In Memory of Ms_Outlaw - "Debbie Lee"
Debbie Lee [known on Renderosity as Ms_Outlaw, and in the literary world as D. Lee] was a very talented and passionate artist with a big heart and a gentle soul. She truly loved the Renderosity community, which was very evident in her postings to fellow Renderosity artists� gallery images. An active member of both the Vue and Poser forums, she was always there for other artists, with encouraging words and helpful comments. Yet, not many knew that this modest woman was also an award winning �cover artist� and author. She �wrote to entertain� with fantasy art and stories, exploring the world of vampires, and other creatures of darkness [many co-written with best friend Kammy Bonias]. She wanted, �people to be able to curl up with one of our stories and be swept away from reality for a little while.� August of this year, Debbie was diagnosed with lung cancer. On September 13th, Debbie�s bright light was dimmed ... however, it will never be extinguished, as she will live eternally in her art, her stories, and in the hearts of her family and friends.
Rose Tear � Debbie Lee [Ms_Outlaw]
Not only did she leave behind a legacy of images and fantasy tales, she also left behind simple words for authors and artists to live by � �Keep at it, but more importantly, enjoy what you are doing. Have fun and always remember, dreams are only unreachable if you stop trying!� Debbie Lee, a native Canadian, is survived by her loving husband, two sons, family pets, and of course more friends than she could ever imagine.
Fall � Debbie Lee [Ms_Outlaw] If I close my eyes I can escape. Feel the sun, Hear the sounds of life. If I just keep my eyes closed. ~D. Lee
Ms_Outlaw � you shall be greatly missed! The Renderosity Staff and Community!
We encourage you to visit the following sites:
  • Debbie�s last words � a must read
  • Debbie�s Renderosity Art Gallery
  • Debbie's personal web site
  • Debbie�s Awards
  • Books that Debbie co-authored

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    Member Opinions:
    By: jjean21 on 9/14/05
    It's always sad to hear of the loss of anyone who is kind in both heart and spirit, and Debbie certainly fits that description. The loss is even sadder when they are taken so quickly. My sympathies go out to her family and friends.

    By: maxgrafix on 9/14/05
    what a big loss at at a young age,
    my sympathies go to to her family.

    By: Paula Sanders on 9/14/05
    I am completely shocked. She gave so much to the Renderosity community. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She will be tremendously missed.

    By: cynlee on 9/14/05
    i did not know her.. my sympathies too...
    i'm *choked* ..after reading her last words :'(
    only 4 yrs older then me...
    i hope her words will help someone quit.. maybe me...

    By: dlk30341 on 9/14/05
    I'm shocked & saddened by this news. Condolences to her family :(. Her beautiful artwork will be missed.

    By: bramhambabe on 9/14/05
    my sympathy goes to all her family and friends. Such a sad loss of life. Has made me think of quitting anyway.

    By: Samhain74 on 9/14/05
    Unbelievable,what an absolute shock,god bless her and her family.I cant possibly imagine.My sympathies and condolences.

    By: Orio on 9/14/05
    My deepest condoleances to Debbie's friends and family.
    And Debbie, she will meet Guitta up there, and see wonderful Vues.

    By: Cheers on 9/14/05
    Very humble words. Having suffered the trauma 12 years ago of somebody very close dying from lung/brain cancer (my mother from smoking and at the same age of Debbie), I can understand where Debbie's words were coming from.
    Rest in peace Debbie, look down and smile - you left your mark on many people.
    To her family - You have all my prayers and sympathies at this time and I'm sure you are all very proud of her. By all means mourn Debbie's loss, but also afford a smile at all she achieved. Remember she will be always there for will never lose the support of her love and strength, because it is something that is felt in the soul...

    By: SAMS3D on 9/14/05
    My deepest sympathy to all the family and friends....she was a good friend to me, always there for support and her heart was so giving. This is so sad and I will deeply miss her. My prayers to all, she will be in my heart forever.

    By: rodluc2001 on 9/14/05
    what a sad news... i totally shocked about that.

    By: GrandThumb on 9/14/05
    Deb was a really good friend to me, though I never met her. We often exchanged ideas and spent many, many hours together in virtual worlds. I will miss her dearly.

    By: tesign on 9/14/05
    Very sudden indeed. Th lord be with her and my prayers with her family.

    By: mikeljanin on 9/14/05
    My best wishes for her family and friends. I'm sorry. My deepest sympathy for all the community.

    By: bayoubooger on 9/14/05
    We are only here for a short time, live like you never lived it before and if you get the chance to dance, i hope you dance?

    By: JenX on 9/14/05
    This is indeed sad news. My heart goes out to her family in this sad time.

    By: Sacred Rose on 9/14/05
    I am dumbfounded by this news. I had no idea that any of this was taking place. My deepest sympathies to her family at this tragic moment. I found her to be always caring, generous and inspirational to anyone who she met online in the vue forum. I will miss her everpresent vivaciousness. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I shall remember her in my prayers. With great sadness, ~beck

    By: hapin-n on 9/14/05
    Our deepest sympathy goes out to her loved ones and family.May God be with you and lift your spirits

    By: romanceworks on 9/14/05
    I just visited Debbie's gallery and website for the first time and am truly sorry I didn't get to know this talented and wonderful woman who had so much to give, artistically and personally. She truly seemed to live her life to the fullest. Her last words both touched and broke my heart. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. CC

    By: Angelwave on 9/14/05
    sweet dreams for a dreaming lady, happy trails to you...till we meet again

    By: KimberlyC on 9/15/05
    My sympathy for her family and friends.

    By: caleb68 on 9/15/05
    she will be surely missed. Its those things they leave us with, the happy moments, the memories we should always remember. May her soul find peace.

    By: Foxseelady on 9/15/05
    This is very sad news. I am so sorry. To the family my deepest sympathy, love, prayers and hugs. Her words of smoking will haunt me.

    By: MacNaughton on 9/15/05
    I've known Outlaw since I joined the WBS online RPG gaming community back in 1995. I was her XO in the Shadow Bands for many years. She was my friend, my online mentor, my gaming partner & my sister. She helped raise my spirits when I was down & deflated my ego when it needed it. We talked, argued, commiserated & confided. She had a great many friends and very few enemies (none really serious, more pests than problems). She was a horrible speller / typist & took our ribbing with simple grace.

    Goodbye OL... I love you very much and will miss you greatly. You were always a class act.

    By: Helen on 9/15/05
    Oh My. This is a shock. My condelences go to Debbie's family and friends.


    By: RnRWoman on 9/15/05
    So sorry to hear such sad news. Prayers and condolences go out to her family. May God watch over them and send them emotional and physical healing. And May God watch over her in Heaven. God Bless you all.

    By: -BrandyE- on 9/15/05
    My deepest condolenses to her family and loved ones...I did not know her personally, but her sweet and beautiful spirit is evident in her words and her work. God Bless...

    By: Elsina on 9/15/05
    My condolences to her family and friends. So sad.

    By: agiel on 9/15/05
    I am still under the shock of the news since Debbie won the Vue forum Challenge just before departing to the hospital.

    I hope her family will take comfort in the knowledge of the many friends and members of our community that she touched with her art.

    By: Dutch_Wally on 9/15/05
    Bon Voyage Debbie.

    By: Rynn on 9/15/05
    This is such sad news. I want to give my sympathy to her family, and I hope they will find the strenght to get through this.

    By: sireneidae on 9/15/05
    Who knows, perhaps she's now a little bit closer to her dreams. My tears and my heart will be by here family.

    By: samoanlady on 9/15/05
    my thoughts and prayers go out to her family - thank you for installing the links to her personal site so we could visit her in spirit....God Be with you all

    By: pmce on 9/15/05
    My sympathies and condolences Debbie's family and friends.May God be with you in God's Peaceful world.

    By: Irish on 9/15/05
    May I express my heartfelt condolences to Debbie's family.

    She will be missed in our community.

    By: MINTY1974 on 9/16/05
    My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends.

    By: cphilrun on 9/16/05
    The spirit that kindles the artist within goes on along with the love thats gathered through our brief although hopefully abundant lives.

    By: Rot-Tigerchen on 9/16/05
    Debbie, thank you for your last words. I will show them to my hubby... I hope, he will stop smoking (I never started with it...). Maybe your last words will save his life...

    My thoughts goes out to your family and your friends.

    Nicole Desire

    By: Marque on 9/16/05
    Our prayers go with you in this time of darkness to light your way to understanding why.

    By: Lucca on 9/16/05
    Debbie, may your memory long inspire and encourage others as you sought to do in life.

    By: shemia on 9/16/05
    I read Debbie's last words and cried. I lost my sister two years ago from lung cancer, she was a very heavy smoker. When diagnosed she was given 6 months to live, 12 months if she gave up smoking. She was a fighter and kept smoking. She lived nearly a year and half from her first diagnosis, two days after her 58th birthday. Her husband of 20 years, the strongest, most caring man I have ever met, broke down and cried. That broke my heart. Debbie, I never knew you but I know a spirit as caring as yours will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go to your loved ones left behind.

    By: Avalonne on 9/16/05
    To say I am in shock is stating it mildly...I did not know the lady, but I did go view her art today, and I read her last words to us...OMG how very sad!!! Funny thing...I just quit smoking myself 4 days ago...insidious habit that robs us everything...and eventually it robs of us the most precious thing...Life :-( Peace to you Ms_Outlaw....I dedicate my quit to you and all the others.........

    By: digitell on 9/16/05
    I did not know Debbie, and I am sorry about that, because after reading her words, they really touched me. I had a friend who died of lung cancer just 6 months after being diagnosed with it. I smoked at that time. Not anymore. Please..if you smoke..Quit NOW!!! My prayers are with Debbie and her family.

    By: Jay7347 on 9/17/05
    I've seen her images yet, I did not know her. But in reading her words I felt like I knew her a lifetime...they were most profound. May her gentle soul rest easy and may her loving family always feel her there with them.

    By: mikekoh on 9/18/05
    I am always againt smoking in my whole life but my dad and two brothers smoke heavily and when I asked them to quit, I always get fireback. I think the opium company should be closed and not contining to take life with their products. I know many people will go out of jobs, but see what is important, life or job? My prayer goes to Debbie and family.

    By: thundering1 on 9/18/05
    I didn't know her, but her work was beautiful, and all her comments were supportive and constructive. My grandmother died of lung cancer - we've lost a true nurturer in a horrible way. Find peace and comfort, Ms_Outlaw. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

    By: rockets on 9/19/05
    This is so sad. What a beautiful person Debbie must have been, but what a blessing that a piece of her will live on through her writings and art. My deepest sympathies to her family.

    By: nagennif on 3/3/10
    I knew Debbie first from her writings, rather than her art, and had occasion to work with her as an editor. I read her last words as well and was touched. I wish I had saved the, for the page with them is not here anymore. If anyone saved a copy I'd appreciate if they could email them to me .

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