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Trisha (mild nudity)

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Look out Mara there is a new kid in town and she means business :o)
This is Trisha a gift from a very special lady
thankyou :o)
and thanks for looking everyone
Chris :o)
hair is from daz
and spikey bit of stocking fixed
Production Credits
Vali - Trisha
nicu1 - and
lilflame - clothes
February 13, 2004
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Image Comments

Feb 13, 2004 12:09:36 am
I like her haircut! Nice face too.

by prismrose Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 12:30:43 am
Beautiful work!

by Elantriell Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 12:30:43 am
Love the outfit and the expression - the body texture is awesome too *S* wonderful job!

by Shakti27 Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 2:03:15 am
Wonderful pin-up! She is beautiful!

by arwenone Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 2:10:46 am
WOW... soneone new... oha... "trouble for Mara? ;-)

Hey!I have a hunch that you could like making Pin-Ups! Please!MORE...

and again... EXCELLENT

the pose is natural; the face expression a bit suspicious;
the LIGHTNING ...WOW ; a SEXY image!!!

Only one tiny point: There is a "dangerous" peak on the top of her right (her sight) stocking. It could hurt her! ;-)

by hjoellers Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 3:53:45 am
Excellent Pinup!! i like this Clothes too!

by Feliciti Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 3:54:35 am
Wonderful work done!!!

by awadissk Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 6:35:26 am
Wasn't Vali sweet...and isn't this image sweeter;)So,whats she gonna do next for us;P

by Armorbeast Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 7:35:11 am

by jwdell Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 8:04:27 am
wow, hun, this is wonderful! excellent work done!

by DarkStarRising Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 4:22:42 pm
Wow! She looks fantastic! Excellent job! :)

by Neyjour Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 7:15:42 pm
Oh this is a very pretty pinup! She is so cute and lilflame's outfit looks great on her. I love the clarity of the image too :)

by Richabri Homepage »

Feb 13, 2004 10:37:32 pm
Looks like we might have to set up the ring for Trisha and Mara to settle the Queen of the roost issue. They are both very lovely models and you have a delightful picture here. Got to love those little bits of nothing that you give them to wear tis perfect.

by jherrith Homepage »

Feb 14, 2004 9:40:48 am
This is gorgeous !!! I love her expression and the lights, you made her look so real ! fantastic, sweetie !

by Vali Homepage »

Feb 14, 2004 4:03:09 pm
If I say to much Drew might get mad Oh well let her. Trisha is a knock out!!!! Great job showing her off Chris ;)

by yarddog Homepage »

Feb 16, 2004 7:54:05 am
i really love this girl

by godseth Homepage »

Feb 22, 2004 12:30:55 am
Stunning image...Trisha is gorgeous!your work is always a pleasure to see...Awesome Job!

by CnS Homepage »

May 1, 2005 5:19:39 am
One of the best!

by joe123 Homepage »

May 25, 2005 3:27:49 pm
great bit of rendering quite realistic

by MORSE Homepage »

May 21, 2006 3:01:37 pm
By far this is one of your best. Very life-like. With background and a frame I think most would think of it as a real person.,.....

by Nakotawarrior Homepage »


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