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Glas is one of the reliable old timers in the Rhino forum.  We are all very glad to have him on board to answer the tough questions when we have them.  Here is his bio in his own words.

Sometimes people do come from the wrong side of the track, as it
turned out not fifty feet from my parents front door was a set of tracks
that delivered raw material to the factory at the end of the block and
we were definitely on the wrong side.

My early life was a cliché of events that you think happen to other
people. At the age of three I lost my mother and I turned inward seeking
the comfort of my own imagination while losing the still developing
ability to speak. At six my abusive stepmother was well on the way to
turning me into a character on Criminal Minds, happily things changed
for the better when state stepped in.

By ten, with the aid of a good speech therapist and foster family, I
realized that the world outside my imagination was better than it had
been. I regained the ability to vocalize and was no longer was
restricted to the back row of the Christmas pageant.

My sixth grade my art teacher realized that I looked at the world both
head on and sidewise and she encouraged me to take my assignments to
whatever tangents I wanted even if my talent did not live up to the
creativity of my imagination. I still practice what I learned from her
and my projects often take on a life of their own.

AT fourteen I moved back to the abusive family but this time I took
refuge in reading (Sci Fi and fantasy), after school sports and Dungeons
and Dragons. My foster parents, for whom I will always be grateful,
rescued me again and allowed me to move back in with them when I was
eighteen so I could finish my last year of school.

At twenty I was homeless. I entered the Air Force and rediscovered art.

I finally had the means to buy the supplies I needed and I set out to
try anything that interested me. Some mediums I excelled at others not
so much. The imagination and my way of looking at the world I developed
as a defense as a child serves me well in seeing the potential of
whatever art form I have tried. Ten years ago, I discovered Rhino 3d
while taking an Auto Cad class; turned out Auto Cad was a great
introduction to Rhino 3d and I would suggest anyone new to the program
to take if they do not have a local class in Rhino.

Currently I am employed as a service manager for Durable Medical
Equipment Company, our focus is on but not restricted to pediatrics. I
am constantly being called upon to find non-standard solutions for wheel
chair modifications. It’s a rewarding job; one where I can work with my
hands, use a variety of power tools and give help to those less fortunate.

My current interests outside of computer modeling are reading, gaming
(sadly not enough of that), the occasional tattoo design, Steampunk, two
first draft novels, two more in progress, and a script for a graphic
novel. I am starting to learn silver smithing and hope to take one of my
models from rendered 3D to real life 3D. My favorite artists are M. C.
Escher, Dali and Maxfield Parrish. Historical figures I respect are
Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan.



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UVDan [homepage]

Dan Gamache (UVDan) 
I was borne in the small town of Escanaba on the shores of Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.  My people lived in rustic fishing shacks and we relied on the bounty of mother nature.  We subsisted mostly on baby seals and spotted owls. 

tom271 [homepage

Tom Garcia

I was born in Havana, Cuba.  My occupation was Quality Assurance Managing in manufacturing. One of my most interesting jobs was working for The Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in NYC..  I would say that am a Humanist and a progressive if I were to label my self.   My first full desk top computer was the Apple IIe.  I'm dating my self.   My fascination with digital games and modeling brought me to Renderosity.  I was greeted very warmly and was made to feel welcomed.  I liked modeling with Rhino and liked the Forum so much I decided to make it my second home.  I am now a forum Coordinator, a position I accept gladly...


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