinne on 12/2/03
Ohhh thank you so much, these ar wonderful gifts :)
Happy holidays to you all !!!

By: nene-chan on 12/2/03
Oh thank you! Happy Holidays!

By: kayjay97 on 12/2/03
OMG! These are so wonderful!! Thank you to ALL the merchants and may you too have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!

By: Irish on 12/2/03
Such gorgeous freebies! Thanks so much to everyone!


By: Artzy on 12/2/03
Happy Holidays To All!

And To All…

A Great Big THANK YOU!!!

By: PageOfCups on 12/2/03
Thank you all very very much for these great items !!! Merry Christmas to all :)

By: Silke on 12/2/03
Thank you!!!!

Those are wonderful and VERY much appreciated :)

By: Bigt on 12/2/03
Absolutely stunning generosity, Thanks to all involved and have a special time this Christmas!

By: las_61 on 12/2/03
Thank you everyone for these wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas everyone !!

By: patiaz on 12/2/03
Thanks for all the items, especially the mil baby stuff... I love the babies! All these items will definitely be used during this wonderful season!

By: RHaseltine on 12/2/03
Wonderful gifts. Err, do we have to wait until the 25th before unzipping?

By: LovePyrs on 12/2/03
All of you are so generous! Thank you very much for the "presents"...I'm with RH, do we have to wait to unzip? =P

Seriously, they are awesome, thank you!!

By: Wombat on 12/2/03
WOW...that is really great.

Thank you all!


By: MarianneR on 12/2/03
How very kind of you to give away all these fantastic gifts. Thank you all!

By: tesign on 12/2/03
A Big Thank You and a Merry Christmas to these merchants! :)

By: Runswild on 12/2/03
Thanks merchants...keep up the awesome work! Now if only I could grock Poser!

By: shazz501 on 12/2/03
thank you SO much to all of you,wishing everyone at renderosity happy holidays :)

By: DarkStarRising on 12/2/03
woooweeee, thank you guys and gals, what agoldmine this is, you are sooo generose!

By: ABL on 12/2/03
Oooooooh - more gifts before Christmas! Thank you all so much for those great items! A very merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy and successful 2004 to all!

By: ShadowWind on 12/2/03
Thanks for all these wonderful things. What a great gift for the holidays! Happy Holidays and here's to a great 2004!

By: RossoMan on 12/2/03
Thank you all very much ! December is again a great freebie month, but the Renderosity merchants are extremely generous ! Thanks again and I wish you all happy holidays.

By: rrkknight3 on 12/2/03
Incredibly generous of you all. I can only add my enthusiastic thanks to your kind gifts.

By: Strixowl on 12/2/03
First a thanks to Deimos. I really wish to thank all of you merchants for your generosity. With time being a very short commodity during this season,I want to thank you,for the portion of your life you gave to us,in creating these fine gifts.
Have a Very Blessed Yule
Strixowl :-)

By: majesticartist on 12/2/03
Just want to thank all the merchants for such terrific and beautiful gifts...May you all have a very happy and safe holiday!

By: magagna on 12/2/03
Thank you very much for all these precious gifts! I'm really quite sorprise with the merchants generosity. Thank you again and a very merry christmas for you all.

By: vshane on 12/2/03
Thank you so much! This is very generous of everyone who participated. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

By: starmkr on 12/2/03
Thanks...for spreading the good cheers and joy. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

By: Engel47 on 12/2/03
My 1st Christmas of "Posering" and with Renderosity - Thanks so much to all who have put in so much hard work to provide these marvellous gifts, it is really appreciated.

Merry Christmas one and all!!


By: spider1313 on 12/2/03
Thank you so much to all you kind folks!! Now I just have to figure out how to get them all in one render '-)?!?

By: jayde on 12/2/03
Thank you! Thank you! You are all so talented! Great "gifts" and you did it all out of kindness. Truly wonderful!

By: rhiafaery on 12/2/03
Wheeeeeee thank you thank you!!! *(*(*(*(*(*hugs*)*)*)*)*
It's my first Xmas here, too. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday. :)


By: Avalonne on 12/2/03
OMG....what an incredible array of fantastic gifts!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store...My most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you wonderful merchants!!! And A Very Merry Christmas to you all!!!

By: juleyanne on 12/2/03
This is awesome...Thank you all so much!

By: elizabyte on 12/2/03
Thank you everyone! :-)

By: mondoxjake on 12/2/03
What another great gesture on the part of some of the nicest folks in the best community in the world..whew, that was a mouthful! Thank you each and every one. A real treasure chest of gifts.
And Happy Holidays to all!

By: Towal on 12/2/03
These are wonderful gifts. Thank you so much for all your generosity. Have a wonderful holiday season :)

By: xoconostle on 12/2/03
What a terrific surprise! Warmest thanks to all contributing merchants. You guys just helped me design my electronic holiday card for this year. :-)

By: xantor on 12/2/03
Excellent! Thank you!

By: ronwindham on 12/2/03
Thansk all for the freebies..........

By: docsf on 12/2/03
Thank you all, these gifts are wonderful!

By: igohigh on 12/2/03
SantaClaus Really Does Exist!! And there's so many of them!!!
Thank you everyone!

Blue Skies & Happy Holidays!

By: FlyByNight on 12/3/03
Thank you all for your wonderful gifts! Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday!

By: SndCastie on 12/3/03
Thank you so much will enjoy these !!

By: MagicHaircutter on 12/3/03
a big Thx to all sponsors !

By: A_ on 12/3/03
Thank you all very much! :)

By: rotrex on 12/3/03
Thanks to all the merchants for their generosity; what a great way to kick off the holidays!

By: JDWohlever on 12/3/03
Thank ye Sai!

By: Bez on 12/3/03
A Big Thank-you to all the merchants. Have a great holiday

By: idolitry on 12/3/03
Christmas came early, thankyou to all the merchants for their amazing generosity.

By: hmatienzo on 12/3/03
Merry Christmas... and THANKS!!!!!!

By: kmharman on 12/3/03
Thanks to everyone for these and all the other amazing free goodies and MarketPlace items they've created and shared with us.

By: Moonbow on 12/3/03
Thank you so much:) I love these all:)

By: RainbowGypsy on 12/3/03
Thanks so very much for the wonderful gifts and wonderful products.. Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and all the best in the New Year too...

By: gg77 on 12/3/03
Thank you very much.

By: moonwolf11 on 12/3/03
Thank you one an all Iam a beginner at this and love the goodies moonwolf

By: musicat on 12/3/03
thank you for such nice gifts.

By: c567591 on 12/3/03
These are awesome!
Thanks Everyone!

By: alzartz on 12/3/03
many,many THANKS for these great gifts
they will make for hours of fun over Xmas
I wish you all a Merry Christmas thanks again

By: Elfenone on 12/4/03
Now it feels like Christmas! I'm inspired by all these goodies.. *rubbing hands and grinning like a little kid..Thank you everyone! Merry Christmas!

By: Tom Messina on 12/4/03
Thanks to all of you!

By: cedarwolf on 12/4/03
What incredible kindness and generosity. Where would we all be, as Poser junkies, without these folks and their work? Thank you.

By: barb on 12/4/03
I love everything here, folks. Thanks so much. Happy holidays in return. :)


By: Aishai on 12/4/03
Thank you very much to all the wonderful artist's who contributed these gift's. Have a wonderful Christmas & a great New Year!

By: funmaus1 on 12/4/03
Thanks for the exellent gifts......

By: teacherbill on 12/4/03
My media classes will be thanking each one for your contributions...

By: Trouble on 12/4/03
Thanks to all for your generosity!

By: bull57 on 12/4/03
Thanks you all, Merry X-mass to you to!

By: shortskrts69 on 12/4/03
Woo Hoo! such lovely freebies! ( I esp love Kyrngle and Santa's Helpers. Hugs and kisses to all of you! ~ Laurie

By: genaris on 12/4/03
A big THANK YOU and hugs to all these wonderful, generous souls for this holiday gift--such a great suprise! Best Holiday Wishes and an early Happy New Year to all...

By: infinite_mist on 12/4/03
Thank you all for the wonderful Holiday Gifts!!!! I can't wait to use them :D

By: LSS on 12/4/03
WOW!! tyvm ditto to what mist said

By: DonCorleone on 12/4/03
Thank's for this fabulus stuff......
and a merry chrismas to all renderosity members...

By: buckybeaver on 12/4/03
Merry Christmas Mr. Poser!!

By: emilyzz on 12/4/03
Verry nice things :D Tanks to all
Have a realy Nice XmaS


By: mksjuliana on 12/4/03
What a great holiday idea! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the contributors...great work.

By: JohnnyCool on 12/5/03
Thank you all, for these wonderfull gifts.
It's good to see that the giving spirit of the holidays is alive and well.


By: angeldreamer on 12/5/03
thanks for all the great gifts,may you have a very merry christmas

By: Terrielee on 12/5/03
Thank you ever so much for your kind and generous spirit! I hope you all have a very special holiday season!

By: rdhdwench on 12/5/03
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts.
Happy Holidays, Light and Love for all.

By: Trudy on 12/5/03
Thanks to all who provided the christmas freebies, Merry Christmas everyone!

By: Jazzmin on 12/6/03
"During the holidays, we remember our treasures with fullness of heart and we give thanks for the infinite wonder of love and the sweet blessings of friendship." ~Flavia

Thank you for the gifts - they are wonderful!

Holiday blessings to everyone! May they be happy, filled with joy, and much love.


By: funmaus1 on 12/6/03
Thank you very much !!! :-)
it's simply great of All!!!

By: hapin-n on 12/6/03
To All of you Thanks !!! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays

By: nirvy on 12/7/03
Health and Joy to everybody! These are wonderful...lots of things to make with these:)
Happy Holidays!

By: MoonieII on 12/7/03
Thank you all for these wonderful gifts!! they will be well used! :)
Happy Holidays to you all!

By: zpenumbra on 12/7/03
Thank you all - what great Holiday presents!

By: badone on 12/7/03

By: Porthos on 12/7/03
Fantastic gifts, thank you all for your kind generosity!

By: Richardphotos on 12/7/03
thanks very much for your geneROSITY and happy holidays

By: Akia on 12/7/03
Thank you, honestly, it was very generous and most welcomed. The best of holiday seasons to you all.

By: Sprinter on 12/8/03
Happy Holidays to everyone aswell from me and Katje. :)
And a thanks to the other contributors for there wonderfull gifts.


By: sirkrite on 12/8/03
Happy Holidays and thank you to all the Merchants who have given theses gifts. :)

By: SndCastie on 12/8/03
Happy Holidays to all and a Big Thank you for these lovely gifts.:)

By: dv8_fx on 12/8/03
A jolly Yuletide Season and a Prosperous New Year to all. These gifts are precious :). Thank you.

By: CnS on 12/8/03
Thank you for the wonderful gifts... Happy holidays to all and have a safe and Happy New Year!!

God Bless!

By: Azrael666 on 12/9/03
Thank you very much !!! 8-) And very Merry X-mass to you all!

By: trollbaby on 12/9/03
Awesome freebies! Thanks to all who made this possible and a Happy and safe Holiday Season to everyone at Renderosity. Thanks again!

By: vivianne on 12/9/03
What wonderful gifts!! I'll be able to use some of them right away! Happy holiday's to you all and thank you so much! I haven't been with Renderosity even a year yet so I didn't know anything about this. I'm moved to tears by your generosity! :)

By: fastburn on 12/9/03
Thank you all so much!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

By: Janl on 12/10/03
Thank you very much for your generous gifts. Happy Holidays to you all!

By: miyabou on 12/10/03
Thank you. It wishes that Christmas pleasant for you can come around.

By: Dizie on 12/10/03
THANK You!!! I need this new item fix.

By: moondawg on 12/10/03
Renderosity and it merchant's rule.
What a great bunch of holiday gifts. Thanks gus's and happy holidays to all.

By: lludwig on 12/10/03
Many Thanks for such excellent Holiday Gifts. May the Blessings of Christmas follow you the whole year through...

By: sfrench on 12/11/03
Thank you, Happy Holidays!!!!!!

By: mjonesboy on 12/11/03
How very generous! Thank you to everyone. Please have a wonderful Holiday season from the Jones' family.

By: Magician on 12/11/03
Thanks a lot for such beautiful christmas gifts. Wish all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

By: karanta on 12/11/03
We hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday season. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

Karanta & Aaronheart

By: Nukeboy on 12/11/03
Egg Nog for everyone! I'm buying!
Thanks so much for the free stuff. The 'Rosity community is the greatest (and most diverse) group I have ever known!


By: veazie on 12/11/03
Thank you all for sharing your talents! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By: orion1167 on 12/11/03
If Id known about this earlier I would have volunteered some gifts of my own. Blessings to all fo you above for your generosity, and may each and every person who graces this page have an enjoyable and peaceful holiday season.


By: Ranai on 12/12/03
Thank you all SO MUCH! Renderosity is my favorite place to be! The merchants here are fabulous! This is quite noticeable in the quality of the Holiday gifts presented here! You all are great!

Blessed Yule and Happy New Year!

By: Toyahlean on 12/12/03
Thank you to all da merchants and to renderosity! HAppy Holidays all!

By: tynana on 12/12/03
Thanks to all the merchants for the cool gifts!! Thanks also to Renderosity! Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: FairyRaptor on 12/12/03
Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work and creativity with the rest of us.

By: Odyssey on 12/16/03
Thank you so much for those wonderful gifts :o)
Happy Holidays to everyone :o)

By: Mercytoo on 12/17/03
wow, thank you everyone, this is so very generous :) I hope everyone has a happy & safe season!

By: drgnmztr on 12/17/03
Just a quick thank you and an appreciation of all the wonderful stuff and the time put into creating them by the individuals themselves.. Happy holidays to everyone!!!

By: Rhadamanthus on 12/17/03
These are beautiful gifts from beautiful people.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us - and Happy Holidays to all of you!

By: barb on 12/18/03
Thanks so much - not only for the gifts but for our community. Happy Holidays everyone.


By: amberlover13 on 12/18/03
Thanks so much. What a nice present these are.
Many blessings,

By: DarkestRose on 12/18/03
Thank you for all these wonderful gifts to help celebrate the holiday season!

Happy Holidays to One and All!

By: SophiaDeer on 12/19/03
Thank you so very much everyone! These are wonderful. Blessings to all of you!

By: zuzie on 12/20/03
Christmas cheers and thanks for these ab fab gifts- Will keep me out of trouble.
Happy holidays

By: zuzie on 12/20/03
Christmas cheers and thanks for these ab fab gifts- Will keep us out of trouble for weeks.
Happy holidays

By: Seven Wolves on 12/21/03
Thanks very much!! Happy Holidays to all of you! :)

By: indainlight1234 on 12/21/03
Thank you ! Happy Holidays !

By: hrivera on 12/22/03
Very gererous, Thanks and Happy Holidays !!

By: panko on 12/23/03
Thank you guys, you've been more than generous! And Merry Christmas to you all.

By: webdancer on 12/24/03
Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/25/03
Thank for all the wonderful christmas gifts and for all of the wonderful things you create and contribute all year round.


By: shadow-walker on 12/25/03
Thank you to all the contributers.
and to them and every body else MERRRY XMAS.
everybody have fun and stay safe.

By: crowhat on 12/25/03
A collective thanx, from my proverbial cockles, to y'all. This community continues to reward us all with its genuine warmth and goodwill, especially so in this season. Season's Greetings to all, and th' Top o' th' Incoming Year t' boot!

By: LadyFire_Ice on 12/26/03
Thanks ever so much for the lovely gift donations,,, Wishing you and yours a most wonderful holiday season and the very best 2004 can offer,, "Hugsss" Linda :-)

By: nodulator on 12/27/03
Thank you so very much for your beautiful and generous gifts. You make the holiday season so much brighter. Stay safe and have a prosperous and fulfilling new year.

By: deralex on 12/28/03
All I have to say is thanks all, wish the best for you and yours to 2004! *ALEX*

By: spookyboo3 on 12/28/03
Thanks very much for the wonderful freebies guys and girls. There's a lot of good hearts out there as well as talent. I promise to put them to go use.

By: Pablosama on 12/29/03
Thank you for these super gifts. Happy New Year.

By: Avengia on 12/30/03
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts....I'm getting wonderful ideas for them already....lol.

By: JeniRaye on 12/31/03
Thank you so much for your generosity this Holiday Season. I am a newbie to poser, so will take all the help I can get. Love the babies!

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