Lesson 06: Bullet Cloth

May 29, 2014

Anybody that has played console or computer games has seen the Bullet Physics Engine in action since many game developers use it for their games. Poser has engaged Bullet in Poser to quickly allow users to create all sorts of physical simulation, including cloth - and see it all interactively. In this tutorial we explore the ‘cloth’ abilities of this powerful technology and compare it to the Cloth Room in Poser.

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Lesson 01: Getting Around

Review the "why" of the Poser interface, customization abilities and resetting.

Lesson 02: Runtime

The Runtime/Library can be wonderful or a nightmare. Learn how to make the difference.

Lesson 03: Lights

Lights are about more than showing stuff in your scene. The help tell the story.

Lesson 04: Materials

Materials are the magic of objects in Poser. Learn how to modify existing Materials to enhance your scene.

Lesson 05: Cloth Room

Learn the basics of the Cloth Room and what prop clothing is a good candidate for “clothifying”.