New Graphic Logo Launched on Renderosity!

Renderosity has a fresh new look!

Every two years Renderosity holds a Graphic Logo Design Contest to allow you, the members, to help shape the graphic logo that we display all over the site! This year's winner was Tablesaw, and his winning entry is now part of the Renderosity look! Not familiar with Tablesaw or his work? Here are a few words on this great artist from the man himself:

I'm an artist living in Toronto,Canada and like a lot of you I enjoy computers and what we can now do with them creatively. My work is at times a bit strange and somewhat dark but I also have a light hearted fantasy side to my art. At any rate I hope you get something out of it and if not well there are many more talented people here at Renderosity. Feel free to comment on any image that moves you, whether it puts a happy glow to your face or curls your toes in disgust...I enjoy reading them all.

You will notice a change in the graphic logo throughout the site, including in the main website header, certain newsletter broadcasts, forums and other areas that incorporate the Renderosity Graphic Logo.

Congratulations again goes to Renderosity member Tablesaw. Since winning the contest, Tablesaw has gone on to offer his unique 3D creations to other digital artists as a MarketPlace Vendor. Check out some of the awesome models he has created:

The Old Farm House by Tablesaw
The Old Farm House
The Lighthouse by Tablesaw
The Lighthouse
Old Farm House by Tablesaw
Old Farm House

Questions? Please email We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2009 Graphic Logo Design Contest, and we look forward to another creative two years!


Member Opinions:
By: jif3d on 9/16/09
Kool retro design and muted tones, make this a great new look...well done Mr Saw !

By: Propschick on 9/16/09
Can't wait to see the rest!

By: virginiese on 9/16/09
sober but efficient design ! well choosen

By: Winterclaw on 9/16/09
I was a little surprised when I saw the update at first, but it looks nice.

By: IO4 on 9/16/09
Well done:) The logo looks stylish.

By: AtharianMedia on 9/16/09
New logo looks great, very clean and "classic". Nice work Tablesaw!

By: pennykay on 9/16/09
You did a wonderful job! Clean and sleek! Nice work!

By: lwperkins on 9/16/09
Very spiffy and professional, a good choice!

By: Acadia on 9/16/09
It's been so long that I forgot which one I voted for. Not sure if this was my vote, but it looks clean and sleek and very professional.

By: Pirx33 on 9/16/09
Cool! Like eye!

By: dbrv6 on 9/16/09
Congrats - very clean and looks great.

By: HauSiyoka on 9/16/09
A beautiful logo that represents the talent of all members! It makes me proud to have such a beautiful logo represent the work we have all contributed! Thank you!

By: geoegress on 9/16/09
Very nice logo :) I hope you change the blue background to match it- class the place up a bit :)

By: wolf359 on 9/16/09
I like it alot better than the old one


By: mikeerson on 9/16/09
this was a design that first came to me and thought is was too simple, but simple works. I don't remember the "Y" designed that way or the half circle edge up top - which seems funny to me because it looks off on the ends, it looks more hand drawn than a perfect quarter circle. I notice you had the design on the front page hours ago and then put the old one back up at half the size.... I really like the old one, do you half discounted hats and shirts on the old design?

By: Vecster on 9/16/09
Righteous! Crisp, readable and bold.

By: KimberlyC on 9/16/09
Congrats! I really like the new look. Can't wait to see the rest!

By: Lakotariver on 9/16/09
Excellent Choice for the Logo.
Love your store creations Tablesaw.
Happy Renders to you.

By: infinity10 on 9/16/09
Looks very futuristic.

By: Belladzines on 9/17/09
It feels somehow out of place ... like it doesnt match the rest of the site, but i'm hoping the site will update colors etc to match the new logo .... it is stylish and simple ..... looks nice!!!

By: EddyMI on 9/17/09
Simplicity at it's best

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 9/17/09
Congrats Tablesaw...Nice job!

Way to go Renderosity - Nice fresh look!

By: LadyWailua on 9/17/09
Wasn't any of my favorites during the contest. Doesn't transport the 'community' aspects in a representative way IMHO.
Anyway - I'm here for galleries and art, not because of the layout of this site.

By: nyguy on 9/17/09
You did a heck of a job on the logo

By: JenX on 9/17/09
I love it!

By: tom271 on 9/17/09
I'm on the fence on this one... I need to get use to it,,,, need time..

By: drgnmztr on 9/17/09
I really like it. VERY cool. Was wondering when.

By: kauldron on 9/17/09
Much better!

By: Jollyself on 9/17/09
Congrats on a beautiful design. Very elegant yet contemporary. Bravo

By: adh3d on 9/18/09
I think the logo is great, and give a new air to Rendo, but I think the main page logo, up on the left, don't match with the top menu.It seems like there is not enough space for the two things.

By: brynna on 9/18/09
I'm on the fence, as well. Like LadyWailua, I'm not here for the layout. However, this can be improved. The blue tones of the website are more teal than in the new logo - which has more golds and a steel blue. This is the most obvious in the header rather than the background color everywhere else. I'd be curious to see if there will be some changes to reflect that.

By: RodsArt on 9/19/09
Good decision using the button graphic for the header instead of the header graphic.

By: j_campbell on 9/19/09
I like the new logo. Good choice.

By: mikeerson on 9/19/09
I miss the words: "ARTIST COMMUNITY"

By: jamminwolf on 9/19/09
I really like this design, it has a unique, retro look to it and makes the site look more professional. Nice work Tablesaw and congratulations on a well deserve win!!


By: vyktohria on 9/20/09
Congrats, Tablesaw! The logo looks great...a well-deserved win. :)

By: PIERRE25 on 9/20/09
Magnifique logo, bravo à l'auteur

By: EngleWolf on 9/20/09
Simple yet stylish!! Love it !!

By: reciecup on 9/21/09
Looks great....very professional :o)

By: pdq1234 on 9/22/09
I realy think the new logo is a bit too drab. Truthfully I think the whole site has this brooding gloomy spooky graveyard effect, Now I'm not against dark gloomy graveyards, we see some pretty kewl ones this time of year, but I think the site needs more, there is hardly any color other than some of the adds, of course maybe thats the idea, but to me a graphics site should be more than monochrome, or drab blue,how about a little splash of color?

By: skuts on 9/22/09
It sort of looks like the Martian "Eye Camera" from the original "War of the Worlds".

By: ladyperiwinkle on 9/22/09
It is a nice sleek design, you did a good job Tablesaw but for me, it does not fit the background of Renderosity seems it needs to be changed to fit the new logo. I also feel its a little bit cold and uninviting for my taste, First thing that attracks me is color this very muted for me, but like I said it is a nice sleek design.

By: cfulton on 9/22/09
I really do like this, well done to the designer/s!

By: sunfish on 9/28/09
Simply elegant!

By: sunfish on 9/28/09
Simply elegant!

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