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Hayli's Christmas Dress

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Hayli feels especially pretty in her new Christmas dress, I think she is, too!

I had an interesting experience today. On the way home from riding my horse, I stopped by a doctor to have them look at my finger. I did not have an appointment. The receptionist looked at me and said "We are a family practice. We don't take people off the street." The way she said it rather ticked me off. I suppose I smelled like horse. She could have at least directed me to a doctor or emergency room that would look at it. Oh, well. I should have went into the emergency room when it happened. But I did not want to have my finger in a cast for the holidays. So it is my own fault.

Thank you so much for your comments past and present, and a special thanks to those of you that have been commenting on my work for years!!! I really appreciate it!
Production Credits
Danie - DM's Playhouse Chimera
marforno - DM's Playhouse Chimera
nikisatez - Lilydale Gown V4-A4-G4
Sabby - Sabby-Hayli
December 11, 2012
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Image Comments

Dec 12, 2012 5:52:14 am
Very good character and outfit.

by ragouc Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 6:09:59 am
♥ I just love this beautiful piece of artwork a lot!

by UteBigSmile Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 8:42:35 am
Very lovely work

by erlandpil Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 9:28:18 am
Beautiful character and dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ontar1 Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 10:11:19 am
Beautiful work! Love the Christmas dress!

by webdancer Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 10:11:41 am
I zoomed and I am glad I did, beautiful girl and beautiful dress, nice work my friend :)

by vaggabondd Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 10:48:28 am
great scene, and pose :) - I think I've got this hair too, but don't remember using it, damn. Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

by Navi Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 11:44:44 am
i can't blame ya for being ticked off, how rude!:(
sorry hope you find a respectable doctor to get you in!:) as for this lass here, a very beautiful dress and pose, excellent image render!:)*5

by cricke49 Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 12:50:15 pm
Splendid render!

by Pierrot_Lunaire Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 1:00:52 pm
Sorry you got a boo-boo. :(
Pretty dress, though. ")

by Savage_dragon Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 2:23:06 pm
Incrível obra minha amiga,bela e elgante moça o vestido é maravilhoso, extraordinário background,excelente iluminação.+++++++++++5
Que triste o que ocorreu com você,existem muitas pessoas mal educadas.

by MarciaGomes Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 3:01:18 pm
Oh awesome love your lighting also :)

by GOLDILOCKSUK Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 3:19:03 pm
"mrestey"s comment is right,I agree!...People needs to learn a little bit kindness novadays!!I hope your finger is heal soon:-)))As for the render;WOW!!She's hot like a real flame,in that dress:-)))Magnificent scene with gorgeous blond and superb DM props Sherrie:-)Happy holidays to you and your family:-)))

by Dreamdesigner Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 3:25:44 pm
I think this dress has become more beautiful
by the choise of the colors.The earth colors are making
it sparkling.By the way,did she borrow it from the broken
display window? :)


by vechtdalcollege Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 6:24:51 pm
Superb art work!!!!

by VEDES Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 7:18:32 pm
Fantastic Image and Dress,Awesome Work...You Should have poked her in the eye with your finger..LOL..Only Kidding...Ask you Pharmacist for a finger splint they should carry those, other wise your finger could heal a bit crooked.

by artistheat Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 8:15:09 pm
such a sweet and sensual image... ready for the hols...
wow, you ave the same doctor / Receptionist as me...? this happened once, recepstionist got snooty with me so I just asked to see if "Jeff" (my doctor's first name) could have a look at a recent (arrow) wound I'd received and that familiarity payed off... still, ruditity is no way to conduct yourself...

by 1358 Homepage »

Dec 12, 2012 8:24:03 pm
That Christmas dress is fab, very Flamenco!! awesome colour too

by tigertim Homepage »

Dec 13, 2012 2:13:00 am
Yeah... a wonderful location und a fantastic red outfit!!!

by JuliSonne Homepage »

Dec 13, 2012 9:06:53 am
What a gorgeous Christmas dress!! An she is so lovely!! Great work, Sherrie!! :o)

by Rhanagaz Homepage »

Dec 13, 2012 2:43:10 pm
Beautiful red dress. Bravo.

by moochagoo Homepage »

Dec 13, 2012 2:46:15 pm
That's quite a dress! Awesome render!

by perlk Homepage »

Dec 13, 2012 11:51:52 pm
Wonderful image and better still to zoom ! Sorry about the experience at the doctors :o hope your finger feels better soon :)

by Trigue Homepage »

Dec 14, 2012 1:01:12 am
Шикарная картина. Потрясающей красоты окружение. Очень здорово!

by E-Nomime Homepage »

Dec 14, 2012 4:33:14 am
That's quite the Lady in Red !
Hopefully it was the middle finger and you can go back and salute the bitch at the front desk !

by jif3d Homepage »


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