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We have wish lists for Poser 5 and Bryce, so we thought why not for our own vendors?

Take a moment to think about what you want or need for your projects. What items (models, textures, poses, morphs, etc.) do you need that will be free from the commercial use restrictions that are placed on most Free Stuff? What would be most useful to you?

You have a chance to influence what our vendors make next, and maybe spur some new talented artists!

Please, tell us what you want!

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Member Opinions:
By: Hdrider on 6/15/00
I'd like to see more clothes for Vickie such an ankle length leather coat. She is sort of limited right now as compared to Posette.


By: smallspace on 6/15/00
1. Kid's Clothes! Kid's Clothes! Kid's Clothes!
2. A better Kimono
3. Women's clothes that work better when sitting squating or kneeling

By: lmacken on 6/15/00
A 1938-63 VW beetle with poseable (spin, bump and steer) wheels and a split/window/oval window/big window morph.

Or a 1950-67 VW transporter (panel van, Kombi, 23-winodw bus or camper) with wheels that spin, bump (so you can slam it =)) and steer.

I'd pay as much as I did for Victoria. TIA

By: KateTheShrew on 6/17/00
1. Songbirds. Larks, robins, wrens, finches, that sort of thing.

2. Common household items - mops, feather dusters, ironing boards and irons, DISH DRAINER RACK.

By: blau on 6/18/00
I'd like to see a whole lot less of Vickie crap. I think I'm right here when I say she is a Zygote figure. Let zygote deal with her.
I agree with lmacken, in that, I'd love to see some more cars. I don't have any right now because I can't find any, but if tey were right here, it would be easy to find them. I'd like to see some kids clothes. After all, kids seems to be more uselss than the poser dork. On that note, it's be nice to see some stuff for him. And glasses! It seems like everyone has glasses for their figures, but they won't tell me where they got them.

By: Billy on 6/18/00
I'd like to see a highly detailed T-Rex.

By: arcady on 6/20/00

Give me sets of things I can buy as a group like the Zygote sampler CD and costume CD's or even the Vicktoria Clothing pack.

Also stuff I can make use of in lots of different projects.

Most of what I see in the store right now is very specific in nature and has uses only in a few types of scenes. So I'm not likely to buy it.

No matter how good a model is if I can only find one or two uses for it my maximum budget for it is $0. On the other hand if I can see a use for it in almost any kind of scene it's worth money to me. This is why I'll buy something like Victoria but not something like the hi-res zygote skeleton, or even a 50 cent model of a jellyfish.

Make it have lots of uses and or make it part of a bundle of related items large enough that I regularly find a use for something in the collection if you want me to buy it.

By: modest on 6/21/00
More/better macintosh support.

Specific items:
Backpack prop or conforming
mans catsuit or jumpsuit
watercraft (boats, jet ski, dinghy, scuba sled....)
well crafted helmets and hair in styles ranging from medieval to sci-fi
more facial/head morphs
vikings + relevant goodies
ninja + relevant goodies
transmaps and templates for all existing clothing (organized into one pack ideally)
overweight characters and clothes to fit them
foodstuffs pack
modern sports equipment (skateboard, rollerblades, clothing, eyeshades)
more foot wear (modern to primitive and beyond)
skeleton horse
farm animals (pigs, chickens, goat, sheep....)
tribal/aboriginal/native peoples + goodies
loincloth for male
a whip (bendable...morphable)
baggy conforming clothing...loose fitting
conforming force field
long flowing beard and hair for male
Wild Things (from "Where the wild things are")
gloves + gauntlets (sci-fi to primative)
cloaks, capes, robes, mantle....

i could go on...

By: tile11 on 6/23/00
I need a horse prop for Poser 4 and can't find
it :(

Any tips?

By: DTHUREGRIF on 6/24/00
modest, we hope to be adding more mac support in the future (I'm on a mac myself), but most of the items available in the store are easily converted with Maconverter which is available in Free Stuff. It's a lifesaver for us mac users!

tile11, you don't say what horse prop you are looking for. There are some things for the Zygote horse that came with Poser in Free Stuff. Otherwise, tell us what you are specifically looking for and perhaps someone can help you out.

Diane Thure Griffith
Renderosity Online Store Contact

By: Kendra on 6/27/00
Hello all. New to poser here but getting into it. I create graphics and love using poser images in them.

I'd be interested in seeing these things:

Highland Kilt and shirt.
Vintage dresses
Wedding dresses complete with trains and veils.

And I'm more willing to purchase groups of items.


By: Fugue on 6/29/00 Yeah, I know BBay has 'em. I like you guys better. ^_^

I'd like to ditto on the kimono. In fact, I'd like a few from different periods: see If I turn out to be any good at clothes, I'll do it myself, but I haven't had much luck with clothes so far! Chinese clothes would be nice, too. And for men as well as women.

I'm sure I'll think of other stuff. Thanks!


By: Dana_CH_AZ on 7/1/00
I would personally like to see more Medieval clothing. I seen some pretty decent hardware..but softlines is kind of ..what the word for it.. small? tight? :)

By: Billy on 7/2/00
I would personally like to see the order system fixed so I can order something, you can only window shop for so long :)

By: Lydell on 7/5/00
I like to see a detailed Harley Davison's Softail Model...
and a old biplane model.

By: branhar on 7/15/00
To be honest, I need tutorials the most. This is a hobby for me. Although it's nice that I can afford to buy all of these wonderful 3d items, I would prefer to make my own items. After almost a year of searching, I inadvertently found a tutorial on building blades for swords. It would be nice if I could pay someone for their expertise. This way I can take what they give me and work on my own projects.

By: Quikp51 on 7/16/00
I would like to see more texture packs. For instance a very comprehensive set of spaceship hull textures and good metal maps , know what I mean.

By: Jude on 7/19/00
Stuff for building indoor scenes: Doors, windows, furniture, textures for wallpaper and floor coverings, etc. I can find individual items, but it's hard to make a complete coordinated room decor out of items gathered from different sources.

By: moltingangel on 7/22/00
I'd like to see cd's of just related items, that is for@ camping, hunting, swimming, hiking, traveling, picnics, day at the beach, everyday household things, western items, any cultural groupings, safari items, etc.
And individual cd's of animation of the gates/movements, characteristics of people, animals, nature@weather, volcano's, twisters, the ocean(tides, wave fronts..),
AND tutorials to purchase either individually or as a 'customer' made package item! :)
Thank you for asking!!

By: morganartworks on 7/24/00
Would like to get a poser 4 Rattler, lion and the deer. The chimp would be good too. I was willing to purchase them from Zygote but don't see them offered. Anybody know where they can be had?

By: Mab on 7/28/00
I think it would be cute, if someone included a beauty salon page to their site, dealing specifically with hair. It could have items for sale and freebies too. There just isn't enough hair out there. There needs to be more poseable hair. When my characters jump from a high place, I would like their hair to reflect that, and with much more realism.

By: Redplant on 7/28/00
Would like to see a order system that can handle foreign orders. Some of the stuff looks really great and I'd like to be able to get my hands on it without having to mail in checks everytime.

By: scrandall on 7/31/00
I would like to see building and cities created in Canoma.

By: greenman_99 on 8/2/00
Would love to see a long, poseable Matrix-style jacket for the Poser male, or maybe a cowboy-type duster coat. Also, boots (male and female) that aren't fantasy or sci-fi... hiking, construction, Doc Martens, and stuff like that.

By: FreeTrade on 8/3/00
I want a 19th century Nun and Priest character right now for Poser 4. Please ....

By: Ironbear on 8/5/00
Accurate & detailed firearm models at a reasonable price. Not sci-fi etc, real world 20th century rifles & handguns. When I say detailed, I don't mean all the internals modeled... just stocks & foreends seperate from metal parts, seperate trigger & bolts, accurate cylinders & stock/grip curvature. Except viewpoints which is too expensive, or Zygotes whose selection is too limited, most of the firearms available are garbage. Later...

By: kalirage on 8/7/00
I'm coming to the end of a long project and desperately need two models:

1. Realistic Boxing Gloves
2. Realistic Boxing Boots (Conforming and Posable)

If anyone can help, please contact me...

By: Chippro on 8/10/00
Would like to see futuristic architecture and city scenes for poser backgrounds.

By: lwaves on 8/12/00
Looking for a Nun myself (maybe Traveller could post his here??). Also how about South Park characters, maybe with sets of clothing/props to create some others to follow.

By: DTHUREGRIF on 8/12/00
Iwaves, I think it would be a problem to try to sell licensed characters like South Park characters. Giving them away in Free Stuff will usually be ignored by companies as long as you say "looks like", etc. But when you start making money off licensed items, companies take a very different view of it.

By: superx on 8/14/00
Wound Props, i.e gunshots, blood, guts, etc

By: MrDayTona on 8/18/00
I would like to see more tentacle creatures that are not too "gorey".

By: CryingWolf on 8/20/00
A poser raven or crow!!! I would prefer the raven though... I know there is a morph and texture for the zygotes eagle but the zygotes eagle is a little pricey,,, (you can get Victoria for the same price)

By: ookami on 8/23/00
Here's what I would like to see:

* Authentic looking ninja outfit (contact me if you want to know what authentic ones look like)
* Waist coat for male (similiar to the ones the minute men and founding fathers wore)
* Conforming Thigh Boots with and without cuffs for P4 Male and Female
* Confirming Knee Boots with and without cuffs for P4 Male and Female
* Talbard/Tunic for male and female that fits OVER armor (Hint..hint... PhilC...hehe)
* More fantasy outfits for P4 male and female (check out if you want ideas)
* Photorealistic textures for P4 Male
* I'd say Morphs to un-dorkify the P4 male... but I think it's a lost cause... especially with Mil. Man around the corner...
* A GOOD hobbit/halfling character with some clothes!
* A GOOD dwarf character with some clothes
* A troll and ogre character similiar to Everquest's troll and ogre! =)

Other things I want:

* My face on the one-dollar bill
* A little song, a little dance... batman's head on a lance... that sort of thing...

By: sparrowheart on 9/4/00
I also vote for songbirds -- little garden birds like sparrows and robins. (Guess that will come as no surprise.) I would also very much like to buy a German Shepherd model. More mediaeval/renaissance clothes (not armour) gets a resounding vote from me too.

By: nytesyde on 9/6/00
Cars & other vehicles - posable and accurate details. Aircraft - military mainly - w/ insignias. Also small birds and animals would make outdoor scenes more 'real'

By: darius on 9/8/00
bvh motion...natural human animations
house of moves style stuff.

By: Annie on 9/12/00
clothes for women that don't look like:
a) they are costumes
b) they were done by 14 year old boys
with a hard on.
c) my mother's idea of "something nice".

By: SandDancr on 9/21/00
Desperatly in need of Realistic looking poseable hair for males and females.

By: pfeiffj on 9/21/00
I'd like to see some nice cyberpunk clothing and stuff, like trenchcoats, beat up military fatigues, kevlar vests, etc.

If someone makes military fatigue pants (they're like cargo pants, only milspec :)) And sold it in a set of male and female, I'd buy it....

By: randrade on 9/24/00
A short list...
A Carnation - that can morph from a bud to full-grown and then (preferably) to wilt and die

An English (England/London) Taxi cab with working doors and steerable front wheels

A Community Church (DXF or Poser please)
with interior (pews, pulpit, etc.)

Exterior b uildings from 4 to 10 stories tall with a variety of different style maps

By: cliss on 10/1/00
Hi i am also a new guy around here and although love scifi i would like to see detailed posable chainmail.Imperial roman segment armour and like ironbear would also like to see good 20th cent firearms.
gladiator related items,
medieval clothing
everyday clothing for male and female boots shirts shorts etc
WW2 realistic posable clothing like german infantry,
tank crew clothing
ss camo
GI.Tommy Ivan
And realistic packs, straps belts helmets
plus a lot more tutorials like max to poser an idiots guide to produce conforming cloths in max r3 to poser.
the list goes on

By: Erik Shun on 10/2/00
Got a lot of stuff.
1. How bout a Bruce Lee figure??
2. Some Tekken, Mortal Kombat series figures????
3. Item's relating to the Ninja/Ninjitsu. ex, Shuko (hand claws) and Ashiko (foot spikes), A grappling hook, Shuriken.
4. A ninja figure, with Tabi.

By: eeZee on 10/6/00
I would like to see more stuff for Zygote's Michael. Like high-res textures, clothes, hair and (of course) some genital-morphs.

By: bootneck on 10/10/00
has anyone got a full set of golf clubs and a poseable figure that i may use for a project

By: hauksdottir on 10/12/00
My wish list? Safari clothes (can somebody at least make a pith helmet?), full Victorian wedding outfits (male and female and some props), period costume pieces (like a man's cutaway coat which could be morphed for different periods). Failing that, if somebody made a "tailor's set": "set of sleeves, set of bodices, set of longskirts", we could build dresses without having to layer them invisibly just to get the one part we require. Most important is more Mac support. MacConverter is saving my bacon, but it doesn't handle all of it. Thanks for asking!

By: Hdrider on 10/25/00
One thing I haven't seen ANYWHERE. A vulture or condor. I can think of several uses for these birds.

By: DSDH on 11/1/00
I'd like to find a WHOLE set of conforming clothes, both SF and mediéval (OK, i'm a RPGamer... And ?) in order to illustrate my modules and my bookcovers (sorry I'm writing in french and you'll probably never find them in your stores)...

By: CD-RW on 11/7/00
cool idea with the raver clothing.... but i think to, that there should be Houses or a castle ALREADY MADE... for use in Poser 5.... that wouls be SO COOL!

By: Nicasa on 11/13/00
i would be willing to buy realistic hair for both vicky and mike. i would also like to see religionist clothing, for example, priest, traditional and modern habit of nuns and monks, and other habits

By: Cleve on 11/13/00
Hair hair hair.

Lets face it, there's a scarcity of realistic hair textures/meshes that get away from the typical "rubber mold" look.

By: RPS on 11/17/00
A spotty dog texture would be useful in 101 different ways.

By: Chcicken_Soup on 12/1/00
A trench coat...

By: Jconder on 12/4/00
I'd like to see:
1) More trans-mapped hair, especially male. The greatest texture in the world won't help if it looks like a lump of silly-putty is sitting on his head.

2) More clothes for Michael. Mainly a t-shirt.

3) posable vehicles

4) More general use items. I agree with arcady on this one

5)ethnic clothing, kimono's, daishiki's, whatever.

By: Quagnon on 12/6/00
HAIR! Hair with lots of mprhs to style it differently. The hair that's out there looks nice, but it's fairly limiting in terms of appearance. Even the ones with built-in morphs can't be changed too much without looking odd.

Also, better-conforming clothes. I don't mean better clothes that conform, I mean clothes that will conform better to non-standard Posettes. Try putting a bikini top on a Posette with a Hero attribute of more than 0.200 and the strap disappears into her chest, even when conformed.

By: MaxG on 12/8/00
A SEA TURTLE for Poser4.........

By: Cheryle on 12/14/00
More Male Hair: Needed-
bigger variety in hair styles, hair morphs, hair transmaps, hair textures for males, not just for michael, but for the standard P4 guy.
More Male Clothes and period costumes for the p4 guy.
More hi rez male textures.

By: dante on 12/23/00
A samurai and hakama conformable
Samurai top knot

By: pellucid on 1/1/01
As a former sketch artist of human anatomy I find the current female meshes looking very mannequin like compared to what other 3D modelers are now producing around the world for nonPoser applicatins. The Michael is up to that quality now but bothe of the female meshes lag far behind it. It would be good if others offerd new female meshes that look more shaply and complete.

By: jochenhauser on 1/6/01
I want to buy more Clothes and Costumes for Michael,and new hair styles.I know theres some great Designer out there, but they make only things for Victoria or other females models

By: BillyJoe on 1/7/01
Discounted Michael and Vickie. Both are great, but the prices are too high.

By: Silvermermaid on 1/7/01
I would really like to see less Vicky textures and textures for Vicky, there is a lot out there as far as Vicky textures and its becoming highly saturated. I am also getting tired of seeing Vicky dressed only in lingerie and revealing clothes textures. This is the real world and women do wear clothes. There is not enough true modelling.

I would like to see a Ninja outfit, SCI-FI Headdresses with unusual characteristics, more Sci-Fi weapons, Sci-Fi jewelry, Sci-Fi goggles (like that woman wears in Cleopatra 2525), Cargo pants for girls with cutoff top, and a raygun.

By: Ricardo on 1/9/01
Shortish, curly or wavy, transmapped hair

By: Chalice on 1/13/01
..A black, full-figured lady would be a welcome find among Poser submissions...I think 'Zy (or talented other) will get to the release of a model fitting this description soon...?

By: Nowhereman on 1/17/01
Fantasy lite armor (wrist,shin guards, armored breast pieces) look at just about any Boris Valejo picture to see what I am talking about here.

Fantasy/Medieval Clothing, both realistic and outrageous.

Long Coats.. I like the Matrix Idea above/ Western Coat.. would buy those in a heartbeat

EXTREMELY poseable capes.. something that can be worn, draped over a shoulder, adjusted for sitting while wearing, collar morphable to different lengths.

More Quality hair.. agreed we don't need putty heads.. I find I generally get better results with hair if I just paint it after rendering.. but I'd rather use a good hair mesh and touch it up instead.

Clothing that can be morphed between Poser 4 and Vickie/Michael easily.. I don't see why this isn't being done already..

on the subject of characters... we need some good fantasy monsters.. Dragons, trolls and gremlins are fine, but how about something completely off the wall.. again have a look at Boris for examples.

Realistic Medieval armor and weapons. Siege weapons.. wow..
ok I'll quit no I could probably go on all day.

:-) thanks

By: nstyles13 on 1/18/01
I would like to see a highly detailed 18 wheeler truck with trailer done in black!

By: glenrm on 1/20/01
A figure that is a cross between a gorilla and The Thing from Fantastic Four.

By: arcaine on 1/23/01
Definitly need more clothing for Vickie:)

By: Ironbear on 1/29/01
More clothing and hair for the p4 Male, as well as morphs and textures...

By: jadewolf on 1/29/01
I'am interested in a furry ( for referance) characters as well as a 69-71 charger or Cuda

By: nino on 1/31/01
I'd like to see some Ancient Roman clothing both military and civilian. Hob nailed sandals...anyone know where to get some. Catapults, Ancient ships, helmets, etc..

By: Prince Ike on 2/3/01
Some military uniforms and props ( navy sailors, marines, navy seals, etc ) would be hot cake for those of us that are military animators to aid in producing fast military presentations and briefs. This would be HOT CAKE in military circles; especially in the Navy.

By: Chippro on 2/6/01
Wanted: BVH motion of modified softball pitch

By: megalodon on 2/16/01
I'd actually like to see some very detailed dinosaur objects, file formats .lwo, .3ds, .dxf etc. would be great. There are alot of dino objects out there but aside from the DinoRom CD and one or two others there really is nothing - at least that I've be able to find.

By: mightylady on 2/16/01
I'd liketo see Japanese SFX characters, Ultraman, monsters, some buildings.

By: Kaos7 on 2/19/01
I would like to have some gymnastic poses. May be someone can create a cd full of cartwheels, forward and backflips, tumbles, and other stuff of that nature. Olympic type of manuevers especially that of the floor events would be great.

By: thenodemaster on 2/19/01
I'd like to see a poser character for either Posette or Victoria of Cindy Margolis and Stephanie Seymour

By: Dale B on 2/20/01
Hmm. More transmapped hair props, definitely. One thing really lacking is curly hair. Another is remodeled hands and feet; specifically four toes and three fingers & thumb. The still thriving Elfquest community has been looking at Poser for a bit, and really wanting to find a way to play in their favorite fantasy setting.

By: ookami on 2/23/01
As a Renderosity Store frequent buyer =) I thought I would just drop some suggetions as to what I am looking for/hoping to see at the store.

1) Medieval armor for Mike/Vicki
*Preferably ones with morphs (breasts, muscles,etc)
2) Medieval clothes (tunic, robes, etc.) for Mike/Vicki
*Preferably ones with morphs (breasts, muscles,etc)
3) Some good monsters
*Orcs, trolls, goblins, etc.

As you can see, I'm into fantasy stuff so pretty much anything along those lines! =)

Kudos to all you store contributors! Keep up the good work!

By: jack the bear on 2/23/01
My personal wish list :
cloth for Michael specially Jacket.
a big fat alligator (fully poseable).
All the stuff about 1930 year's...

By: kathym on 3/7/01
Love to see mechs like in mech warrior or starsiege, futuristic battle suits, vehicles and guns. Conforming clothes for Poser 4, like Matrix-style trench coats - punkish hair for both male/femake posers. ANIME style clothing for poser females!

By: Niles on 3/8/01
western clothing and props (mordern and historical)
clothing for kids
farm animals
football uniform (usa)
chubby or fat charactors

By: blue_jean on 3/15/01
1) Non-skintight clothing for women. I don't dress that way, why should my models?

2) More clothing options for men. I like looking at boys, too.

3) Stuff for pilots... flight helmets, oxygen masks, flight suits, etc.

By: BrianR on 3/29/01
A formula one car would be cool.

By: dukduk on 3/29/01
anyone interested in camping gear??? i'm thinking of making some...starting with a nice coleman(tm) style lantern...but if no one want's it, i'm not gonna bother... ;^)

By: blurededge on 3/30/01
I've noticed there's a lot of fantasy stuff for pozer, but not much sci-fi stuff. Would anyone be interested in high res sci-fi props and charicters? I'll do them if the comunity is interested. There's already so much fantasy stuff available, I don't think we need yet another producer of the same. If not sci-fi what other generas are you interested in?

By: warzog on 4/3/01
I would Like, no make that NEED a robot building kit. Several types of bodies, cockpits, legs, arms, weapons, etc. I'm working on a game, and am stuck waiting for models. And at the rate I'm going, it'll be several YEARS before I get my first one built!

By: Cerpher on 4/5/01
I'm lousy with organics. :( So anything clothing for Vicki or the Poser dork or anything like that is out.
I do however make scenes and objects used for everyday stuff and I like that people want that kind of thing.
Also recently I uploaded a mecha style character called "The Sentinel" to the store. Look for it if you like that stuff.

By: PaganArtist on 4/9/01
Women's thong type sandals and flip flops you know everyday footwear not just heels

By: maldowns on 4/18/01
I personally want a 1959 chevy sedan and morphs and textures to for the p4 rattler snake to look like a cobra,someone above mentioned Boris-
anything influenced by his style would be great
I have just purchased lightwave and I intend to use it to help 3d artists lower down the ladder than me to get access to better models and at the very least a greater range of "primitives" to allow them to get even more out of poser and bryce.
All are welcome to contact me via the chat room or whatever!

By: tony66 on 4/21/01
A poser figure that looks like pam anderson in barb wire ok no chance.More guns please I just don't have the time to make them. Fantasy armor for vv .more gothic stuff

By: Jazzmin on 5/2/01
1. I'd like to see more clothes and hair for the guys, specifically Mike.

2. I'm really interested in clothing like the outfit Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) wears in the tv show, the hair too!

3. Poses/textures for the owl by Debra Ross (

4. Poses/textures for Daz's Dragonfly.

5. A dove with poses

6. A Faery texture like the costume Drew Barrymore wore in the movie Ever After, in the scene at the ball, including the glitter on her cheeks :)

I'd be one happy camper! and appreciate it too!

By: Ironbear on 5/4/01
More textures, clothes, hair and morphs for the p4 male, or poser dork. ;]

By: futuramik on 5/6/01
A hearse ,a hearse my kingdom for a hearse! I mean a cool 40s or 50s one.More cars and MORE motorcycles preferably classics.and I agree with Iron bear more realistic fire arms

By: judith on 5/15/01
A dove, and some Michael clothing....... oh, and the Kalliope texture from the staff rocks! anxiously awaiting more! One can never have enough fairies!

By: Lordfox on 5/20/01
I'd Love to see a posable ferret model and a posable guinea pig model.

By: dragonmagic59 on 5/25/01
I would like to see more wings. Angel wings, faery wings, butterfly wings, bat wings, etc. AND POSEABLE!
Also agree with the hair gripe. I'm new to the post production thing and can't draw hair. So how bout help in the pre made poser hair for us poor non-drawing artists!
I agree with farm animals. Sheep, cows, pigs, chickens.
More marine animals, more fish, whales, eels, etc.
PLANTS!!! More trees, shrubs, and flowers.
How about a request site where one can ask for a specific texture, model, sky, object. Those of you who are wizards at these things can make an offer to create what is wanted either free or for a price. Then the one who needs it can take it or leave it, but at least there would be an option.
AND compilation CD's. Groupings of similar objects. For really good prices.

By: AtharianMedia on 5/27/01
I'd like to see more sci-fi armour and futuristic civilian-type clothes for male characters. (Think Bespin-meets-Galactica) I've got plenty of female scifi clothes, but my main guy characters need to look cool too! Would buy a Cd or pak of good ones in a heartbeat!

By: rdhdwench on 5/28/01
Uniforms to be specific, Navy Enlisted White, Grade E-6. Finance returning home in Sept from the Persian Gulf, would like to design pictures of his return. Also clothing dealing with Camelot, Avalon and Renaissance pictures (see painters like Edmund Blair Leighton). Tutorials on how to make the clothing. Willing to pay for all of the above.

By: kromekat on 5/28/01
*There is a BIG gap in the market for military (WW2 - present day) clothing and weapons.
*More medieval costume, dresses/tunics etc. braided hair would be nice too!
*A fairy that looks like a fairy rather than some catwalk freak with ridiculous wings!
*Samurai armour
*Definately more clothes for Mike and Vicky,less drab and casual, more multi purpose shapes with dials to add/remove pockets/collars/cuffs etc.
*Dreadlock hair and generally more afro-carribean styles along with some photoreal black textures for Vicky/Mike - how about it Catherina? :)
*Some realistic kids that dont look like they are badly scaled down poser dork and dorkette!
*Decent dog/cat models
*Excellent & poseable dinosaur models
*Peace on Earth and the end of famine/racism/bigotry/ignorance/intolerance/politics/greed/child abuse etc. etc...

not too much to ask is it!? :D

By: VINGLOT on 6/1/01
I am in the military,kromekat only scratched the surface of the needs. I could really ose a set of conforming figure U. S. Navy uniforms, dress snd working for both officer and enlisted, male and female. A morphable White hat and neckerchief. maybe even a nice set of Photoshop masks to change service stripes and rates on the sleave. Too much, ok, I'd Pay a goodly price for a quality item. ISO's is a nice start.
How about some original clothes and photorealistic textures for Traveler's splendid EVE v4.0 and AZURA figures. Personally I find Eve far superior to Victoria 1 and haven't seen anything to convince me Vic 2 is worth the price.
Thanks, Vinglot

By: LordKai on 6/2/01
Some Michael clothing would be nice, maybe a supehero pak or something. It's just so darn impossible to find clothing that would not make him look like a dork!!

By: soulhuntre on 6/3/01
Paramilitary stuff for Michael and Vicki

VICKI2 compatible clothing! V2 has a lot of new morphs, we need conforming clothing for her. Especially sci-fi and lingerie.

Better poses, more poses.

By: phoenixblue on 6/5/01
Backgrounds !!!
There's some buildings and outside locations already, which is good -- also lots of dungeons and prisons -- funny, the moment we have something beautiful, we want to lock it up ;-)
What I'm still missing is interiors, stairways,
liftshafts, entrance halls, building cellars, kitchens, living-rooms ...

By: phoenixblue on 6/5/01
And talking about interiors : bars, saloons, restaurants, restaurant kitchens, ...
If you want to tell a halfway decent story you need these locations : every movie has at least one or two shots at these locations.

By: Maxxed on 6/8/01
I NEED a Manatee. It would be nice to have one that has a ton of great facial morphs as well as body morphs. I would think this would be an easy character for some of you more talented Geometry wizards. And don't forget that a Manatee has stiff wiskers that should morph too. Thanks People!!!

By: wernette on 6/10/01
3 Hole Ski Mask !!!(like bank robbers wear)
w/morphs for open and closing mouth (guess thats with conforming), plus high res textures with some color choices would be cool too.

Assault Rifles-Famas G2 and Steyr Aug, SMG-FN P90.

Cargo pants with multi textures-camo and plain-w/morphs for the bellows pockets.

By: Chase on 6/11/01
Hardware topics/porducts, videocards etc.

By: Poppi on 6/12/01
More Michael based characters, like that Kane that is coming out on Friday. Also, some period type clothing to go with him. I would love to see some Michael period clothing. 1800's for starters, Egyptian, Roman, Old South, Futuristic.

By: MahlaBlue on 6/14/01
I would like a garland like you find at Renaissance festivals.

By: warzog on 6/18/01
How 'bout a Fairy outfit like in the movie "Labyrinth?" Semi-transparent, fluid, airy, gold satiny?

By: warzog on 6/19/01
I could also use some rabbits, squirrels, mink, iguanna, chameleons, and other small critters for in the background. (poseable please)

By: warzog on 6/19/01
How 'bout some saddles, bridles, (tack) etc for horses, the raptor, and Zygotes Dragon?

By: TheWingedOne on 6/20/01
To our fellow Poser tailors:
More Michael clothing would be great. His closet is not very well equipped.
Any packages would be highly appreciated.
I think about things like:
Turtlenecks, shoes, tuxedos, bow-ties, jackets and so on.

Furthermore some more armors for Mike and Vickie as well as some fantasy mounts and bridles like the big lizzard (Tawhak) at DAZ.

By: TinyLady on 6/25/01
I would like to see a horse which look natural when grazing and drinking water. Can't make that Poser horse eat from the ground without looking very strange.

By: Deadline_Imaging on 6/25/01
Anything for Michael that is original, such as more clothing, hair styles, I would really like to see a kilt for the P4 male and Michael. We have LOTS of Highland oriented stuff in the freebies but well no kilts and well the P4 and Vicki Dresses on Michael just look goofy. I would be willin to pay for a Kilt. Lets see what else more monster oriented stuff, I like working in teh fantasy element and well would like to see more of that. I would also like to see More evil faerries... those of the dark twist like from legend, and I dont mean more Drow either.. lol. Goodness and Light is fine dont get me wrong but I would like to see some creepy ones. And I will shut up now since I think I have written enough *smiles*

By: Deadline_Imaging on 6/25/01
PS: also more sets like what Caleb did for his Dark ages sale item. Individual Items all contained in a set rather than you click one thing and then have to save out all the individual pieces in case you cant use the Entire thing all at once.

By: ming on 6/26/01
Better written tutorials.

By: Micheleh on 6/28/01
I am starting a project, to make "supersets"- scenery, a building- outside and inside, a good amount of appropriate props, and a texture assortment. I want to make them so you can just install and go, no fuss. However, I would like some input, so I know I'll be making what you want.

1. What formats do you need? I will try to include PC and Mac formats, and I want to know who wants and can use what. (Important!)

2. What sets do you want to see? (For instance, a tavern with props, or a dojo with weapons.)

Send your requests to me at -please include your theme, specific set and surroundings, and necessary props, along with what formats would be best for you. As I collect requests, I will start building packages, using the most asked-for formats. Thanks, everybody!

By: Rocksteady on 7/5/01
More styles of women's purses and hand-bags. Also make-up kits like pocket mirrors and poses to go with them.

By: Goldfire on 7/8/01
I'd love to see three things.

More facial expressions

More clothes for the Dork. There is a real derth of men's clothes, as has been discussed on the forums recently.

By: Fyrene on 7/11/01
I would like to see more realistic male textures for the P4 male. There are oodles of female textures but so few male. Also more clothing, hair, and props for the P4 male (I lean towards the scifi/fantasy type).

By: prinzeugen12 on 7/14/01
Period cloths for the p4s and zygotes Viki/Michael...american civil war/american war of independence/ Sailor outfit/dress blue cracker jacks for michael/Viki/ civil war muskets/cannon/ minute man ware and musket, you could make some dramatic scenes with stuff like that...cheers PE

By: prinzeugen12 on 7/14/01
american civil war uniforms for p4s and Viki/Michael, muskets, cannon, war of independance uniforms could make some very dramatic scenes with stuff like that....A set of navy dress blue cracker jacks would be nice too.. cheers PE

By: sabersrock on 7/17/01
A lot more bars, coffee houses, regular houses sky scrapers office buildings ect ect. i would buy them up like crazy

By: warzog on 7/19/01
Hey, My characters are starving! How 'bout some food? Steaks, ribs, roasts, chicken, bread, butter, 'taters, spaghetti, fries, veggies, chips, dips, candy, hot dogs, burgers, rolls, cake, pie, soup, PLEEEASE! They're wastin' away on me. They need food! Can't have a decent party, picnic, wedding, BBQ, or get together, without FOOOOOOD!!! Did I mention? I need food! Pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons, etc to use & cook the food would be nice too. But I need FOOOOOODD!!

By: warzog on 7/19/01
I think I mentioned it, but just to be sure: FOOD!!!!

By: warzog on 7/25/01
How 'bout some really good looking trees?
Apple, oak, pine?
Not cartoon trees, I got to many of those.

By: atthisstage on 8/2/01
Agreeing with Rachel. If I see yet another variation on that damn wedge cut one more time.....

By: Art_Sorcery on 8/4/01
I would like to see a REALISTIC dragon! DAZ's could be improved! How about some dinosaurs? Hair for male and female, LONG and thicker, w/o bangs and with a realistic hairline, I would pay for! I need some kind of landcruiser for Mars right now, but haven't the 3D program to make one. One with a satellite on it and a camera! :)

By: warzog on 8/5/01
I like Taryn's Dragon and hair ideas.
BUT, I also need some BASKETs.
At one time, the time my game's set in, baskets were used for shopping, laundry, picnics, almost everything. But there aren't any for Poser, that I can use commercially.

By: Oversight99 on 8/10/01
Catsuit and Leotard that have morphs matching the full-body mortphs of Vicktoria 2 :) How's that for a wish?

By: laetia on 8/12/01
BVH motions would be cool!
Tutorials also -- share the knowledge ;-)

And I'd just kill for a cute little bunny rabbit...! I have one that's morphed from the cat figure, but although it's pretty good, it's not realistic enough IMHO, and he does not pose very well... :-( Can't possibly make a loop-eared rabbit with it. :-( ...Or maybe a stuffed bunny, perhaps? Anything that doesn't look like DAZ's bunny figure (uuuuugh!).

Make me a good rabbit and I'll create textures for it!!!

By: Hep on 8/13/01
I would like to see The poser5 to have a built in morph clothing ability so that one could create the clothing you wanted to fit to the model and the ablity to do scenes as well rather than buying all of these other programs and struggling the learning curve of each program and trying to fit them in the same file import export. have one program to do it all including the texturing, makeup, creating of hair, that to me would be the final product one software to do it all. Then your Poser models could walk around a 3d space, that you could create under one roof, create your own hair, or beard etc. would truely be the software of the future. And finally a instructional video on how to use the DAMN software!!!!! Hep

By: orangeparty on 8/13/01
i'd like to see a variety of rave style fashions and props - turntable props would be nice. oh! and a curious george animal figure to pose! that might even get me to buy before counting the money in my spare change jar and wondering if there's enough bread left in the cupboard to get me thru the week. : )

By: r0b0gl0 on 8/19/01
Tutorials. The Poser and 3d community have a lot of talent and experience out there. Please share the knowledge. Tutorials could even be marketed at the same fair prices as the clothes and texture maps. Think about it, for every experienced artist there are plenty of newbies ready to learn.

By: LordsWarrior on 8/21/01

I notice a number of you ask for props and scene packs.
This is what I specialise in.

for some of my range (available through renderosity).

If there is nothing there..either Instant Message me or email me, and I'll try to provide what is needed.



By: rasputina on 8/21/01
I'd love to see more hair styles, like dreds in bunches; odango style, bat wing fringe.

Also more piercing props, lip rings, labrets/lowbrets with different textures (to simulate titanium and niobium). More Michael and Vic characters with full sleeves and backpieces etc...

Club gear like super wide pants for male and female

By: eric501 on 8/27/01
I would like to see more clothing/props for mike.
also, I would really like to have a conforming straight-jacket for both mike and vicky.
And some more clothes for Mickey :)

By: warzog on 8/27/01
Anybody got a Hammock?

By: kromekat on 8/29/01
Now we have the MM kids, we need some decent clothes for them, particularily wintyer clothes; duffle coats, hooded coats, wellies, mittens, scarfs, wooly hats etc... very useful for those xmas scenes etc... come to think of it, theses would all be useful for Mike and Vicky too, cmon guys!! :)

By: Atomic_Anvil on 8/29/01
I'd like to see an online pay-by-check system available here for those of us who still use cash.

By: PCM on 9/3/01
I'm doing a film involving ancient greece. I'd pay big bucks for a fully detailed and acurate cityscape in 3D.

Any buildings from this era would also be useful, and i would buy them.

It seems to me that all you can buy in these stores is skant clothing for female poser characters!

By: Gromit on 9/5/01
Roman soldier outfit for Michael - segmented armor, helmet with plume, sandals, belt, etc.

I have some for the P4 dork that's not too bad after I created my own textures/bump maps for it, but would rather use the Michael figure.

I'd gladly pay for almost any good Roman era props/clothing.

By: warzog on 9/12/01
I could really use some REAListic textures for Michael. That means:Hairy arms and Hairy legs, and Hairy chest and Hairy arm pits. (Sorry ladies, guys don't shave their bodies!) OH Yeh, and without the tan marks! Looks funny seein a figure in Jeans with a tan mark above the jeans, and over most of his chest and arms. And how 'bout fewer "GAY" poses for Michael

By: Ecstasy on 9/16/01
It would be nice to see a challenge area for the rederosity prop builders in the store.For example:Say I wanted to see a prop of this built and posted a picture or gave a url with a pic to the purposed prop and the vendors could look at the image and decide if it would be profitable besides a quality item to make.I hope thats a clear statement i have an uncanny nack for being vague...

By: Ecstasy on 9/16/01
I've also found myself using props like cakes necklace and jewlery set from the free stuff over and over agin.I think I would like to see more accessories in the market place to.And some printed material on tutorials on post in very detailed explantatons of what to do and what theroy I should use when creating an image.I would buy a book on tutorials for poser and photoshop Ect.

By: AshuraFin on 9/19/01
There's going to be a Poser 5? Dear God, I'll never afford it.
But on a more serious note, I would like to see more Anime related stuff particularly Characters from specific series. I fully appreciate the problems in licencing for individual series, but if the artists and programmers at (plug, plug) can create recognisable characters for The Sims, how hard can it be for Poser 4? I am very keen on the 'Big Eyes Small Mouth' look, and think there should be more Anime Characters available (I know I started with a gripe about price, but I am prepared to pay). I don't think the potential of Anime has been fully realised in this area, it could be a rich source of inspiration for those looking for a non-realistic Anime look.

By: argus1971 on 9/20/01
I would like to see more shoes for Vicki 2. More specifically, High-heeled shoes and boots that are similiar to what is available in real life for women. Or as an alernative, create morphs for existing shoes and boots that can be changed to suit the styles people may have in mind. Here are some examples of the styles:

Mules (open or closed toe)
Sandals (stilletto or chunk heel)
Boots (crotch, thigh, knee-high, ankle with either stilletto or chunk heel like club boots)
Pumps (with platform or without)

There are plenty of shoe sites on the net to give you all ideas on styles.


By: Hisminky on 9/21/01
I just want a decent set of morphs for Micheal's gentitals. Totally customisable for size, position, etc. Separate dials for scrotum and shaft.*realistic* maps.

By: Creations on 9/22/01
I would like more realistic textures for the P4 male, also realistic hair (not all have purchased Michael yet). And more historical outfits (Civil War, Sailors, Colonial etc.).

By: jerzydevl on 10/3/01
Would like to see sports charaters (football, hockey, baseball, ect....) of any team.

By: KattJ on 10/4/01
I'd like some items for American Indians...
Not headdresses...but clothing, shoes, stuff like that...maybe some jewelry too..

By: esmith6996 on 10/9/01
I don't really have a wish, just a comment. About 95% of what most people are asking for is not officially made by Renderosity or Zygote or DAZ, but it does exsist. I have or have seen them. Contact me here or at and if it exsists (for free) I can find it.

By: AshuraFin on 10/14/01
Hi there, me again.
If I could wish for any one poser figure, it would be Ryoko from the Tenchi Muyou anime series.
Thought I'd keep it simple this time. Well I say simple, I realise there would be all kinds of licencing problems.

By: Ecstasy on 10/24/01
How bout some stuff for photoshop??And hey what vendor is gonna sacrifice one of their store items to put in the free stuff for december as a cristamas present????I would also like to see some indepth detailed tutorial on making clothing props for vicky and mike...

By: Sparhis on 11/3/01
My wish list includes:

Effeminate Male Hero reminiscient of Zorro the Gay Blade and the Scarlet Pimpernal. I need exquisitely fine lacy clothes to dress him in, too.

Swords - wonderfully detailed swords.

Sceptres, crowns, wands, staffs, treasure are all on my wanted list. In the Dungeons and Dragons the thief goes in search of the Rod of Dragon Control. I hope someone will make a few like that one.

Clothing for fantasy characters.

A sanctuary/temple - I once saw one in 3D. It had columns, marble floor, a small pool...Divine.

Hi-rez! Hi-rez! Hi-rez! I personally don't care how long it takes me to download a file.

I have bought a lot of sets lately ie. Victorian room, castles, village sets etc.
I'd like to see something like a hi-rez throne room or any room especially in castles.

Beards! My kingdom for a Zeus like beard!

By: Madmachine on 11/5/01
Hair, nice hair, both for men and women. I particularly want hair for women, both long and short that goes around the ears, or at least has morphs to do that but does not leave the scalp exposed. I like to do a lot of fantasy characters and if they have elf ears have to tend to do nearly dead on shots of their faces with long hair. VAIRESH's Maiden hair was quite a boon in that repect.
Also, plants and trees, with morphs to change there look, in packs. I would like to be able to set them up in poser before moving them to bryce or other programs to render.
Better skirts. ISO had a great way of doing a knee length skirt for his police woman outfit. there has to be a better way to work them. Maybe a Hips>thighs>calves hierarcy (No left or right sides) so you could have a sitting pose with a skirt. Who cares if you have to pose it yourself, as long at is conforms to the hips.
Other than that, we will have to see. Thanks

By: pragask on 11/7/01
Just a thought ... How about an integrated OBJ-Poser toolkit that makes modelling, mapping, jointing, conforming, morphing and exporting figures less technical and time consuming than what it currently is ?

By: Madmachine on 11/8/01
Catsians and other anthromorphic types for the Millenium people.

By: jscott on 11/12/01
I noticed several of these posts state that Poser ready trees would be nice.
I've just released a CD containing 50 Poser ready trees, similar to the Virtual Forest for Bryce CDs. This is, of course, the Virtual Forest for Poser CD. It's currently in test through the Renderosity store, and is also available through my own website at:
If you'd rather purchase through the store, it shouldn't be too much longer.

Several people have posted images using the freebie versions of these tree props, and can be seen in the Poser gallery, usually by searching for either 'jscott' or 'liteluvr'.

also liteluvr at 3dcommune

By: scifiguy on 11/13/01
- Hair for Michael.
- More Poser usable rooms/scenes/sets and backgrounds. We don't all have Bryce!
- Hair for Michael.
- Period clothes and shoes for Michael/Male characters. Need something to go with all those great Dresses!
- Hair for Michael.
- More jewelry and accessories like purses and scarves.
- Did I mention that I'd really like some other options for Michael's hair?

By: Zodo on 11/16/01
A lot of really good ideas. I would really like to see a well detailed owl model. If anyone knows of any, let me know. Thnaks.

By: markdc on 11/18/01
Fully textured interiors (apts, houses, office buildings). Please contact me if you have something like this for sale.

By: emorin on 11/28/01
Photorealistic hair and Gift Certificates! Sell gift certificates to those who would like to give a gift to a friend or relative. Maybe up to $100 in denominations.

By: Sprryte on 11/29/01
My Wish list includes some of what has already been said..
MORE hair....... but GOOD hair. I have bought 2 supposedly great hair packages, and i end up so frustrated, i trash em and opt instead to paint it in.
also as someone else here said:
Would love to see a long, poseable Matrix-style jacket for the Poser male, or maybe a cowboy-type duster coat. Also, boots (male and female) that aren't fantasy or sci-fi... hiking, construction, Doc Martens, and stuff like that.
Conforming Thigh boots for Victoria, and Victoria 2.
A long hooded cloak (like red riding hood, but LONGER ** i have looked for THREE weeks now for a good cloak, one that poses, etc......and it simply is NOT to be found =(
3) MORE TUTORIALS, and #1 on my list.. "How to make clothing from the ground UP.." (so i can make my OWN cloak! lol*
4) Since i really love fantasy stuff......more fantasy type clothing for victoria and vicky2
5) ohh YES>.....and FISHNET stockings!

By: warzog on 12/8/01
How about a program that would convert articles of clothing between the Victoria and Posette figures? I have some great outfits that would be even greater if I could truly mix and match between these ladies' wardrobes. (or Mike and Dork, for that matter!)

By: Ratteler on 12/11/01

Everyone in three day world seems to drive Ferrari's, Lambougini's and Classic Chevy's. Or they drive a Humvee. :-p

I want to see some low end Toyota Corillia's. 4 Door Sedans. You know... cars real people drive ,own and rent.

By: Lyrra on 12/19/01
I bought Bloodsong's amazing Dragon factory - now I have zillions of reptiles :) I would dearly love a kit setup the same way dealing with mammals. Willing to pay the same price for a comparable package.

The same kind of idea would probably work with plants too. Perhaps with an obj compiler as a separate program so you set up your plant, it makes the obj and you import it into poser. That way other people could make leaves and whatnot to put plants together, and still not have to fuss with poser's less than friendly positioning setup. And nice obj too - not chunky dxf's with planar leaves.

By: Xurge on 12/30/01
I would love to see some characters from western movies. Characters similar to Josie Wales by Clint Eastwood. Not a clean cut cowboy but a dusty, worn outlaw. The worn boots, faded clothing, long duster coat, leather holsters for the long barrell colts. Well you get the picture. A character like this would blend to many situations and would be a great addition.

By: DokieMaster on 1/6/02
I'd like to see a seven-headed Hydra which can be animated for fantasy scenes.

By: SndCastie on 1/15/02
1.I would love to see Winter Clothes like Boots,Scarfs,mittens and coats for both adults and children including infants. There are so many clothes for adults not many for kids and very few for infants all which are for summer scenes.
2. American Indian clothes and props I am a big fan of them and love to make pictures using them.
3. I agree that clothes need to be more versital for sitting,bending, and squating. Serge has a line of sitting dresses but is hard to pose them and others with the women's legs to the side. They seem to split apart trying to pose them that way.
4. Hair that bends more towards the bottom half to make it more natural at longer lengths in the front. Usally have to put it back of the woman or man to make them look good.
Well I had better stop here have more but don't want to scare you all off LOL
Thanks for giving us the chance to voice our wish lists.

By: SD on 1/17/02

I'd like to see better Mac support. I wince when I see PC only. There seems to be as much Vicki stuff as could ever be used, but sets and props are a bit underserviced. Yes it's possible to import things into LW or Max, but that's annoying when posing. So, cars, trees, foliage, ground planes, buildings, homes, strip malls and other contmporary items would be good. Forests,jungles and other landscape backgrounds would also be very useful. Hopefully this could be compatible with some of DAZ's new landscape items.

By: angelhalo on 1/20/02
1. Jewerly for nipple piercings, belly button piercings and labia piercings. Face piercing are nice, but I am more interested in body ones.

2. I would love a baby horse. It would be nice if it came with a few textures and could easily be coverved into a baby unicorn. At least 20 poses that came with it would be even better.

3. A pegasus and baby peagsus, again with a few textures and poses. A horn so it could be a pegasus unicorn would be a nice bonus. I have not seen a pegasus anywhere.

4. Native American props for bryce. Vairous Native American Poser Clothes and Hair that work with vicki as well.

5. More tattoo's

By: Maygen on 1/23/02
I wouldnt mind having some long midevilish dresses for Vicky or Posette. -- reasonably priced. I'm grateful for those especially talented artists who come up with great products and allow us to purchase them, but some people just seem to be a little ridiculous about their prices.

By: Jeffy on 1/29/02
I'm looking for a weather worn wooden fence. Ideally painted white.

By: inacio on 1/30/02
i would like more legend and historic characters
like Sinatra,ingrid bergman,bogart,elvis,napoleon,beatles,freud,etc.

By: Kattleprod on 2/1/02
Well, it's been said a few times above but my biggest wish would be a really good poseable long coat for Michael and Vicky - preferably with tons of morphs to alter the style, length, etc. I can see why this is a tricky model to make but if someone did it and did it well I'd pay over the odds for it.

By: KiDAcE on 2/12/02
Some realistic shoes. Running shoes, thongs (flip flops), casual shoes. Not textures for the P4 shoes either.

Baggy (extra baggy) pants like for gangsters, ravers, punkers, etc. The style you see on the streets in CA.

Baggy modern style clothes. Not the skin tight painted on look.

By: chemicalX on 2/13/02
More clothes for Mike definately. There is a HORDE of stuff available for Vicky - not even half the amount for Mike. You have to REALLY look before you can find something that you can use with Mike. Or is it just me? :)

By: nfredman on 2/15/02
(1)i would LOVE to have a long cowboy/Aussie style duster for Vicki AND Mike (well, one for each). With morphs for movement. Maybe even a version for sitting and bent/riding poses.
(2)Cyber and sci-fi poser clothes and props for Vicki and mike (go, RuntimeDNA, go!).

And since i now have a copy of Rhino, i'd better get busy, eh? :^) Thanks everyone for posting!

By: Madmachine on 2/17/02
A good fantasy Dwarf type for the millenium people.

By: ronknights on 2/17/02
I'm working on a couple projects and really could use some items.

1.) I need everything I can get for the Millennium Kids: More poses, clothes, hair, facial expressions, etc.

2.) I'm working on my Marlin's World comic strip and he needs a Convenience store and grocery store. It would be nice to have some control over just which props are used in any given situation.. If you've seen the DAZ Mansion Great Room, you know what I mean.

3.) I could use "morphable clothing" which would allow me to dress Marlin without the need to paint on all his clothes. That is crude and ineffective.

4.) ***Documentation***

Lord knows how many great items I've installed, and never used because I don't know how to use them.

Lord knows how many items I never find because they're not installed in logical places.

Those readme files are pretty useless. Often they don't contain any useful information. Besides they get lost so easily.

If you use docs, try reading them later to see if they make sense.

Pretend you're a total newbie, and have never used this product before.

Better yet, get a beta tester to test your product and docs before you release them.

That's enough for today.


By: melanie on 2/18/02
Thomas Kinkade style cottages with the cute, slumpy roofs

A more realistic posable pteranodon

Redundant, I know, but more transmapped hair for Michael

By: daedster on 2/18/02
I am looking for a skunk model that is posable, with enough detail and texture definition that you can do a close up view of it without looking boxy like Mr. Fluffers.

By: markdc on 2/28/02
I really need clothing to fit Mike2's full body morphs.

By: Lucy_Fur on 2/28/02
I don't believe I saw anyone request an avian harpy. It's been asked for on the Poser forum before but I figured I'd throw it down here too. :)

By: dragonmagic59 on 3/1/02
Vicky, Mike, Vicky, Mike.....How about more clothes, textures, and props like armor, for P4NW and P4NM. Not all of us can afford Vicky and Mike! Help us poor generic saps!

By: Jimagery on 3/2/02
I would LOVE to see conformable king and queen robes and/or any robes, dresses, or tunics that can sit down.

By: Blazerwiccan on 3/6/02
Textures for kids, clothing for kids, hair for kids, textures for Poser animals, also more animals like birds, I would really love a good raven, or crow, and such. Good settings, backdrops and scenes are a must as well. Some more Covered clothing for females. Magickal objects (robes, wands, long flowing dresses, fantasy painted textures, unicorns ect), and more things for Michael 1 not 2 :)

By: Blazerwiccan on 3/6/02
Ohh One more thing some gargoyles. Stone one like found on old churches and such and maybe some more human looking ones (sort of like from the Disnay cartoon Gargoyles) :) Just an idea, I would love to have some for poser.

By: il.bardo on 3/10/02
I'd like to see a "texture help kit" which could help me to draw simple clothes on Vic/Mike/Stephy's body textures.
It's too hard to match the front and the back.
A set of photoshop layers with various kind of premade clothes would be of great help.

By: Gaikydo on 3/11/02
I'd like to see someone create a city that can be destroyed (i.e. earthquake, alien or giant creature attack). JesterCGI created a great CITY CREATION SET but it would be cool if the buildings could collapse and/or explode...It would help me with a project immensly! Hope to see it in the future.

By: dadamson on 3/14/02
I could reall y use more outdoor sets, back drops, and terrains for Poser. This would be espcially good is they are low polygon counts. Items on 2D planes would be good.

By: BAM on 3/26/02
I would like to suggest that recreational, high school, college, and pro athletic facilities and stadiums be developed. Included items might be:

Stands for people to sit in. Small like for a YMCA or park, larger as in high school, and largest as in college and pro arenas and stadiums.
Lockers, benches, dugouts, scoreboards, flags, fences, press box, concessions, coolers, fans, and skyboxes
To Poser scale field, track, rink, ring, and court designs with textures.
Equipment designed to Poser scale to be used on the field, track, rink, ring, and court.
Athletic, coach, and referee clothing for the various sports competed on the field, track, rink, ring, and court.

By: room303 on 4/2/02
I think there is not enough Ancient Oriental style clothing available, Samurai,Kimono etc - hairstyles (top-knot) etc, there seems to be a lot of morphs to make people look oriental, but they must be freezing, having nothing to wear

By: megaionstorm on 4/12/02
What i need are cowboy clothings for victoria & stephanie. The whole clothing collection !!!
Includings shirt, hat, pants, boots, holster, gun, saddle ect.

By: Cada on 4/26/02
I'm fairly new to all this stuff but considering my own artwork and the items I use, I would like to see more props and armour a little more battle scared and true to life! Until I become more proficient in the post work with the ability to apply these finishing details I rely on products that help me attain the desired effect I am trying to attain. This 'worn'look can be applied to almost any number of items or products including clothing I'm sure they would complement any chosen scene. Let's get closer to reality! Cada

By: audity on 4/28/02

I would like to see "package" made by a group of vendors. We are a community, so lets work together ! There are too many incomplete single items in the marketplace... Why not group many products in one CDrom ? an "advanced victoria" CD with textures, hair, props, morphs, clothes... or an "oriental clothing" CD, or a "cowboy kit" CD (for megaionstorm !), etc...

It's fun to download stuff, but I would be more happy with ready-made POSER libraries on CDroms.


By: MaxG on 5/4/02
I have been waiting years for a hi-res Poser4 (propak would be awesome) Gecko Lizard.


By: majister on 5/26/02
would like to see photo cd's of all the art on site it seems i never get to page threw it all

By: ladynimue on 6/3/02
“Everyday” Arthurian Era clothing, there are some wonderful armor-products but little for the knights to wear when they are off the jousting field :)

By: Sparhis on 6/7/02
Tropical Island stuff like grass huts, palm trees, flowers, fountains, lagoons, and anything you see in those beautiful resort pictures...

Ultra-realistic looking characters to create family scenes...

Realistic animated motions eg. walking, running ...

Sci-fi stuff - I'd love to get my hands on a space fighter that has different posable parts.

Hi-rez castle interiors

By: overlord_26 on 6/11/02
Looking for the following:

Animal/Dinosaur bones (Skulls, Ribs, Leg, Etc.) for props to use in scenes involving Dragon, T-REX or monster lairs. For use in Poser but could be in some other format that could be imported into Poser.

Military Vehicles (Hummer, Tread and Hover Tanks, Etc.) for use in Poser battle scenes Interested in historical, modern and futuristic vehicles for battle scenes. Would like to be able to both Pose and Animate.

New Dinosaurs beyond the traditional T-REX, Raptor and Horned plant eaters. Interested in water based and flying types. Something along the lines of the DAZ Eagle in capability except in a Dinosaur.

Create any of the above items of interest and you will have me as a customer.

By: Jeff Palmer on 6/20/02
I'd like to see a lot more in the way of sci-fi clothing and accessories for Michael, Victoria and Stephanie.

There's a ton of medieval armor and the like for these figures, but next to nothing in the way of "sci-fi" attire. What I have in mind is clothing similar to what we see the Jedi wearing in Star Wars, and military type overalls (that have shoulder padding) from Star Trek.

Actual military dress uniforms would be great as well.

By: maldowns on 7/2/02

By: maldowns on 7/2/02

By: batista on 7/16/02
Evil things: like things that hurt and cause pain; terrible, terrible pain, ooooh agony, like sharp needles and knives and scapels for special experiments, a basement like the one i have in my mother's uh i mean my house, and thumb tacks, and staples and furry gerbils for experimentations, got to go back to my dental work now hope to see some of you in my office soon, bye

By: Niles on 7/19/02
MM Boy Cloths!!! Please! A button down shirt,Polo shirt, vest , Jacket(suit). Poser art would improve with more common cloths and props, not everyone is looking to do half naked Vicky art. As for Vicky I would like to have some everyday "mom" cloths from historic to modern. But Please, Please , someone do some Kids cloths. Thanks Niles

By: songohan2001 on 8/10/02

By: Seliah on 8/12/02
MALE HAIR objects! LOL!! Anything from prehistoric to sci-fi. It is SO hard to find acceptable, decent male hair objects. There is a TON for the female characters, but nothing out there that's worth anything I've seen ... I'd be more than willing to shell out some cash for some decent male hair objects that are good conforming figures or at least easily manipulatable...

By: DokieMaster on 8/14/02
I would like a bum/wino-type male character, complete with dishevelled look - dirty raincoat, hat, etc.,

By: johnplay26 on 8/26/02
I would like a fully posable raven, I have only found one and it it doesn't pose very well

By: zoozI2000 on 9/2/02
'de like to see more special minimal sexi cloths for Vicki. (something like exotic dreams and spel caster)

I used to also want Backgrounds for underWater scenes, But I had to make and Upload myself to the MP. I just couldn't find good ones.

By: AshuraFin on 9/28/02
More ANIME! Preferrably for P4 standard, and Characters, not giant robots. Come on, it must be possible. I'd also like to say we can't all afford to drop Poser 4 like the proverbial live grenade (wraps self up un orange anorak and starts mumbling incoherently).

By: Alfons on 9/29/02
I'm looking for some dwarflike characters with clothes.

Skip this (forget my last message, i forgot this can't be done because of the movie rights) sorry!

By: tonyhag on 10/9/02
I would like a PT Cruiser Model and also some Moto GP models (Motorbikes)based on the Yamaha M1 and Rossi's RSV.


By: ywaters on 10/9/02
Actually, I would like to see better tutorials for creating props, like shoes, hair, clothes, etc. I am interested in making these things, but sometimes the tut can be a little hard to understand (*smile*).

By: FinalFantasy7Fan on 12/2/02
Me? I'd like to see some Manga characters, like FAKE! characters, and from X, too, that is, if anyone knows what I am talking about...=^.^=

By: jroussel on 12/8/02
How about some Victorian clothing and props for Vicky and Micheal? Am doing a pic right now and seem to spend more time looking for what I need than working on the picture.

By: yoshioka on 12/29/02
I am looking for a kimono for the p4nw character.

By: mahler on 5/29/03
Is anyone making 1920s or 1930s clothes? Or cars of that period?

By: MetalFusion on 6/12/03
Samurai armor with complete armor, swords, accessories, helmets would be sweet!

By: Anthro on 1/6/04
It might be a pipe dream but it would be nice to find more Battletech/Mechwarrior/Robotech mechs and dropships for Poser beyond what's/was available from royloo and darkwold in the free section. I also wish I could find some kneepads and military clothing/props similar to Solid Snake in the Metal Gear playstation games for P4 male. Oh, and p4 armor (expecialy realistic armor for the P4 woman none of this bikini brestplate stuff). Well to be honest more stuff for Poser 4 and 5 figures in general, everthing seems to be for Victoria, Vicky, Mike, etc.

By: Anthro on 1/6/04
Forgot to mention this last time, more and varied anthropomorphic characters and or add ons, just not as toony as the Furette or house mouse, sortta like the stuff done by Lemurek (Tobi, Lionheart, etc), only with paw pads, speech morphs, and a choice between digigrade(leg like animal) and platagrade(human) legs.

By: AntoniaTiger on 3/8/04
Anthro, while I don't know some of your specific examples, what you're asking for sounds good to me. Little_Dragon is working on a Furette 2 figure, which should be good, and did a remap of Lemurtek's Tobi, with texturemap for a cheetah, which works well.

Yes, I'd like to see some more good texturemaps.

By: Predatron on 3/10/04
I'd like more variations of armour for Orcs and Dwarves for the DAZ3D characters. Possibily more rough and ready, as what little there is seems far to clinical and smart. Also more realistic beards, bushy types, likes those you get on old hippy bikers, plus good wizard type hair props

By: wolfmanjim on 6/19/04
I'd like to see...

1) A hammock.
2) Lab coat for posette or Vicki 3.
3) Better African hair for Vicki 3.

By: baronsamedi on 4/5/07
More of this:
1- Science-fiction & Lovecraft MONSTERS
2- ALIEN morphs (heads, faces)
3- Military uniforms outside the US (20th-21st century)

By: Dreizehn13 on 4/8/09
I woud love to see more steam punk or neo victorien cothes, props and hats for v4 and m4. The sort of stuf that u might see in the online comick GirlGenius. Im partickualy intrested in the military uniforms the jager monsters are waring. The more varieashons the beter and if the pices are interchangeabull that woud be ausme.

By: mrestey on 7/20/09
I have been searching for a nice conforming Genie/Harem Girl outfit for V4. You know, kind of like what Barbara Eden used to wear on the TV show I Dream of Jeannie with the puffy shear leggings, ect.
That's one thing I would LOVE to see.

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