Using Your Wishlist and Giving Gifts Just Got a Lot Easier!
We have made the buyer experience a little easier here at Renderosity. The Wishlist and Gifting functions have been updated to make your time in the MarketPlace a more convenient one.

The Wishlist has been modified to give the user more flexibility. You now have the option to move several items directly from your Wishlist to your Cart, using the available checkboxes that are next to each item. This feature will complement the existing options you have in the Wishlist - such as the ability to create a public wishlist to share with others and a private list for yourself, updates on sale prices for items on your list, and the ability to sort your wishlist several different way. Your wishlist can be found in the 'Members' section of the top menu.

There are now checkboxes next to each item in your Wishlist!

In the My Account section, the Gifts section has now been broken up into two categories: Gifts and Gifts From You. This allows you to easily manage gifts that you have both given and received. Also, in the Gifts section, you now have a way to track updates of products that have been given to you - in the case that you need to re-download the product you originally received as a gift.

You can now see information on all the gifts you've given!

The Updated column lets you know if any of your gifts have been updated since you received them.

Never used your Wishlist? It's a great way to keep track of items you're interested in, as well as let others know what products you are wanting. All you have to do is click Add to Wishlist once you're on a product page that you want on your list. It's that easy!

Interested in getting a Gift for someone, but don't know how? Read the FAQ on giving Gifts. Make sure to check out their Wishlist first!

We're always looking for new ways to improve the site for all of our members here at Renderosity - where quality and professionalism come first.

Member Opinions:
By: kathym on 4/22/08
Wow, thats a whole lot of improvement. Kewl!

By: Faerydae on 4/22/08
"the ability to sort your wishlist several different way" ....Other than the old move to top, price, and vendor options how can we sort?

By: KarenJ on 4/23/08
Hi Chris,

If you click any of the headings for Wishlist Item, Vendor or Price, the list will re-sort in that order.

By: Poodoo94 on 4/23/08
Yay! I was hoping this functionality would come about!

By: Rainbowgirl on 4/24/08
This is a real improvement! Well done!

By: Brandi on 4/24/08
I've asked for this before and was hoping this would be part of the changes made, but it's not. So, I guess I'll ask again. ;) Any chance of making it so we can sort wishlists by Status as well as by Item, Vendor & Price? That way we can see everything that's on sale listed at the top and not have to scroll through to look for the sale icon? Some of us have rather lengthy wishlists and it's a bit of a pain to have to go through several pages to find what's on sale.

By: gypsyangel on 4/24/08
The only OTHER thing I wish for the wishlist? Is for the items to be counted as purchased, or available through the account item list. I've bought things that were gifts before. It's also easier to keep track of updates and to find things that way. Other than that, I love what you did to it. :)

By: infinityrain on 4/25/08
Very nice and convenient, I too have been hoping for such changes! Great job :) :)

By: Splix on 4/25/08
Thank You! I'm glad this functionality has been added.

By: sanarae on 4/27/08
any chance of sorting a wishlist into 'folders' so that i can keep all the items i want for one project seperate?

By: vaia on 4/29/08
Great changes!!!

By: screencraft on 4/29/08
Great!!! Thank you! - I do have a request, either that we can separate our wishlists into folders, or have several? Like, for Hair, V4, M3, etc?

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