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Member Opinions:
By: quesswho on 11/29/99
just wanted to drop a note saying that I really like the way you keep your site working and up to date. Your web resources section is great now I can clean up my bookmarks. If I had more knowledge and wasn't just learning all of this stuff I would see if there anything I could do.
I find this site very friendly and I don't feel that I shouldn't have an opinion here. Thanks for the great friendly site.

By: Styxx on 12/17/99
What can I say, Ever since I discovered this site, My skills have grown in leaps and bounds! I would like to express my deepest most heartfelt thanks to all the people who make this site what it is. Your time and effort has been a god-send to us all. You all belong in the internet hall of fame. Again, thank you for all that you do. Without you I would still be saying "what is a morph target?" instead of creating my own custom figures!

By: nerd on 12/19/99
When y'all took over this site you promised to make it into the ultimate CG resource on the net. 2-D, 3-D, Animation or otherwise.

Ya did it. This place is great.

By: goido on 12/28/99
I love the site but I have not been able to post an image to the galleries, I always get the same warning about the thumbnail not being the right size, even when I don't supply one!!!
Any suggestions??

By: NicholasPhelps on 1/17/00
Hi there,

Great site. Congrats!
How about setting up a forum for Vue?

Kind regards.

By: R-man on 1/19/00
I like the idea of being able to "view by best ranking", but it is misleading. For example 5.0 rated art with 100 viewings is rated higher than one with 600 viewings. Besides being ranked, to avoid a "tie" they then should be ranked according to how people have viewed them, or better yet, to be more precised, how many people have rated them. Just a thought.

By: Xav on 1/20/00
What a good site! I've just added your banner in my site and give your URL to all 3d friends of mine.
Xavier Taris

By: Pierre on 1/26/00
This is my favorite hangout, I love this site.
If I could be of any assistance keeping this site
in the air please let me know, but I dont know
what I could do.

By: Pierre on 1/26/00

My question: why can't I see the ratings on the
thumnail page at the 2D gallery, I know I can if I
open an image, but I would like to see it the same
as the CG Gallerry.

Or am I a pain kn

By: jje on 1/31/00
Hi y'all
Small problem...
I've a new e-mail address
and I'll be dumping the old one

Can I get that changed on my membership here?


By: jje on 1/31/00
Oh Bother!

I'm an idiot. I just found my profile

false alarm....


By: billpleis on 2/14/00
I have a new E-mail address, so I went into my member profile and changed it there. Then I posted a graphic to one of the galleries here (actually it was at Renderotica) and waited, as is my wont, for the comments to pour in. One did, but I wasn't notifed by E-mail that it did. I used to be notified instantaneously. Does this have something to do with my address change? Is there another way I need to notify you I've changed it other than in my member profile?

By: Marie on 2/16/00
Good, I hope this IS reviewed! So if I am a member of Renderosity, I am automatically a member of Rendererotica?? And I get E mails with your naked women banner, asking me if I want to continue to be a member??? Does this mean that because I visit your website, I WILL remain a "member" of both?? I must say that I am really tired of all the "erotica"...and am coming back here less and less...wish you could actually segregate the subjects, so we have a CHOICE of what we view!

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 2/16/00
Marie, no, you are not automatically a member at Renderotica if you are a member at Renderosity. What happened was when we "Spawned" the other forum, unfortunately everyone that was listed as a member at Renderosity, also got listed at Renderotica...thus, one of the reasons we are notifing everyone to log into the site(s) that they visit within thirty days or they will have to rejoin.

I apologize for this hassle, but the only way I could let people know that we planned to clean out the "Unused" members, was to notify everyone that if they didn't want to go through the hassle of rejoining, that they would have to visit at least once this month.

Again, sorry for the problem.


By: estee on 3/1/00
Hi, I joinned the forum, and it looks very impressinve, but I'm a little confused. Where do I post questions about using Poser4? I need to contact someone that could me some clothing for my figures, but have no idea where to go. Thank you for your help, and forgive my ignorance.

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 3/1/00

You can post your questions in the Poser Forum, there are allot of people there that will be able to help you out in your questions.


By: DAD on 3/5/00
Jack or whoever,

I've asked this before and I'm asking again. What's a guy got to do to get a listing in the Resource links on the side bar??? My new site,, has been up now for over a month and is doing quite well, but every little bit helps. Please advise.

David Deschamphelaere

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 3/8/00

Your Site has been added to the sidebar links, sorry it took so long :o)


By: beyond6 on 4/5/00
This is really a great site! It has given me a great forum for displaying my projects & recieving more hits than I would have had on my own! Thanks for the great job!!!

By: beyond6 on 4/7/00
Hello? How do I get my name listed in the members section, & how do I get my name in the referrals section to point to my page? AAAANNND, why does Renderosity keep posting a "Red Warning" that it dosent detect a link at my site! Its there! I swear it, man!!!!

By: Vraylle on 4/10/00
I need to update my email address, but the "My Profile" page doesn't provide the means to change it (it only displays it). How do I change it?

By: Glengarry on 4/11/00
Jack and Gang,

This site is fantastic and has a real sense of community. I'm constantly learning, thanks to this site and the members who share their knowledge and time.

Thanks for being the best.


By: Varian on 4/13/00
Hey guys,

I had a dream, and in that dream I came to Renderosity and found a new 3D Models/Meshes FreeStuff section! This was so excellent! No more need to wade through pages of proprietary formats that are difficult or impossible to convert without the mother program (PZ-anything, OBP, MAX)...but easily finding widely-usable formats open for use with any program (DXF, 3DS, OBJ) or readily converted as needed (LWO, COB, 3DMF). The FreeStuff areas for Poser, Bryce, Vue etc. also became more fun, as items in there were always *specific* to those programs (props, textures, materials, lights).

Wouldn't it be cool if that dream could come true?


By: Spanfarkle on 4/13/00
Is there already or could there be a gallery to upload animations. Make req. that they be within a time limit, certain dimensions etc. in order to conserve space?

By: hinchu on 4/25/00
I was wondering if on the comment submission for images if you could make the text input longer and also include the MAXLENGTH attribute because I ALWAYS end up typing too much and it never gets displayed correctly and I have to resubmit several times.

By: kazbear on 4/27/00
What would it take to get an Adobe Dimensions section added?

By: dimension7 on 5/2/00
Yes, I have the same problem with tonyreese. I would like to change the e-mail address listed as my old one was deleted accidentally. My new address is

By: Elrond on 5/9/00
Not so much an opinion, as it is a problem. I joined Renderosity from my computer at home through my provider....Idirect. I have also logged in at work. Now it seems that I do not have a log out option at my work address, ( I am always logged in it seems ) Yet I am not able to log in at home, which is where I really wish to login from, since I may wish to post something in the near future...
What can be done to correct this problem ?
Please send any replies to my personal email at
Any advise would be appreciated...Thanks..M.C. McCurry

By: JonVon on 5/11/00
Why don't you activate a routine to allow us Renderosity's users to send out artworks to the Galleries via enail, other than the web online method? I usually have difficulties in sending my pictures to the Galleries, due to international connection problems, and if I could send you my pictures via email it would be a GREAT help!!!

What about? To me, it isn't matter the online activation time for the pictures, it's mostly important to have the actual possibility to SEND the pictures to Renderosity!!!

Best regards,

Alessandro "JonVon" Vannini

By: jsot1 on 5/12/00
I will be getting a new e-mail address in a few days. Do I apply for a new membership at that time, or do I have my current profile edited?

By: Viomar on 5/12/00
Hi! I tried to buy something on your store...
Gives me an error message(I noticed the USA & state fields, but no Province or toher country)
Could that cause it?? (I'm rom canada).


By: Daffy34 on 5/14/00
Hi. Just a small complaint....I have no way to edit my membership info. My email address has changed and I have no way to change that in my member info. Any suggestions?

By: Wynter on 5/14/00
I assume since I saw no tips on how to
change ones email, that you do it. My new
email is

Thanks for a great site!

By: Art on 5/24/00
Your efforts have been and are greatly appreciated in posting and maintaining such a great vehicle for like minds to meet.
However, (don't ya hate that word) I noticed that the renderotica forum is now operating at light's there! Now if something similar could just be done for Renderosity because it's so v..e..r..y s..l..o..w
Thanks and best regards,
- Art -
PS. it's slow for me to change pages and click on images and I'm running a cable modem. I can imagine what the other's are experiencing. If a donation is in order to obtain bandwidth, server space, etc., simply post it as such. I feel the response would be tremendous. Most people don't mind contributing for a good cause.
Thanks again.

By: momodot on 5/30/00

First off, I apreciate this site tremendously and all the work you guys do. I'm really sad about the BS the store has generated and people lack of regard for your sacrifices. Thank you.

Now there is something I am interested in, maybe its the librarian in me, it is a voluntery registry by special interest. A raw unjuried list of URLs of Poser Forum members by catagories relating to how thier figures are rendered... for example: Realism (no post-processing), Realism (post-processing), Painterly, Filter Effects, Sci Fi and Cyborgs, Fantasy, Fairies, Celebraty, Portraits, Anime, Super hero, Cartoon, Glamour and R-rated erotic. The catagories to be suggested by the community.

Anyway, I'm loath to ask you guys to do MORE work, but I thought I'ld ask before I went and tried to do it on my own, if you did want to host this list I would certainly provide the labor (unless one of you actually wants to).

I don't think the idea duplicates the Ring since it would be more comprehensive in maybe getting a greater portion of the membership than the ring can accomodate and it would allow people with a given interest to just grind through the URLs as a way to see what is being done.

I would ask submission to suggest catagory but retaining the authority to ultimatly assign them, require that the images or downloads be Poser of/for *figures* or *charecters* as opposed to props, be no deeper than one click from the submited URL, and not feature sexual violence.

What do ya think?


By: smithgiant on 6/1/00
Okay...maybe I'm deaf, dumb and blind...but for the life of me, I cannot see/find how to respond to those who have left comments about my images in the "art galleries".

Help from anyone would be appreciated.



By: Billy on 6/4/00
Love the site but when I try and order anything from the store I always get this message-
CC Processing Failure!
AVS Failed: Problem connecting to the AVS server, please try again.
Help me out guys, please.

By: Olivier on 6/14/00
Renderosity is not a good site.
Renderosity is a divine site!!!
Many sections with many choices, lots of excellent works (by you, members, and you Jack), beautiful galleries!
A huge and quality site!
Well... humm... definitively, I don't see what's not perfect. Sorry.
Oops! Perhaps I see: some europeans members and I have many problems with the store (a f***ing "CC failure! Bad money" error message. It is quite annoying when we see such good things to buy!
Thank you Jack! As Nerd said: ya did it! This place is GREAT!!!

By: ironfixer on 6/17/00
Excuse me, but, one slight problem. I have a link on my site and I have even had someone sign up through my site, but I still see that blasted "we have scanned your site and can't find the link" line. What gives with that?

By: seeker on 6/26/00
Well I have a problem. For three days I haven't managed to enter any of the forums. I keep constantly getting this message
Undefined variable referenced 'Application.FontFace'
What can I do to fix it? Please help.

By: jcorvera on 6/27/00
Your page is great but i had troubles in the login
even when i try to susbcribe a serval times.

By: iron on 7/10/00
This site is a fantastic source of inspiration and models...
But I still want more!
Can you tell me how to buy anything in the Store knowing I am living in Europe.
Please... Help....

By: artnik on 7/10/00
I cleaned out my cookie jar, recently. I do that every so often to clear disk space. I've done it before. I know I have to re-register, and I did, but for some reason it didn't seem to re-activate the "send email to notify of answers" function. Is it my side or yours? I'm back on the list, I know that.

By: seang on 7/13/00
Renderosity I can't live without you!!! Please
can you tell me how to change me email
address? There is no option for that in the "My
Profile" section.

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 7/15/00
Sean, glad you love us!! Please e-mail your new e-mail address and he will change it for you :o)


By: Marty188 on 7/18/00
Well hello everybody! I just joined today and am looking forward to looking around and participating.


By: kealii on 7/18/00
Great site!

Tried to download a purchase (bryce alien skies by ken) and it
came out in gibberish. Please advise!

By: misty on 7/18/00
How can I change my E-Mail address. I have move to a new net is my new one the old one was

By: Doran on 8/9/00
I cant get your site to respond to my upload. I have tried to upload a picture into the Poser gallery. each time I try it says 'Web site found, waiting for reply...' and There is never a reply. My setting are fine so it must be on your end of the line. Will this be fixed?


By: hazzard2K on 9/6/00
hey guys i' cant log on the chat room a 'unable to find host message' is displayed. what is wrong ..? ok thanks for your time...

By: hazzard2K on 9/6/00
hey guys i' cant log on the chat room a 'unable to find host message' is displayed. what is wrong ..? ok thanks for your time...

By: Ironbear on 9/6/00
GREAT work on the site, ya'll. Btw, did we really have 692 members on line this afternoon? We be popular, or what? I've watched this site grow a lot since I joined earlier this year, and I've been happy that I made this my online home. Great site, great people, great artwork... what more could you want.

Hmmm... that reminds me. I know I keep chewing on this, but we really need a way to link from our Gallery images to our Renderosity Homepages. So, I guess ya can want more, eh?

By: wagner on 9/8/00
Yes, Hazzard. I have the same problem. is seems as if the chat doesn't work at the moment ....

By: frufru22 on 12/15/00
Nice site , however some links on the 3d max tutorial page are down, typicaly the very ones
I need, the ones about using poser textures in max .
could u ave a look
thanx frufru

By: PatGoltz on 3/14/01
I joined the 2D3D webring, or so I thought. When I looked, I saw no evidence it was there. There is also no convenient way to check that I can determine. I had to look at the entire ring to see if my site was still there. The way I understand it, unless a certain number of people click on the icon, my site is not allowed to remain on the webring. Since I have no control over how many people click on the icon, I feel it is not fair to take my site off the webring for that reason. Why should I keep the icon on my site if I won't get any hits from it? This means that only Renderosity will benefit unless a certain number click from my site, and yet, people won't find my site unless it is on the ring and would therefore not click on the icon.

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