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Thought I would do a scene and take a break from Amapi and the fishing I've been into. When Steve Shanks posted the alley scene for Poser it reminded me of my band days at this certain bar at break time would go out the back door for a cigeratte or whatever. An out in the alley was a whole different world with all these colorful characters doing their own thing. Tho' not to be trusted they were usually pretty funny people. Title is from the song "The Boxer"(Paul Simon).
Sure am glad I've setted into a small town here in the Heartland....
"Thank you for viewing".
Poser, Bryce, Photoshop
May 10, 2003
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May 10, 2003 11:07:33 pm
I can't believe this. 62 people viewing this and no one to comment. Your work is incredible. The setup of this scene and idea is wonderfully imaginative. Your facial expressions and clothing work is tremendous. Not only is this a great image, but my mouse finger is fumbling as I can't find the vote button fast enough. Great - strike that- EXCELLENT WORK. Hope to see this in the top 20 and I will do my best to see that it gets there.

by garyandcatherine Homepage »

May 11, 2003 12:39:44 am
This is great work on textures, lights and poses. It almost looks like a painting. I like it very much, thank you for this one!

by weip Homepage »

May 11, 2003 4:23:21 am
Amazing setting. And I agree with G&C, it's incredible I'm only the third to comment this. Is truly excellent, without any doubt, and conveys volumes of mood and atmosphere.

by Doublecrash Homepage »

May 11, 2003 4:09:50 pm
I agree with Catherine and Doublecrash....Why so few comments on this magnificent creation????? Because it's an excellent work!:) The atmosphere is, also, very good.

by SylvieB92 Homepage »

May 16, 2003 5:40:20 am
The textures and lighting in this image are terrific and there's so much emotion in the scene. You should be proud of what you have achieved here. Great work!

by catlin_mc Homepage »

May 16, 2003 6:44:49 am
I agree. This is an excellent work!

by jo3l Homepage »

May 16, 2003 10:25:14 am
Absolutely beautiful, the textures, the lighting, the poses... well, everything is perfect !

by madame Homepage »

May 17, 2003 4:59:16 pm
Wow, I really like this! The Poser-ing, texturing, lighting is right on. Very well composed too. Gets my vote ;-)

by ocddoug Homepage »

Nov 15, 2003 5:37:44 am
It is so beautiful!! The colors the lighting ... everything... -- B.B.

by BonBonish Homepage »

Jan 14, 2004 8:10:03 am
Beautiful and complex, and richly colored. You did a wonderful job of this. I love graphics that tell a story and so artfully. Thank you!

by dialyn Homepage »

Jan 14, 2004 8:14:32 am
very nicely arranged scene :)

by jenay Homepage »

Oct 23, 2004 12:05:35 pm
There are several poser-specific artifacts that can be rectified via postwork: the seated drunken man's left elbow looks unrealistically bent. His shirt shoulders are unrealistically large. The old woman's mouth is too small.

Also, the lighter flame should be brighter - now it looks painted on. The old woman's hair looks unusually bright for a dark scene like this. The old woman's right arm and fingers don't look very naturally posed. The seated young man (with the suspenders) seems improperly lit and thus out of place with the rest of the scene: maybe some blurring (as you did for the seated old man) would help. The greyish thing to the right of the dancing rat seems to bright for the scene. The man on the stairs' left arm looks artificially posed. However, all the other poses seem very natural. And I think The face (& pose) of the old man with the lighter is exquisite. Good luck!

by ju8nkm9l Homepage »


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