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Hi guys! been a while since i posted. Still been busy with my animation. a little over a minute done and rendered : P

But I've been getting some paying work also. This is a rough of a logo tag animation for the end of a commercial. I don't do much retail work, but it sounded like fun. Granted, it's not STAR WARS, but it pays bills. The hardest part is dealing with clients. The original had more specular glares and didn't have the address and phone # (arrrghhhh) also it had to be lit more evenly which kills some of the drama.
Anyway, this is the rough thats been approved. There is going to be a cityscape in the background...hmmm now where can i find a cool, pre-made city scape;-)
Anyway, i'll post a link to the animation soon.

August 25, 2003
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Aug 27, 2003 8:42:08 pm
From what ive been reading, it seems Logos are the primary good step in using our talents in lightwave. However, we cant use all the special effects and ultra-cool textures, it would take away from the "advertisers information". i think i got that right. Or maybe its that all those cool effects and etc would destract the consumer from the point (in this case, they want to sell cars..and a LOT of them heheh) Your doing a great job! As for the city background, MOE has the best looking one around :-) (but ya knew this allready) in a pinch you could try making a flat box with multiple segments, combining the segments to make different shaped buildings, then bevel them in some to make roads between then bevel/smooth shift them vertically. Might work for a quick background. Just me 2 cents :)

by Void Of Logic Homepage »

Aug 30, 2003 3:54:19 am
Looking really very good, my friend. This may not be the most exciting job in town, but the ones that pay the bills are the best kind. :o) Looking forward to your update. :o)

by Moebius87 Homepage »


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