May Artist Of the Month nitro115

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May Artist Of the Month nitro115
Who is nitro115?

My name is Ferenc J. Haraszti (nitro115, or some call me feri) - born in Budapest, Hungary, but I live in North Carolina near the Research Triangle Park since 1987. Graphics and my job are not related, I do CG for a
hobby.... without any previous art education, or training.

I started with Bryce3D in 1999, then about a year and a half later stepped up to 3D Studio Max and still am using it. I don't know any other program that has so much support on the internet, tutorials and free(!) plugins. Not to mention all those free scripts at! To render my images I use finalRender R1.1 and for postworks my favorite is Painter and Photoshop. I still use Bryce every now and then, mostly for landscapes though.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on several scenes at the moment, but with an easy foot on the gas pedal, I just upgraded my hardware and still setting it up, loading and tuning the softwares. Once everything is installed and runs properly, I think I'll model a nice building, or somthing totally different, with me you just never know :-)

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I'm not sure which one is my best piece of work, to tell you the truth. But, I received the most comments for:

Country morning II

Mediteranean Villa

Thes pictures have been displayed in 3DWorld Magazine in England and in Computer Graphica in Italy as well. But, again, I don't know which picture of mine is the best, I don't belive in such things :-)

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

Because it integrates computing, art and some engineering. It's definitely something that I like to spend a lot of time with and I have not gotten tired of it in 3 years. I hope it will not change. The variety of work is just unlimited in graphics, imagination is the only limit.

What inspires you?

Everything: lights, shadows, colors and shapes, reflections, reality and imagination. I love architecture, so that itself is a gold mine. I take a lot of pictures when I travel and I keep going back to them. Of course, because I'm Hungarian, the history and architecture of my hometown will always be something I can turn to at anytime.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I've met several people here and ended up in good relationships, even friendships. Communities are great places to look around, see and learn, R'osity is probably the largest one. I'm not sure about how it enhanced my
works, I'm not a tutorial-person, have no patience for that. But every time I visit here, there is something new to see, or read about. I think that's plenty enough :-)

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Advice to other Artists That's a tough cookie.... but I say, enjoy doing graphics and have fun, after all this is what it is about. Make the next picture just a little bit better than the previous one and you'll achive a whole lot. And can you wish for anything more than that? :-)

Click here to visit nitro115's Renderosity Gallery

Our May Voter of Note is Rita, who was lucky number 13 of the those voting for nitro115.

When asked to introduce herself and share briefly with us why she voted for nitro115, she told us "I am a retired artist who years ago specialized in portraiture and character studies in oils. I have won numerous awards for the same. Nitro's work is elegant and well executed. His graphics have a richness to them equal to some of the great artists of the past. His composition and use of color is one of the best I've ever seen and I was very proud to have voted him artist of the month."

Thanks Rita!

The May Voting Results:

nitro115 26.0%
brschmidt 11.5%
kenbxpst850 11.5%
TBKoen 10.4%
crommcruac 7.8%
Taron 7.3%
DViL 6.2%
Lon Chaney 4.7%
sms 4.2%
the hankster 4.2%
josecastello 3.6%
jotaele 2.6%

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Member Opinions:
By: --Divide-By-Zero-- on 5/2/02
Congratulations Nitro! Good to finally see someone with genuine talent getting recognized with an award at a place like this. You've raised the bar for us all. Keep up the fantastic work! =DBZ=

By: GrayCloudDesign on 5/2/02
Congratulations nitro, your work is absolutely amazing:-)

By: Eowyn on 5/2/02
Congratulations, Feri! :) I can't think of anyone who would've deserved this more than you! I am proud to know you and I always love viewing your incredible artwork :) - xxx, Outi

By: peejay on 5/2/02
Hey Feri well done and congratulations. You're an encouragement to all of us.

By: TheDaedalus on 5/2/02
Congrats, man! I've been viewing your artwork ever since I had the great fortune of seeing a link to your site on Ryan Bliss' User Gallery, and I am continually impressed! Keep up the fantastic work! I can't wait to see this project that you refer to doing when you get everything working properly. Again, my most sincere congratulations to you!!

By: shanes on 5/2/02
All I can say feri is...DITTO to all the above!
Way to go my Budapest-brother!!!


By: ladynimue on 5/2/02
Your “eye” for color, texture, light, and composition gives your images such a wonderful old-world Rembrandt quality. It is truly amazing that you have had no formal art training, for your CG imagery surpasses those that hold degrees in this field. Congratulations, and I look forward to viewing new postings to your gallery.

By: Alfons on 5/2/02
Only 3 years in 3D work as a hobby and making so much amazing art, i wish i could do that.
Keep up the good work.

By: kromekat on 5/2/02
Well done!

By: AGOR on 5/2/02
Finally,,,a real artist in the AOM since long time!!!Thank you for all Feri!!!I am lucky to know your ART!!!


By: Wanda Burns on 5/2/02
Congratulations Feri, no one deserves this honor more than you. I have been an admirer of your modelling abilities, and your expertise with lighting and atmosphere for a long time. :)

By: ocddoug on 5/2/02
I voted for you and I was glad to see you won so I could learn more about you. Your lighting work and texturing work is always inspiring to me. It makes me want to experiment. Take care!


By: Dimeola on 5/2/02
Feri is an inspiration to all of us who are self-taught. We see how much can be done.....and how there is always more to learn. I treasure the `Old World` style of soft lighting and textures.....and apprecite the honest advice.
God bless you my friend,

By: Antoonio on 5/3/02
Congrats man, you definedly deserve the title.


By: nikitacreed on 5/3/02
Congratulations. You most definitely deserved it! =OD

By: picky on 5/3/02
Congratulations! Your work is great! :)

By: Michelle A. on 5/3/02
Feri....I've always admired your work, which is truly been inspirational to me. Congratulations, I don't know anyone who deserves it more.

By: Papu on 5/3/02
You certainly deserve this! Awesome works!

By: dglidden on 5/3/02
Congradulations feri.... I have always admired your work and the realism you capture in each piece. It is nice to see an artist of your talent recieve this.


By: linwhite on 5/3/02
Feri, You are my #1 favorite artist on the www, period. Your beautiful, ethereal scenes are an emotional experience. It's great to learn a little about your life and philosophy. It's obvious you put your heart and soul into each one you do. My favorite is "Will it Rain Today", simple yet a blow to the solar plexis. I hope you'll create many, many more of your stunning images. Now don't let all this go to your head...okay? Linda

By: CarolineG on 5/3/02
Yeah you've won *S*
Congrats my friend, I'm so proud!

I will never stop to be amazed when I look at your work and I'm proud to know you as a person *S*


By: Penguinisto on 5/3/02
Damn... 'tis good to see someone of such consummate talent recognized. Your work was among the first that I can recall seeing on Digital Blasphemy, and was a huge part of the persuasion that led me into CG art in the first place.

Take a Bow, sir... you've more than earned it.


By: zarth on 5/3/02
One of the great tests of art (visual, audio, written) is to measure how long you can look at it, how long can you listen to it and how often can you read it. I have enjoyed Country Morning as my wallpaper for several days now and I continue to be intrigued by the subtle colors and shadows. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your art. Randy

By: islandgraphics on 5/3/02
Congrats Feri! Your artwork and models sure deserve this recognition ;o) -Nathalie

By: illkirch on 5/3/02
Congrats sir


By: bonbon on 5/3/02
YaY!!!!! congrats , you definitely deserve this... and yes i voted for you... your wrk has such a fabulous feel to it more like an oil painting .keep up the great works of art
your biggest fan,

By: camera on 5/3/02
Congratulations Feri! It is so wonderful to see your talents recognized on here. I so enjoy your work.

By: RayTraz on 5/3/02
Feri you really deserve this! We've talked before, we met at the site where hubert rules (say my hi to hubert & his hubism :). I have seen all your works that you've posted on this site and other 2 sites. I am continuosly amazed by your way of employing lights, shadows and textures. You are a Guru. And I am really glad to know the fact that your day job isnt related to cgi and you dont have any background in art. It means I have a hope too. Well of course it'll take sometime for me to get close to your skill, but hopefully not long. Yeah I got a 3d modelling software now :). So goodluck on upgrading. I really hope to see what's next. Respect. Dave. Btw cool glasses you got, are they the secret in all of your great renders ?).

By: Rita on 5/3/02
Feri,you certainly deserve this accolade and then some!! Congratulations!

By: kaiservr on 5/3/02

By: shonsu on 5/3/02
Congratulations. Your art is absolutley superb!
I've just viewed your website. Your composition of colours, light, and shading in the images featuring architecture, sci-fi or the abstract is something I very much admire...and based on comments by Renderosity members, the feeling is mutual.

By: duester45 on 5/3/02
Congratulations, Feri !!! This is a very well-deserved recognition for your work, which is an inspiration for all of us!

By: Badco on 5/3/02
Feri ? I wondered where you had dissapeared too ! There were whispers that you were being raised by wolves somwhere !:^>

It is very good to see that you are alive and well and are still creating some very fine work !

By: Dean Chaney on 5/4/02
Congratulations, Feri!! on a well deserved award. Keep up the killer pics!! Dean

By: Lon Chaney on 5/4/02
Way to go feri !! I have always be a big fan of your work. Keep on making those fantastic images.

By: Jan-Michael on 5/4/02
I love your work... :) congrats !!!

By: jeweldragon on 5/4/02
WELL deserved you are a wonderful artist congrats:)

By: Marcococo on 5/4/02
My opinion ?... uh... Think ain't got no opinion... I mean NO MORE cuz ain't got no more eyes, no more brain... Waow... Gotta go to sleep, man... Good night. From Paris, Marc that thinks he has seen paradise tonigh 8D

By: dragongirl on 5/4/02
I am very happy that such a fine artist as you became AOM here. It is hard to believe that you have no art background before you began using computer art. Your grasp of the evocative power of light is extraordinary. Many congratulations, and I always look forward to your next artwork. :-)

By: OrchidDave on 5/4/02
Congrats, Feri!!!! I remember when you 1st started posting to the've come a long way baby!!!!!
Dave Orchid

By: Alihahd on 5/5/02
Congrats, Feri. :-)


By: dontatro on 5/5/02
Hey, Feri! As you know, I've been a great admirer of your work going back to the early days when we were both getting started with Bryce. You know, back when Creepy was still showing up in your pics. 8O)...Viewing the outstanding stuff that you've been doing more recently, it really looks like you have done what you said you set your sights for, which is to make each image a little better than the one that came before it! Congratulations on being chosen artist of the month!

By: Chris.C on 5/6/02
I always loved your fabulous artwork...
But my english is too poor to express the emotions that your images bring to me...
So, thanks a lot and congratulations dear master!! I'm really glad to see you here : )

By: lemonjim on 5/6/02
congratulations. i agree with the selection! how about "artist of the millenium ... (so far)" ?

By: SndCastie on 5/6/02
Congrats my friend couldn't have happened to a nicer person!! Well deserved!!

By: fingers on 5/6/02
Congratulations, Feri !!! I've always thought your work is just wonderful!

Mikey :O)

By: lynde on 5/6/02
congratulations! this awards is most certainly deserved..:)

By: Blackhearted on 5/6/02
Very nice work man, I am impressed. I'm also thankful that this month a true artist was chosen for AOM, one who definitely earned it. Congratulations. Sok sikert a jövöben.. Cheers, -Gabriel

By: judith on 5/7/02
Congrats my friend, it's definitely well deserved! I've been in awe for 2 years now.

By: on 5/7/02
Many hugs and congratulations to you, Feri! Well deserved recognition for someone that truly inspires me. I look forward to more of your wonderful art! :)

By: nitro115 on 5/7/02
Thank you all, really.... for the words and support, I'm quite speechless. Thanks a million!!! :-)

By: Syyd on 5/7/02
I remember the fishing Villa!!!!! Guess what? I got the laptop....LOL....I've followed your work for some time now, and I can only say in addition to your incredible skill as an artist, that I find such peace in looking at work. Syyd

By: kzarah on 5/7/02
Your work is beautiful. You deserve the spotlight. Thanks for sharing your creations with us all. Cheers!

By: allengraph on 5/7/02

By: remo on 5/8/02
Congratulations Feri! I have always admired your artwork. Excellent as always!!!

By: vds on 5/9/02
I is never seen a so beautiful gallery of images.
It is fantastic! One see in your creations that you maitrisez perfectly the light So much that even the smallest object is highlighted and takes quite other dimension.

By: deerpath on 5/9/02
It's a pleasure to have been enjoying your exquisite work for quite awhile now.
You are definately my favorite 3d artist. Your creations are a marvel.

By: sms on 5/9/02
Congratulations. I love your works!

By: IsauraS on 5/9/02
Woooohoooo Feri!!! Congrats!! :D

By: snowkat on 5/10/02
Congratulations Mr Feri, : ) well deserved

By: sloth on 5/12/02
Artist of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Harrison2 on 5/13/02
Big congratulations from your friend, Harrison2;))

By: Tamela.J. on 5/16/02

By: linkinpark on 5/16/02
Congratulations Feri,your work is simply excellent!!Continue in your briliant work!!Have a good time and good luck :-)

By: Kafra on 5/17/02
Congrats, Feri!!! Well deserved!

By: pangia1 on 5/18/02
The best? I knew that... [haha] - Top notch as always Feri :)

By: pixilator on 5/18/02
Bravo! Bravo! Congrats! and thanks again for the free models (towers).If I can achieve 1/2 the level of excellence you have I will be completely satisfied,..your work is simply "Inspiring!"

By: Schmock on 5/23/02
bravo feri !!! erich

By: scuba22 on 5/28/02
Feri was th first person who reached out to me in the bryce community, his friendship and artistic suport have been as much inspiration as his extremely talented fingers tapping away at the keyboard of 3ds life!
Rock On, Fer.

By: TBKoen on 5/29/02
Wow.. i'm honored of still being a contender for the artist of the month after all this time that i didn't post anything:D....

Nitro115 is rightfull winner tho:)... you got beautifull stuff.. lovely renders... keep um coming,

By: Pontigary on 5/29/02
Congratulations, Feri! Very inspirational and raises the bar for newcomers!

By: nitro115 on 5/30/02
Thank you all again, you all ROCK!!!!!!


By: Jan-Michael on 5/30/02
always love your work...congrats !!!!!

By: kaes on 5/31/02
If I had scrolled down this page, and not stopped after having read your interview, I would have been the first one to congratulate you. So nice to see how your work has developed to perfection :-) Well....I'm sure you will surprise me and refine your technique even always do.
Again ...CONGRATS ... you deserve it.
Karin :-)

By: Pinhead2K on 6/2/02
Sorry I seem to be late as usual Feri, but I hope you'll always know how much you and your work has inspired me.
I agree re: 'Artist of the Year' at the very least.
All my best and highly deserved congratulations!


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