2005 Holiday Giveaway

The MarketPlace Merchants would like to wish the Renderosity Community a very Happy Holiday Season!!
To spread the Holiday Cheer many Merchants have created wonderful gifts for you to enjoy.
Renderosity is very excited to sponsor the

5th Annual MarketPlace Merchant Holiday Giveaway.

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† Merchant(s)

† Gift


(.jpg format)


Nana for V3


Morphing Vase


Christmas Terrains


V3-SP-GIRL-Holiday Outfits in Velvet for DAZ Holiday Outfits


Tiara Props for V3


Texture Pack†for V3 Morphing T-shirt


Handpainted Snowmen
(.psd layers)


Wintery Backgrounds
(.jpg format)


Sylvan Jewels: Black Widow - textures for V3's MFD


Summer Cool 4 V3 Bikini


Moonflower for V3


Old Man Mike for M3


10 Sky Presets for Bryce 5


10 Gold Ornaments
(.psd layers)


Blue Satin for Crystal Mage Outfit for Aiko


Jerzy for V3


Rouge for V3


Concept Jet


Beauty 'n Texture - Holiday Spirit Texture Tiles
(.jpg format)


Set of 9 Holiday Textures
(.jpg format)


Cross Ornament for Vue


Night Skies


Bryce Stuff


Christabelle for V3 and A3


Moons Of Aeliox - Texture Maps
(.jpg format)


HellSpire - Terrain Prop


Photoshop Plug-In Filter


MultiZone - Morphing Terrain


DFSMetsfan's Spy Girl Xmas for Aiko and The Girl


Evita for V3


Fantasy Suit


Fantasy Blouse




Noel for A3


Snow Angel Poses for V3


Gutenberg Style Press


Light Storm Materials - medium


Light Storm Materials - sparse


12 Seamless Bridal Fabrics
(.jpg format)


39 Fabric Texture Files for PaintShop Pro
(.jpg format)


Christmas Fabrics 2005
(.jpg format)


ApoGraphix' Livvie for V3




12 Festive Textures
(.jpg format)


Hongyu's Revolver for Poser


"TunicXmas"- for DAZ V3 Tunica, Hooded Cloak


3D Model Dragster and Hemi Engine


Morphing Sofa


Elements Props


Peppers and Cookies
(.jpg format)


Christmas Grunge Brushes
(Photoshop CS)


Snowflake Brushes
(Photoshop CS)


Table, Chair and Martini for the Enclosed Patio


Young Koji


Textures for 3 Times a Charm


Colors for Pretty Nights (Pretty3d's free outfit)


(.psd layers for Photoshop)


Texture images/brushes/patterns


Ice for Daz Whisper Freebie


MORE Textures & Styles Free for Idol Aiko 3


Natania for V3


Fantastic Elves! Holiday Colors for 9 Hair Styles


Santa Bag - part 1 of 3
(.psd layers)


Santa Bag - part 2 of 3
(.psd layers)


Santa Bag - part 3 of 3
(.psd layers)


Renella Hair for V3


Commonwealth Console


African Weapons


Conforming Outfit for Apollo Max


Conforming Outift for the Freak


Portrait Backgrounds
(.jpg format)


More Eyes


Textures for Daz Morhping Cocktail Dress


Medieval Hat for M3


Winter Textures for DAZ Cyclorama


Empire Dress for V3-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Empire Dress for A3-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Empire Dress for SP3-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Empire Dress for Jessi-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Empire Dress for Miki-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Empire Dress for TY2-Dynamic P5/P6 version


Seamless Tiles X-Mas


(.jpg format)


PureDecor Sampler
(.psd format for Photoshop 7)


PureBaubles Sampler
(.psd format for Photoshop 7)


Borders 'n Trims Sampler
(.psd format for Photoshop 7)


Winters Chill
Set of 14 Winter Scene Brushes
(Photoshop 7/CS)


Ocean Dreams
Set of 25 Ocean Waves and Ocean Landscape
(Photoshop 7/CS)


Classic Fireplace


Christmas for the Faerie Dreams Dress


Styles for the A3 Twin Tails


Textures for PhilC's V3 posh gal outfit by renapd


Remapped version & Textures for Baron Vlad Harkonen's gothic pants & tops by renapd


Textures for Baron Vlad Harkone's suimsuit 2 plus the Fedora hat by renapd


Conforming clothing & props for VIC & MIKE by RT-productions


Faery Frost for V3


7 Poses for Miki


GetWet for V3 - Swimsuit & Swimshoes


Silver Belle for V3


Frosty Princess for Maddie 3


Elf Prince Kalan for M3




A Winter Beauty: Natasha


A Winter Beauty: Natasha Expansion


Holly Dayz for V3 - Character & Prop


MyDiva-Nails Mania


3 Hi-Res Backgrounds
(.jpg format)

Special thanks to the participating merchants for their generous offerings.

The entire Team at Renderosity would like to wish you a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!

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Member Opinions:
By: cliff-dweller on 12/1/05
Oh wow!! My heartfelt thanks to all of these talented & generous merchants for these wonderful gifts!! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

By: Bez on 12/1/05
Wow, thanks everyone, what a great choice :)

By: amberlover13 on 12/1/05
Wow! Thank you all so much...

By: Sivana on 12/1/05
Thank you to all the vendors who have been so kind to make such great gifts for us!!!

By: annita on 12/1/05
Wow!!! what fantastic. Thanks everyone. And Happy Holiday Season to eveyone!!!

By: Kinouk on 12/1/05
Adding my WOWWWWWWWWW!!! thank you everyone :)
**Happy Holidays**
tonz of hugz

By: spedler on 12/1/05
Thank you very much to all the merchants who contributed - very generous indeed!

By: Toribev on 12/1/05
Thank you everyone!! All the very best of the season to all of you!!

By: visualgirl on 12/1/05
Thanks everyone! I am honored to be a part of this with so many fantastic merchants! Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

By: lindaluvsu on 12/1/05
Oh my! Thank you so much everyone - such lovely gifts and generous merchants! Thanks for putting it together Renderosity staff!

By: Fatmolf on 12/1/05
Oh my god! Thankyou very much to all involved, this is an amazing show of generosity...*looks at besieged Runtime*...
Best wishes for the holidays all and thankyou again!

By: Acadia on 12/1/05
Thank you so very much!!! Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Years to all of you :)

By: KarenJ on 12/1/05
WOW! What a great start to the season! Thanks so much everyone!

By: Starkdog on 12/1/05
Thank you VERY VERY VERY much to those who posted these wonderful gifts. I will definently put these to good use, much unlike the ugly ties and socks I ususlly get. -Starkdog

By: rsg on 12/1/05
Many thanks to everyone involved in this and Happy Holidays

By: jjean21 on 12/1/05
WOW is right! This is fantastic! My heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful merchants and artists who have contributed these wonderful gifts to make this holiday even more fun.

By: JLyons on 12/1/05
Thank you everyone! Happy Holidays to all!

By: darkforceprime on 12/1/05
Very cool. Thank you!

By: Christel on 12/1/05
This is an amazing giveaway!! TY all for your kindness!! Happy holliday to all :o) Hugs C

By: bjt860 on 12/1/05
Thank you so much. These were all wonderful gifts.

By: Silly_Sue_1 on 12/1/05
Ditto to what everyone has said. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful goodies. Happy Holidays to all of you! Wow!!! ;)

By: Petunia on 12/1/05
A very lovely bag of presents!! Thank you all for your generosity!

By: MalicetheCat on 12/1/05
Thank you so much! this is such a great surprise!

By: Wolf_Of_darkness on 12/1/05
Thanks Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope You Guys & Gals Have A Great And Prosperous Holiday Season!!!!!!!

By: kamion on 12/1/05

By: LiquidRust on 12/1/05
Holy WOW! Thank you SO much everyone that's contributed! These are amazing gifts!

By: patiaz on 12/1/05
Many thanks to everyone and wishing you the most happy of holidays and a bountiful new year.

By: marionw on 12/1/05
WOW! Christmas 24 days early!!! I'll try and refrain and only open one present each day. LOL
Yea right...it's more like four thanks to everyones generosity!
Thank you all so very much! I love this place!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

By: aproctor on 12/1/05
WOW!!!! Thanks so very much!!! Happy Holidays to all and a wonderful 2006 :-)

By: brookekroegerdesigns on 12/1/05
Wow, thanks so much! This is a wonderful treat.

By: Truley_Unruly on 12/1/05
WOW! Very generous, beautiful gifts!!!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 12/1/05
Many thanks to all.These are wonderful gifts!Happy Holidays to all!

By: AngelOfFire on 12/1/05
A real treat, I haven't had time to look at all the stuff I downloaded yet, but all the items I have looked at have been of superb quality. This is a really generous gift by the creators; thank you all!

By: graphixdezine on 12/1/05
OMG!! How generous of you all!!! Thank you all so much!!! You all are great!!

By: 3DSublimeProductions on 12/1/05
Thank You all so very much for these special gifts.... wish I had stopped here first before gouging my bank account haha... but, that is always good too, it supports the people here that are so talented. The prices are always great and I am never ever dissapointed. Thank you all once again for the Christmas Gifts


By: NightFlyer on 12/1/05
What can I say.....to all the members who supplied these amazing gift's....YOU ROCK!!!! :-)

By: jonbg1 on 12/1/05
Wow!!! So many!!!
Thanks all, you really know how to make the Holidays rock. :)
You also know how to feed our addiction. lol

By: Ken_T on 12/1/05
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

All these goodies and it's only December 1st.


By: kayjay97 on 12/1/05
How perfectly fantastic. Many thanks to the merchants and artists here at Rosity and a warm Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all !!

By: Byrdie on 12/1/05
Thankyouthankyouthankyou! This is generosity above and beyond, for which may all the Powers reward you. Blessings and good cheer!

Oh, and did I say "Thank you"?!

By: AprilYSH on 12/1/05
Very nice items, quite a few I can use, thank you :D

By: brodiss on 12/1/05
Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful present.

By: Lucca on 12/1/05
These presents are beautiful! Thankyou very much for giving us so many lovely things!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

By: DreamersWish on 12/1/05
I am stunned! These gifts are so beautiful and such a beautiful gift to the communtity. Thank you so kindly from the bottom of my heart. I know it takes alot of time to do these things. So Thank You for taking the time, care, and love to make these items! I look forward to using them all. Thank you again and may you all have a most wonderful and Blessed Christmas Holiday!

By: OonaTheWild on 12/1/05
This was sooo awesome and Thanks sooo much !

By: dragonfly2004 on 12/1/05
Oooh! What nice people! Thanks so much, and have a safe, joyous time with your loved ones.

By: Zachrael2002 on 12/2/05
Wow thank y'all so much for this outpouring of goodies! Merry Christmas!!

By: mari_e17 on 12/2/05
Awesome presents!!!! :) Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas!! :D MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

By: DarkAngelGenesis on 12/2/05
Okay, I downloaded most of this stuff and I just can't do that without giving a heartfelt thanks to all the talent out there who gave this stuff to use. Many thanks!

By: Macore on 12/2/05
I knew this was my favorite community for a reason. This is just one of them :) Thanks for all the new toys. May the holdidays be happy and filled with love and joy for all of us :)

By: BrokenAngel9 on 12/2/05
thank you to all the generous merchants for the wonderful freebies!!

Have a merry christmas and a great new year!!

By: aann on 12/2/05
Thanks so much everyone for everything!

By: Makibird on 12/2/05
Thank you to everyone! Merry christmas!

By: pokeydots on 12/2/05
What a wonderful gift you have given us all! Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you and you families, God Bless ;o)

By: Jules53757 on 12/2/05
Great stuff and very generous to give away all this stuff!
Thanks to the artists and Merry Christmas.

By: nirvy on 12/2/05
What a fantastic team!!!!! Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!! :)

By: sahejaa on 12/2/05
This is so great thank you all, happy holidays and a big hug to all off you!

By: Belladzines on 12/2/05
Such wonderful gifts for such an amazing community!! Happy Holidays to all, and a huge special thanks to all merchants that took time to create all these lovely presents for us all....

huge hugs!!!!! AS xx

By: capelito on 12/2/05
So much and so wonderful gifts. Thanks so much to all.
Have a nice time till christmas. Hugs!

By: Val2004 on 12/2/05
WOOOOW!! Thank you so much for this!So much gifts and it's not even Christmas now...thx

By: gothicenchantedangel on 12/2/05
Thank you to all the merchants who offered us these wonderful gifts.

By: NeraStudios on 12/2/05
many thanks all
Merry Xmas!!

By: Marianne_Designs on 12/2/05
Thank you all so much!!! These were all wonderful gifts.

By: RossoMan on 12/2/05
Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to all of you.

By: mattymanx on 12/2/05

thank you!

By: Indoda on 12/2/05
Thank you so much. So much talent went into all of these may you all have a wondeful, safe, and Blessed Christmas season.

By: Tereesa on 12/2/05
Wow! You all are so generous! The items are fantastic! Thank you and have a beautiful and Merry Christmas! :-)

By: GillyH on 12/2/05
Wonderful gifts! Thank you everyone! Seasons Greetings to you all :)

By: buckzero on 12/2/05
Thank you for all the gifts and happy holidays to you also. Sigh,,,,,harddrive cleanup time again.

By: Nedarkhess on 12/2/05
Thank you!!!!!!!!!! *happy*

By: Aquariante7 on 12/2/05
Thanks for all this beautifull Stuff, its so amazing.
Have a wunderful time, a beautiful and Merry Christmas for all of you! ;-)

By: LeeMoon on 12/2/05
Thank you all so very much for the most generous presents! I'm going to have a lot of fun with these. :)

By: artbyphil on 12/2/05
Thank you everyone for all the great new toys:)

By: AranelStyles on 12/2/05
Wow! Thank you all so much...and Merry Christmas!

By: schwarzexsonne on 12/2/05
Thxxxxxxxxx youu all ..thats very great ....merry xmas

By: dv8_fx on 12/2/05
YESSSS... The most awaited downloads of the whole year.... Thank you so much to all contributors.

Merry Christmas to all

By: martelo on 12/2/05
Many thanks to all.These are wonderful gifts!Happy Holidays to all!

By: SilverWyvern on 12/2/05
Thank you very much!!!


By: Elowan on 12/2/05
Whoosh! Many thnx peeps! There's a lot of work represented here.

By: gillbrooks on 12/2/05
Thanks for the great gifts everyone and it was fun to take part too :)

By: davewa on 12/2/05
I am stunned. My heart-felt thanks to you all for making these wonderful holiday presents available.

By: ChristineG on 12/2/05
Totally amazing give away.. can't wait to start rendering with all thise beautyful things... thank you sooo much...

By: ghost13 on 12/2/05
Very Cool People - Very Nice Gifts !!
Happy Holidays to All !!

By: SimplySerendipity on 12/2/05
Thanks to all the merchants who contributed such fabulous gifts, and thanks to Renderosity for hosting them; it was great fun to be a part of. Happy Holidays to everyone! :)

By: grylin on 12/2/05
cool stuff here :) really great give aways :) thnx

By: tyllo on 12/2/05
Thanks sooo much for all these great gifts!!!

By: Virtua36 on 12/2/05
Thank you very much.Happy holidays.:-)

By: ericfarris on 12/2/05

By: mrsparky on 12/2/05
COOL! Thanks everyone merry Xmas.

By: TJoseph on 12/2/05
Holy moly! This is so cool! I'll be downloading for days! Many thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication. And Happy Nonsectarian Holidays and/or Events to everyone! ;)

By: BARTWORX on 12/2/05
thnx to you all for these fine gifts...
Happy Holidays to you all...

By: catlover1 on 12/2/05
WOW! This is wonderful! Thanks too everyone who contributed. Linda

By: Zarai on 12/2/05
Thanks so much to everyone. Your gifts are greatly appreciated

By: Khrys on 12/2/05
Happy Holidays to everyone. I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope everyone else does, too!

By: melabrad on 12/2/05
Wow, thank you so much!!!
Wonderful charas and stuff. My runtime and I are happy :-)
Happy Holidays!

By: Risika75 on 12/2/05
Thanks for the wonderful gifts! Happy holidays to everyone! Hugs, Michelle

By: xantor on 12/2/05
Thank you.

By: SK2Design on 12/2/05
WOW! Has that word been used already? :D My deepest thanks to all the incredibly generous people who have made the holiday season even more special!

By: asbesti on 12/2/05
Thanks a lot for these exellent gifts!

And Happy Holidays to all!

By: -BrandyE- on 12/2/05
Thank you so much to each of the generous and talented merchants who have offered such AWESOME holiday gifts for us all....I am floored at the amount and quality of the items being given to us. Thank you and wishing each of you a very special holiday season.

By: Guida on 12/2/05
This is so much more than i could ever wait for :)

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, i hope i can give back soon as my confidence and skills get good enough to match all these fantastic gifts.

By: MarianneR on 12/2/05
Thank you very much to all contributors :)

By: guslaw on 12/2/05
Let me add my thanks to all the merchants. What a huge and varied collection of gifts, somwething for everyone...

Thanks and Happy Holydays to all

By: tivao on 12/2/05
Happy holidays everyone! Peace and Joy to all! ^_^

By: Turtle on 12/2/05
Thank you so Very Much.

By: pmaker on 12/2/05
This is an amazing gift!
Thank you all.

By: Fuchsdame on 12/2/05
Some great presents!! Thank you all who contributed to those!!

By: MissCaly on 12/2/05
I wish to thank everyone who donated such wonderful gifts this holiday season. I look forward to using each of them.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

By: seaayre on 12/2/05
Thank you very much. What lovely gifts!

By: geoff1 on 12/2/05
Many Many thanks to you all for your generosity - Have a great season.

By: SamTherapy on 12/2/05
Thank you all for your generosity. Best wishes to you all.

By: barb on 12/2/05
Thanks so much. & Happy Holidays :)

By: Trouble on 12/2/05
Thank you for your generosity.

By: JenX on 12/2/05
Absolutely wonderful! Thank you all so much!

By: Angel1 on 12/2/05
Thanks to all - These are wonderful gifts ;-)
Happy Holidays!!!!

By: dpanzee on 12/2/05
Wow!!!! So many Christmas goodies, thank you so much to everyone. Christmas has come early.

By: GARNETROSE on 12/2/05
WOW!! so many wonderful gifts to choose from!! ...all free you say!!
to all the merchants thankyou!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

By: SageFlower on 12/2/05
I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who contributed their talents to the giveaway.
May the Creator protect you and yours today and alwasys and May your holiday season bring joy to your hearts.

By: SndCastie on 12/2/05
Thank you so much for giving our members such great gifts


By: Iraya on 12/2/05
Thank you for all the beautiful gifts and merry christmas to you all

By: squirrel2005 on 12/2/05
WOW!! This is amazing generous of you! Thank you ALL soooooo much for this wonderful sharings!!Merry Christmas!!

By: Damsel on 12/2/05
Thank you all!! Merry Christmas!

By: Loopydee1 on 12/2/05
WOW what wonderful gifts, thank you so much to everyone that donated, these are all absolutely awesome.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

By: Atomica on 12/2/05
Thanks so much! WOWIE!
Specail thanks to pdxjims! Free Apollo outfit!
Merry Chirstmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

By: frogster on 12/2/05
Many, many, many thanks for these great gifts.

By: PilotHigh on 12/2/05
Thank you very much for all of these wonderfull gifts!!!

By: SAMS3D on 12/2/05
How wonderful, thank you all for your generosity.

By: dfsmetsfan on 12/2/05
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. This was my first time participating in this wonderful event...hope it's the first of many to come. It was fun and thank you to all my fellow merchants for such wonderful goodies.

By: Balaenanun on 12/2/05
This is wonderful, thank you so much !!

By: Star4mation on 12/2/05
Thank you all so much. I wish I wasnt on dial-up, its gona take til the new year to download all these goodies!! lol

By: revric on 12/2/05
Thank you all for these wonderfull gifts. I only wish I knew how to make models so I could give back.

By: doc_jones on 12/2/05
how generous thankyou so very much
have a wonderful holliday season all of you

By: Jovial on 12/2/05
Sincere thanks to all of you who have put so much hard work into so many great freebies. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

By: thundering1 on 12/2/05
Thank you VERY much everyone - really gracious gifts! Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!

By: Cybrea on 12/2/05
Thank you to all, for the fantastic gifts!!

By: Destinie on 12/2/05
What a wonderful selection of gifts. Thank you so much for your generosity!! Merry Christmas :-)

By: LilWolff on 12/2/05
Thank you all for these lovely gifts and your generosity. Happy Holidays!

By: Laksmi on 12/2/05
This is so cool!!!! Thank you all and Happy Holidays :-)

By: -JoJo- on 12/2/05
Wowsers thankyou all so very much for these wonderful gifts and your generosity :0)
hugs to all and a very merry xmas
hugs JoJo

By: cecemckenzie on 12/2/05
Thank You, Everyone! What a great Christmas assortment! Happy Holidays to all!

By: BTERFLY2U on 12/2/05

By: Shardz on 12/2/05
I just now found this as I never frequent the Front Page! Doh! Thank you so very much to everyone who participated in this holiday giveaway! This was very generous and so many wonderful items that will be used by so many! A very Happy Holidays to you and your families! Thank you again!

By: UweG on 12/2/05
Thank you all for these great gifts! Happy holidays to all of you :)

By: Booker5 on 12/2/05
Wow! Many thanks to all the merchants who contributed this awesome stuff!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

By: Adiene on 12/2/05
Thank you all so much for the generous donations. Very kind of you all. Happy holidays! Wishing you and yours the best! :D

By: mejed on 12/2/05
Fantastic gifs from Fantastic folks. Thank you all very much. And Happy Holidays.

By: vaia on 12/2/05
Thank you so much to all of the generous merchants for their beautiful gifts!! Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: shanpoo on 12/2/05
Everyone specially the merchants I hope everyone of you have a wonderful Holiday. Merchants I so greatful to have these gifts and I will get good use out of them.....thankyou (HUGS)..shanpoo ;}

By: GRiMAge on 12/2/05
That's one huge *thank you* for all the generous contributors of this wonderful event!!

By: webdancer on 12/2/05
I can't believe there's so much here! Thank you one and all and Merry Christmas!

By: rvt on 12/2/05
Just like Xmas before D.Day, a great idea.
Very generous of u all and I about to bet Santa won't forget u eather on Xmas day.
I be back for wishes at the right time.
Thanks a bunch again.

By: Corbie on 12/2/05
I can't believe all this great stuff! You guys are the best! Thanks so much.

By: AlteredKitty on 12/2/05
Thank you all for your generous and lovely gifts. Happy Holidays everyone :)

By: OutlawbyDesign on 12/2/05
Thank you for these wonderful gifts and your overwhelming generosity. Happy Holidays to all of you!

By: digitalmusic on 12/2/05
Many thanks for sharing your talents. Merry Xmas to all.

By: dreamsosweet on 12/2/05
This is just incredible - thank you all so much for all this great stuff, and Happy Holidays!

By: vivianne on 12/2/05
Such excellent goodies! Thank you so much!

By: smvwhite on 12/2/05
What a line up of excellent products. Thanks so much to all those generous artists.

By: SnowSultan on 12/2/05
Wow, I didn't expect to find so much here! Thanks to all who donated their time and creations!

By: onimusha on 12/2/05
You guys rock!!! These are awesome...

By: xoconostle on 12/2/05
Big thanks, big hugs, and much holiday cheer to all who donated their work. :-)

By: jartz on 12/2/05
Well, this is a wonderful surprise... These are most generous; a special heart-felt thanks to all the merchants for those wonderful gifts. I'm very thankful as member here at RO. Happy Holidays to everyone here! :-)


By: IO4 on 12/2/05
A very big thank you to all the merchants who so generously have given us these wonderful gifts. There's some fantastic stuff here, can't wait to use them. Merry Christmas to you all:)

By: VI_Knight on 12/2/05
Thank you all so much for your generosity. Lots of great stuff here.

By: infinity10 on 12/3/05

By: tonyb42 on 12/3/05
Thank you very much for sharing your talent and time. Artists really are a breed apart!

By: butterfly_fish on 12/3/05
Oh, this turned out even better than I expected! Thanks to everybody who donated, and particularly to Debbie for running the whole show! Especially in light of her difficult year. *hugs* I know we all had fun doing this, and I hope everybody has fun playing with this stuff. :-D

By: Frankly3D on 12/3/05
Nice holiday treat, much appreciated.

By: bovi on 12/3/05
You guys just simply ROCK! :-D

By: RubyT on 12/3/05
Wow, someone told me Christmas is good around here. They were right! Thank you all for all these wonderful goodies! And the warmest of seasons greetings to all!

By: Makena on 12/3/05
Thank you all so much, they are so great.
Happy Hollidays to you all:)))

By: Rouenne on 12/3/05
Thanks to all the talented and yet generous merchants who make possible these wonderful gifts year after year! Happy Holidays and have a nice time!

By: Casette on 12/3/05
Speechless... THANKS TO ALL!!!!

By: JonathanRich on 12/3/05
A perfectly marvelous, generous, festive surprise, and a big thanx to all whom have contributed to this fine collection of Christmas offerings :-) Positively... delightful :-) Thank you muchly :-D MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-D ~ Jon

By: SophiaDeer on 12/3/05
Thank you to all the merchants! These are wonderful gifts.

By: Lully on 12/3/05
A Big THANKYOU to all the vendors who have generously given us such a wonderful christmas pressie :o) Hope everyone has a fantastic christmas!!! Dawn

By: PickersAngel on 12/3/05
Thanks to each and every one of you!

By: HHDrache on 12/3/05
a big thanks for these wonderful gifts

By: KymJ on 12/3/05
This is my first time participating and I had a ball doing something completely different for me and I'm thrilled to have been involved.

So many things to download and so little time LOL...a BIG thank you for such wonderful gifts and to Deb for coordinating it all.

Merry Chrissy all ....

By: kodewarrior1 on 12/3/05
thank u guys! I wish u a merry christmas to you all!!

By: savanna on 12/3/05
Liebes Renderosityteam,
danke fuer die tollen Downloads!
Ich wuensche euch allen ein schoenen 2. Advent
Danke auch an Debbie M.
eure savanna

By: shadow_dancer on 12/3/05
oooooooooooooooooh new toys *rips open the zips *wahooo new toys thank you

By: gunsan on 12/3/05
Thanks for all precius gifts!!
Happy Holidays to you all givers!

By: Caelyn on 12/3/05
Thank you so much! I would have been delighted to pay for so many of these - to receive them as a gift just amazes me. Happy Seasons and thanks for your generosity!

By: Liliane on 12/3/05
Voor het hele Renderosityteam

By: karan on 12/3/05
A big thanks to all the people sharing their stuff here, and a big happy holidays to you all!

By: Hyria on 12/3/05
Wow guys OUTSTANDING? Your generous gifts are well appreciated.

Thank You Merchants!

By: DragonessD on 12/3/05
Thank you so much! You guys are always so generous to us I just can't believe it! Wonderful toys!

By: shamanka on 12/3/05
Thanks so much! These are really awesome!

By: nickcharles on 12/3/05
So groovy to see so many in the giving spirit! Thank you to all!

By: Jalen on 12/3/05
wowwwwwww heard about this thru a group im in and i was thrilled to c two of my dearest and closest freinds..like family...my sis Neomea and my bro BountifulKnight...the rest of you im just ecstatic of the variety of the gifts..may u all have a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season..and it warms my soul that you are all "giving" so freely and generously of your talents..GB...Jalen

By: froggy42 on 12/3/05
my first Christmas with poser,
thank you for all the gifts
Merry Christmas to All.

By: YourFantasyDream on 12/3/05
Thank you very very much for being so generous..All the products are lovely!! Merry Christmas to ALL!!

By: B_PEACOCK on 12/3/05
What an amazing turnout .Thank you to all the merchants .Wished I could have been apart also .Happy Holidays
Love and Blessings

By: jarnofi on 12/3/05
Great gifts!Thank you!

By: Nightwind on 12/3/05
Thank you all for your generosity! A very Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!

By: seattletim on 12/3/05
OMG! I am new to Poser and this community . . . this blows me away! I am a happy man. Thank you all . . . I am going to be very busy uploading fimes this weekend. lol


By: BountifulKnight on 12/3/05
Yet one more very thankful person! A wondeful variety of freebies. Thanks to all who participated.

By: squeeka on 12/3/05
Wow, Thank you all for being so very generous!! Wonderful gifts!! Happy Holidays to all!!

By: SQS on 12/3/05
WOW!! Thanks to you all!!!

By: StarDogSirius on 12/3/05
Thank you so much for the wonderful items! Your generosity is very much appreciated! Thank you again and Happy Holidays to all! :)

By: averroes on 12/3/05
Thanks so much!

By: ariaans on 12/3/05
Thank you so much!! What a lot of beautiful gifts before Christmasholliday! :)

By: Justmel on 12/3/05
Wow, this is such a collection of awesome gifts! Thank you all!

By: rockets on 12/3/05
Thanks to everyone for such generous gifts!

By: vt100 on 12/3/05
Woo Hoo! Just what i needed to fill my runtime!! As i lost a ton of stuff when my hard drive died! Thanks Guys & Gals!!

By: Seven Wolves on 12/3/05
Thanks Everyone! Fab presents :)

By: BonBonish on 12/3/05
Wonderful gifts :)... Thanks !

By: masha on 12/3/05
A BIG thank you and wonderful holidays to you all!!

By: jeeperz on 12/3/05
thank you thank you to all who are contributing free Christmas goodies. Merry Christmas to all and to all who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays

By: shemia on 12/3/05
Thank you to all the merchants who have contributed to the giveaway this year. For those of us on a tight budget (like myself) it's nice to be able to get good quality stuff from very generous people. My budget thanks you immensely. :o)

By: StudioDP on 12/3/05
Great, thank you all. A few where on my wish list. You have made me happy. I hope next year I will be good enough in modeling to making a free Christmas gift. Happy Christmas to all!!

By: Dave-So on 12/3/05
I've been a part of the rendo communiy pretty much since its beginning. The Xmas gifts get bigger and better every year. This year is almost a shock ... so generous...way generous. Thanks to all the creators that took their time to give us such a great present.

By: camera on 12/3/05
It's already been said so many times by so many but never enough to thank those merchants who spend their efforts for our pleasure and then gift us with their generosity. So, please accept my thanks along with the others, You all deserve our appreciation.

By: YngPhoenix on 12/3/05
Simply Wonderful! Thought the holidays were going to be gloomy with my wife and daughter comming down with numonia a little before Thanksgiving and now me becomming sick. This generosity definitley brightens my spirits. Thanks!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 12/3/05
Thanks, and happy holidays! :D

By: Jackson on 12/3/05
Thank you all *so* much! This stuff is fantastic and appreciated. Some of the links didn't work for me but I'll just try another time.

In order to return your generosity, I am going to perform one Random Act of Kindness in the names of the contributors for each item in this list.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

By: Whimsical on 12/3/05
Must say a big thank you for all the xmas goodies..they are ALL sooo lovely :-)))))))

By: Minyassa on 12/4/05
This is extremely generous of you all. Thank you so very much!

By: donnena on 12/4/05
So many Wonderful gifts!!!
Thanks so very much!!!

By: William on 12/4/05
Thank you to everyone concerned. you're all very generous with your time and imaginations

By: Claywoman on 12/4/05
Wow thanks for all of the awesome freebies! These are really top of the line goodies from top of the line artists!

By: Carrie2004 on 12/4/05
Ooooooh.So many awesome things!You people rock!*hugs*

By: ronwindham on 12/4/05
Big thanks all around...........

By: VictoriaPrainito on 12/4/05
Your hard work and dedication to the Renderosity community is greatly appreciated. The Christmas Freebies this year are the best ever! Thank you all so much for your Christmas gifts! Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: rrkknight3 on 12/4/05
You are all so generous with your great work!

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

By: AngelSpirit on 12/4/05
WOW!!!! thakyou to all the merchants for these most wonderful gifts! hope you all have the best holiday season ever!

By: missgrin on 12/4/05
I want to thank these great poeple for the georgeous freebees, merry christmas to you all......

By: wishes3d on 12/4/05
Thankyou soooo much you guys for such wonderful gifts. Everything is so fantastic and such a wonderful gesture from you all. Merry xmas all :)

By: xeniaghost on 12/4/05
Thank you to everyone for their generosity and all these wonderful pressies, it's greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!

By: archieb on 12/4/05
WOW these are incredible freebies thank you so much!!!!!

By: Angel_Fyre on 12/4/05
wow...thanx everyone for their generosity and talent! cant wait to use this stuff!!!

By: roseofmadison on 12/4/05
Thank you everyone for the wonderful freebies.. Merry christmas to all.

By: Heavenlee on 12/4/05
Thank you to everyone for these lovely xmas gifts,i couldn't ask for better gifts!!!Merry xmas to all.
desdnzl xxx

By: dicey on 12/4/05
WOW! What a wonderful early Christmas gift...a huge thanks for your generosity...it is very much appreciated. You guys n gals are GREAT!

By: reciecup on 12/4/05
Thanks for the freebies.Happy holidays to everyone.God bless :)

By: lunaE on 12/4/05
Thank you all for their generosity and wonderful freebies. Merry Chrismas to all of you.

By: judith on 12/4/05
Happy Holidays and thanks to everyone involved for their generosity!

By: Judyco2 on 12/4/05
So many wonderful gifts. Thank you so much and a very Merry Christmas to all.

By: pangor on 12/4/05
Thank you

By: MoonGraphics11 on 12/4/05
Thank you all so much!

By: Hedda on 12/4/05
Thank you so much to all of you merchants for all the wonderful stuff you are offering us for free, it is so generous of you :-) Merry Christmas to all!

By: Virtual_World on 12/4/05
Thank you so much for so many wonderful gifts!!!

By: vlgraphics on 12/4/05
Thank you to all!!!!

By: RoseMoxon on 12/4/05
this was very generous. thank you!

By: Whimsical on 12/4/05
thank you all so very much!!! Merry Christmas everyone :-))

By: DuBetzDesigns on 12/5/05
Thank you all and merry X-Mas from a Renderosity "newbie"...in hopes to gain veteran status :-)

By: aeilkema on 12/5/05
There are some wonderful gifts right here, thank you all so much!

By: botdog on 12/5/05
Christmas comes yearly
Yet only once merely
As it comes nearly
Renderosity gives dearly-

Thank you all for your generosity

By: Moonbow on 12/5/05
These are all so wonderful:) Thank you all very much for your generosity:)

By: Jenjen on 12/5/05
Too cool!

Thanks to everyone who gifted so generously, and thanks to Renderosity!

Happy Yuletide to you all! :)

By: Shaylea on 12/5/05
Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!! I appreciate all your time to make this possible!

Happy Holidays to all Renderosity merchants & friends!!

By: JamieReid on 12/5/05
A very big and warm thank you to all the generous people providing these incredible gifts.

Happy Holidays!

By: n3k0 on 12/6/05
WOW!!! Thank you all!!!
(wow, a whole lot of downloading to do)

By: ShadowWind on 12/6/05
Thanks for all the kind gifts, truly a santa's bag of wonder. Happy Holidays to all!

By: twingo on 12/6/05
Thanks for this wonderful gifts, happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

By: Lakeesha on 12/6/05
wow, thanks to all for the wonderful gifts, they are really great :) Happy holidays.

I'd like to thank all participating merchants, who have freely given in this year's Chrismas gift bonanza. Your generosity overwhelms me and without exception, all of the gifts I have used up to date have been of the finest quality.
Again, a sincere thank you and may everyone on Renderosity have a wonderful Christmas.

By: 4udreamcatcher on 12/6/05
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Some fantastic offerings :O-)

By: LuxMaris on 12/6/05
Thanks - these are wonderful gifts!
Happy Holidays to all of you!

By: Neyjour on 12/6/05
Thank you all so much for the wonderful gifts! :D

By: samsiahaija on 12/6/05
We're being spoiled rotten.

Thank you; great stuff!
And a merry X-Mass for all....

By: thartwick1 on 12/6/05
This is great! Thanks to all!! Happy Holidays!

By: DeeDeeMarie on 12/6/05
Thank you so much for all the goodies. You have made this newbie very happy. Have a wonderful Holiday!!

By: vshane on 12/6/05
Thank you so very much for your generosity. Happy holiday!

By: bubly on 12/7/05
Many thanks to all.These are wonderful gifts

By: Wonderland on 12/7/05
I woke up this morning feeling horrible with a bad cold then found this & now it feels like Christmas morning when I was a kid! Thanks everyone! Happy Holidays!

By: dpanzee on 12/7/05
Thank you so much for all the wonderful Christmas freebies.

By: cindyx on 12/7/05
THANK YOU for these fantastic gifts!!
Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: billythekid on 12/7/05
What a lot of nice people you are! Merry Christmas.

By: Revelation-23 on 12/7/05
Wow, thanks for all the goodies. It's like it's Christmas or something.

Oh, wait...

Well, I guess I should apologize in advance to my modem for all it's going to be going through.

By: spacebones on 12/7/05
tons of great stuff by a community of generous merchants! So let`s take all that as a "basic playground" creating tons of new goodies in 2006!
Many thanx to all of you!
Happyholly and merry Xmas to all of you merchants, Renderosity team, posers, brycers and all that freaky 3d maniacs around there!! ;o))

By: jwiest on 12/7/05
Soooo many thanks to everybody who came together to do this for the rest of us. It's greatly appreciated, even if I might only use a fraction of what I just downloaded. Merry Christmas!

By: johnl3dr on 12/7/05
Very Generous..Happy Holidays

By: mjonesboy on 12/7/05
Thank you all very much for the Christmas gifts.
It is appreciated very much! Happy Holidays to everyone.

By: mihoshi1de on 12/8/05
Thanks for all the gifts! :)

By: Metajock on 12/8/05
Thank you very much for the goodies! Gonna have a lot of fun with there!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!

By: casper12 on 12/8/05
Thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts. We have become "Brahma"s creators of worlds.

By: SektorHP on 12/8/05
Thanks and happy holidays from me too!!!

By: adamcatfish on 12/8/05
Thank you for the gifts and have a happy holiday season.

By: Ede1302 on 12/8/05
That's fantastic, thanks to all!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!!!

By: DonCorleone on 12/8/05
Thank's a lot for stuff and merry christmass to all of you........


By: Ethesis on 12/8/05
Thank you very much.

By: aremis2000 on 12/8/05
Merry Christmas, Happy holidays to all the merchants who so graciously gave us such magnificent gifts this year, and such wonderful products all year round. Be safe and warm with your families.

By: Lyne on 12/9/05
Thank you all so much!

By: jjoker on 12/9/05
Very Cool... Very Fun... Very Christmas Like...
Thanks to all, have a safe and happy holiday.

By: Syltermermaid on 12/9/05
Wonderful Christmas gifts for all of us from this excellent merchants here, what can I say more than THANK YOU, ALL!!! I wish you all, and your families, a peacefull and merry Christmas!!!

By: ShyNSwtOne on 12/9/05
Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts the merchants graciously gave! Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!!

By: Deberus on 12/9/05
Thanks! So many goodies to play with, this is just so great!

By: billsoper on 12/9/05
Astounded by the generosity and the selection. Thanks to all concerned. Have a magnificent Xmas, and dont forget to look after the animals.

By: kikass on 12/9/05
Thank you all so much for these gifts! Truly wonderful and very generous. I hope you all have a very merry holiday!!!

Peace be with you.

By: Sammie2 on 12/9/05
My thanks to you all...... Merry Christmas..... :D

By: ama on 12/9/05
Thank You all foor the beautifull Gifts !
Happy Holidays !!!!

By: shg0816 on 12/9/05
Thanks to all these talented artists who contributed to this. People like you definitely set this site apart from the rest!! Thanks again

By: bajaliva on 12/9/05
Many thanks to our generous merchants and happy end of year to everyone !

By: Zaadong on 12/9/05
Wow... thats a great surprise

Greetings and a merry X-mas from Germany

By: anitalee on 12/9/05
So awesome! Thanks so much everyone.


By: Daveoramma on 12/9/05
Thanks a million! You guys are the BEST!

By: seashorecookie on 12/9/05
Thanks to all - what a wonderful bag of goodies. This shows why this team is #1.

By: jarbeard on 12/9/05
Oh flipping heck, where do I start?

Thanks to everyone for giving so much away.


By: wusel on 12/10/05
This is real christmas! Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you all

By: DeVille3D on 12/10/05
Excellent gifts, thanks to all and a happy christmas and New Year. Hopefully I will contribute myself next year!

By: mommastacie on 12/10/05
Whew! My downloading spree has begun. lol Thanks soooooooooo much more than I can verbally express to all the fantastic merchants who are sharing with us so generously.. and to R'Osity as well... y'all rock! Hope to have something to send in next year myself. *crossed fingers*

By: ebrochure on 12/10/05
Thanks to all the generous Renderosity artists! We love you!

PE Harris

By: Celiam on 12/10/05
A wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! Many thanks to all the artists for their generosity! A safe and happy holiday season to all!!

By: chadeq on 12/11/05
Thank you.

By: liannedevries on 12/11/05
Thank you all very much, Happy Holidays !!

By: sirocco on 12/11/05
Thank you all for your time and generosity. Happy Holidays!

By: Magician on 12/11/05
Thank you thousand times all merchants for your generousity. It seems that Christmas and Birthday are at the same time!! Wish all a peacefull Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks a lot one more time.

By: sweetdreamsmom on 12/11/05
Thank for your generosity. These are great.

By: DigReal on 12/11/05
Many, many thanks to all!

By: juleyanne on 12/11/05
Cheers.....thank you all :)

By: ruby86 on 12/11/05
Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thank you so much for your generous gifts. So wonderful is the spirit of this season.

By: Quasarman on 12/11/05
Thank you all kindly :)

By: lordwulf on 12/12/05
many thanks, you guys rock !!!!!

By: soffy on 12/12/05
Thank you all for your generous and wonderful gifts...Happy Holidays :)

By: novelist999 on 12/12/05
Such generosity. Thank you! I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :-)

By: Thetis on 12/12/05
Thank you all so much for the merry gifts!!! Can't wait to unwrap all those wonderful packages...

By: jan_scrapper on 12/12/05
Thank you so very much for these very generous gifts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. God Bless.

By: george_c on 12/12/05
thank you very much everyone merry christmas an happy new year

By: byheart on 12/12/05
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Thank you for the effort you put into these freebies. You can really tell who appreciates your business!

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/13/05
Thank you all for these wonderfull and very generous gifts also the time you all take out to make and contribute them . As usual you all out do yourselves every year and it's greatly appreciated ! Merry Christmas to you all :D

By: kira on 12/13/05
Many thanks to all.These are wonderful gifts!Happy Holidays to all!

By: Channing3D on 12/13/05
Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts. I truly appreciate all the merchants who are offering these items. THANK YOU!

By: chrispoole on 12/13/05
Cor Blimey Guvnor, your the tops aint ya, MORE, MORE, beggin your parden sirs my hardrive's full already, go on i'm sure it will fit, no honest Guv if I download anuver it'll bang.

Merry Christmas and God bless us one and all.

By: Marty_Mcfly84 on 12/13/05
thank you every one...I downloaded everthing thank you again.....

By: shonsu on 12/14/05
Christmas truly is a magical time. Thanks to all the merchants, who with their gifts, keep the magic alive.

By: Axeye on 12/14/05
I just want to say Thank You to all the participating merchants for their generosity! And I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday!

By: Azr1el on 12/15/05
Thank you to all the participaiting merchants for all these wonderful gifts! :) To everybody - I wish you all a happy holiday and... very happy rendering!!! :)

By: BloodFlame on 12/15/05
thank you thank you thank you.... this is great addition to my vault and now that i know the quality of your work, i will look for more by you...THANK YOU

By: franziskus on 12/16/05
Thank you so very much, merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

By: RitaK on 12/16/05
Thank you so much for all the awesome gifts.
Happy holidays to all


By: drag on 12/16/05
Thanks to all the creative artist who gave so much of themselves with these wonderful gifts. And a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

By: Bri65 on 12/17/05
Thank you all very much. You guys are the coolest!

By: WildMan9 on 12/17/05
Wow! Thank you to all donated to this holiday giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

By: T-FAST on 12/17/05
Wooow!Very very generous and wonderful gifts!Thank you all!
Merry Christmas(^^)

By: eschen on 12/18/05
Was a lot stuff to download. Many thanks.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

By: cohiba on 12/18/05
Merci beaucoup et joyeux NoŽl

By: sunfish on 12/19/05
1000 Thanks, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to everybody! God bless you!

By: ninjatag on 12/20/05
Thank you very much, for this incredible XMAS giveaway! I think I will unzip them for xmas, it will be fun to have something to open. LOL

By: paerfa on 12/21/05
many thanks to you all, it's always a wonderful pleasure to feel this warmth & complicity !
happy new year everybody

By: TrekkieGal69 on 12/21/05
Thank you, and Merry Christmas. This makes a great Birthday present as well.

By: Rainfeather on 12/21/05
thank you so much and a happy holidays to everyone...this is such a wonderful christmas gift =)

By: renoco on 12/21/05
Thank you and to everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

By: marionw on 12/21/05
WOW, what can I say! Thank you just doesn't seem like enough...
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

By: Elliandra on 12/22/05
These are wonderful gifts thank you all so much for the time and effort you put into making us these special treasures *smiles*

By: StormysMom on 12/22/05
Thank you all, these are wonderful freebies

By: Fanci on 12/22/05
Thank you all.. and Happy Holidays

By: gtrdon on 12/23/05
I am really looking forward to opening all these
neat presents. Many thanks to all these very talented artist...Merry Cristmas

By: c1onehead on 12/23/05
Thanks for all of the great stuff!!!!

By: ABL on 12/24/05
Thank you so much for those awesome gifts, they are highly appreciated! A very merry and peaceful Christmas to all of you.

By: noneworld on 12/24/05
Thx for wonderful gifts - Merry X-Mas @ All !!!

By: Sentinal on 12/25/05
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts, Merry Christmas.

By: HatB on 12/25/05
Thanks to each of the participating artists for these wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas to all and a bountiful New Year 2006.

By: DemonMage on 12/25/05
Thanks for all the goodies. Merry Freakin Christmas and to all Freakin good New Year :) Best wishes to all.

By: tooney58 on 12/26/05
Thank you for all the lovely gifts.

By: Klutz on 12/27/05
An impressive selection of generous gifts for us all.

Thanks to each and every contributor.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year

By: Pat323 on 12/28/05
Thank you all so much for your generosity. These are wonderful! Pat323

By: hauksdottir on 12/28/05
I had to wait until after the holiday, and now get to enjoy this wonderful selection of gifts. Wow! :)

Thank you all!!!


By: XET_Stormy on 12/30/05
Wow! Thank you all for all your hard and beautiful work! Happy and prosperous New Year!

By: Kazam561 on 12/30/05
Thank you all for your great and hard work! Have a wonderful and safe holiday season and New Year!!

By: SoaLD on 12/31/05
ooooooooooooooooooooo, it's like Christmas all over again!
Many, man heartfelt thanks to the very talented people who brought this to our community. Happy New Year!!!

By: denisev12 on 12/31/05
Thanks so very much! It ment so much to me to receive all these wonderful gifts, being disabled and on a fixed income I'm not able to buy what I really wish for most of the time, So yes this was really like a great Christmas for me. Thank you so very much and Blessings to all!

By: djaxis on 1/1/06
Um, why does almost every file become corrupted after download? I've gotten about six of them, more than once, and only two are opening.

By: moonrancher on 1/1/06
I just found these, and am sure glad I did. Thank
you to each artist who has been so generous.
And Happy New Year!

I hope these stay up until I can download them. :P

By: savvaal on 1/2/06
Thank you very much to all those Marketplace Merchants who took part in giving to the Holiday Giveaway! I am a novice digital artist, so the addition of these gifts to my digital palette will definitely be of great help to me in my own artwork. I have been inspired! Once again, thank you, Happy New Year, and you will not be forgotten when I make my future purchases.

By: Samanthie on 1/3/06
Happy New Year and thanks to all of the merchants for their generosity!

By: MadALyice on 1/4/06
Thank you wonderful merchants!! Without you us newbies would be left out in the cold *so to speak* It warms my heart to see such giving and kindness. When I grow up to be a merchant i want to be just like every one of you ;-)
***HaPPy HoLLydaYs***

By: suezoo39 on 1/5/06
Thank you all very much :)

By: TheVelvetFoxx on 1/6/06
Wow! I can't believe how generous this year's merchant have been. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent.

By: Simona on 1/8/06
thank you very much :)

By: jenay on 1/11/06
wonderful gifts :) many thanks to all. :)

it's a bit late that I found them ;)


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