June 2005 AOM - jgmart

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist of the Month ó Juneís AOM is Mixed-Media artist, jgmart [John Molino]. We congratulate John for his outstanding collection of Mixed-Media images.

Who is jgmart and how did you come by your username?

I do have to start out by saying, ďTHANK YOUĒ - Artist Of The Month, WOW! To even have my work shown on this site with all these amazing talented artists is a privilege. I am honored and grateful.

The jgmart stands for John G Molino ... No, itís not George, thatís as much as Iím giving you. I live and work in New York. Currently, I work in finance. Art (digital and traditional), I do as much as time allows. Creating art is the one thing that can get me up early and keep me up late.

"How did I come by my username?" Itís probably the most uncreative thing Iíve ever come up with. My initials and the word art - itís so boring. I was creating my first website, trying to come up with something clever to put before the dot com. Thatís what I came up with. People ask me, ďJG-Mart, is that like a store?Ē (laughter)

How long have you have you been creating computer graphics?

I actually started working with computer graphics in 2001. I had no idea what I was doing, but I do know I was fascinated. I had a copy of Painter Classic that came loaded on a computer, or I think it was with a scanner I had just purchased. I messed around with Painter for a while, but it does have quite a learning curve, and at that point I didnít want to invest a lot of time in learning all about it.

At about the same time, I came across the e-on software site. Not sure how that happened - could have been a graphics magazine ad, or something. The first time I saw Vue díesprit, I thought, ďI have no idea how thatís done, but I have to try that.Ē I purchased Vue 4, and from a link on the e-on site I made my way to Guittaís (gebeís) site. Her wonderful tutorials showed me how to complete my first landscape with Vue. The link on her website led me to Renderosity Ö and the rest, as they say, is history.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Yes. Iíve worked in acrylic and watercolor for many years. Iím essentially self-taught. I started working with oils at the beginning, but they dry WAY too slowly for me. Acrylics and watercolor are more my speed, although, Iíve been known to take a blow dryer to my acrylic paintings.

I love computer graphics. Software like Vue is so amazing to me - just look through the Vue gallery - the artists there always inspire me. But, as much as I love creating in a 3D programs like Vue, I have a deep desire to push and pull paint around a canvas - and I figured out how to fulfill that desire digitally, with Painter.

What are you currently working on?

Currently Iím working on (digitally) creating images in Painter that I had previously created with traditional media. If you view the last few images Iíve posted in my Renderosity gallery - they are all based on traditional paintings I did years ago. Iím also getting into printing my work. I print some of my images on Arches Cold Press watercolor paper. I really like the results. I add touches of acrylic paint and pastel to the print. Itís an interesting look, and gives me a chance to combine both traditional and digital art.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

For 3D work, Vue Infinite - Iíve barely scratched the surface with Vue, but the look of an image rendered in Vue is beautiful. The main software I use is Painter, currently version 9, and Photoshop CS2. Most of my images are mixed medium. Iíll do the majority of the work in Painter, then all color enhancement/correction, in Photoshop. They work really well together. I work with A LOT of layers, and itís pretty seamless moving an image between Painter and Photoshop.

For hardware - I recently purchased my first HP - itís a 3.2ghz, 1gb ram, with a 160gb hard drive, 256mb NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. I have a 19Ē flat panel monitor. I print on an Epson 2200 ink jet - And, what I consider my most important piece of hardware - my Wacom 9X12 tablet.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

As far as images Iíve posted on Renderosity, (can I pick two, please?) Iíd have to say Old Mill - itís far from perfect, but itís one of my most complicated Vue images - and Winter Barn - one of the first successful images I created in Painter. It took me weeks to get the effect I was looking for. Those two images are so my style. I love old barns and mills and country scenes.

Winter Barn

As for my traditional work, I did a watercolor about 10 years ago, that was my best work to that point. I sold it. I donít have one photograph of it, and I donít know the person who bought it. That was a good lesson for me. Digitally created Images are so much easier to keep a record of. Itís always good to see how far youíve come.

The Old Mill

Why do you like to work with 3D/2D software?

I was going to answer this question by saying, graphics software is so easy to undo and correct your work endlessly, but thatís not it. As a matter of fact, as I get deeper into working with a program like Painter, I almost never undo anything. I let the image progress naturally and include every brush stroke I make. It adds to the depth and character of the image, I think.

Plus, a program like Painter, really has no limits. Itís an endless supply of art materials. I donít have to run to the art store to get a tube of Alizarin Crimson in the middle of a painting, and Ö I love brushes. I buy brushes for my traditional work and end up never using them. I just collect them. Very strange. With Painter, you can make infinite brush variants - unlimited looks. Itís almost as much fun as creating the image itself.

Who/what inspires you?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. Living in New York, Iím close to the Hudson River. I get to hike along there often. You can pass an area a dozen times and although itís a familiar place, thereís always something new to see - especially with the changing of the seasons.

I believe we come from a source that knows nothing but good. And that source created a world where everything can inspire you, if you take the time to look.

And of course, there are so many artists here that inspire me. I donít even want to start naming people, because I know Iím going to leave someone out. Letís just say, whenever Iím having a ďcreativity block,Ē Renderosity is a place I can go to get the ideas flowing again.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I love Renderosity. When I first got here, I hung out mainly in the Vue Forum - there was Mike J, Varian, and of course Guitta (Gabe). Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge. Even if the person Iím asking doesnít have a specific answer for my question, they can usually point me to someone else here who probably has valuable information. Renderosity is a fun, creative place. I think my favorite thing about Renderosity, is that all levels of creative experience feel welcome here.

Parting comments/advice to other Artists?

Iíll finish up by passing on some thoughts that were told to me when I first knew I had a desire to create art Ö
Donít wait for others approval to create art. If you think you need someoneís ďgo aheadĒ to make art a part of your life, youíll never start. Weíre on this earth for a short time. Live now! Create now!

I use to think, Iíll wait until I retired from my ďregularĒ job before I became passionate about art. That was pretty bold of me, to be so sure Iíd be around after retirement long enough to explore the creative process. No one has a guaranteed promise of tomorrow. We only have now. Create wonderful art - in your own style - using the tools the way you want to use them. Renderosity has given us a wonderful place to share our creations.
Thank you all!

Health, Peace and Love

We invite you to view jgmart's Renderosity Gallery.

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Member Opinions:
By: vshane on 5/30/05

By: deemarie on 5/30/05
Congratulations to you John. Your gallery showcases your magical touch with a digital art brush!

By: SirJohn on 5/30/05
Congratulations my friend! You are a very talented artist and most definitely deserving of this honor. Kudos on a job well done.

By: Longrider on 5/31/05
Congratulations John,You got a beautiful gallery and rock on man.

By: Delicate-bird on 5/31/05
Congratulation Jgmart . Beautiful gallery !

By: deemarie on 5/31/05
Just read your interview, and had to post a second comment. Guitta was one of my best friends [I miss her so much], and your thoughtful words directed toward her brought tears to my eyes. I can see her influence within your gallery images. Thanks so much for keeping her memory alive.

By: UVDan on 6/1/05
Wooohooo! Who knew? Congratulations!

By: herbstliebe on 6/1/05
congrats!!!!! you're images are absolutly wonderful!!!

By: Snow_Angel on 6/1/05
"CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS" on becoming AOM! :) I have been so fascinated by your wonderful art for years now! Nice to see you win this great honor! Bravo! :)

By: Stormi on 6/1/05
Your artwork is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, you deserve this honor. :)

By: StaceyG on 6/1/05
Congratulations. Your images are wonderful. I love the Winter Barn image, its beautiful.

By: beetle-car on 6/1/05
Congrats! I always enjoy your images. They have a unique painterly quality that stands out from the rest. Your recognition here is well deserved!

By: visionart on 6/1/05
~Congratulations" Magnificent artwork!

By: LadyLisa on 6/1/05
John.....As you well know your art really has inspired me alot. I am in the process of learning how to make my digital artwork look like paintings, when I saw your artwork it inspired me even more. Your willingness to help me when I have had questions has and still is gratefully appreciated.It does not surprise me a bit that you have earned this high honor.Congratulations to you John and I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art in the future.

By: Pontigary on 6/1/05
Sincere congratulations and wish You further great inspiration and new creative findings! Your outstanding artistic talent and technical skill relly deserve to be specially awarded! Looking forward to seeing more of Your wonderful and fabulous scenery!

By: coa on 6/1/05
Congratulations on AOM! Your images are just fabulous!

By: ExprssnImg on 6/1/05
Kudos man! I really like what you've done with your pieces. Amazing amounts of detail in that second piece too. Hey, are you upstate? I originally hail from Wynantskill, a small town outside Troy. The Menands bridge over the Hudson, whew, not so nice smelling. Nice to look at though. ;) Peace. Congratulations too!

By: tradivoro on 6/2/05
Hey John, congratulations, this is a well deserved recognition... Your art has always stood out and your traditional background has given your digital art a distinctive look... Always a pleasure to look at your work... :)

By: Sixaxis on 6/2/05
Great images. Well done. :)

By: Fo3 on 6/2/05
Your Heart is Pure,You Deserve this and Inspire me.

By: fractalinda on 6/2/05
Congratulations! Your work is outstanding. I love the way you use light.

By: Nightwright on 6/2/05
Congratulations!!! Your artworks are really fantastic ... love them!!!

By: kimariehere on 6/2/05
Yes! Renderosity is a gift where we can share our passion ..a specail place... i looked at your talent today and have a special admiration for your eye and passion - it shines through like a bright beacon of light of your artful soul .. A big congrads to you - you certainly deserve this award!! ,. adding you to my list.. so glad you are here because it made my morn to see your obvious talent and love for expression!~ Kimmer~ ♥ :O)

By: Djeser on 6/2/05
Hey, big congratulations, John; I've admired your style of combining the best of Vue and digital painting for a long time; wonderful to know that others feel the same way. Keep up your beautiful work!

By: Anjour on 6/2/05
Well deserved. Congratulations!!!:o)

By: pm_hackworth on 6/3/05
I have to be honest until I saw you had won Artis of the month I had not seen your work because I usually just look at the Photography section because I don't have a clue about the other digital art. (I'm not even sure I said that right). I looked at your work and was in awe! I assume it must take a tremendous amount of talent, skill, and software expertise to complete such beautiful work as yours. You should be proud! ;0)

By: MOOOW on 6/3/05
Congratulations John,wonderful and so beautiful artworks in your gallery,best wishes to you!Keep up your beautiful artworks!

By: Shardz on 6/3/05
Congratulations on this honor! Your work is truly astounding in detail and execution, and your artistic eye truly deserves this recognition! Excellent work on this award!!!

By: kenwas on 6/5/05
Well deserved. Congrats!

By: SAMS3D on 6/6/05
We have always enjoyed your work. It is always so professionally done and you take such time and effort to create the perfect picture. Congratulations on Artist of the Month. You certainly deserve it.

By: Vile on 6/7/05
Congrats you are fantastic artist!

By: BGHart on 6/8/05
Congratulations. I love your works and am always looking forward to the next one. They are so magical.

By: FrenchKiss on 6/9/05
Wonderful news! Congratulations to you!!

By: KarenJ on 6/10/05

By: frammo on 6/11/05
fantastic artist....i would like you to join me in my new game creation

if u r interested email me at frammo84@yahoo.co.uk

By: maggiemai on 6/12/05
Beautiful gallery of work! Congratulations on AOM to a very talented fellow-new yorker. ;-)

By: Junglegeorge on 6/13/05
Congratulations :-)

By: estevez on 6/14/05
Congratulations ! Its works of art are really charming and with a beautiful concept.

By: Descolada on 6/17/05
Well Done!!! Your work communicates! Thanks for that closing statement...it's very true. Keep it rolling... 8-)

By: royc8 on 6/19/05
Congrats ; )

By: Gamedesigner on 6/21/05
very amosphere images!

By: MikeJ on 6/26/05
Hey, I just noticed this. Haven't been around lately, you know.
But, congratulations! I can still remember when you were still a "newbie" around here, though not a newbie to art.
I'm glad you got the recognition you deserved. :)

By: Rykk on 6/26/05
Achingly beautiful work in your gallery - a WELL deserved honor!

By: SoulSearcherr on 6/27/05
congratulations..your art is beautiful

By: Cannonball on 6/30/05
Congratulations for your AOM title! Your "Old mill" scene is really excellent.

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