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This is dedicated to everyone I know here at R'osity :)

Have a very merry freaky fun Christmas! :
December 23, 2003
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Image Comments

Dec 23, 2003 10:52:34 am
*drools* imagine her covered in barbed wire and tieing you up with rope and barbed wire and mmm mmmmm *trails off*

by Kai- Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 10:55:37 am
Hey, at least she's happy! Great image!

by Tempus Fugit Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 11:12:04 am
Merry Christmas!!!! very good!!!

by DreamstoGo Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 11:12:56 am
This is going to be a s-t-r-a-n-g-e X-mas...
[grin] Great work!

by Luthoricas Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 11:40:56 am
I nearly choked on my tongue...she's ghoulishly fabulous! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

by Vampi Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 11:47:29 am

A very merry freaky fun Christmas to you, too! Cheers!

by derjimi Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 12:19:14 pm
Great composition! Very nice colors! Happy Holidays to you too! -- BonBonish

by BonBonish Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 12:46:55 pm

by NocturnalRamble Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 12:50:30 pm
hehehe merry christmas to you too!!! lala-la-la-la lallallaaaa!

by Mechanismo Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 12:54:23 pm
She's got quite the constipated smile. As if momentarily she will be giving birth to a calf or baby rhino. The eyes look wonderful. Lets all be jolly even if we step on our own intestines. :) -slap- thanks, I needed that.

by cockjuice Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:21:04 pm
Yow! That's the (scary) spirit! Fiendishly wonderful!

by L.W. Perkins Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:37:36 pm
Have I told you already how crazy I am of your works??
You're doing a great work. I loooooooooooooooove it. your special darkness amazes me.

by efry_e Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:42:50 pm
Oh my ................. (I swore then lots!!)Wow what an expression of insanity!I love her!!What creepy beauty she has!Pheeeeeeeeew weeeeeeeeeee!!
Happy christmas to you :-)Byeeeeeeeeee calum

by calum5 Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:53:55 pm
Yeah! She rocks; crazy sexy! Excellent artwork!

by zoku01 Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:58:06 pm
Err... I'm counting a 'la' that is superfluous ... oh, what an awesome xmas greeting card! Thanks, thanks! I'll send it! :))

by Ona Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 1:58:13 pm
Cool image :-)) Merry Christmas to you too!

by arwenone Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 2:16:21 pm
Heh, very nice image! Really striking, and nice expression :)

by GraphicFoxx Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 2:24:40 pm
Excellent realization, and texture! PAti

by akahastur Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 2:28:11 pm
Now this I can say is my favorite Christmas card here! Love the fiend! She's perr-fectly evil!!

by SpiritofGabriel Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 2:49:51 pm
That's a scary picture. Happy freaky Christmas to you too! ;)

by ShadowRose Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 6:47:32 pm
really amazing texturing, lighting & expression...voted...!!

Oh and Merry Christmas...

by DeathBrain Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 8:22:39 pm
mmmmmm...delicious...reminds me of desdemona..

by dark_thoughts Homepage »

Dec 23, 2003 11:56:44 pm
beautiful scarey and lovely all in one merry evil christmas!!!

by redleo71 Homepage »

Dec 24, 2003 8:53:20 am
scared the shit outta me

by GODspeed Homepage »

Dec 24, 2003 9:15:19 pm
OMG this is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too sexy!! *HUGS*

by Metrini Homepage »


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