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Welcome to This site is now under new management. A team of interim moderators is being formed with new guidelines for managing their respective forums. The term "interim" is used because the site is committed to moving toward a system where the membership elects the leadership of the site and the leadership is compensated systematically based upon the site's success.

Interim Moderator Guidelines:

1. Be about the topic of your forum and advancing the community.

2. Be positive. Ignore taunting behavior and move off-topic posts to the appropriate forum with a simple note as to why.

3. Treat all members with respect, even difficult members.

4. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

5. Be inclusive. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. That includes members of DSI and members of the PFO.

At the suggestion of several members, we have made software tweaks to handle some problem areas. Email notifications are now sent on the following events (Banning of a member, email address change, and deletion of any post). These messages generally include the affected user and the moderator or member making the change.

Banning of members is an last resort. Except for absolute emergencies, EdgeNet would like to be involved before any member is banned.

Meet the Moderators

These are the Forums/Moderators on board at this time. Anyone who has the skills and subscribes to the guidelines above is welcome to apply to We will be adding moderator bio's over time.

Forum News and Team Contact (JeffH, tim)
Poser (JeffH )
Bryce (FastTraxx )
The Challenge Arena (GeorgeD)
Vue d'Esprit (bloodsong)
Carrara / Raydream (ClintH)
Character Creators(ClintH)
Adobe Photoshop(GeorgeD)
Macromedia Flash(ARADTech)
Rhino 3D (Spike)
Virtual Tavern (NegentropicMan)
Complaint & Debate (tim )
Online Store Contact(jhandley)
Community Ideas (tim)


Tim Choate
EdgeNet, Inc

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Member Opinions:
By: PANdaRUS on 9/19/00
"5. Be inclusive. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. That includes members of DSI and members of the PFO."

Just curious? Does this particular line also include us ( or do you have to have more than 1000 members to be included? :) We may be small but we do have heart :)

"Your 'i' on the digital art industry"

By: bergerac on 9/20/00
It's nice to get some response at last, but in the light of what's happened, don't you think we deserve a bit more? What is your side of the story, and (more importantly) where's this all heading? Please don't insult the members by saying nothing has changed.

I can't speak for the other forums, but at the Rhino forum we're delighted to have Spike back. But, even so, I'm sure none of us want to end up on a little Rhino island in the middle of a turbulant Poser sea :)


By: schak on 9/22/00
Check your rules 2 and 3 above, and apply them to the recent situation with Dillinger. I am disgusted with what has happenned to what USED to be my favorite website. Courses in professionalism would probably be a good idea.
You might not like seeing this post, but tough. Facts are facts.
How, exactly was your ridiculous "public trial" treating a "difficult member" with respect?
Not to mention the fact that you had less than half a percent of your reported members voting. The final polls should have included "those believing that this farcical trial is beneath them, 28,871".

Go ahead and flex those administrative muscles. Ban away. In the end, all you're doing is hurting yourselves. I honestly don't see Renderosity or Renderotica lasting much longer.

Congratulations on your recent witchhunt, the population of 17th century Salem would have been proud.

By: jscott on 9/22/00
I for one would like to know Edgenet's side of the story. I've read Ed and Jack's account, and it sounds pretty straightforward so far. If this is indeed what happened, then I think Edgenet's conduct in this matter was despicable. If this is NOT the case, then I'm sure that the other '28,999' members would like to hear it as well.

By: Circle on 10/6/00
I think the issue is settled for now.
The shots have been fired, and it`s time
to move on.
Welcome to the Bridge "EdgeNet"

By: isidro on 10/12/00
would someone inform me as to what the deal was
i seem to have missed it

By: Lady Luna on 10/15/00
I haven't a clue, guess i must have missed the whole issue???

By: beyond6 on 10/19/00
I dont think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto! OK, I see that there have been some changes. But does everyone have to be a member just to come by & browse now? I cant just give someone my URL & expect for them to arrive at my page unless they become a member? Ya gotta be a member now just to look!? Everybodies got to sign in!? Really!? Uh...well thats S.T.U.P.I.D. stupid!
Peace, beyond6

By: stanza on 10/21/00
To the Renderosity site manager:

A few days ago I uploaded two images with thumbs (titled "A RUSH" and "Trapped" - by Stanza) which promptly were given availability status in the art gallery.

Now they're gone.

Is this halloween hijinks or what?


By: rcook on 10/21/00
Your pictures are still there. Hit the Search link and enter your username. I found them on page 28 as I write this. Realize, many, many pictures are uploaded daily.

By: Doran on 10/31/00
I can not upload my damn pictures at all!!! If the website doesnt respond after I finish the form, it will just give me a form validation error. I used Adobe to convert my images to JPEG and the settings are correct (800 x 1032 - well within the '100 to 4000' perameter)! I am using an up-to-date I.E. browser and my machine is not a Mac! I feel left out on this site; only being able to comment on someone elses art but never being able to display my own! This is bullshit. I am frustrated and tierd. I want a solution or I am out of here. If you think I am out of line then you try working your tail off to impress artists like wyrmmaster and remc just to be rejected EVERYTIME you try to upload. I think my art is good but, how can I know if I can't get it posted for general critisism. Your response will indicate just how valued I am here, but then, who the hell am I, right?

By: rcook on 1/26/01
If the site detects a problem with your upload, it will report an appropriate error message. If something else is going on, we'd like to have more information about it. Please feel free to email me at We presently have over 100 images a day uploaded to the gallery.

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