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This is a collaboration between Mykes and me. The terrain is from EoinArmstrong. Thank you. Myke chose the PoV and designed the atmosphere, water, and surface map. Then I tweaked, and he tweaked, and I tweaked again. Then I rendered. :)

Comments in other languages welcome.
July 2, 2004
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Image Comments

Jul 2, 2004 2:09:23 am
ooo....awesome view effect! This is unique , I like it

by Montanan Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:16:46 am
Beautiful and dramatic composition!

by Darthmagus Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:17:43 am
Lovely lighting!

by twistednoodle Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:17:46 am
Well the two of you have put out one wonderful peace of artwork

by Dixiem47 Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:44:20 am
As I look at this image, I feel as though I am approaching the shore of a beautiful place. Congratulations to the both of you for your fine work.

by choronr Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:49:37 am
Agree with peten !

by 1pearl Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:53:25 am
wow... exellent light & shadow... very very impressive work!

by enxo69 Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 2:58:53 am
Agree with choronr! Excellent teamwork!!

by environaut Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 3:06:08 am
cool lighting, but do I see end of world?

by prutzworks Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 3:15:54 am
It was an honor to work with you Pat. You have inspired me a lot:-). I am looking foreward to our next Teamwork ;-D

by Mykes Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 3:33:02 am
You could have made a song out of that..
"A whole lot of Tweaking going on" :O)

Very dark and mystic with a smooth calming effect.
Thats hard to do. You did great getting those two elements together..

by ariz Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 3:45:12 am
Wonderful lighting! I like a lot this dark water!

by joshus_hund Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 4:25:43 am
Super terrain!! ;) You've made excellent use of it - lovely lighting, mood, water and atmo

by EoinArmstrong Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 5:22:00 am
Agree with 1pearl! Excellent work!

by Petra-S Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 5:41:37 am
Superb water,atmosphäre amd terr.
fantastic 10 on my book.

by jrsaldana Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 6:13:05 am
SUperb! But we could see the end of the terrain...

by B-M-O Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 6:26:02 am
nice but I don't know why all you artists in terragen go to the same finish line, about POV and FOV, and things like that, make normal pictures men

by Edin Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 6:38:42 am
Very Nicely Done!

by Artzy Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 7:30:44 am
So beautiful lighting and water!! Excellent composition!!

by StuffedGrizzly Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 8:17:04 am
Nice job!

by Waver88 Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 8:23:17 am
this is very good, I particularly like the crosshatched compositional elements intruding into the negative space of the sky and water, the contrast of busy and blissful

by bost Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 8:43:54 am
You are quite prolific these days and we are all glad of it!

by stbc Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 9:42:15 am
XLT composition !Bravo

by Martchi Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 9:46:35 am
Hey Pat, very nice pic. XLT composition.

by dontoto Homepage »

Jul 2, 2004 10:44:33 am
MAGNIFICENT!! But the slight downfallwith seeing end of world, and the wide angle view has "squashed" you sun. I feel guilty about saying that, sorry! But it is a lovely image, all the same. :-)

by JupiterMoon Homepage »


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