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For Kai, on the bad eye day :


Drawn with pen on paper, scanned, then colored in PSP7 (oh the miracles of my new optical mouse).


Thanks for peeking ;)
June 27, 2003
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Image Comments

Jun 27, 2003 11:24:49 pm
meh fecking eye :P

by I_am_Kai Homepage »

Jun 27, 2003 11:49:12 pm

Awesomeness!!! :):)

by SkyBlueHope Homepage »

Jun 27, 2003 11:52:50 pm
wonderful :p

by Solomen Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 12:32:39 am
so very well done, so lively expression :)

by gallimel Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 1:22:59 am
Cool reminds me of the witchblade. Great stuff you go girl

by Arcangel_hk Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 2:28:39 am
Excellent work! And optical+wireless mouses are nice. :-)

by derjimi Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 2:56:20 am
FANTASTIC WORK!!! my vote for this one :D

by Atila-Han Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 4:24:59 am
Wow-really great work!

by Tempus Fugit Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 5:14:47 am
blarewitch one of my fav heroes too! well done, keep it up ;0]

by Tanialmeida Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 8:09:47 am
Wow...this is just amazing. Excellent work.

by linwhite Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 9:16:31 am
Wow... that is cool. Excellent work.

by Rai Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 10:36:21 am
Not only can you make beautiful pictures using Poser, but you can draw too?! I'm envious ;) - Beautiful work, gal!

by ShadowRose Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 1:50:44 pm
Very similar to the character in Witchblade, though the style is not as refined (as in being different). I'd like to see the black and white version as well (in a higher resolution of course :)

by syndroid Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 2:07:11 pm
Thanks for your comments everyone, I really appreciate it .. wasnt expecting anyone to like her *lol*

@ShadowRose: I've been doing 2d before I switched over to 3d ;)

@syndroid: yep, she's based on the witchblade but it's not a gauntlet thing.. I'm still playing around with her concept, she's a sci-goth character anyway. I do have the black and white version if anyone wants to color it, but as for the higher resolution thing, I have the original scanned sketch that is a 1469x2067 BMP file but I have had people literally stealing my art from my gallery here and submitting them as their own at other 3d community contests (and some of these contests pay credit) .. I can't be bothered to freak about what happened, cos there will never be an end to all this shit, but I will not be posting anything hi-res anymore in the free domain because of this. If anyone wants the black and white (same size, but uncolored) version, let me know, and I'll make it available at my R'osity homepage.

by Fatale Homepage »

Jun 28, 2003 7:44:13 pm
Wahoooo...i am waiting for 3D...3D pleeasee...
Absolutely great handy art concept...

by DeathBrain Homepage »

Jun 29, 2003 9:20:07 pm
I definitely feel a witchblade like-ness, except you make it look more gothic. I dig it!

by Genome Homepage »

Jul 1, 2003 8:38:19 am
Good art work.

by Lord_of_Death Homepage »

Jul 1, 2003 6:40:41 pm
Wonderful done my friend, very interesting character!!

by Magician Homepage »

Jul 15, 2003 8:26:42 am
Truly excellent line work--you can see the confidence in every stroke--and of course she's beautiful in a dark/Goth/fallen angel way!

by L.W. Perkins Homepage »

Sep 20, 2003 3:57:38 am
Ok, honestly said she doesn't look healthy. ;) But your wonderful line art makes her looking superb.

by Ona Homepage »

Jan 7, 2004 3:55:30 pm
She reminds me of a cover of a ShadowRun adventure. I think it was 'Queen Euphoria'. I really like the concept art!

by Arki Homepage »

Feb 15, 2004 2:10:24 pm
OMgawd!Your 2d work is of the same league as your 3d!Love it Drew:-)Bitesya!lol!Byeeeeeeee calum

by calum5 Homepage »

Mar 26, 2004 7:26:57 am
Very good work. It seems a Royo's pic indeed

by SirIglesDremont Homepage »

Aug 16, 2005 1:20:06 pm
I've been hoping you would do more with this. You've done some great work.

by Ethesis Homepage »

Aug 16, 2006 1:17:25 pm
lol this reminds me of witchblade

by drkangelcat Homepage »


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