~NEW~ Free Downloads each week!
We now have a NEW section in the R'osity Flyer called Merchant Sponsor of the Week.

Each week we will feature a Free Product or Tutorial from a MarketPlace merchant.

The only way to get the free items is to sign up so that you receive the R'osity Flyer!

Previous Weekly Sponsors:
  • BlueBead - Poser Smart Prop tutorial (10/09/2002)
  • Daio - Horse Poses and Megan Low-Res texture map (10/16/2002)
  • DangerKitty - Daelyn character pak Lite (10/23/2002)
  • Gorodin - Leather SF Uniform Texture (10/30/2002)
  • Curio - Dragon Helm (11/06/2002)
  • Stormrage - Leather and velvet for Xurge's female goth outfit (11/16/2002)
  • andix - Variety pack of assorted Poser props (11/20/2002)
  • eowyn - Creating Poser RSR files : Tutorial (11/27/2002)
  • LadyJaiven - Victoria Faces and Lights (12/04/2002)
  • caleb68 - Spider Queen Bed (12/11/2002)
  • Exotica - Plants Sampler Pack (12/18/2002)
  • ElectricAardvark - Diamond Back Poser Figure (12/24/2002)

  • Make sure your profile is setup to get the Flyer by:
    Selecting My Profile on the side bar under Member Options.
    Select Yes for "Receive Email Updates?" and "Receive Special Offers and Promotions from the Sponsors of this Site?".
    Also make sure your E-Mail address is current.

    We are very excited about this new addition to the Flyer.

    Sign up today to take advantage of this each and every week!

    Thanks for being part of our community!
    MarketPlace Manager

    (Renderosity considers your E-Mail address confidential information)

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    Member Opinions:
    By: lfefer on 10/10/02
    Im agree in share knoledge it's important in order to expand our community.


    By: deemarie on 10/10/02
    Ohh this sounds like just TooOOo much fun. What a wonderful idea.

    By: Crusader on 10/10/02
    Really neat idea Templar

    By: ratboy on 10/10/02

    That'll be a great way for us neophytes to learn from the big dogs.

    By: broome on 10/10/02
    sound's good to me

    By: Grizz66 on 10/10/02
    i thank you all

    By: pokeydots on 10/10/02
    Wow!!! This is like icing on the cake!

    By: franztsx on 10/10/02
    It is a great IDEA, I like it too-much.

    By: Carolyn on 10/11/02
    Great! :)

    By: derjimi on 10/11/02
    "Receive Special Offers and Promotions from the Sponsors of this Site?".

    No, Thanks.

    By: Samd on 10/11/02
    Sounds good. Were do i sign up???

    By: Rhiannon on 10/11/02
    Excellent way to support the members, as well as support and introduce marketplace merchants that may not be as visible as others. Fun idea!


    By: Ameniatha on 10/11/02
    I think thats a great idea....Daz does it so why not Renderosity??

    By: janmp on 10/11/02
    I like this idea it s great

    By: Marque on 10/11/02
    If you already accept notices by email are you signed up?
    Thanks for doing this, I think it's great. I've bought stuff from people just because I've seen the quality of their freebies, so this is good.

    By: Penguinisto on 10/11/02
    Ugh. The inticement is nice, but I see two potential problems here:

    1) that item would've normally gone into Free Stuff anyway, and

    2) I get enough e-mail as it is, and my filters are already sagging under the incessant pile of "Offers" and pleas for assistance from various Nigerian dignitaries... oftentimes well over 60% of my mail is pure spam that gets jettisoned before it even hits my mailbox, and I pack in about 150 non-spam mails a day on my work account alone.

    So tell me, what is in this Flyer that will make it worth my while to let it hit my mailbox, or is it just a pile of adverts with a weekly freebie enclosed?


    By: quietwinds67 on 10/11/02
    sounds like a great idea

    By: SndCastie on 10/11/02
    Sounds great can't wait to check them out!!!

    By: BigRedKane on 10/11/02
    Sounds like a great idea, Clint....:-)

    By: HackWorthless on 10/11/02
    free is good. for what it is worth.

    By: cedarwolf on 10/11/02
    I am constantly amazed at the generosity of the art community here. I was never prepared for the amount of goodies shared and given away, but I've become like a child in a candy shop. I just don't have enough pockets to put all the goodies in. Thank you very much!

    By: infernobliss on 10/11/02
    Sounds great - but no doubt they will all be Poser downloads. *sigh*

    By: Rebecca Lee on 10/11/02
    I think I'm ready. ;-)

    By: kronz on 10/12/02
    Sound awsomely nice! Keep up the wonderful idea templer :)

    By: monteb on 10/12/02
    So cool !!!!

    By: Afrodite-Ohki on 10/12/02
    whoooooo this sounds GREAT! Thank you guys!

    By: GhostWizard on 10/12/02

    By: rilou77 on 10/12/02
    Perfection is also known as RENDEROSITY !

    By: teovez on 10/12/02

    By: Taksh on 10/13/02
    Wow!!! This is like icing on the cake!

    By: laevi on 10/13/02
    Good idea as such- but if it means beeing spammed by your "sponsors", they end up my ignore list a.s.a.p.
    And that list is TOO LONG already.

    By: Turtle on 10/13/02
    I love Free, but I buy a lot too, This is my no1 favorite site. :O)

    By: AKARO on 10/13/02
    Cool idea.

    By: zapper1977 on 10/13/02
    great i like it

    By: digger41 on 10/13/02
    i really like the way renderosity looks after it's members..THIS IS THE BEST GRAPHIC WEBSITE ON THE PLANET

    By: Houk on 10/13/02
    I like this idea it s great

    By: jdsgirl on 10/13/02
    I think it's great. I love getting new goodies!

    By: SylvieB92 on 10/14/02
    This is one excel idea which is going to allow us to know objects or authors, of whom we don't suspect necessarily existence, this site being very varied.
    And, why not, to direct our works to the other styles? Who knows?
    Thank you to you...:)

    By: yorisan on 10/14/02
    A very greatful idea !.....
    Instead going on Renderosity 10 hours per day, that will be 24h./24h. :-)

    By: moscardo on 10/14/02
    Wow!... good idea, friends!
    Thanks a lot!

    By: mon1alpha on 10/14/02
    How nice! Thank you all :)

    By: alburns on 10/14/02
    Absolutely...works for me!

    By: WeaBeast on 10/14/02
    That is a great idea, but will the downloads be poser dominated?

    By: Battleangel21 on 10/14/02
    very cool to expand ones knowledeg is essential

    By: tivao on 10/14/02
    The idea is great, but I agree with Penguinisto and derjimi. =/

    By: manolo12345 on 10/14/02
    too dificult to navigate in the free section
    why don't you distribute it in sections?

    By: Metrini on 10/14/02

    By: Vermillion on 10/14/02
    I'm always looking for nifty freestuff to help me out. This sounds very cool. :)

    By: mindy6886 on 10/15/02
    wonderful, thanks

    By: Metrini on 10/15/02
    great idea!

    By: cermit on 10/15/02

    By: leazo on 10/15/02
    It is very nice! Thanks

    By: j_slide on 10/15/02
    I think its just another good idea on a pile of ideas from Renderosity... my only comment to the detractors is if you dont like the idea then dont subscribe to the flyer... no reason to complain...

    By: kaszpir on 10/16/02

    By: poisonskin on 10/16/02
    Love it!!!

    By: mmb527 on 10/16/02
    renderosity rocks

    and you can quote me

    By: mglant on 10/16/02
    go for it!

    By: ghst32 on 10/16/02
    great idea for sure!

    By: cristal on 10/17/02
    that's great! where can i sign to subscribe?

    By: koncz on 10/17/02
    Great News, thanks for this.:)

    By: peterpan on 10/17/02
    wonderful idea

    By: shogakusha on 10/17/02
    I'm all signed up...when is the next flyer? Nothing in my inbox.

    By: Katoran on 10/18/02
    So, does the download only work for one day? I work out of town Monday through Thrusday, and the flyer showed up on Wednesday. I just got home (on Thursday night) and I can't download the files. I get an error saying "Error, no file id was specified" And that's it. I'm not sure I'm impressed yet.

    By: BlueBeard on 10/18/02
    For those of you who missed the first freebie, it is on my artist's page, down near the bottom, under file downloads at


    By: MotherDog on 10/18/02
    great idea, free is good, and the small number of grouchy people responding is comforting

    By: macone on 10/18/02
    Great idea, but when does this flyer come? Its like waiting for christmas...;-)

    By: CAD-MAN on 10/19/02
    Very fine!!! Many Thanks :-))))

    By: artistheat on 10/20/02
    I have signed up from day one and I still haven't recieved anything.....Don't make me shake my computer....lol

    By: SophiaDeer on 10/20/02
    Thank you so much! This is wonderful!

    By: PabloS on 10/20/02
    I'm all signed up too...haven't seen a thing.

    By: Kurgen on 10/21/02
    Ive always been signed up and i think Ive seen about 3 emails from Renderosity in all that time (excluding purchase reciepts etc, get too many of them lol) and I certinly didnt recieve this one.
    Remember the Wizards rules...
    'The most harm can come from the best of intentions"

    By: yossam on 10/22/02
    Last flyer I received was 10-3-02. Nothing since.

    By: sburks on 10/22/02
    I think this is a great idea. In this day and age trust is earned. Renderosity has earned my trust. It's the "partners" than concern me. They may not have the same sentiment toward this growing customer base which will soon be at their disposal. Will they respect us or abuse us ??

    By: shante on 10/22/02
    sounds neat but nothing here tells me where I can sign up to get it. can someone IM me to let me know?

    By: STORMCLOUD on 10/23/02
    Mosst Perplexing after reading all the post .
    i would have to agree with the majority if not all here. this is a MOST EXCELLENT site. but tis a biz. , im glad they are able to keep focus on the people who make it. this is how we have fun and eek out a living as apposed to (WORK ) for a living (sorry for the 4letter word there.you can edit it out.
    so i have no life.. im snowed in 6mnths out of the yr ! ... but i would have to add my $1 (you thinking 2 cents . ..with inflation ? )

    No matter where you go there you are

    By: violator on 10/23/02
    VERY GOOD!!!

    By: Ghostlake114 on 10/24/02
    Good,i 'm very poor

    By: mysticman on 10/24/02
    Good idea

    By: shogakusha on 10/25/02
    Is anyone reading these? I for one, and it seems a number of other members are all registered and signed up in our profiles, but I have yet to get an email telling me there is an update or where to go to find it.
    I think this is a great idea for spotlighting your MP Partners, but this isn't working so well.

    By: Blazerwiccan on 10/25/02
    I am signed up as well and have not gotten anything yet either. I have missed I think the last 3 or 4 flyers. Sounds like a good idea though.

    By: SndCastie on 10/25/02
    Yes when does this start haven't gotten one since the first of the month and none since you posted this. I have always gotten them weekly before.

    By: macone on 10/26/02
    Is there anybody who has get a flyer with the link to the freebies? I don't think so...

    By: musicat on 10/26/02
    i used to get flyers but im not getting them? i have aol & usually get the receipts but the flyers are missing?

    By: tman on 10/26/02
    i agree with what cedarwolf said----i feel like a child in a candy shop.it floors me at the tightness of community on this site..i am very very happy to belong to this site.i can not say it enough..thank-you big guys at renderosity and thank-you to all the artist who are members and share their skill with us little guys

    By: nitras on 10/26/02
    The idea is great - but the links in the flyer don't work - and the flyers don't come each week

    By: catlin_mc on 10/26/02
    I've had Yes to "accept email updates" for ages and as yet have not received a single flier.

    By: SndCastie on 10/28/02
    well clicked on the links to past freebies and no links there to for freebies just takes you to their marketplace pages? Am I missing something!

    By: stenographics on 10/29/02
    Same thing has happened to me like catin mc: I've had Yes to "accept email updates" and as yet have not received a flier.
    I've done something wrong?

    By: SndCastie on 10/29/02
    I personally think whoever is monderating this message should at least answer some of the questions posted here!! We would like some answers please!!!

    By: SndCastie on 10/30/02
    just heard from Clint there is a problem with the flyers they are working on it and hope to have it solved soon hope this helps :O)

    By: purrfectdrug on 10/30/02
    I agree with the last few messages posted here about not receiving the R'osity Flyer so what is there left to do? Well, try what I'm trying..send a direct email to the staff stating your problem and making sure the email address that you are sending it from is the same that you have posted under your profile here. :) I'll keep you posted on if this works or not :o

    By: macone on 10/31/02
    I got the flyer today!!!

    By: cameosis on 11/2/02
    i didnít get any flyer.

    By: Bryde on 11/2/02
    I've had the same problem - everything is set up to get those thingies and didn't get any of them. Sent a mail to Clint and he has sent me those 4 missing flyers so that I could download all the missing files! Now I hope I am set up right to get the next flyers automatically. So everyone who is having problems with not getting the flyers email Clint to let him know.

    By: mrsparky on 11/3/02
    OK, as long as theres not too much spam

    By: kryten on 11/4/02
    I only got an email about Daelyn.

    By: Patout6 on 11/6/02
    i am still waiting for the flyers , i am set up right but!
    thanks Patout6

    By: philgreg on 11/6/02
    Great Idea, I need to learn the idiots guide ..3d seems so Mathy to me, I just wanna do ART!

    By: Staale on 11/8/02
    Free stuff and free tutorials, what will they think of next, maybe a forum!?!?

    It's just and idea;)

    By: martial on 11/11/02
    I just check my profil and it is ok but i did not receive flyer

    By: jbe_ZORG on 11/15/02
    I am signed up but I still haven't recieved anything : (

    renderosity is Nį 1 I love IT : )

    By: EarthTrex on 11/15/02
    thankyou Renderosity and all the merchants involved with "Merchant Sponsor of the Week". Its a wonderful incentive to us all to check out the products and at the same time offer us freebies along the way.

    By: Mahna on 11/19/02
    I lost my free download when I reformatted. AOL did something to all my mail:*(
    I wanted it, is there any way to get a new one???
    Thank you all for these fantastic freebies, I want them too!! I checked my page and am signed up for them, and I thought I saw it, but now it is gone.

    By: bclaytonphoto on 11/19/02
    How about something other than Poser stuff, Not everyone runs that app..Nothing against it..

    By: mrs_fish on 11/21/02
    I'm signed up to get the newsletter, but I'm not able to get any of the free stuff with Hotmail. When I click on the link, it opens up in another window but in a Hotmail frame. When I sign in to Renderosity, I get an error stating 'no id specified'. Is there any way to work around this?

    By: ajb1018 on 11/23/02
    sound good to me

    By: artistheat on 11/26/02
    I have not gotten one of the freestuff yet...Don't know why:(...I did everything I was suppose to.

    By: spatrx on 11/27/02
    no comment,i think i'll wait to see if it panz out...

    By: kwaku on 12/15/02
    This is refreshing to learn there is a family
    of design. A very necessary site/platform.

    By: antovasa on 12/18/02
    I just check my profil and it is ok but i did not receive flyer

    By: ashishthegreat on 12/18/02

    By: Eduardodapy on 1/2/03
    great idea!!

    By: iansicko666 on 1/16/03
    mrs_fish just copy and paste the link into the address bar of another IE window!
    Hehe i hate hotmail too!

    By: kassbell on 1/19/03
    I think it is a great idea and I already receive the News Letter and enjoy it. Very informative.


    By: Koshsv on 1/21/03
    Its great!!! ... kool Idea

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