MOOOW - January 2005 AOM!


MOOOW - January 2005 AOM!
Who is 'MOOOW'?

Let me first of all thank the Admins, Mods, and Coords, and all the staff working hard to choose and present best artists. I would also like to thank all who voted for me and those who didn't. Also thanks to those members who voted for the other nominees. Your votes are - for me an encouragement to continue to better and better...kiss you all.

MY name is Mohsen. I am 47 years old. This is a photo of my dear son and me. We are really crazy about art, and we love painting and digital art very much. I started drawing when I was fifteen years old. After getting an art's diploma, I went to England for 5 years continuing painting and learned etching and engraving on steel "figure, landscapes and portraits". After that I have done many engravings, I think I am professional in this technique now. For two years doing metal sculptures "copper, gold and silver". I started water color and oil color painting again, and up to now I have done many paintings.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I have used 3ds max since 1998, I like modeling human, animal and still life. I am learning other techniques "how to make animation, texture, lighting, and mood ... in 3ds max". I will never stop modeling in 3ds max. When I am modeling a human or anything, I think like a sculptress but different technique. I have been rendering digital art for about one year. Totally, I have been working with these programs - 3ds max, poser, corel, painter, photoshop for about six years.

What are you currently working on?

I have many ideas for creating new artworks in 2005 that I would like to present them here and try to print them as posters.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

  • 3ds max beacause if you know it - basically, it is a really wonderful program and so powerful in this program, you can do anything you want. You think you are a creator, you make a model for example a human then you make skin texture, dress then you can put your model every where you wish. You can make atmosphere, lighting and animate it and many other things. It is really an amazing world of art, and I am proud that I know this program. I have learned many things by this program, those two humans "female and male" and some animals modeling in my gallery are by 3ds max.

  • Photoshop is a really wonderful 2D program. As you know, I paint by mouse in this program and is so easy for me. When I am using a mouse, it is really like holding a brush for painting, of course in different technique, but it is the same feeling and has many other technical tools that can help make your artwork better and faster.

    What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

    It is hard to choose beacause each one is quite different with other.

    1- Photoshop: "Energe of love" because in this one I tried to show the power of love makes dead come to life,
    2- Drawing and sketch "nude", presenting my ability of imagination drawing of figure. I have done hundreds of these sort of drawings.
    4- Watercolor - "kitten"
    5- Oilcolor - "lions"
    6- Etching - "childern" painted by Rubens, etched and engraved by me
    7- 3ds Max - I have done 2 human modeling female and male and some animals

    How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

    Long life to Renderosity and all of the Artist Community in general.

    Well, I should say in this site there are many great 2D artists, photographers, 3D poser artists .. I kiss their hands and wish them best wishes in their life especially in 2005.

    Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

    Please read this brief note very carefully, (this is only my idea you choose what you think is reasonable). We are not the best, each of us should try to be the best.

    These are questions I ask from myself always...
    What is art? ... What is the art's aim? ... How can we be best in art?

    The only answer I got in (32 years experience and working hard learning many techinques) ... is
  • you should be a creator,
  • you should think as a creator,

    Now maybe you ask - how can we be like this....the answer is easy, you should be in love with art so in this way you have enjoyable time and be reasonable in practices. (we will have a delightful time when we practice and learning every technique we don't know, first is hard but when you find it - you see the world of art better. An example is like a baby when he/she wants to learn to walk when he/she learns how to walk then he/she can see this beautiful world).

    It is hard creating artwork for people who are not going the right way in art. Now technically how we can fly in this wonderful and delightful world of art?

    1- Drawing - When you are drawing, you should able to control sizes of lines and shapes, different lines, and combinations of them, you should be able to draw many 2D/3D shapes. Choose two different 2d/3d shapes and make hundreds of compositions....this is a good practice for the brain to see different compositions. If we can't draw lines, how can we create shapes or 3D shapes.... so practice... it is so important.

    2- We should know techniques of using composition, colors, textures, lighting, shading, etc.......

    Happy New Year to all and I hope you have healthy and enjoyable times.
    Thanks to All

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