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The Dragonchaser

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"Oh I HATE Monday Mornings"!

Carrera 3, Poser 5, and Photoshop,

Thanks for looking laughing and commenting,

BigT \;0)
March 31, 2004
216.4 kB

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Image Comments

Mar 31, 2004 4:33:35 pm
So do I! Thank heavens it's Wednesday! Marvellous expression!

by coa Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 4:36:50 pm
Just curious: which character is that BigT?

by sandoppe Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 4:48:50 pm
LOL I guess he's still alive being he's never actually caught up to one. Excellent.

by MaPPer Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 4:58:15 pm
Thanks Guys, its the Osian character from DAZ

by Bigt Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:03:45 pm

by johnyf Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:03:49 pm
What a hoot!!! How is that poor thing EVER going to life his weapon when the dragons come??? hehehe

by dfsmetsfan Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:07:44 pm
ROFLMAO!!! Excellent!!!

by Porthos Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:17:01 pm
Looks like he partied too much over the weekend and is suffering from a helluva hangover. Very funny.

by zoku01 Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:32:56 pm
I have to disagree with aprilrosanina (sorry) but, I think the realistic sky makes the character come alive. And the axe is perfect. You need to work for Disney!! VOTE

by sakauble Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:34:04 pm
Awww, I feel sorry for the little guy! That axe looks quite heavy ;) He's cute and that looks pretty much like me on Mondays, hell everyday of the week tbh :P Excellent job on this! *hugz*~jen :)

by squeeka Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 5:39:07 pm

by SygnusSwan Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 6:12:22 pm
Porr thing. The darker blue / green / brown colours are very effective.

by BigGreenFurryThing Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 6:24:55 pm
Heheheeee....and just what will he do if he meets a dragon?????????? WICKED!!!!!

by gillbrooks Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 6:28:40 pm
Ha -ha !!! Super !!!

by andrew66 Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 6:58:03 pm
Hey axe, where are you going with that guy? I bet he's a dragon slayer because the dragons laugh themselves to death when they see him. Excellent!

by svdl Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 6:59:05 pm
Fantastic!! I love a little walk on the humor side once in a while!!

by fastburn Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 7:17:02 pm
you really have the greatest sense of humor and illustration...

by SkyeWolf Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 7:24:33 pm
Absolutely fabulous characterization. Wonderful job!

by TheVelvetFoxx Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 7:35:52 pm
Truly magnificent Rendered Art! Bravo!
It's a terrible job, but someone has to do it! I'm sure the boys have nothing to worry about :)

by DennisReed Homepage »

Mar 31, 2004 9:13:48 pm
BWAHHH!! Ahem. :) OK, that's funny. Like the way you're trying new styles - this cartoonish figure suits the humor of the piece. The only suggestion I can think to make is to reduce the resolution of the sky background to match the same style. :)

by aprilrosanina Homepage »

Apr 1, 2004 12:41:08 am
Very beautiful artwork! -- B.B.

by BonBonish Homepage »

Apr 1, 2004 1:54:40 am
This is beyond cute!!! Thank you for continuously making me smile!

by islandgirdesigns Homepage »

Apr 1, 2004 11:55:06 am
He sure looks tired....great job...made me laugh

by SAMS3D Homepage »

Apr 1, 2004 3:57:56 pm
Oh my gawd, he is so awesome!! He is working so hard to haul that darn thing around hehe!! Love the expression! :)

by rhiafaery Homepage »

Apr 1, 2004 4:05:22 pm
That's probably the only dragonslayer that Tom, Dick, and Harry stand a chance against... Speaking of which, what ever happened to them?

by pauljs75 Homepage »


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