March 2008 Artist of the Month - orbital

Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... March's AOM is Joe Vinton [orbital]!

We congratulate orbital for an outstanding collection of works in the Bryce Gallery!

Who is 'orbital'?

Orbital is Joe Vinton, a 33yr old who lives in Burton on Trent in the UK with his wife Nicola. I'm self employed as a window cleaner, not the world's most exciting job, but it has given me the freedom and stress-free life that has allowed me to dedicate time to my creative side.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

Since 2002. My friend Phil was heavily into computer graphics and was mainly using Photoshop, but he had a copy of Bryce 3 that was on a magazine. He'd played about with it and decided it was not for him, so I asked if I could have it. At that time he and I were going back to college to learn web design. He was good, I wasn't. I kept playing about with Bryce whilst he told me to concentrate on other things as Bryce wouldn't get me anywhere. Soon though, I was pretty much hooked on Bryce, and would spend hours playing around with it. It was also at this time I discovered Renderosity through Phil, and after seeing what other people were doing with the program, I knew I wanted to create stuff like that. So, basically, Phil has a lot to answer for!

Dark Times

Do you have traditional art experience?
Sadly, no, only what we were taught at school. But art class was seen as a chance to mess around and put clay in the teacher's tea when he wasn't looking. I do plan however to enroll in a basic art class at the local college this year just to see if I'm any good, and to learn the traditional medium.

What are you currently working on?

I don't really have anything on the go at the moment. Pretty much everyday I will try to do something with Bryce, but 95% of the stuff I come up with falls by the wayside. I'm currently looking at getting a display locally, through a family friend who works out of a gallery near to me. Obviously, they have always used artists who use traditional methods, so whether the owner is interested in Digital art and sees it as a serious medium remains to be seen.


What software/equipment do you use and why?

Well, I use Bryce mainly because it's what I'm comfortable with. It's easy to use and I find that you can pretty much model anything with a bit of imagination. Photoshop I use for postwork and effects that Bryce can achieve, but render times go through the roof and I'm not really a patient person. I do use Poser, but as I'm rubbish with it, I only use it for small distant characters in scenes. I keep telling myself to learn other types of software, but keep falling back into my comfort zone.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I'd say I really like "Where dreams are made" as I'd wanted to do a scene like that for a while, and was pleased with the final result. I also like "Mobius", because of it's simplicity, and it was a different style to what I usually do. 

Where dreams are made

Why do you like to work with 3D software?
Because it's like Legos for big kids! No, really because it gives me an outlet for my imagination that I could never achieve before.

Who/what inspires you?

Films, music, the world around me.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Well, without it, I wouldn't be writing this now. There is a wealth of knowledge on here, and also inspiration in the galleries. It's my virtual home, and my first stop when I go on-line. The Bryce forum is where I have gotten most of my help, but whenever I've ventured out of that madhouse, other parts of the community have been just as helpful.


Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Thanks to everyone for voting for me, I feel humbled, especially as there was such a wealth of talent on show. I'd say be your own biggest critic, but also never take things too seriously, because that's when you stop having fun. Oh and thanks to my wife Nicola, for almost understanding my obsession!

Please have a further look at orbital's Renderosity Gallery! 

Be sure to visit the Bryce Gallery, and also pay a visit to the Bryce Forum!

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Member Opinions:
By: 3Dillusions on 3/3/08
About time too :)
Well done


By: johnyf on 3/3/08
Congrats...very worthy winner!

By: AnTeRz on 3/4/08
Congrats......Some very fine work!

By: EscadaE on 3/4/08
congrats :)

By: BAR-CODE on 3/4/08
Oh Boy .. you make amzing things with bryce...
And i thought these scene's were impossible to make in bryce...

Well deserved AOM !!
And i added you to my favo's :}


By: Thandaluz on 3/4/08
A great recognition for a great artist.
Congratulations Joe.

By: Jackie on 3/4/08
Congrats! All were so awesome it was a toughie!

By: calico1 on 3/4/08
I love your work. Congratulations.

By: Onikuh on 3/4/08
Beautiful renderings. I'm impressed! I'm sure he'll be just as great with traditional mediums. :)

By: aliensprog on 3/4/08
Well done Joe!!! More than worthy of this accolade mate!!!! Truly inspirational work that got me really interested in what Bryce could do!!!!

By: mikeerson on 3/5/08
Congratulations... haven't seen your work, but if your avatar stays the same, I'll be sure to check out your gallery if I see it.

By: Rochr on 3/5/08
Finally! :)
Congrats mate! Well deserved.

By: soffy on 3/5/08
Congratulations,so well deserved,your art is wonderful*******:)

By: calum5 on 3/5/08
I knew you where going to win this.It took me minutes to teach you all you know and its now paying off lol.Really,Joe you deserve this award as your art has alot of elements that make it special for me and many others.Your style and your skills in making are exceptional,inspirational infact.Really well done pal,and congrats to the other nominees also.:-)cal

By: theconqueror on 3/5/08
Congrats my deserve it...

By: artgum on 3/5/08
A well deserved award.

By: AGOR on 3/5/08
Yes Finally! Well deserved ! Congrats

By: RodsArt on 3/5/08
Had no Doubts!! WTG

By: drawbridgep on 3/5/08
Long Over Due! Well done Joe.

By: Allibaba on 3/5/08
Congratulations Orbital!!!! Well deserved!!!! Your Art is excellent Bryce-Work!!!!!

By: TheBryster on 3/5/08
Couldn't have picked a more suitable candidate! Congratulations! The Cardinals salute you!

By: Lown on 3/5/08
Well done geezer and well deserved!! Your work in issue 2 (is that right?) of ImagineFX was what made me get Bryce, so thanks!

By: grafikeer on 3/5/08
Well done and well-deserved.A great inspiration for me,and proof of what determination can do!

By: Gog on 3/6/08
Well deserved Joe.

By: delbeke on 3/6/08
Congratulations! Your work is awe inspiring and your creative talents amazing. Your work always draws me into a wonderful fantasy world. Well deserved!

By: kanzler on 3/6/08
I like your work very much!

By: IO4 on 3/6/08
Congratulations Orbital! Well deserved - your images are fantastic:)

By: Incarnadine on 3/6/08
Been on my fav's list for quite a while - well done!

By: castaneda on 3/6/08
A big huge congratulations. Your work is excellent and I'm always inspired by your art, and always waiting for your next post

By: ysvry on 3/6/08
congrats , nice to see you win this , I hope we will see much more strange worlds from you.

By: billcody on 3/7/08
Congratulations, Joe! You have done a great work here! That means your recent works, but the older ones, too, which are now history. I have always loved your pics: The touch of Science Fiction that remained me at the days of my childhood.... And then the less of gravity in your pics... It helps me fly away with my thoughts and begin to travel through the skies.... Wonderful job!

By: Sambucus on 3/7/08
Well done Joe. this is richly deserved.Always loved your images.

By: orbital on 3/7/08
Thanks everyone, your comments mean a lot to me!

By: aneirin on 3/7/08
Congratuliations. Fantastic images.

By: FranOnTheEdge on 3/7/08
A True Bryce god, finally given the status you truly deserve. Congratulations Joe.

By: Anjour on 3/7/08
Congrats Orbital... well deserved!!! :o)

By: madmaxh on 3/8/08
What everyone else said. :D
Your Bryce work is outstanding. Congratulations!

By: eres on 3/9/08
It's not really a surprise buddy...;o) You deserve this place just because you're one of the best here. Congrats my friend!!!!!

By: softcris on 3/9/08
well deserve pal! Congratulations!

By: Death_at_Midnight on 3/9/08
Yayy!! Congrats!!!

By: Kimberly.3D on 3/10/08
Congratz. You deserve this! Great Job!

By: Li-An on 3/12/08
Well deserved award. Congratulations Orbital!

By: ramzaforce on 3/13/08
un lugar muy merecido,congrats.

By: greywolfe1960 on 3/14/08
Congrats, Joe! Well deserved!

By: TheAlex on 3/15/08
Congratulations from a fellow Staffordshire resident! After admiring your artwork for a long time, I didn't realise you lived in Staffordshire until now...

By: sirjon on 3/15/08
Yes. One of the best. Many congrats and well deserved! Bravo!!!!!

By: Shaylea on 3/16/08
Congrats to you! Well deserved!

By: voske on 3/19/08
Very well deserved award. Congratulations!!!

By: gonedigital on 3/19/08
FANTASTIC! I am a huge fan of Orbitals art and have been since my first days here at Renderosity! He creates the most beautiful, ethereal scenes and such detailed models. Contrats my friend. Excellent art as always!!!

By: vshane on 3/19/08

By: thundering1 on 3/20/08
Your work is spectacular - congrats!

By: Riquelme8 on 3/20/08
Congrats man!!! Well deserved.. I've been your huge fan since I found Renderosity!!:)

By: Vile on 3/20/08
Congratulations! You do deserve this! You have inspired my work many a time!

By: MarkHirst on 3/21/08
Excellent news, I've long admired what you can do with Bryce. The only question is why did it take so long for your talents to be recognised?

By: waldomac on 3/21/08
Coolness. Who deserves it more? Congratulations, it's well deserved.

By: haemagoblin on 3/23/08
excellent choice, your art is an inspiration to us all.

By: jo_dis on 3/23/08
Congratulations ... beautiful Bryce expressions.

By: doarte on 3/23/08
Congratulations to a deserving artist.

By: bobbystahr on 3/1/09
Congrats man ...well deserved selection.. ...

By: alida on 3/8/09

By: YECHUA on 11/23/10
In his categorie that guys made some of the best creations i have ever seen.Still maybe THE BEST......JOE!!

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