Renderosity Banner Contest!!

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We are looking for three banners to Display on Renderosity and have decided to make a contest of it.

We will award the three that we select a Dark Props CD containing over 46 Static Props, 10 Posable Props and 20 alien skin textures done by our own Traveler. You can learn more about this CD by visiting the Traveler's Morph World link found on the menu to your right under Web Resources!

Contest Specifics are as follows....

Banner Size: No larger than 468x80 and no smaller than 378x80

Banner can be 16 million colors but no larger than 1 meg in size and must not be considered Erotica...

All Entries must be in on Wednesday, December 29 1999 and the winners will be annouced on midnight, December 31st. If you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me at:

Good Luck!!
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Member Opinions:
By: MDesigner on 12/5/99
We need some serious details on this, such as:

1) What file format do you want them in? You say no larger than 1meg in size, so that would seem you might want TIF. Or PSD?
2) And are we simply to e-mail them to you?


By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/7/99
I appologize, they can be in .GIF or .JPG format and can be a little over a meg in size but not too much.

Yes, please mail them to


By: SmallFry on 12/8/99
Are you looking for animated or still banners? Or both?

Since I do web stuff for a living, I was kind of surprised to see the file sizes you're willing to accept. For example, America Online would have a fit over a 1 meg file. I just wanted to make sure is all.


By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/8/99
You heard right SmallFry :o)

The image can be 1 meg in size to get clear color depth and results!!


By: smirk on 12/8/99
I'm of the same mind as Smallfry on this one.
1 meg is an extremely large file for a web graphic in .gif or .jpg format. Are you planning to optimize or should we do it? In other words, do you want a final piece or something you can scale/crop on your own.


p.s. do you want Poser to be the main software used or is it a free for all?

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/9/99
Hi Smirk,

Actually I was thinking about doing the scaling down, but if you wish to, that is alright also. And no, it doesn't have to be done by Poser, it can even be done in freehand.

This is a forum, not just for Poser users, but any graphic user :o)


By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/10/99
No there isn't a limit to the number of Banners you wish to submit. And I have to admitt ignorance in the area of shockwave. I am not sure if the banner program that we use supports it. I guess the only way to find out is to try it :o)


By: Airam on 12/11/99
I just noticed you forgot to answer smallfry as to if they can be animated or still banners.

By: 2ndPlanet on 12/11/99
In order for someone to view shockwave they have to have the plug-in. So as a web designer I would shy away from it. Thats just my opinion.

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/11/99
Hmm...I see there is some minor confusion here. Let, me please clarify.

The Banner will be Renderosity's new Logo and will be posted on the forum and also used as banners for other sites to link to ours.

Something like: Renderosity The Graphic Forum.. or somthing to that effect. Be creative and feel free to send in as many submissions that you like :o)


By: kits on 12/12/99
Jack If your goint to stick a 1mb banner on the top of a page you ain't going to be a very popular person

Chris S

By: cloudclimber on 12/13/99
do we have time till the 29. dec. to send them in, or does it end today (better yesterday), as it says on the calendar...

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 12/13/99
actually it ends on the 29th, sorry about the confusion, it seems the calander program doesn't work as well as I would like it too...

Sorry about that.


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