New Look at Vendor Storefronts

New Look to Vendor Storefronts

The Renderosity Store Staff is excited to announce a new and improved look to vendor's stores within the Renderosity MarketPlace. These updates will offer vendors the opportunity to better brand themselves and offer valuable personalized links and information to their loyal customers.

Effective today, when you visit a vendor's store you'll notice a vertical content area along the left side of the page. Contained within this area you'll notice a variety of options that are specific to that respective vendor. Included are the following:

1) Vendor Avatar

2) An 'About' link for that vendor

3) Social Media icons (if available) from the vendor

4) Search field feature for just that vendor's store

5) Top Level Department quick link sort feature

6) What's Hot, On Sale, Prime & Bundled products sort feature for that vendor

7) Store graphic above main product thumbs

The Renderosity Store Staff is confident that this update will provide for a more unique and efficient shopping experience while offering the visitor a chance to learn more about the artist and their store!

We'd like to thank all of our members who continue to make Renderosity THE home for digital artists and please feel free to tell us what you think of the new pages via the comment box below!

Member Opinions:
By: Imaginary_House on 6/7/12
I like this idea.

By: FWArt on 6/7/12
Really love the new store front, already updates mine and love it. :) Thanks for doing this, just awesome. :)

By: MAW3D on 6/7/12
Looks great so far. Very appealing! Maybe a hint would be nice what is accepted in the My Vendors Detail for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. What about a link to the very own website too? - But - THANK YOU! ;)

By: Lyne on 6/7/12
I like it, but the search engine could help better? I tried it out on Fabiana's store and I put in Sage Babylon .. and nothing...until I looked the product up and found the name is SageBabylon... so that one aspect of a SPACE and the search engine could not find it. This may be an over all search engine problem. I OFTEN need to go back and look for a product to name it properly in my gallery credits... But thanks, good idea so far! :)

By: moriador on 6/7/12
These are truly excellent changes. Thank you!

By: 1971s on 6/7/12
Perfect upgrade!

By: renecyberdoc on 6/8/12
I agree with Lyne-the search engine could be better,other than that it looks like a fine way of showing off a particular vendor,more compact and yeah efficient.good job.

By: 1971s on 6/8/12
Thank you!

By: TheOwl68 on 6/8/12
I like the new layout, it looks fab =) very cool update, thanks!

By: Saruna-Original on 6/8/12
I like the new look - thank you. :)
Otherwise, I agree with Lyne and would be grateful for an improved search. Because I'm often very similar experience when I search for something specific.

By: RPublishing on 6/8/12
I LOVE it! Thanks, Renderosity for adding more vendor info and sort filters. :)

By: Savage_dragon on 6/9/12
Good job!

By: KinnieM on 6/9/12
I love this new added format to the Vendors pages! Whoever does the website development on this site needs to give Daz some tips, lol. Very well done.

By: StudioArtVartanian on 6/9/12
Amazing work Rendo People!!!
Thank you:)

By: Deenamic on 6/13/12
I love the new vendor storefronts! It's so much easier to find stuff in a vendor's storefront now. I'm a 2D artist and I was having a hard time finding a vendor's 2D stuff. I would have to go through pages and pages of their 3D stuff before I got to their 2D stuff. This will make me look at more vendors storefronts now. I would give up looking at some vendors storefronts if I didn't see 2D stuff by the time I got to the third page. Now I can go to the content box on the left side of the page and click on what I'm looking for. This new improvement is going to make my shopping experience easier now. I'm a happy customer! :)

By: Penname on 6/14/12
Awesome. I appreciate being able to find sale items or specific categories quickly. Thank you for this change.

By: LaurieA on 6/14/12
Sounds good, though I could really do without the social stuff ;).

By: 3dstories on 6/14/12
The new store front is good. But I agree with Lyne about the Renderosity search engine; It's too flawed to be helpful. If I want to find something on Renderosity I type the name of the product as best as I can remember it into Google and then I add 'renderosity' and that works far better. For me Google usually finds a product on the website; Renderosity search rarely does.

By: fractalartist01 on 6/15/12
The new storefronts are SO much better for SO many reasons..thank you! :D

By: EmmaAndJordi on 6/18/12
It's really great! Thank you for this change!

By: WorkmanJC on 6/23/12
This update is excellent, like the select by options especially the categories and that you give the number of items. This helps greatly to see what an artist has in their store.
I do agree however with other comments re: the search engine.

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