ATTENTION: Please Add Our New Mail Server Name to Your Safe Senders List

Starting Monday, September 15th, Renderosity will have a new email domain that will be sending out such items as the Weekly Newsletter, email notifications and coupon broadcasts. If you receive email notifications for anything on the site - be it for the forums, galleries, favorite vendors or anything else on Renderosity - it is imperative that you add the following addresses to your Safe List:

Safe List

Be sure to add the four addresses in the Safe List section to your email's 'Safe List', 'Allowed List' or whatever list you have to filter messages out of your SPAM folder.

Again, this change will take place Monday, September 15th. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!

Member Opinions:
By: amirapsp on 9/3/08
Thank you for this.

By: Black-Carrie on 9/3/08
Thanks for the information!

By: Pirx33 on 9/3/08
Ok! Thak You.

By: Antonio57 on 9/3/08
Merci pour l'info.

By: nightsong on 9/3/08
Thank you very much for the heads up!

By: Chere on 9/3/08
Thank You Too !!!!

By: Kerya on 9/4/08
Thank you.

By: infinity10 on 9/4/08
Uh... well, and already seem to be on my safe list, so these must be re-cycled addresses ?....

By: cswoden on 9/4/08
how do i add them

By: AnIronButterfly on 9/4/08
Thanks for the heads up!

By: arcebus on 9/4/08
I want a postoffice, too! And a secretary (a nice one). Someone to brew my coffee! A new car would be nice!
Well - I added the above addresses to my whitelist...

By: Cute3d on 9/5/08
Thank you!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/5/08
Thank you....!!!!

By: davidoblad on 9/5/08
No sweat.. But many here still don't know they can turn off notifications they don't want and instead.. drop such into their spam folder. They may not realize this is the information source that email providers use to decide what is spam and what isn't, thus messing it up for everyone else. Eventually, you will get blacklisted off the net because of these uninformed or lazy folks. Of course the same folks that take time to read this notice aren't the ones calling you spam in the first place. Perhaps you should shut off everyones notices so that those that really want them must take an active step to restart them. Interesting problem.. good luck with it. Dave :^)

By: Kyms_Cave on 9/5/08
Thanks for the info..Oh! and I'm with arcebus..I'll have what he want's too...

By: Lakotariver on 9/5/08
Got it, Thank you for the heads up on this

By: jif3d on 9/6/08
Thanx for the links and info...on the ball again Rendo Team !

By: Habatchii on 9/6/08

By: Morikane on 9/6/08
Merci pour l'information

By: GothamCatWoman on 9/6/08
I wish to take part.:)

By: salah_snz on 9/9/08

By: leoanrdominhavida on 9/9/08
ok thanks

By: gavobe1946 on 9/9/08
I use yahoo, and when there come a newsletter, I check firt my spamlist and when I find you there,then I set it is no spam, I known then you come never more there.Thanks for information

By: kjpweb on 9/10/08
While I appreciate the opt out option - finding myself on a list that I never knowingly signed up for ( and never ever would)
is quite something. To say the least, that is not a trust building behavior.

Good however that I now can put you on my Spammers List.

By: Structure on 9/10/08
All added - thanks

By: erosiaart on 9/11/08
Thanks! I create rules in u outlook to put all mail from renderosity into a folder called renderosity.. so I guess when the new addresses start, I'll delete the old rules and add in the new!

By: _DAH_ on 9/15/08

By: misthemes on 9/17/08
Merci beaucoup pour l'info !

By: Suzeq on 9/25/08
Thank you!

By: JeffersonAF on 9/27/08

By: Zicke_Buffy on 9/27/08
Thank you!

By: harkig on 1/31/09

By: heksie1956 on 2/5/09
thanks u

By: impression4u on 3/20/09

By: ccdoudney on 7/14/09
thanks everybody dont quite know what im doing up here yet ..just really love art & doing my own photography

By: Dreamingbee on 7/27/09
thank you

By: jacobsmama on 8/3/09
Love art to just getting started on my own!

By: masternet on 1/7/10

By: swaran on 5/26/10
thanks rendro u just gave me smooth path to moove for aim of my life 2 study sciense nature nhuman

By: kineticartist on 6/2/10
Ive never had any issues recieveing my renderosity mail and I havent added any mail servers to any safe list

By: raynbo on 6/5/10
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to receive this valuable and helpful to my interests and hobbies and career-seeking goals.

By: Keish on 7/2/10
Fank you berry mucho.

By: sistina on 7/20/10
so far i'm blown away

By: anas300 on 7/29/10
thank you ....!

By: Arialina on 8/4/10
Thank you very much!!!

By: qasqas on 8/26/10
Thanks for the information

By: roguemanx on 8/28/10
Mucho Thanxo!

By: HKnowledge on 9/27/10
Never had any problems with spam on gmail.
I get hunderds of emails per day but gmail catches all the spam and only once in a while I get one that goes to spam on accident. (2/3x per year)

By: dawnsdesigns on 10/6/10

By: ethanhunt007 on 10/8/10
thanxxxxxxxx for the greatly hu

By: Violelady on 11/6/10

By: Markkop on 11/10/10

...Thanks boys..and girls...!!!

By: TeddyBlackBear on 2/9/11
Thank you very much.

By: sarutobisensei2 on 2/22/11
this is good

By: tina3 on 5/1/11
thank yoz

By: cabellero on 6/5/13
hola will do it !!

By: AnnaSov on 7/6/13

By: Djavad on 12/7/13

By: dragonwulf on 12/15/13
thanks very much

By: jac204 on 12/17/13
Your messages form newsletter have been getting through, but they are all blank messages.

By: herzi on 1/24/14
Thanks :)

By: Dervish27 on 2/26/14

By: ayjcreation on 3/17/15

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