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"Friends" - for all born in November - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :o)

04. jmb007
05. morganahope -Fatima
06. Knightwolverine - Will
12. Flavia49
11. Jane Eden
11. pixeluna - Jenny
13. hardwaretoad - Don
16. Vitachick
17. madbat
21. doarte
27. Gaius

A tune for you all:

As always I thank Rene for his fine B-day list.

Friends.. (ZOOOMMM!!!)

(Miwa & Pippin's story continued)

Miwa: We're friends..we can help you. I'm Miwa and this is Pip.

Pip: Howdy, partner...

Kylie: I'm Kylie..who are you?..

Pip: Kylie? Only Aussies names a woman after a boomerang*..

Miwa (annoyed): Pip! You're not funny..! What kind of ship is this?..

Kylie: A cargo ship with all Earth's species onboard..

Pip: Amazing! This ship must be far bigger than I thought!..

Kylie: Only embryos - but the entire Earths hope..where do you come from?..

Miwa: Another Earth in a parallel universe to yours...why this Ark?..

Pip: Noah's Ark?? Did I missed him??..

(to be continued)

* A kylie is a Aborignial/Australian word for a boomerang which doesn't return. But Kylie is also a female name from Gaelic, meaning gracefull, beautiful and lovely. Hope not my Australian friends feel bad about it - personally I never think of a piece of "non-returning wood" when I watching lovely Kylie Minogue..

A link if you want to know more about a kylie- boomerang below:

Well, still slow but back on my feet again and thanks for your concern to my health.

I'm still working with the lay-out to this story. The light and composition is very important as well as portraying the characters. The funny thing (for me at least) is that the dialogues just "pop up" when I'm seeing my characters. Pippin can be a little "saboteur" in the dialogue but it is the same as in real life, never as straight as we sometimes would like it. ;o)

I try to minimize words and fit them into the scene and in a way it is not disturbing or
conflicts with the image. I'm overall satisfied with the outcome here.

Have you any comments about style, suggestions - whatever - you are must welcome to comment.

Have a wonderful upcoming week! :o)

JohnnyC / Rhanagaz
Production Credits
-AppleJack- - REACTOR
November 11, 2012
Science Fiction
351.2 kB

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Image Comments

Nov 11, 2012 8:14:44 am
splendid image and characters!! excellent render !

Thank you for the marvelous dedication!

by flavia49 Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 8:24:39 am
Excellent dedi and image

by Roywig Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 9:30:14 am
yeah i can literally hear my characters talk lol,but i dont tell my shrink,otherwise-off to ballaballa land.

by renecyberdoc Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 9:32:19 am
I wish I had calf muscles like that!

by durleybeachbum Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 9:37:59 am

Fantastic piece.

by nitegrafix Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 10:13:54 am
christmas outfits already? lol... was thinking 12.12.12 is a month away... isn't that when the Mayan calendar runs out and we're suppose to die? lol

by mikeerson Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 10:32:04 am
Nice work!

by A_Sunbeam Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 11:22:59 am
Very good work!
glad that you're feeling better

by Faemike55 Online Now!   Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 11:32:26 am
Wow ! thank you so so much ; I really appreciate. This is a wonderful b'day card.
I'd like to see Kylie Minogue as a no return boomerang...good riddance !!! Everything is perfect in this creation, the image and the storyline.

by gaius Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 11:44:28 am
Nice b-day dedi, Johnny! ")

by Savage_dragon Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 11:57:55 am
Happy Birtday to all. I have never heard of a boomerang named Kylie, but I love the picture and the story.

by UVDan Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 12:08:07 pm
very cool birthday gift Johnny, happy memorial day.

by eekdog Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 1:13:09 pm
Fabulous birthday dedi's!!

by jendellas Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 3:03:35 pm
Great image and dedication...excellent work.

by adrie Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 3:44:34 pm
beautifully presented and I like it very well

by Umbetro38 Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 4:30:07 pm
Wonderful dedication!!!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 5:03:01 pm
A really fun and well done episode to your story, Johnny - and a great dedication to the November birthdays!

I know what you're saying about the dialog, bro! It can be a bit of a challenge and a balancing act to put enough information into the 'conversation' and yet not have the dialog cover the entire panel.

I have all my pages outlined as to what is going to take place, and a general idea of what the dialog will be, but it tends to change right up to the moment I type it into the final panels.

I like the way you have your dialog color-coded to the characters' clothing/surface - very clever and effective. You're doing a great job with it, my friend!

by RodS Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 5:52:36 pm
great work for our November artists :D

by sandra46 Homepage »

Nov 11, 2012 9:05:54 pm
I Thank You for the Birthday Greeting Johnny!

by KnightWolverine Homepage »

Nov 12, 2012 12:21:28 am
Great scene! this ship is carrying earth's future? wow! I wonder who, or what's stop it?

Like the way you set up your scenes, and for me, the dialogue is sometimes the hardest thing to do! Because at first I wrote it one way, and when I put everything together it changes...

Can't wait to see what happens next!..

by Diemamker Homepage »

Nov 12, 2012 1:16:00 am
another great chapter your already intriguing story, great dedi to the november babies, excellent image render!:)*5

by cricke49 Homepage »

Nov 12, 2012 4:01:54 am
Love it!

by UteBigSmile Homepage »

Nov 12, 2012 5:58:27 am
Great looking characters nice armor...

by machobubba Homepage »

Nov 12, 2012 9:55:35 am
very beautiful work and dedication !

by mariogiannecchini Homepage »

Nov 13, 2012 12:11:55 pm
Ohhh your characters and their brilliant personalities are so fun. A great work.

by daggerwilldo Homepage »


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