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Been a while since I posted anything (or did anything in Bryce, for that matter...). Anyway, got some inspiration this weekend and did this. I used mostly real life photographs as textures (available in the public domain) and most of the modeling made by me, except for major parts of the toilet. Post-production in Photoshop.
November 21, 2000
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Image Comments

Nov 21, 2000 9:32:27 am
Eeeeewwww! I think somebody snuck into the bathroom at my friend's frat house and took a picture! Very realistic work. Pretty disgusting, but very realistic!

by AzChip Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 9:55:01 am
Gross, disgusting, and completely offensive in every sense of the word. Excellent work.

by liteluvr Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 10:58:43 am
Amazing use of textures. I can imagine that achieving of that unclean look was quite painfull!

by venca Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 11:00:54 am
Stinky realistic, I can almost smell it....eeeeewwww disgusting. Cool :)

by desdemona Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 11:54:29 am
A MASTER PIECE OF ART...(LOL). Seriously, where did u find your textures ?

by lolal Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 12:21:39 pm
Great work.

by Glengarry Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 12:45:51 pm
excellent use of textures.

by SIRIUSMAY Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 1:24:08 pm
good use of textures and bad use of soap, detergent, water, ect....

by conde Homepage »

Nov 21, 2000 10:12:13 pm
Beautiful but nasty

by metaset Homepage »

Nov 22, 2000 1:48:39 am
A genuinely unique vision..I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it, except for maybe when I was kid and we stopped at that service station somewhere in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Awesome.

by viewlenz Homepage »

Nov 23, 2000 6:58:17 am
durn glad i dont have to this toilet... yuuuuck...
great work!

by BirdyH Homepage »

Nov 27, 2000 12:52:06 am
the toilet seat is missing!! hehehe greatwork

by Solaris Homepage »

Mar 29, 2002 11:01:36 am
absolutly great - WOW! I just looked for the used textures in the 'public domain' ... maybe I'm to stupid, but I cant find them ... can you post a link? Please?

by Erik0815Erik Homepage »

Mar 30, 2002 4:01:56 am
Oh, ew! But, an excellent pic!

by star_mystyk Homepage »

Jun 25, 2002 10:43:43 am
This is great. It's an old one, huh? Just went thru your gallery and I remember a couple of these. Really like your work!!!!

by dandavis Homepage »

Jun 25, 2002 11:46:01 am
Hi, dan -- yeah, this is an old one, but still going strong :)

by cartesius Homepage »

Mar 24, 2003 2:21:46 pm
Unbelievable!!! You're the best texturer I've seen. I'm sick of looking at it:)

by QuasiMode Homepage »

Sep 6, 2006 8:00:06 am
Disgusting!!!! In a good way! ; )

by Digimon Homepage »

Sep 2, 2008 10:04:00 pm
I had forgotten you had a couple of bryce images in your gallery, a wonderfuly bad scene!

by Incarnadine Homepage »

Sep 3, 2008 5:16:40 am
Thanks, I had almost forgotten them myself :)

by cartesius Homepage »


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