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He Waits

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Greetings To One and All!

As I transition back into some sort of rhythm here in the coming days I hope to get to all your galleries as time permits me.Though I will do my best to get current with each and every one of you I know most will say it's not necessary but I really want to see what I have missed over the months being away.Being realistic I probably won't get to every single one you've individually created but I will give it my best shot.



With summer a fleeting memory now and with days in the 50's and nights in the frosty 30's I have gotten done all my "To Do" things on my list and now sit and wait patiently for the leaves that are in vibrant colors to fall quietly to their resting place so I can spend my away time raking when I'm not here posting art and commenting on all of yours.

As the weather turns colder all that know me know I become a recluse inside due to the cold not being something I look forward too.So that means more time to spend creating and being here amongst all you fellow friends and artists...

So lets say we get the party started and with it being October and with Halloween right around the corner it's only befitting that my art relates to the theme at hand and for the rest of this month I'll be sharing this years creations with all of you that enjoy seasonal themed art.

Here's my first installment of said themed art entitled "He Waits" for your viewing pleasure.

Nice to be back and here's a shout out to all that have a Birthday in October and a very Happy Belated Birthday shout out to all those I missed while being away.

I really don't have a course of action as far as when I'll be posting but hopefully my usual 3 day a week will be the norm once again as I slowly get back to business as usual.

Thanks for sticking by me and as always I appreciate the time you spend viewing and commenting as it's always nice to be around folks that share a common ground.


Created in Bryce Pro 7
Post Work in Photoshop Elements 8
October 2, 2012
294.3 kB

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Image Comments

Oct 2, 2012 10:37:49 am
Hello, stranger. ;}
Welcome home. ")

by Savage_dragon Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:38:21 am
Great image! love the lighting and setting
most definitely looking forward to the rest of the images.

OBTW! Welcome back

by Faemike55 Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:41:51 am

In the OLDIE SONG words of JOHN SEBASTIAN (Lovin' Spoonful):

"WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK" - (Welcome Back Kotter - T.V. Theme Song/show - R.I.P. 'Arnold Horshack'!)

My BEST to you and yours, KIND SOUL .... TallPockets/Brian

(NOTE: T.P. hops on his 'riding' mower and 'mulches' his leaves each fall .... MUCH easier on the OLD joints AND puts NEEDED NUTRIENTS back into the ground).

by TallPockets Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:45:55 am
This should be interesting! Can't wait to see what's next! Excellent work!

by tetrasnake Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:46:25 am
Now this would be a great front cover for a movie! Great job Will and welcome back!

by stnaper Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:50:33 am
Awesome image! Welcome back and I look forward to more of your October goodies!

by Cimaira Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 10:51:18 am
The return.... of Fall and the dark stranger who lurks the forest. Awesome to have you back Will.

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:05:40 am
Glad you're back, Will! Your work is great but ... really puts FEAR! And I really hope he isnt waiting for me, but to be safe I'll not go for a walk in the woods ... but what woods? I live in the middle of the city!! :-D

by Gattanera Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:08:28 am
Hello Will, As always your art always amazes me ! You did a great job on this and the eyes oh my ! I am so glad to see you back!! We do not get the cold weather here and all the different colors that come about with the changing seasons. It is 90+ here and the humidity... HOT ! Well I will see you next time you post but until then, PLEASE have a SAFE holiday ! Lots of Hugs are on there way to you ! Hugs, Rose:)

by memorylane Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:14:34 am
YIKES!!! I am soooo not going to walk the woods....:)
WELCOME BACK! and looking forward to how this new series will develop. Great scene and I love the dark mood!!
I'll spare you the weather reports but the skies over Holland's coast are spectacular:)

by Florroseanne Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:14:38 am
Nice graphical concept!

by 3DClassics Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:37:20 am
Yes, that right: "The return.... of Fall and the dark stranger who lurks the Forests" Halloween is near - Welcome back dear Will!

by UteBigSmile Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:45:45 am
superb silhouetted scene.he makes an imposing figure

by Richardphotos Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 11:46:33 am
beaucoup d'idées à réaliser dans les semaines à venir !!! excellente composition !

by claude19 Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 12:12:00 pm
Very nice work, cool eyes.

by bebopdlx Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 12:21:55 pm
Gorgeous image Will. I love the dark atmosphere here. Welcome back my friend. It will be great to once more see your marvelous posts on a routine basis.

by greyone Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 12:23:11 pm
happy to hear your back again will! This ones well timed for the season it's spookily creepy and pretty cool my friend!!!

by Shroom_Magic3D Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 12:39:45 pm
Nice to have you back Will! This is a really great graphic. He looks pretty ominous there - the dark man. Love it :)

by SidheRoseGraphics Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 12:58:48 pm
welcome back my friend, i have missed your posts and your humor tremendously!:( in saying that this is an comeback post, just in time for the kickoff of halloween season, excellent image render!:)*5

by cricke49 Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 1:02:43 pm
Awesome work, very cool and I like it a lot!

by Pierrot_Lunaire Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 1:06:15 pm
Spooky! :D

Superb work on this fantastic Halloween image Will! :)

by kbrog Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 1:35:40 pm
Shining done.

by farmerC Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 1:37:59 pm
Amazing silhouette my friend, beautiful colors and environment, welcome back!

by mgtcs Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 2:28:05 pm
I'me glad you are back with us!
This is a creepy image with those eyes in
the dark.Great idea the silhouettes against
the colorful sky.


by vechtdalcollege Homepage »

Oct 2, 2012 2:43:04 pm
just happy that you return every so often Will and letting us know your still ok and alive. and of course seeing your unique art my friend. perfect for the season..

by eekdog Homepage »


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