Holidays Around the World - 6th Annual Art Contest
The 6th Annual Renderosity Holiday Contest
"Holidays Around the World"

Special thanks to duo
for providing the planet earth
from their Wheel Space Station 1950 package

and to chikako
for providing the Toon Santa 2006.

Congratulations to:

Entry #23412 by Ravnheart

To view all the winners, please click in the links to the categories below, or visit the post in the Renderosity Contest Announcements Forum

Animation Winners
2D Winners
3D Winners
Photography Winners
Short Story Winners
Thank you to all the artists that joined in the fun and shared their creative images with the entire community!

We would also like to thank to the following sponsors for giving so generously and donating all these prizes to our community. Last year we had $15,000 in prizes. This year we have over $40,000 to give away!!

Each category had something special to offer. The winners were selected by a judging panel. The Grand Prize winner was selected from the highest scoring entry from each category. The next highest scoring winners moved up a prize level. There is a 1 prize per person maximum.

We hope you will join us soon for another exciting contest, here at the Renderosity Digital Art Community!

Contest Sponsors Include:

Complete rules and submission guidelines can be viewed by clicking on the category you wish to enter below.
Or by visiting the Open Contest page.
2D Category
3D Category
Short Stories

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Member Opinions:
By: MRC1 on 11/30/06
This is great. I like contests, even though I don't win to many of them, it is alway great to compete and see what other people do. Also, the best part of contests is making the art, and having somthing to keep up interests. The sponsor page is great too. I am looking forward to this contest, and having fun. MRC1

By: clydedough on 12/1/06
Sounds really great-i would like to see the winners of the Halloween contest, but have yet to find them. Hoppy Holidays Everyone!..and good luck!

By: baudolino on 12/1/06
I had a go at last years, and was looking forward to this one. I'll get the thinkin' cap on :)

By: LordViper25 on 12/1/06
Amazing.. The hope to win anything in such a huge contest is almost completely scarse yet the fun and competitive opposition making so many different artworks is always a pleasure to witness, and even more so to try and be one of them is definatly worth a i will.. ;) even though i might be an amateur still compared to alot of competitions i've been through.. :P Happy Holidays Everyone, and see ya in the contest.. ;)

By: redonix76 on 12/1/06
Nice! This will be my first time entering any of the Renderosity contest...It'll be fun! Hmmm...I wonder when the rules and guidelines will be available?

By: nekoanomaly on 12/1/06
Hey is there a link to last years winners?

By: LillianH on 12/1/06
All previous year's winners can be found in the contest archives, under "Seasonal":

By: amirapsp on 12/2/06
Can't wait to see the entries!!!

By: RedPhantom on 12/2/06
None of the contest rules have formats for the graphics. (except the thumbnails) Are they the usual jpg or gif?

By: Radlafx on 12/2/06
Are the prizes boxed versions or downloads? If the later then forget about a dedicated Mac user (like me) entering since most of the prizes are for windowz (is R'osity biased?).

Anyways, its a nice contest with some great prizes and I'm sure the R'osity team has been working hard on this for a while. So Thank You. :o)

By: DinartFilho on 12/3/06

By: Teferis on 12/3/06
I'm too glad like a flying piggy! Oinc! =D

By: Turtle on 12/3/06
Is Postwork allowed in the 3D category?

By: miketche on 12/4/06
"All previous year's winners can be found in the contest archives, under "Seasonal":"

Except the Grand Prize winner. No link to it.

By: cartesius on 12/4/06
RedPhantom: Yes, JPEG and GIF are the allowed formats (the rules will be updated to include this info)

Radlafx: Most of the prizes are electronic downloads and the majority of them are available for both Mac and PC. We are working on specifying for each product if it's an electronic download or a boxed version.

Turtle: Absolutely, we'll update the rules with this info as well.


By: LillianH on 12/4/06
ACK! apologies! You are correct. We had a Front Page announcement, but it wasn't back linked to the contest pages or the original article.

It is all updated now.


By: inshaala on 12/6/06
I saw the photography page and it states that the deadline for entry is the 31st at noon servertime - yet New Years Eve is one of the suggestions... extension til the 1st perhaps?

Anyway - i'll be sure to enter something when i have my creative juices flowing. Thanks team :)

By: calum5 on 12/9/06
This site has the coolest contests !Goodluck to all who enter:-)HAPPY CHRISTMAS Rendo people!

By: chrispoole on 12/11/06
Truly superb comp, good luck to everyone and thanks to the you.

By: DinartFilho on 12/18/06
working hard

By: awayne2 on 12/27/06
What happened to the writers entries. The page says there are no entries. I know that my entry was accepted. I have an email saying it was accepted. Please show the entries.

By: LillianH on 12/27/06
Hi awayne2,

Over the years, most writers have requested that we do not publish their stories unless they win. That way they can keep their unpublished status for future submissions to other venues.

That is why the short stories are not published on the contest pages, unless they are chosen the winner.

We trust you will understand our desire to preserve the writer's rights this way.

Best regards,
Lillian Hawkins
Renderosity Marketing Manager

By: awayne2 on 12/27/06
Thank You Lillian
Yes , of course, I do understand copyrights. Please accept my sincerest appologies. I have a tendency of getting excited to see my own art in print.
Sincerly and appologetic

By: Soniclight on 12/30/06

A bit late to point this out in terms of the contest, but there is also the beginning of the Hajj Pilgrimage for Muslims.

--- It began a few days ago also (second most important holiday/celebration period after Ramadan). Due to what it is, it technically lasts for 4 months, but began within the holiday period of Christmas and Hanukkah's.

(No, I'm not a Muslim but respect the right for anyone to follow their heart/soul. Which doesn't mean I go for arrogant "my/our way is the only and best way" -- of which everyone on this planet has indulged in in one way or another.

(OK, enough socio-historical-religious commentary :)

If you don't believe me on this little holidays correction, then go to a recent BBC World News article and/or Google "Hajj Pilgrimage":

By: koonak on 12/31/06
Hi, Does the staff notify you if a submission has not been excepted? I submitted a piece 3 days ago I think and have heard nothing back. And there is no way to upload it again. And the deadline is today. I sent two notes now. I'll probably be disqualified knowing my luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

By: LillianH on 12/31/06
Hi koonak,

Yes, you should have been notified via Site Mail if your entry was not approved and the reason why, with an opportunity to correct the problem.

I'm checking into your submission. We'll let you know the outcome during our final review process this coming week.

Best regards,
Lillian Hawkins
Renderosity Marketing Manager

By: DreamersWish on 1/1/07
First of all let me say that this contest is always wonderful and I enjoy seeing the entries. I just had a question. I loaded my entry Dec. 31 at about 11:40 to 11:45 pm (Easterntime). I do not see it as being accepted. Yet there is one that shows it was excepted on Jan. 1. Did I miss the entry time? If I did that is ok. I was just confused by the one that was accepted on Jan 1. Thank you again for all that you do and for doing this for us each year. Please have a Happy New Year!

By: LillianH on 1/1/07
Hi newpy,

We were still going through all the entries that came in last night. Sorry for the delay. Your entry has now been approved.

Best wishes,
Lillian Hawkins
Renderosity Marketing Manager

By: Jokermax on 1/4/07
Hi! Can i post my image for this contest on my personal web site and other forums?


By: LillianH on 1/4/07
Hi Jokermax,

Please wait until after the winners are announced. Then you may post merrily anywhere you wish ;-)


By: sparrownightmare on 1/5/07

A bit late to point this out in terms of the contest, but there is also the beginning of the Hajj Pilgrimage for Muslims.

Don't feel so bad, they also forgot the original winter holiday (Yule). Oh well, maybe next year. :)

By: LillianH on 1/5/07
Hi sparrownightmare,

Yule is included in our list of winter holidays for the contest.

However, you are correct, we did not include the Hajj Pilgrimage. It was not listed in the world holidays listing that we use as a reference. Most likely because it's referred to as a pilgrimage, rather than a holiday.


By: sparrownightmare on 1/22/07
So, what time do you think the winners will be posted?

By: LillianH on 1/22/07
The winners are being posted...right now ;-)

By: Liladieni on 1/22/07
I see all the category winners (Grats to all!), but I don't see a grand prize winner.

By: RavynGyrl on 1/22/07
Congrats to the grand prize winner...well deserved!
Just wondering if this was a "comical" I see quite a few winners in the 3D catagory with a more comical theme, when the theme seemed (to me anyway) to be a bit more serious (since there was only one winner's spot for most humorous).
Congrats to to the winners, though!

By: stoffel on 1/23/07
Congrats to all winners and especially the grand prize winner ... very well deserved.

By: Allibaba on 1/23/07
Congratulations to all winners!!!:-) You did all great jobs!!!:-)
I please myself, on the next Holliday-Contest, with you!!!:-)


By: StealthWorks on 1/23/07
Ok Then - Can I have it DinartFilho?

By: wlv on 1/23/07
Congratulations to all. These entries could not have been easy to judge ... so much imaginative art! We all know the effort that goes into creating one of these pieces, so a hearty "great job" to all who entered!

By: Ravnheart on 1/24/07
Ok first I have to say thank you and I am blown away!
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Renderosity and all of the very generous sponsors for this contest! You have gone out of your way for this contest.
Also congrats to all the other winners and all that entered the contest. All the art submitted was wonderful.

Gina aka Ravnheart

By: KK1617 on 1/25/07
Congrats to the winners and Ravnheart! And especially to everyone else that entered...a lot of hard work work and effort were put into the submissions, so everyone deserves applause! -Kim

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