Introducing Renderosity Communities!
As you may have noticed, there is a new section on the sidebar: Communities. Renderosity has essentially always been an online community made up of smaller artists' communities. We're taking that idea a step further with the introduction of these subcommunities; each one features links, products, news, and more, relevant to that particular program or genre...

Launching today:
3DS Max
Vue d'Esprit

Coming soon:

A huge "Thank you!" to our moderators for all of the hard work they've contributed to getting their communties up and running.

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Member Opinions:
By: DigitallyxPosed on 7/7/03
I think this is fabulous. Great work guys! Really pinpoints a focus on specific needs for the community.

By: FearaJinx on 7/7/03
Yes Thank you!!!!!!!!!

By: Shademaster on 7/7/03
Oo yes that would be awesome! Great idea. Whe will the communities go online? :)

By: SndCastie on 7/7/03
You are doing a fantastic job keep it up!!!

By: enax on 7/7/03
Well done. Especially for who belongs to more than one community.

By: NightHawkRN on 7/7/03
This is one of the greatest things that you have added to the site. So easy now to find just what you want or need with just a couple of clicks instead of running all over the place. Thank you all for this and keep up the great and awesome work you all are doing for us.

By: stonemason on 7/8/03
wheres the max community?

By: amadreea on 7/8/03
No 3ds max community? WHY???!!!! I am a max user and I know many other here usng max. I supose this was a little misunderstanding and there will be a max community. Right?

By: tgn376j on 7/8/03
I also miss the MAX part.

By: Dragontales on 7/8/03
I noticed right away that there was no 3D Studio Max community. Hope this gets fixed. :) Otherwise, very cool idea.

By: Georgous on 7/8/03
Cmon!! Geezuz Poser is a toy compared to 3dsMax,If you want me to take the "Communities"
section seriously,yer gonna have to put in some serious 3dsmax..We demand it..
Is this some kinda joke or what?

By: digitell on 7/8/03
Great idea! How bout adding Photoshop to the list? Alot of us use Photoshop quite a bit!
Thanks! :)

By: allenthescienist on 7/9/03
Yes yes, Studio Max is important, however, I believe strongly that Lightwave should've been numero uno on el listo. :o)

By: coolcatcom on 7/9/03
Say, I'am new to this site and you no what I just think that it is just great. Put I would like to see something on PhotoShop. Maybe CAD 3d modeling too. Am I out of line here ???????????

By: Orio on 7/9/03
This of the communities, is a fantastic idea!

Hats off to the staff.

By: tien_avielle on 7/10/03
RE: Writer's Community "coming soon." I'd like to see a place for graphic novels, personally. Also, I'd like a way to invite all these artists here to add illustrations to our writes. I've seen this done elsewhere, with mainstream stories, where the author may illustrate a bit, but also posts artwork done by his/her fans based on the story.

It might encourage a lot more attention to the writer's forum/community.

How does one go about setting up a forum and/or community?

Any feedback welcome.

By: Graviton on 7/10/03
Photoshop being ommited from the list is surely a mistake.

By: tien_avielle on 7/10/03
ATTN: Renderosity team - How does one go about setting up a forum and/or community? I'd like a way to invite all the artists here to add illustrations to our writes in the writer's forum, moderated by Crescent (if Crescent it willing!) I've seen this done elsewhere, with mainstream stories, where the author may illustrate a bit, but also posts artwork done by his/her fans based on the story. It could also work the other way around, where writers create a poem/story inspired by someone's art - (these are similar to challenges). Perhaps the Renderosity folks have some ideas on how to set this up. The "forum" method really isn't best (but it would do in a pinch!) - I'd like to see a seperate site, which would list all poems/stories looking for art, and all art looking for stories (i.e. an index of links, but "internal" to this "community," not spread all through Renderosity.

Advertising? This could open up a whole new genre of advertisers for Renderosity - publishers, book promoters, writer's software sales. (forgive the pitch, but I know that communities need sponsors.)

If neither of these ideas (using the existing forum or setting up a seperate community) is a viable option, perhaps I could do it via my gallery page or ???

Truly, I'd like to hear from staffers in particular and artists/writers, too.

Thanks for your time. ~Tien

By: tammymc on 7/10/03
3DS Max is coming soon. :)

Photoshop is included within the 2D community at this time.

Tien, the writers community is coming soon and will be within renderosity. it will have more than just the forum as you know today. we will launch a separate article on this once it is ready. hope you enjoy it. :) i am sure it will develop over time.

By: amadreea on 7/10/03
Hehe now we come to peace. There will be a max community afterall :)

By: amadreea on 7/11/03
And the max chat and all when will be fully operational? I get that unable to connect Retry every time!

By: visualvoice on 7/12/03
I've been checking out art on here for awhile now and just recently started posting. My opinion if it is welcome, would be a split in the 2D art community.
There should be a 2D community for computer artists and a 2D community for traditional artists. Or maybe a 2D Photohop community. That's my 2.

By: Imaginationart on 10/18/03
Great work and a warm thanks to the opportunity here at renderosity.

Tien Avielle proposed some ideas which I think could be of value. Some writings inspire and if the base an image on it it would be great to know by that artist.

I propose that the writer section be split. Writing a story, poetry or just a piece of informative writing should be hosted differently. At leat be split as a sub- category so that you know it is a poem, a story or something else.

By: altecfive on 11/3/03
Why no Water Color 2d

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