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A Fool.... (for RodS, James & Alex)

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...For Your Stockings.

You have to understand...Ezza loooooves ZZ Top. Can you blame him? His favorite song is "My Head's In Mississippi" and of course that's where his nickname comes from - "The Manic Mechanic". I gothed him out here because Marina was going to be my guinea-pig for stockings and I never have been able to get these stockings from this outfit to work...along with a couple of others. Iris is somewhere else with Marina's boyfriend having dinner. They're all meeting at a 'cafe' then going on to the club after.

She's checking to make sure she didn't snag her fishnets ;)

This is dedicated to Rod, James and Alex - because Rod and I had a bit of a discussion about 'stockings'; for James, because he said he was a leg man; and for Alex because he made this all possible.

Okay Rod, the trick with hose is: you load 'em, magnetize them (see under "DAZ's Victoria 4" in the Pose library), and then you conform them to her. You may have to dial a bit but it works! Thanks, Alex!! And James, here's some legs for you ;)


Marina's outfit is "DMR Lynn's Dark Nights" from DAZ.

Ezza's outfit is "Dark Thorn" from DAZ.

Background is from Items on the menu are pizza (IT), schotels (DU) and kapsalon (also DU) and soep :) Amsterdam.

Poses by me.

Thank you all for stopping by! Your comments and favs are truly appreciated :) I hope you're having a great week my friends!


September 27, 2012
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Image Comments

Sep 27, 2012 12:25:40 am
whoooooooohooooo :op~~~~~~~~~~~

by crunch01 Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 12:34:50 am
So I watch, when I stepped in dog excrement. Sorry .... for my thoughts.
A typical street scene in Berlin.

Your picture is splendid!!

by JuliSonne Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 12:40:14 am
Try magnetizing them? Looks ok to me, Ray. ")

by Savage_dragon Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 1:16:42 am
Great image! :^)

by Zathyn Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 1:20:34 am
Great setting and I love the expression on Ezza's face. ;~) Oh ...and nice legs!

by 0rest4wicked Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 1:54:56 am
How I love stockings!!! Super image.

by jayfar Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 2:10:45 am
She's got legs
She knows hot to use 'em
(also a bit of a ZZ Top fan)

Hang on... you mean something I said was useful??
Well! There's a first time for everything I guess!
Ha ha!
Meet at Katelle's Cafe (with its excellent iced coffee) then hook up at Club Cordite.
Like this look on Ezza.

by ZanderXL Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 2:11:41 am
~ It's a realy beautiful & funny looking scene ~

by UteBigSmile Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 2:14:40 am
This is almost a scene" à la René", so full of details in the background!
Great chatecters. I like the poses and expressions.

by odile Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 3:05:20 am
I love ZZ top too, my prefered albums are "after burner" and "eliminator"!
Excellent image, good posing and expressions!

by Leije Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 3:21:56 am
It's a great and also funny render Ray, wonderful work.

by adrie Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 3:41:54 am
Awesome work.

by fallen21 Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 6:58:27 am
I agree with Odile, "a scene" à la René" but you did out your own magic to it. Love the face expression too.

by pixeluna Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 7:42:02 am
Very good work and great dedication

by Faemike55 Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 8:35:00 am
i'm a leg man also. and a breast man, and a.. great scene Ray, super outfits and props my friend..

by eekdog Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 9:01:56 am
Really good in every detail.

by nitegrafix Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 10:29:30 am
Glad you got the stockings to work... I have trouble with any stockings on V4.
cool work!

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 10:50:14 am

Oh my God this is so great! Thanks so much, Ray! And I swear there is no more powerful
force in the universe than fishnet stockings. LOL. And, you know, it's funny too. I can
barely ever get stockings to work right too. But I usually just chalk that up to being a guy.
I'm a lot better at getting them off. LOL! :) This all looks fantastic and she is sizzling
in those stockings. Killer shoes too. Thanks again! :)

by ZigZag321 Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 10:59:36 am
Nice scene and dedication!!

by brycek Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 1:43:30 pm
Great image and I love her reach back pose. I saw the title first and was finishing it in my head with ...And his Money Are Soon Parted. Then I saw the image with him scratching his head and a sexy girl in stockings possibly hiding money in clothes/shoes. Thought I got it right, then I read the rest. Oops. Now your title definitely works, as I love a great pair of stockings on the right legs, but out of context I like my idea too LOL! Super work.

by adorety Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 2:14:42 pm
The guy looks confused but that's not so strange
when you got such a sexy lady as a companion.
Very nice scene!


by vechtdalcollege Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 3:03:51 pm
Excellent scene!!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 4:49:46 pm
OK - I'm taking notes on this......... LOL! I'll have to give that sequence a go, and see if it lessens the amount of $^%$^!@##%Y^&%#@$^@#%&& my poor wife has to listen to every time I try to put conforming stockings on one of these ladies!

And as you would expect.... MY fave ZZ Top song is "She's Got Leggggggggs..." I'm right on board with Alex! :-D

Well, this looks fantastic, Ray! I'm just wondering why Ezza is looking at me when there's such delightful scenery behind him! And her hose look great - no snags at all... And I've looked closely! :-D

Super work! Now, I'm gonna go try that trick with the stockings!

by RodS Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 9:13:49 pm
superb composition and poses

by Richardphotos Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 27, 2012 11:05:51 pm
Very well composed scene my friend, perfect dedication, excellent characters and setting, great job! ************

by mgtcs Homepage »


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