June AOM Voting!

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June AOM Voting!
JUNE 2002 Artist of the Month Nominees

The AOM Nominations are in!

Since this is a relatively new method for selecting the Renderosity Artist of the Month, we've put together this short Q&A to explain how it works:

So who is on the AOM committee, and what do they do?

The AOM committee is a group of at least 10 Renderosity members who, each month, submit a list of no less than 6 Renderosity artists to Renderosity's administrative team of who they think is an outstanding artist worthy of the AOM accolade. Members of the AOM Committee are to remain anonymous --this is to keep the members from being harassed or 'courted' for votes).

Once the nominations are submitted, the adminstration compiles a list of those artists nominated and sorts the list by their ranking. The top 12 nominees are then selected for presentation to the community so that voting may occur.

The committee comes from as diverse set of backgrounds / talents / tastes / countries as possible to help ensure that no single genre, technique, or style is chosen time after time. Some AOM committee members are chosen specifically as "wildcard" members to help ensure a broad range of nominations. No Renderosity administrator or moderator is on the AOM committee.

Do the committee members communicate with each other to come up with their nominations?

No. Each member of the committee works on their own to come up with a list of nominees. They don't even know who the other members of committee are! This prevents committee members from getting together to 'rig' a contest or discuss candidates.

What criteria do the committee use to select their nominations?

Basically the AOM committee members are asked to take into consideration the following criteria:
  • An AOM nominee should have in their gallery a body of work that is created using the software/genre for the month in question.

  • There should be more than just a sprinkling of that type of image, demonstrating a good foundation in and mastery of the software/genre.

  • Several elements should be balanced and considered when selecting a nominee --things like technical expertise, mood, message, design and content should be taken into consideration. The weight assigned to each element is strictly up to the AOM committee member. That is, if they feel strongly enough about a nominee's ability in any or all of the elements mentioned, they should feel free to nominate that artist.

  • The nominee's gallery should have fairly recent postings to it. (There are quite a few members who are no longer active and therefore no longer available for the follow up interview. We want to make sure that the AOM is available to participate in our follow up interview and hopefully for the AOY selection as well.)

Each month, committee members are to focus on specific galleries. This give a larger variety of members an opportunity to participate in the AOM. The Artist of the Month schedule for 2002:
  • January - Terragen / Bryce / Vue d'Esprit

  • February - Animation Master / Maya / TrueSpace

  • March - All Galleries

  • April - Worldbuilder / MojoWorld

  • May - 3D Studio MAX / Lightwave

  • June - Poser

  • July - Carrara / Cinema 4D / Strata 3D

  • August - 2D / Photography

  • September - Fractal / Imagine / Other Apps

  • October - Z-Brush / Digital Comics

  • November - Rhino / Amorphium / Amapi

  • December - Mixed Medium

How do you pick the thumbnails to represent each nominee?

After an AOM committee member nominates an artist, they are requred to also provide the image which best represent the talent and strength of the nominee. When the administration puts the voting page together, these thumbnails are then used to allow members to get a quick summary of nominees to help them decide who to vote for.

What happens when there is a tie for nominees?

In the event of a tie for the 12th candidate, the administration will cast the tie breaking vote for nominees. This tie breaker will be scientifically selected by running the nominees in question, along with thier their artwork through a parallel quantum molecular emotive neural processing system to determine which of the tied candidates makes it into the final AOM voting process. In the event that the parallel quantum molecular emotive neural processing system fails to reach a conclusive decision, the administration will resort to flipping a coin.

Can anyone be on the AOM committee?

ABSOLUTELY!! (Well any Renderosity member who is neither an Administrator, or Moderator is eligible for AOM committee participation.)

If you are interested in becoming an AOM committee member, you will be required to sign a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement. (This is a serious responsibility as committee members are entrusted to select those Renderosity members for the AOM process. We want to insure, to the best of our abilities that AOM committee members are as serious about this as we are.)

AOM committee members should be:
  • willing to stay relatively current on gallery posts (especially the month's software/genre in question for AOM nominations)

  • be able to set aside personal bias to evaluate candidates on ALL criteria and weigh things like message versus technique versus style.

  • be willing to explore and learn about various art techniques and styles and even research a bit about software to see what types of things are 'software gimmicks and quick filters.' Knowing what is 'common' for the software in question often helps identify those artists who employ innovation and exhibit a real mastery of their chosen artistic methods.

  • be able to resist the temptation to let personal feelings toward another member effect their evaluation of that member's talent -- personal friendships/animosities should NEVER EVER interfere with your ability to judge a nominee's work fairly.

  • enjoy viewing lots of great art!
If this is something that you think you would like to do, just send an email to:

admin@renderosity.com and introduce yourself.

Enough already! So, who is up for nomination this month?

Okay, here they are in alphabetical order (click on a thumbnail or the Artist's name to be taken to their Renderosity Gallery):








Laurie S





Special thanks go to kbennett, for lending a much needed hand to get this page set up!

Voting is now over!

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Member Opinions:
By: mf193 on 6/1/02
While im voting...i am somewhat disgusted with the fact that all the nominees are generally poser related....I think we need more diversity amongst the nominees.

By: audre on 6/1/02
mf193, sorry i forgot to add that additional information about the monthly 'topic' to the Q&A section. i've just updated the article to reflect that now. :-)

By: ladynimue on 6/1/02
What an excellent and fair concept for nominating the artist of the month. Thanks for the Q&A.

By: Sipapu on 6/1/02
Thanks for all the great info on the nomination process. It's good to know that so much thought and care go into it.

And what a wonderful result! It'll be verrry difficult to make a selection, that's for sure.

By: kromekat on 6/1/02
mf193...er... that's because it's a poser nomination month this month - that was available prior to this q&a section as I saw it!

Great batch of artists, the choice is very hard this month!

By: Eowyn on 6/1/02
I am SO HAPPY the nominees are now selected by a committee... finally we have a list of true masters from which to choose instead of people being nominated simply cos enough of their friends went and nominated them :P

By: SkoolDaze on 6/1/02
This is very cool, I really like this new method of choosing nominees... and I agree, it is going to be tough to choose this month for sure.

Oh, where can I get one of those parallel quantum molecular emotive neural processing do-hickey things? I could use one for work :)

By: ronmolina on 6/1/02
Ohhh myyy! It is going to be tough picking one this month.

By: thephreak on 6/1/02
idd Ron, it has been a tough decission picking the best artist, because they are all great...

By: pixilator on 6/1/02
This is the hardest choice yet!Just spent the last hour browsing all the galleries.My hats off to "ALL" the artist,truely some great work from everybody!If I could vote for all of you I would!

By: melodygm on 6/1/02
I would say that all the nominees are winners. This was definitely a hard decision to make. Congrats to all for making it this far!

By: Slynky on 6/1/02
well, elHarry's giving me the finger... not a way to win my vote over, lol

By: mechmorph on 6/2/02
Congratulations to all the nominees. You all do outstanding work. It's a tough decision this month.

By: dadamson on 6/2/02
There is just so much talent here. I am glad I don't have the job of selecting the nominees, it will hard enough to narrow it to one choice for the voting!

By: McF on 6/2/02
damn, it's not an easy choice! so many great works and different artists here..

By: dreamsosweet on 6/2/02
Thanks for the Q&A - it looks like a very well thought out and fair system - and it sure came up with some outstanding nominees this month, looks like it's working! :-)

By: boblowery on 6/2/02
I will finally vote for the AOM now that the process has become fair to all. My thanks go to the people who developed this system and I hope that it will continue. Now to go check the galleries and then to the vote. Thank you again.

By: lynde on 6/2/02
I agree, this month is was really hard for me to choose...there were actually about 3 people I wanted to vote for...anyway good luck to everyone..:)

By: Curio on 6/3/02
beton's image is from the bryce gallery btw - not that I mind. I think this new method is very worthwhile!

By: RobinOberg on 6/3/02
i doubt he modelled that in bryce. i vote for "none of the above", too bad that is not an option...

By: specs2 on 6/3/02
Well, I think ToxicAngel is a great artist, but wasn't he on last month? Or was that spot light?

By: Osirusblue on 6/3/02
Good grief... this is going to be something akin to impossible for me to choose! Thank God the list is only this long!

By: zorares on 6/3/02
I don't know, I kind of like the old method better. It was a whole lot easier to vote. I mean look at the contestants! Too many favorites! Sure, you new method is better, but it sure makes it harder!

By: Seven Wolves on 6/3/02
I want to thank the board for making the choice as difficult as they possibly could have! No doubt whomever wins this is more than deserving of the award. I agree with the new selection process. I want to see someone get this on their artistic merits, and not a popularity contest.

By: thebert on 6/3/02
Congrats, to all and gook luck

By: Pontigary on 6/3/02
Too-o tough task, really!
First of all it is hard to choose as everyone has it's own criteria. The second reason is each artist has individual advantages that are hardly compared (in some cases we need a bike in other - a limo) I. e. one artist is great in poses the other makes exceptional compositions, the third one achieves fantastic photorealism etc. Perhaps there will be reasonable to have some separate nominations: e. g. for Poser it could be
- pose
- expression
- overall composition
- textures & photorealism

By: Pontigary on 6/3/02
Why not have some nominations within each "application category": photorealism, expression, composition, etc. We cannot compare 3DLabs to Tyan - each has individual advantages.

By: Shademaster on 6/4/02
Mmmm...chosing is very difficult this month, I choose beton for being slightly controversial, I like that. That doesn't mean the others are bad or something, they'r all good.

By: ywaters on 6/4/02
I would actually like to know how would someone be nominated for AOM.

By: kromekat on 6/4/02
vwaters, thats exactly whats being explained above! - by commitee

By: bclaytonphoto on 6/6/02
I'm glad we've moved to a better system, instead of who has the most alias names, or who is a member of the church of the sub genius..I know i'll catch a bunch of sh*t of that comment..but i don't care !!!

By: IsauraS on 6/6/02
How about keeping it simple next time and giving only 3 to pick from?

By: -Klaus on 6/6/02
Think the same as mf193: A Poser choice...

_Voted for beton, because he's the most imaginative guy... but I don't agree with this restricted "Poserist" choice: First, I think that the nominees, excepted one or two, are not the best artists on Renderosty, you have on your site a bigger gallery of artists than the French Louvre Museum: What you have is a virtual artistic "Alexandrie Library: I don't understand why on Rendeosity, Poser "erotic" poor quality artistic stuff (or merchandise) always have more privileges than other software and the artists related to . And it makes me ask this question:
Does Poser own Renderosity ? I am VERY disapointed. Because we have great artists here. I would say geniuses ! The talent of some artists is huge. I Never see them appear: It was okay for ToxicAngel, although I really think he should do less "erotic" things,
This site is one of the new century Virtual best Imagery museum of the world. More than in any other site, maybe it will be one day a real huge museum. !!! So, why this relative poor choice ?
_I am not saying the Nominees have no talent: I just say they are far away to be amongst the best artits we have here. I say I am sorry the Jury doesn't know much about Art.
Understand me: It is as if we can only make the eternal so-called recognized & Established painters "Bernard Buffet", or the eternal so-called architects "Le Corbusier" the center of the Artistic good-thinking World.
_I hope this comment is not disruptive, but constructive. We need truth, yes, about Art too, and this point is not "lockable"...too much easy to lock a thread when we don't say what you want to hear.
_And I think what I'm saying is here to help this Community.
Thanks to hear me.

By: MoxieGraphix on 6/6/02
I'm not exactly crazy about the committee, personally. Now only "pre-approved" artists can get nominated for AOM. I don't need someone to think for me, I am quite capable of thinking for myself, thank you.

By: kromekat on 6/6/02
Hi Klaus (or should I say liftan!?)

As is clearly stated, and was already in place before any commitee was involved, the AOM now works on the basis of being software/category specific each month. That way everybody gets more of a chance of being nominated, or at least have their galleries viewed by others who might not have wandered far from their own genre's too often before.

* January - Terragen / Bryce / Vue d'Esprit
* February - Animation Master / Maya / TrueSpace
* March - All Galleries
* April - Worldbuilder / MojoWorld
* May - 3D Studio MAX / Lightwave

* June - Poser

(thats this month btw)

* July - Carrara / Cinema 4D / Strata 3D
* August - 2D / Photography
* September - Fractal / Imagine / Other Apps
* October - Z-Brush / Digital Comics
* November - Rhino / Amorphium / Amapi
* December - Mixed Medium

I read this and understand it, apparently so did many others, what exactly is so hard for some of you to grasp about this system???

Every new tactic the admins try to implement, (which they have only done because of previous requests and attempts to make the system fairer) gets someones backs up!
I understand this, if it doesn't fit with your or my view of a fair system. But for heavens sake, at least try to actually understand the current system before ignorantly criticising it!

Look at it this way too, there are hundreds of Poser artists out there, there are quite a few who are pretty good, there are even less who excel at it. I think you'll find that apart from the ones already AOM'd, the selection above is a pretty good slice of 'some' of the best at it. And yeah there are quite a few more, who wil no doubt get their chance the next month that Poser or All Galleries nominations come around.

If you feel hard done by about how the site is being run, then leave! - it's that simple isn't it!?

By: Pontigary on 6/6/02
Partially agree with _Klaus and darkjeanette, though I have no grounds to suspect anything from the committee members' part. Just as an experiment... The AOM voting can be held in 2 stages and be very representative and fair. Why not try the following system in say next month (only 1 month as experiment!) for a change:
first 3 weeks of July Renderosity members (those eager to participate of course) name their candidates. A long list of nominees is got as a result. The top say 12 or 16 are posted on the AOM page for a week and stage 2 begins (similar to what we have here just now). As a result we get fair voting results. Let's try!

By: Laurie S on 6/6/02
You know it never ceases to amaze me how someone dissatisfied with a system lashes out with absolutely no regard for anyone but themselves, so intent on their own agenda that they do not care who they hurt.

Klaus I do not know you .. I know hardly anyone here .. I have never done a thing to you .. and even if I did know you and vehemently disliked you I would not trash your work to try and make a point ..

You may not like the work presented here but if you go to each gallery and look over the sheer volume of comments on most of the images it is obvious that a lot of folks do.

And please do not give me that tired old "Its because you have a lot of friends here " comment .. I know hardly anyone .. I communicate with no one here on a regular basis. I do not know if this holds true for the other artists represented but I imagine it may.

However the nominations work I was happy to see my gallery in the running .. I like most folks here put a lot of work into my images.. it was nice to be noted.. you took that simple little pleasure and tried to belittle it because you wanted to make a political statement.

If you do not agree with the system, fine ... feel free to say so. If you would like to see other galleries nominated then become part of the nominating committee, but I for one, would very much appreciate it if you reframed from insulting me just because you happen to be displeased with the way things are run.

By: Lon Chaney on 6/8/02
I voted for you Laurie S. Not because I know you but because I really like your work. I for one like the new system. I would have never checked out the great terragen and mojo renders if not for the new system.

By: MikeArizma on 6/8/02
I just want to thank those who nominaed me. I've posted for ages and never much figured I'd get picked up by the rank and file, although I know I have some fans and do get e mails and contacts from some pros now and again (more again than now). No matter where I end up in the voting, being nominated, here in this very large community, is awesome. thanks again.

By: firefly on 6/8/02
I just have to say I like this AOM process. A wider scope of art and artists are being introduced to me quickly and efficiently. I appreciate this very much. In respectful and fairness of turn, before I vote, I go to each and every Artists site and look at almost every single image they have. Especially when the line ups have been so tough to decide between. You are all amazing and I'm sorry I have only one vote to cast...

Another great side to this? Well, for each gallery of work I see, each different style each artist has that is different within their own bodies of work and that is different from their fellow artists makes an impression on me that allows me to grow in my art and explorations.

Thank you all for this :)

By: Vali on 6/9/02
Toxic Angel is GOD !

By: feenixfire on 6/18/02
Mike Arizma, Please.

By: Lory on 6/22/02
Geeeeee..... people.... where is the fire?

By: axe3677 on 7/30/02
Why dont separate the nomination in two sections, one for the professionnals and another for beginnner...
Because i think both of them have potential but one of them only can use correctly the tools and with all the tricks of post work there is a unbalance...isn't ?
But if i do make a vote...let me see...
Blackhearted and ToxicAngel are some of the most popular artist here...but Beton and moonshadow make some incredible work...Eon and Kiera are amazinf by her mastery...The choice are difficult...I say Ra Graphics !
Ooops, is not in the selected...but her work are awezome...Argh !!! In fact all are exellent and its a torture for me to privilegy one of them...
May the force be with you all.


By: JABevan on 8/26/02

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