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Thatcher's Toxic Legacy

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When I was at school I remember once we were compelled to write thank you letters to a particularly obnoxious teacher who took our class when our regular teacher was away. I really struggled with this as there was really nothing positive I could think of to say about someone who was powerful, spiteful and made life a misery for us when we were absorbed into her class.
In many ways you now have the same situation with Margaret Thatcher and now we are all supposed to venerate her legacy and say what a great Briton and a great Prime minister etc. Well tough. I hope she rots in hell, as she brought untold misery on this country and has bequeathed us a foul and toxic legacy that sits at the root of most of our problems today. She was no Joan of Arc figure bravely going up against Union Barons, she was a figure head for state-sponsored class warfare of the most pernicious and brutal kind.
I've pinched this phrase from a banner that a group of Liverpool Supporters were holding up yesterday. It seemed truly apt; the Hillsborough disaster was just one lie amongst many told in the 80s. It typified the way in which if you were on the wrong side of the tracks as far as this woman and the establishment she represented than you were considered fair game. And it was always your fault, no matter what it was that had happened, the victim was always to blame.
I remember the 1980s as a time of continual and esclating violence as the state declared war on the working classes and the workers reacted to this violence by trying to defend themselves and their communities. Brixton, Toxteth, Orgreave, The Battle of the Beanfield; the SPG, riot police, broken teeth and fractured skulls. This was the harsh medicine dished out to those who stood in the way of Maggie and her chums.
So we won't forget.
Nor will we forgive.
Thatcher may be dead, unfortunately Thatcherism lives on.
April 14, 2013
World Events/Social Commentary
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Image Comments

Apr 14, 2013 11:49:17 am
It is terrible that so many of those in a position of power misuse that power in such ways.

by Jay-el-Jay Homepage »

Apr 15, 2013 12:20:39 am
The witch is dead

by kawecki Homepage »

Apr 15, 2013 4:15:23 pm
She and at least one of her American cronies are dead, but how unfortunate that their legacies will outlive them. I look at people like these and recall the observation made by Frank Herbert in taking apart the famous "Absolute Power" quote. According to Herbert, and I agree with him, is absolute power does not corrupt, absolutely; instead, it attracts corrupt people. But look at who politicians happen to be. They don't represent the people and they never have. They've always represented communities with a special interest, and for as long as we allow that, regular people will continue to be abused by the corrupt. I suspect that will change: science is beginning to show us how corruption cannot sustain itself, despite the extreme, long-term damage it does in a short period of time. Things will change...slowly...and history will rewrite itself, revise itself, and the heroes of one nation will simply become footnotes as that nation grows up and starts acting like an adult. Well, that's my hopeful take on it. As to whether it turns out as true or not remains to be seen. I actually wish bad leaders didn't die. Once dead, they become immortal. As living people, they just become obscure. Wouldn't it be nice if she simply got old, faded from relevance, and was located, decades later, in a nursing home, drooling into her oatmeal?

by Chipka Homepage »

Apr 19, 2013 2:37:08 pm
buth in the meantime
the biggest war criminals are stil walking around,
and do thay disurf a peasfull dead just like tatcher?
i dont think so.

by dol Homepage »


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