More Improvements to the Renderosity Galleries!

Renderosity Makes it Easier to Upload Your Images!

A few weeks back Renderosity implemented some improvements to make browsing the Galleries even easier. Now we have rolled out some changes to the Upload Form to make submitting images to the Galleries a smoother process!

The Gallery upload form now has a feature that allows you to save your most common upload settings for future uploads! This will allow Gallery members to streamline the process of uploading images without having to repetitively select the same options for each new upload.

What options are you able to save on the upload form?


  • Where the image should be placed within notes
  • How the image should be initially displayed
  • Display EXIF data
  • Allow viewers to make comments on this image
  • Allow viewers to rate this image
  • Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising
  • Enable 'Share This'


The new Upload Defaults option is near the bottom of the upload form. Click the "What's This" link for the different settings that are saved.

As before, these improvements are part of our ongoing effort to improve your overall Renderosity experience. If you have any questions please contact us at As always, thanks for making the Renderosity Image Galleries one of the best in the world for digital artists!

Do you have your own collection of 3D and CGI related images that you would like to share with the Renderosity community? Then we encourage you to head over to the Galleries and begin uploading today!

Header image: Showhome Kitchen by Rich Potter

Thumbnail image: *~~,,Magesty,,~~** by calum5


Member Opinions:
By: bobbystahr on 10/28/09
Looking good....nice work Admin Team.. ...

By: shadownet on 11/3/09
A great idea! Thanks! :O)

By: Belladzines on 11/3/09

By: infinityrain on 11/3/09
Very nice addition, this will come in very handy. Thank you!

By: DrMcQuark on 11/3/09
I applaud the change!

By: helanker on 11/3/09
An excellent idea, thank you :)

By: E.Houser on 11/3/09

By: corinthianscori on 11/3/09
It would also be a good measure to auto-generate the common renderosity nudity thumbnail once "Nudity" has been confirmed in the upload form and there is no user-supplied thumbnail image.

Please initiate this. It is a request.

By: singanprayisme on 11/3/09
It all seems nice but I just started uploading my images. It would be nice to be able to upload more then 1 image a day. I can wait but it hurts the vendors more then me because I always give credit for what I use and most comes from Renderosity.

By: StaceyG on 11/3/09
With the large database of members actively uploading to the gallery daily we had to impose the 1 per day limit. We do offer a paid monthly service to upload up to 3 per day (see link below). Its a one time set up fee of $5.00 and a monthly $5.00 charge for this service.

Thank you

By: StaceyG on 11/3/09
I understand your request but this feature is for the more standard things that members tic for every upload they do.
Most members that upload images with nudity, also upload images without.
We also would much rather see members create their own creative thumbs for their images with nudity rather than just using the standard generic content advisory thumbnail.

By: Pirx33 on 11/4/09
A good idea. Thanks!

By: JeffersonAF on 11/4/09

By: Kerya on 11/4/09
Thank you so much!

By: rickking on 11/4/09

By: calum5 on 11/4/09
Cool,and thanks for using my/our image :)

By: virginiese on 11/7/09
It looks like a very good idea. I will try this feature on my next upload :-)
Thank you for the good work and the constant improvement

By: kjer_99 on 11/7/09
Definitely a great improvement.

By: arcas on 11/15/09
Yup. Certainly useful.

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