April Showers Sale!
April Showers Sale in the Renderosity MarketPlace

They say April Showers bring May Flowers...

Prices are falling like raindrops, and the time is now for you to take advantage! From now until the end of April, we'll be putting an item on sale that you can find in this article as well as in the MarketPlace AND the Renderosity Sidebar to the right of the page. We could be discounting the product by a dollar amount or percentage - you never know!

Time Is of the Essence

This sale has a catch: Each item will only be on sale for a limited time throughout the day. You will have a timer below the product thumbnail which will tell you how much time you have left to snap up that amazing deal before it evaporates! These sales will be coming and going throughout the day AND night, so keep an eye out for the deal that you just can't pass up.

You must complete checkout with the sale item before the sale expires, so don't delay! Questions can be directed to store@renderosity.com. Don't forget, the April Showers Sale ends Thursday April 30th at 11:59pm Renderosity System Time (CST).

And here is what you can find RIGHT NOW in the April Showers Sale:

Member Opinions:
By: Kazam561 on 4/21/09
Very cool...

By: Kerya on 4/22/09
Fun - and thanks to the vendors!

By: zerokenshiro on 4/22/09
This is great. I hope this goes on beyons April just like DAZ's "Fast Grab" !

By: dwg on 4/22/09
If you're going to keep this running, then I'd like to see an RSS feed.

By: YourSunshineGirl on 4/22/09
Love it! So much fun and will agree with the RSS feed. Please!

By: kittystavern on 4/22/09
Interesting sale with some really nice items so far.
I got an e-mail about Sassy Classy being on sale because it was on my wishlist.
Will this happen with all the items on my wishlist that go on sale for this promotion? That would be most appreciated!

By: Khushrenada on 4/22/09
pretty damn cool,I like it :)

By: Debbie M. on 4/22/09
We're working on the RSS feed, and it should be working REAL soon :)

Yes, ebots will be sent out for all products in this special promotion.

Thank you all for your support!

By: mirana on 4/23/09
Nice idea but the time difference and work make some things impossible :-/

By: charlotteg on 4/23/09
like this ider

By: Debbie M. on 4/24/09
Marketing is still working on the official announcement, but the RSS feed is now live, and you can subscribe to it here:


By: LeChatDesigns on 4/26/09
Thank you!

By: DarQueBird on 4/28/09
This is awesome! Thank you very much!

By: FadeWillow on 4/29/09
Nice idea - however with time difference and being at work have missed lots :(

By: Propschick on 4/29/09
This is such a good idea!

By: cbj895 on 4/30/09
its a really good idea. could you maybe have a wish list rain check I had a couple of items go on sale late at night and was expired by the time I got the email. Thanks

By: NylaRossini on 4/30/09
this was a great sale thank you to all the vendors ;)

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